What is the alchemy involved in annually recreating the No lie dis mas jus makes you feel good, and feel yuh lookin good.
Caribbean Carnival's principal components are calypso, steelpan and playing mas (masquerade). In the historic capital City of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, these elements are harmoniously structured to form a five day ritual pageant beginning with the King & Queen Contest (Friday), Panorama (Saturday), Dimanche Gras (Sunday), J'Ouvert (Monday) and the Parade of the Bands (Tuesday). These main events and countless others build to an unforgettable epiphany of beauty and stunning display Downloadof the irrepressible human spirit before concluding and allowing the quiet first day of Lent and reflection known as Ash Wednesday to be admitted to consciousness.
The genesis of this "world's greatest" Carnival has been attributed to the many cultures of Trinidad and their interaction. While the African influence is predominant, the Carnival carries an overriding theme of unity, a central part of this unique culture's mythology. Trinidad's namesake, the holy Trinity is blessed as the
unifying principle. This is the country's well known motto, resting at the base of the ubiquitous and striking T&T Coat of Arms reads, "Together we Aspire, Together we Achieve." Yet the wisdom lies in paradox for there is no Carnival with more intense competition than Trinidad's.
Today Trinidad's model for public celebration is the most widely imitated festival art form in the world. Many Trinidadian Carnival artists are able to work year round performing throughout North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Yet despite this success, many believe the best is yet to come.
We've greatly expanded our TnT pages using the sub-theme of Trinidad as the center of the Americas. It will be up to the natives to take this to another level. has been covering TnT, the motherland of Caribbean Carnival since 1997 and we know you can get lost hereabouts but with the 2009 Carnival we introduce a new wiki mashup platform at  which is going to help us significantly bring you the fresh and manage the old.
Now in an attempt to  For now let's content ourselves with the 2008 Carnival. or relive the 2007 Carnival

INTRODUCTION || CALENDAR || Directory || MUSIC HISTORY || CALYPSO & SOCA  ARTISTS || Calypso Tent > History >   Lyrics || STEEL PAN > Global > Bands || CHUTNEY || REGGAE || PARANG || SOUNDS  || Radio Stations > MP3 > Wav & AU > FORUM PHOTOS  > in aFORUM || Peter Minshall: Mas Designer || TIPS || J'OUVERT NIGHTTIME  || Route Map || CARNIVAL LINGO || TALES || MAS Route Map > MAS BANDS || AWARDS || AFTER CARNIVAL

Visit Trinidad Carnival || Tnt/Bands ||EVENTS:_Official || History:_Port_of_Spain_Carnival || Tnt/Music  Our new site, Look for lots of flickr and youtube video feeds to come. || Carnival Events 2009 || annual calendar ||Mas Camps || Pan Schedule || Kaiso & Humorous Tents 2009
 Better than the phone book. Packed with data & dates & info you will not find anywhere else. Not pretty, but mega updated data on frame pages like this one. A real looker with a emphasis on the ladies and lots of fotos Consistent long-time Caribbean Carnival website champ

Top 2008 Trinidad Carnival Blogs 
Mega Trini Carnival Party site with lots fresh content. || [open in new browser windows]
Starring the columns by Terry Joseph and plenty more news, links, and insights has surpassed & for "Where you want to be"    

Carnival by || Archive (1992-2006) On 31 Dec, 2006, BWIA was wound up and the new home of Caribbean Beat became Caribbean Airlines. Access some the best writers on Caribbean Carnival Culture using these links Current Issue and Past Issues

"National Carnival Commission" on de net by google    News by google
The NCC (National Carnival Commission) is located at Queen's Park Savannah, Tel: (868) 627-1350 and
For 2009 we must acknowledge the NCC for the thickest media accreditation package we have ever come across. It's this 10 page pdf
Last time through TnT, in '07, passed on this bureaucratic overkill to cut out on Carnaval Saturday to investigate where steelpan meets samba on Venezuela's nearby Margarita Island. Find video & 2 parades as well as Trinidad Carnival @ our flickr site. The power of Carnaval to unite the Western Hemisphere is something President Hugo Chavez has experimented with.


Feting is a means for carnivalists to gear into the party spirit.

Calendar by

"Like the phoenix, Carnival rose time and again from its own ashes, each time stronger, more sure of itself. And today, stripped at last of antagonism and enjoyed by every sector of the population, it has attained a phoenix-like magnificence: fiery, magical, invincible. It is an outpouring of creativity and fraternity; a time for shedding cares and inhibitions; an overwhelming sea of people and music and brilliant costumes."


