Port of Spain, the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago is booming. There's many new restaurants where thinking big beyond the next Carnival is taking place within site of the new multi-story cranes who appear to be a big part of this City's 21st century. Yet this City is very hospitable to the visitor both culturally and getting around.  The metro area is only 350,000 residents and it easy to orient yourself among the major landmarks. 
References in the links to Port of Spain suburbs should be considered neighborhoods and they are all walkable or just a few minutes away by maxi taxi. Their commercial/residential character is giving way to Port of Spain's new metro look featuring higher density buildings. Just to the west of the downtown is.

Best City Guides || Tobago || Trinidad by Discover Trinidad & Tobago || Caribbean Beat
by the folks who write more for TnT visitors than anyone else.
Roger's been working very hard for ya.


Port Of Spain || Listings || Explore Port Of Spain "PORT OF SPAIN is the hub of Trinidad's booming economy, and the main port of arrival for many immigrants from other Caribbean islands. It's also the centre of Trinidad's rich cultural life , with countless mas camps, art galleries, panyards and theatres. The city is bordered by the Gulf of Paria on one side and the Northern Range on the other, providing its 51,000 inhabitants with both mountain and sea views.


Official Guide

Return to T&  Things you need to know: consulates and embassies, crime and drugs, driving and getting around, visa and passport requirements.

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Official Tourist Authority
Toll-free Tourism Information:1 888 595 4TNT (USA) 0 800 960 057 (United Kingdom) 01 30 86 07 94 (Germany) 167 877 530 (Italy) Telephone:(868) 623-6022/3 Fax: (868) 623-4056  (868) 623-3848 (Tourism)
Main office: (868) 623-6022/3 10-14 Philipps St., Port of Spain, Trinidad... There are also information offices at Piarco Airport (Tel. 809-664-5196) and at Crown Point Airport (Tel. 809-639-0509).NIB Mall, Scarborough (Tel. 809-639-2125/3566)
Stop by for brochures, maps, and advice and assistance in obtaining lodging.  

News & Media

companylogo.gif (5082 bytes)Trinidad Guardian's Home page
Leading daily 

Radio & TV

 [F] MEDIA Index for TnT 
including TV & Radio Stations 


Caribbean News 

JumpTV converted Homeview TNT to Pay/View packages Missing home sweet home? Log on to JumpTV and get all your favorite radio and television stations now - Radio 90.5FM, Ebony 104FM, The Vibe CT 105FM, Radio Trinbago, 103 FM, Sangeet 106FM and Gayelle The Channel all for the low price of $12.95!
Getting Around There

The public/private mini bus system of transit in Port of Spain is fast, frequent and cheap and it's worth investing the time to know the set routes. These are also called maxi taxis while route taxis look like private cars except for the H number plate. Taxi drivers should quote you the rate for your destination before you agree to get in their car, they are relatively expensive.

Taxi Taxis Routes by

Car You will need a car if you're not staying in Port of Spain, which are difficult to rent during Carnival. Exploring the island by car works well once you adjust to driving on the left side of the road.

FERRY Waterfront FOTO Guide  at King's Wharf and the Cruise Ship Complex For further info:PoS 625-4906/3055; Tobago 639-2417 The Ferr yby  || Ferry Cruise by

Taxi, Bus, Ferry Fares by Chaguaramas and more!

Getting Around || By Bus || By Car || By Taxi || Inter-island Transport || Arrival in Port of Spain and Getting Around "an unofficial, private system of route taxis, maxi taxis and private taxis fills the gaps. If you wish to see more than the urban areas, however, it is advisable to rent a car .
Places to Eat

Trinidad offers not only its own cuisine but also Chinese, Indian, Creole, French, Italian and the latest in Continental dishes. There is a growing number of restaurants with table service but to experience Trinidad cuisine in all its glory you will want to adopt an adventurous attitude. Their Callaloo soup,  pastelles, roti, and jerk chicken are now popular in Caribbean restaurants throughout the world.


Eating Out by || The Trini eating experience 

Eating Out: Trinidad and Tobago Style
What to expect for Breakfast, Main Meals, Deserts and drinks 
Restaurants Trinidad (last updated in 2003) by
Spreadsheet List with special dishes 
Restaurants Trinidad (26 as of 2006)
   & Tobago (22 as of 2006) by
Spreadsheet list of dining establishments 
Eating Out by Discover Trinidad & Tobago
A survey of cuisines and restaurants around Port of Spain


Shopping FOTOS

Food  & Drink
Representative dishes must begin with callaloo, considered a national dish. It is a creamy and spicy side dish made of dasheen leaves, ochro or okra, crab, thyme, coconut milk and shado beni (from "chardon bénit," French thistle or Fitweed) or bhandhanya or culantro.  Pelau, a rice-based dish is also a much loved local Cuisine.
Popular street foods include most importantly doubles, pholourie, geera pork, souse, corn soup, Maracas shark & bake, and black pudding.
The Cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago is indicative of the blends of Amerindian, European, African, Creole, Chinese, Indian and Lebanese gastronomic influences.

