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Here is Mexico's most vibrant state where the collective existence beats with aDownload special force. Discover Mex

Veracruz State


ico's oldest civilizations, its grandest history and the natural beauty which has inspired civilizations for over 3 millenniums leaving more than 1,200 archaeological sites for those of us living in the present to wonder about. 

The warm and humid weather of the flat coastal region changes into a cooler area of high plains and rugged mountains towards the western limits. In fact, over one third of Mexican rivers flow across Veracruz.  The climate varies drastically, offering humid warm zones and all-year round snow at the highest peaks

Most of the territory is located in the tropics and it results in a humid warm weatherDownloadwith rain during the summer and an annual average temperature of 77º F. There are  210 municipalities whose division into tourist zones is still evolving as the state continues to invest in its visitor infrastructure.  Our web guide is simply 4 West to East cross sections of the long narrow coastal state with the attractions detailed by familiar visitor interests and needs.

The large 425 mile (684 km) coast line of Veracruz is the longest among the many states of the Gulf of Mexico sharing its borders with 7 states as well as the world with 3 of Mexico's busiest ports, several airports. The highway between Coatzacoalcos and Salina Cruz, Oaxaca which connects the Oceans of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Istmus of Tehuantepec.


Exploring the 450 mile long coast of going inland into the rain forest of mountains. bus system is an good way to get to many of these smaller towns in the State of Veracruz. ADO sells a BusPass good for unrestricted travel on any of their routes within a determined time period. Available through any travel agent outside of Mexico.  [F] BUS Companies in Mexico
Taxi: Car & driver can be rented by the day for about 2,500 pesos

Veracruz Trip Report
Driving down from Texas

Telephone: 011 from North america then country code of 52 was modified with extra digit for most Cities
Please note in 2001 area codes were changed from 2 to 3 digits. Translating old phone numbers for Veracruz appears to be done by adding a 2 to the front of the old 2 digit code appearing after the country code of 52. For example  area code for the City of Veracruz is 229  Xalapa and surrounding areas it is 228 & for Catemeco it is 224 

MAPS: Veracruz State, in 16 zoomable tiles or sections. Mexico map by

Here's the older state map we began with for our enhanced versions below (210K opens in separate browser)


Only mega-site for the state is by the state
The emerging Tourist Zones of Veracruz State. Click thru for nice county maps

Official City Web Sites

Municipios del
   Estado de Veracruz

 [F] OFFICIAL State Tourism Offices in Mexico
Mexico's largest concentration of tourist facilities is a long drive down the coast on the 180 coastal highway for the entire coast of the State of Veracruz

Mexico > Veracruz and Puebla > Veracruz City || Xalapa || Papantla

click foto to enlarge and learn more  Travel Home
Veracruz: Airlines - The Bus - How to travel within the state
Travel Tips - Tour Operators -Where To Stay - Where To Eat
The vivacious PBS host and author Zarela  Martinez is the state of Veracruz's best known ambassador. Her bestselling book, Zarela's Veracruz, and her two New York City restaurants are the next best thing to being there.
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Guide to Northern Veracruz Espanol or English. However English translation is not much better what google's translator can do.

  Mexico > Central Mexico and Gulf Coast > Veracruz || Veracruz by tripadvisor & (>5000 pages)
Hardly anything for State of Veracruz except  the City of Veracruz itself where you will pleased to find an excellent and growing database of user reviews of places to stay.
For traveler advisories elsewhere in the State of Veracruz, look to Tripadvisor You will thousands of hotel and attraction reviews for other Mexican destinations
 However the State of Veracruz has only a handful of Cities with any of these participating hotels and only Veracruz City and Tampico have more than 2 options. All things in time
Tripadvisor has an emphasis on hotel reviews in the sabre/pegusus hotel database featured by most hotel search engines. These are the same hotels and prices which we offer you through travelNow and worldchoice. 

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State of Veracruz |Veracruz City || Jalapa ||Xico ||Papantla de Olarte||El Tajín||San Andrés Tuxtla||San Juan de Ulùa
Veracruz by the & google (>350 page links) | Veracruz llave forum

Less than 10 locations covered but growing.
You have to scroll down two pages through standard travel links everytime to get to content. Moderate pop-ups. get the google pop-up block
Virtual tourist encourages fotos and general info by contributing surfers.

"Most people don't consider Veracruz to be a great place for the beach. WRONG! It has some of the most pristine beaches and very serene with no people around. Definitely not a touristy place!"
 Dave from Kansas City USA

don't forget to walk around the many plazas and enjoy your stay.
darthmilmo or Fernando from San Antonio TX  English || français ||  español || italiano
wonderful site for kids to teach them all about Mexico including lots of cultural and geographic information. By the Mexican national government

mega visitors site with lots of fotos! however in espanol only and the flash animation/menu bar prevents the pages from being indexed by search engines. (espanol only)
hotel in the north with many visitor guide pages.
Nice start but lots of pages under construction

comprehensive guide to the "City of Flowers  " Xalapa carefully researched and categorized web links we provide the visitor to this lovely terrain with essential travel information  This site launched in 2002 catalogued hundreds of new additions in previously uncatalogued cities. We found space for most of their Veracruz pages. These links still could use a better home in our guide Cd. Cardel Hotels  || Cd. Mendoza Hotels  ||El Carrizal Hotels  || Isla Hotels  || Laguna Verde Hotels  || Las Choapas Hotels  || Lerdo de Tejada Hotels  || Perote Hotels  || Potrero del Llano Hotels  || Río Blanco Hotels  || Tecolutla Hotels  || Tierra Blanca Hotels  || Tres Valles Hotels  || Veracruz / Boca del Río Hotels    

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