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Calypso & Soca
 [F] Still Alive in Spirit  


The Rise of Soca||by
"The major soca innovators of the 1970s and early 1980s were Lord Shorty, Shadow, Maestro, Merchant and Blue Boy. Their new music had a heavy syncopated bass line and dense electronic instrumentation. Its tempo was often faster than that of traditional calypso. Though soca artists continued to write songs of social commentary, they increasingly composed "party songs"—descriptions of the festive experience of Carnival."
calypso50s || calypso60s || calypso70s || calypso80s || calypso90s ||
amazing comprehensiveness with album cover art; compiled by Dmitri Subotsky and Ray Funk launched in 2002.
KAISO  by de Judge Funk from Fairbanks

Got to know your past to know your future.

Jeremy G de Barry left his Cultural mega site for TnT work in 2007.

Some historical Calypso CD's offered by
Consider posting a comment about one of these CD's at

History of de Calypso Tent by D.Cuffy
The amazing part is that only 1.5 million people can produce such an annual outpouring of great new music.

MP3 by Limers || Limers Inc.
Time now to learn about the MP3 standard, a fast growing way to distribute music with high quality and low overhead on de web.

More every year as the world turns. Chart by
Road March Derby 


 [F] Soca & Calypso Record Labels

Rituals Music
famous for Caribbean Party Rhythms the best local compilation on Carnival. Looking for international partners of TnT Brass Bands  by


Still alive and mixing it up

From the Mother Island of Britain. Pages have short web life.

Beautiful site with lots of Trinidad Carnival 2000 pages

Island Mix
"ISLANDMIX was founded  MARCH '98 and Stryka been working hard for you people since.
MC Wassy, DJ Spice, DJ Benjie,   DJ ILL Phil & DJ Redface cover New York with Soca, R&B, Reggae, & HipHop

G. Godwin Oyewole was one of the first to promote TnT music on the web. His huge site is now sponsored by a law firm--his own.

Check out what's news or make some of your own


Artists ||  [F] David Rudder
The Man With The Message

Able to craft beautiful home grown music with eloquent insights his songs continue to rise to the top of your CD pile years after their purchase.
"It's easy to just cut and cross over, and be with everybody else, but you'll be better and stronger if you cut through as yourself and who you are."

Alison Hinds bycaribbean-beat

Bunji Garlin releases next CD by
Eddy Grant's Barbados based label is #1 for Trinidad recording artists
ARTIST PROFILES: Adisa Andwele  ||  Black Stalin || Calypso Rose || Duke || Eddy Grant  || Gabby  || Gillo  || Grandmaster  ||  || Indra  || James Lovell  || Judy Bailey  || Legend  || Lord Kitchener  || Mighty Sparrow  || Preacher  || Roaring Lion  || Square One  || Superblue  || Viking
Calypso Artists: Biographies
Alexander, Fitzroy (Lord Melody)
Anderson, Cecil (Duke of Iron)
Angelou, Maya
Belafonte, Harry
Belasco, Lionel
Burgie, Irving (Lord Burgess)
Charles, Hubert Raphael (Roaring Lion)
Clark, Gerald
Connor, Edric
Francisco, Slinger (Mighty Sparrow)
Grant, Cy
Grant, Rupert (Lord Invader)
Henderson, Russ
Hendricks, Frederick Wilmoth (Wilmoth Houdini)
Manning, Sam
Marcano, Neville (Growling Tiger)
Pinard, Lancelot (Sir Lancelot)
Premice, Josephine
Quevedo, Raymond (Atilla the Hun)
Roberts, Aldwyn (Lord Kitchener)
Span, Norman (King Radio)
Thomas, Norman (Lord Flea)



3 Canal ||Alison Hinds||Andy Armstrong|| Bunji Garlin||Calypso Dreams||
David Rudder||KMC||
Krosfyah ||Lady Saw||Leroy Clarke||Machel Montano||Peter Coppin||Peter Ram||Re Rat||Rupee 1 2||Russell Rickford||Staceyann Chin||Tanto Metro||Terry Arthur||Tony Tempo
Calypso Rose: the legend. The first woman to win a road march in Trinidad and Tobago (1977 with Tempo) and the first person to win both the road and calypso titles simultaneously in Trinidad, has written over 800 songs to date and shows no signs of stopping what she has been doing for decades.Calypso Rose interview by