Popular standard like the national soup, Callaloo, and the pea, rice and chicken dish known as Pelau. TnTers love their peppers, and the street food called Roti which is similar to a burrito and is a flatbread of Indian origin often served with of curried potatoes, channa (chick peas) and meat. Dhalpuri is a type of roti which has a middle layer of ground dhal, or split peas. Other local dishes include aloo choka, coconut bake, stewed (caramelised) chicken, sancoche, macaroni pie and breadfruit oil down


A representative main dish from Trinidad and Tobago is  is also a standard dish in Trinidad and Tobago. Another popular food is roti-- this is .


Caribbean Cookbooks (10) at

"Small takeout places offer good deals and let you get in touch with how the islanders eat. Don't be afraid of them" 

 [F] Food & Drink  
Caribe Beer Links More recipes

  • Food & Drink by

From the internet experience you've been waiting for

Favorite Recipes (12) || by Food Etcetera catering


The Drink of Trinidad & Tobago

Enliven your Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Rob Roy with a dash of Angostura Bitters. TnT's #1 beer and a popular export. Check for the carib girls next event on their busy schedule
Night Life

During Carnival the usual venues like Queen’s Hall, the Central Bank Auditorium, the Little Carib Theatre and the Naparima Bowl and  Queen’s Park Savannah are supplemented by liming in the panyards,
Calypso tents and mas camps. Year round you can enjoy all the usual
options like
nightclubs, discos  bars, pubs and clubs as well as rumshops and casinos

Entertainment by
Find hotspots for Port of Spain plus listings for 8 other cities including
Club Coconuts nightclub in St. Ann's and The Anchorage  
in Chaguaramas.

Drinking, Nightlife And Entertainment
Trinidadians seem to live to party, so it's no surprise that Port of Spain boasts excellent nightclubs , though fetes - large outdoor parties advertised by posters - are a better option if you want to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle.

Casinos by
Trinidad souvenirs 
Pepper sauces & preserves; Angostura bitters; T-Shirt art; Tie-dyed or batik fabrics. "Music be it pan, contemporary or ol’ time calypso, fresh soca, or chutney" as long as its home grown.
"Bargains can be found in fabrics, carvings, leather & ceramics. Most shops take US dollars at a reasonable exchange rate. The main Port of Spain shopping areas are Frederick St, Queen St, Henry St and Charlotte St (fruit and vegetables"

City Sights

"The heart of the city is the downtown area, with the Queen’s Park Savannah at the northern edge and the Brian Lara Promenade to the south, linked by Frederick Street"

The Savannah 
Map of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Port of Spain

Kids & Family

 Emperor Valley Zoo Trinidad is   

Museums FOTOS

Books for Children and Youth (7)
Books to enchant all generations. Is TnT a state of mind?
Storyteller Sonja Dumas, captures the rhythm of Caribbean storytelling using universal themes.
Day Trips & Beaches

Head high to the hills above Port of Spain for eye-catching views of the city, sea, and Venezuela. Go up Lady Young Rd, about two miles from Savannah, to a lookout 563ft above sea level. If you are more daring you can also take Lady Chancellor Rd to a look-out 600ft above sea level through the tougher Laventille Hills. Try to catch the view from the tower of the shrine of Our Lady of Laventille..... 
"" Fort George, a former signal station at 1,100ft, can be reached by taking the St James route taxi from Woodford Square and getting off at Fort George Rd. From there you need to walk uphill through some fairly tough residential territory  for about one hour. You can continue further to the broadcast towers too.

The Bocas at Charuaramas|| Taxi, Bus, Ferry Fares is Chaguaramas || Tours 
Where Caribbean and Continent Converge A short 20-minute drive from Port of Spain the former US military base now hosts large community of international yachts, hotel rooms, restaurants and so so beaches. 
Gasparee Caves - 634-4364 - A short boat ride from Cahuaramas, to the nearest of Trinidad's offshore islands - Gaspar Grande (Gasparee) - an accessible complex of caves awaits. Also picnic facilities and the ruins of a colonial fortification. Call to negotiate tour access (bodies & flexibility help) Also you might call
Fantasy Island on Gasparee Island
Phone (868) 622 6285 to find your one way to the main island.

Chaguaramas by

The Cove
calls itself   Trinidad's only seaside resort 
 [F] Water Sports: Boating Scuba Fishing Surf
Starring the 5 Boat Directories based in Charuaramas

Touring Trinidad by


Trinidad's many beaches are mostly found on the island's north and northeast coasts from Las Cuevas to Balandra Bay.