The Soca Rebels Homepage From Sweden 
Soca Rebels online radiostation

Artist Profiles by caribplanet
Beres Hammond  || Buju Banton  ||Krosfyah  ||Sean Paul || Steele || Traffik with


S  by

Spektakula Forum, 111–117 Henry St, Port of Spain; tel 623 2870
Kaiso House, Deluxe Cinema, Keate St; tel (c/o TIDCO) 627 5912
Calypso Revue, SWWTU Hall, Wrightson Rd; tel 625 1231
Maljo Kaiso, Stalk Hill Theatre, Richmond St; tel 623 0074

 [F] Calypso Tents on TnT

Spektakula outshines the lot January 14, 2002
Port of Spain's Calypso Spektakula Calypso TENT gets the nod from Terry Joseph

Steel Pan

By far the sweetest place to hear pan, though, is at the Panorama finals, staged on Carnival Saturday.  


The Steelbands of Trinidad & Tobago ||  The most authoritive and comprehensive site for pan about home islands of Trinidad & Tobago.  Lots of lists, results & schedules in addition to an expanding on-line exploration of the roots of pan. 
"The Panorama Steelband Competition, initiated in 1963; was not the to be organized, steelband competition held in these islands, but it became and is, the Premiere steelband event of the year."

Trinidad & Tobago Pan Schedule Schedule by Roger James 

Amoco Renegades, 138 Charlotte St, Port of Spain; 
BWIA Invaders,
Tragarete Rd (next door to Cricket Wicket bar)
Carib Tokyo,
2a Plaisance Rd, John John
Neal and Massey Trinidad All-Stars,
46 Duke St, Port of Spain
Phase II Pan Groove,
13 Hamilton St, Woodbrook
Starlift Drive, St James
WITCO Desperadoes,
Laventille Rd, Laventille

 Welcome to Pan TrinbagoOFFICIAL 4
World's leading pan organization

Even as he handed over instruments of ownership of a parcel of land valued at some $9 million to Pan Trinbago, Prime Minister Basdeo Panday yesterday said Government would fund the cost of constructing the pan body's headquarters on the site.

BPRenegades   || Jit "de Man"  Samaroo
The world's most renowned steel band is led by Jit Samaroo,  
"Kitchener's unique chord progressions and rhythmic patterns are best suited to my style of arranging."

The different elements of the 100+ member orchestras.
Steel Pans: A Brief History Maxens Berre, CLAVE  Mar '99.
"In 1939, a drummer named Winston "Spree" Simon began playing melodies on the first tuned tins. He is considered to be the inventor of the tuned tins. Spree later produced the first convex (dome- shaped) steelpan....In 1946, Ellie Manette created the first steeldrum in its concave form, made from a steel 55 gallon oil drum."

Steelpan Plus

Continuing to expand its global influence in the 21st century PanPersons by 
Learn about future Hall of Fame members:
Clive Bradley, Beverly Griffith, Robert Greenidge, Ray Holman, Andy Narell, Ken "Professor" Philmore, Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
& more

 - Steel Pan News Basement Recordings, Inc. is publishing a regular newsletter on pan

The Pan Page
A forum for the steel pan instrument by Ulk Kronman of Sweden. The first and still one of the best resource including regularly updated news. A huge site with much information inc./ contact information and links to hundreds of Steelbands.

Lists of bands & Websites

 [F] Steelpan Network & WebRings(3) in our
Check out what's new and many more connections
 [F] Steelpan Marketplace Online (11)
Guess how many Trinidad has
 [F] Steel Pan Music Education
Should employ many more in the years to come.


This East Indian party music is part of the frontlines in the animated dialogue between Trinidad's two largest cultures.  This  music's movement, from its East Indian melodic core to the African inspired rhythms and harmonies of the West is a microcosm of New Trinidad culture. The songs, which can be sung in either Hindi or English, must be original songs and must be new songs released after Ash Wednesday. 

Chutney Soca Monarch: Produced by 
Tel: (868) 653 8923


Reggae Links & Webring in aforum

Favorite Parang artists begin with the Queen of Parang - Daisy Voison followed by  Lara Brothers,  Sharlene Flores & Flores Brothers and Alicia Jagessar & Los Alumnos de San Juan.