Trinidad beaches || Beach Breaks by

[Image] BEACHES OF TRINIDAD Rupa's home page

Beaches-Trinidad  || Map
Including Chagville (15 mins from Port of Spain (P.O.S.) plus 21 other beaches in T&T.
Beach Map by
Pretty & topographic 
Beaches- Tobago || Map
Pigeon Point, Mount Irvine, Store Bay, Speyside Beach and six more

The eight top beaches w/ an update on new facilities by netcarib

MARACAS is the main beach for Port of Spain. To get there requires a stunning 40-minute ( 20 km) drive along beautiful but windy mountain roads. An inexpensive maxi taxi ride is your best bet. You will be impressed by the long sandy beach and infrastructure (inc.lifeguards & handicapped access ) waiting for hotels when you get there. 
Trinidad's Best Beach "make sure your children don't go out too far as the waves can sometimes overwhelm people
The Beach of Love
"the most pleasant atmosphere ever imagined
A little further south is the popular hiking spot; Maracas WATERFALL, a 90-foot (27-meter) cascade. LAS CUEVAS 3 kilometres from Maracas Beach is another popular beach and targeted for two major hotels as well.

The Blanchisseuse Experience by
The drive on the North-coast road ends at Blanchisseuse, the last of a chain of bays accessible by car.

Attractions & Sightseeing

Trini Explore by
71 places to go see and explore
Like the amazing Pitch Lake at La Brea which swallowed the Chimans  who had offended the Good Spirit by eating hummingbirds. 

30 Trinidad attractions by carib-link || Touring Trinidad 
Including Devil's Woodyard, an area of bubbling mud volcanoes near Princes Town; eruptions are infrequent but dramatic.


Shopping by

Take nothing but pictures,
 kill nothing but time and leave nothing
 but footprints.

Eco Trinidad

Eco Trinidad

Birds of Trinidad & Tobago
The Carib people called Trinidad "the Land of the Hummingbird" or IERE

Asa Wright Nature Centre
Trinidad's origin as part of the continent gives it the Caribbean's most diverse fauna and wildlife. The Nature Center founded in 1967 and administered by an international Board is the best place to appreciate the scores of exotic species which abound. Located in the mountains with accommodations and meals.

Map of Eco-Tourism sites by
How many of the 17 X's will you be able to cross off your "been there, done that" list?

Hiking and Bird-watching


Water Sports

A guide looking for a few more links.

Scuba Diving in Tobago
Tobago's diving competes for the best anywhere. How to Tips Adopted for the web by tidco & 
Rodale's Scuba Divin

Sports by
Dancing Brave sports site
Local sports and other stories written by a Trini Journalist.
Sports in TnT by
Add Golf, Horse Racing, Tennis and Hunting to the usual water fair-weather fun.



Run  Port of Spain Hash House harriers



 [F] Fotos  [F] Historical  [F] Sightseeing Foto of TnT 
 [F] Star Watching

Plus a link to many more:

Soca Islands Photos
Enjoy the feeling from these beach and rainforest photos.
Lots of Links
Open Directory Project
Listings by dmoz are referenced by major search engines including Lycos and Google 
Good description, url & click-thru data. Plus a very helpful search, since 1999.


YahooTrinidad and Tobago Links by  yahoo

Trinidad & Tobago by lanic By
Calendar of Events || || Festivals by islandconnoisseur || 
Trini Social Calendar by
Using wall calendar format.

Year round Guide to T&T Calendar of Events


An enigmatic place of mystery.

Press here To UPDATE the TRINTO AIRTUBE pages when On-Line and Hello from in the

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TOBAGO by Chris & Berthlyn
Are in love and would like to share pictures of their beautiful island with you.

MAPS Major Towns || Beaches || Diving/Snorkeling || Eco-Tourism
Local Lingo

 [F] Trini Dictionary
Best one yet for example "Bacchanal Scandal, heavy quarreling, big party, confusion"

Gay Trinidad    
Slang Dictionary


12 miles and 800 feet from Port of Spain is Arima, the  cultural center of the original island settlers

Culture: Afro-Caribbean  Indo-Caribbean

African religious deities are often found to be significant influences in


 Carnival cultures of the New World. The ancient polytheistic West-African Yoruba deities might even have served as models for similar Egyptian and Greek gods and goddesses. These psychic energy models are not jealous gods and thus often allow an individual to renew a discarded or wounded relation with the spiritual with little initial personal risk.
Trinicenter Visit
 [F] Caribbean Spirituality Books (21)
Santeria, Orishas, Rastafarian, Yoruba and Baptists.
Voodoo's roots are deep and begin in Africa and today are most evident in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Including the trickster Eleggua and Yemalla, the sea goddess who keeps our ancient wisdom in our unconscious. 

African Culture
A Seattle USA based resource. Maintained by Ifá priest Baba Eyiogbe at

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de las Casas</a></li> </ul> <li><a title="" href="" target="_self">Guyana</a></li> <ul> <li><a title="" href="" target="_self">Georgetown</a></li> <li><a title="" href="" target="_self">Lethem</a></li> </ul> </ul> <li>Tnt</li> <ul> <li>Tnt Framed</li> <li>Marketplace</li> <li><a title="" href="" target="_self">Trade</a></li> <li><a title="" href="" target="_self">Maps and Guides</a></li> </ul> </ul> </noscript> </body> </table>