Cristo Adonis renamed his group "Los Ninos del Mundo," (Spanish for "The Children of the World.") following a dream by Christos   where he felt Parang music  incorporating and loved by all peoples in spite of their ancestral backgrounds.  But why "children"?  As Cristo Adonis sees things, "we are all children of the universe," and "the child within us always comes to the forefront."

parang by wikipedia

megaphon.gif Sounds

Radio Stations

 [F] TnT Radio and TV Link Directory ||  What's new Radio & TV Directory  ||  [F] Caribbean Music Stations on de web
There's lots of them. RealAudio playing calypso,  Soca pan, chutney, and parang music from all over the planet, for all on the planet, 24/7/365 can be a DJ.
Powered by MP3
Nuff Soca and reggae, live shout outs and requests via e mail, ICQ and instant messenger.

Music Jukebox by
still just 2000 releases as of FEB0

at Sample from 2001 in RealAudio by 3 Canal, Atlantik, Burning Flames, Bunji Garlin, Denise Belfon, Destra Garcia, Godfrey Dublin, Iwer George, Kindred, KMC, Machel Montano, Ricochet, Ronnie Mc Intosh, Rupee, Sanelle Dempster, Sean Caruth, Shadow, Sherwyne Winchester, Superblue, Surface, Traffik, Xtatik
RED 96.7FM
RED 96.7FM
96.1 WE FM
96.1 WE FM
Rhythm City 94.1 FM
I95.5 FM
I95.5 FM
Masala Radio 101.1 FM
Masala 101.1 FM Heritage Radio 101.7 FM
Heritage 101.7 FM
Photos & MPEGS  
We spend most of our TnT research time in the massive creative commons section of the #1 foto site flickr by yahoo. These hot links search the entire data base.


Most recent Most interesting
Most interesting

Feb-2007 Six photographers — Noel Norton, Jeffrey Chock, Mark Lyndersay, Abigail Hadeed, Alex Smailes, and Marlon Rouse — share images that capture the meaning of Trinidad Carnival

 [F] Trinidad & Tobago Fotos ||Archives  
You can see previews and archives in this section, which also makes you a member of   

Google Image Search on "Trinidad Carnival" 
Best shot for first up and some of the most beautiful ladies on parade

Calypsonians || Photos of Carnival Past
Shadow, Chalkdust (Hollis Liverpool), Cro Cro, Denyse Plummer and Tambu (Chris Herbert)

Trinidad in our image server 
Lots of features to discover and always more being added.
See how its doing relative to other Carnavals
WALKABOUT:  If you need a destination head for  Queen's Park Savannah  and/or Independence Square Loop through the downtown guest house neighborhood of  Woodbrook to visit the mas camps and costume shop or head for the frenzy Frederick Street with some short diversions. For discourse or contemplation downtown's  Woodruff Square across from the library works best. 

So Yu Going to Carnival-the Magazine
Archival Issues of the only international Carnival magazine which ceased publication in 2001 area available through

J'Ouvert Nighttime Masquerade

Jouvert (or jouvay) –from the French Jour Ouvert is the ritual pre-dawn opening of the Trinidad Carnival, when thousands of revelers form themselves into bands and parade on the streets covered in pigments, in what is called Dirty Mass". Come 2am (some say 4am) Carnival Monday Morning, "the day opens" with one of Carnivals oldest traditions. It is time for the sinister creatures of the dark to express themselves with the help of haunting steelband melodies. Don't be afraid of the jouvay mud applied to you by cackling devils barely covered in ragged ill-fitting underwear. Soon enough, when the dawn arrives, it will be time for "pretty mas".
Jouvay began in 1843 with one of the earliest attempts to repress the Carnaval exuberance by the white ruling class saying Carnival could not begin until Monday. This was re-interpreted into a celebration to welcome the day break of Monday beginning anytime after midnight. 

The Bomb’ Competition
Neville Jules from the famous Garret to the J'Ouvert morning Bomb competition. || 3Canal by
Since 1994, 3canal has produced the most awaited and celebrated J'Ouvert Band of each year, with their related theme song.

Route Map
Port of Spain:  at

Carnival Band route Map  by

Carnival  Lingo

A Trini dictionary
Do you know your carnival moves; Dingolay, grind, jam, jump up, and wine.


"I say goodbye to New York, goodbye to work, goodbye to planners, goodbye to the world. For the next 10 days I'll be in heaven" goes to Trinidad Carnival || home
Caracas, Venezuela Airport is a good way to beat high season airline pricing, but not without stress.... 

Sally Saldenah & his bands Harold Saldenah, 1925–1985 "among Saldenah’s early masqueraders were future bandleaders Stephen Lee Heung, Bobby Ammon, and Edmond Hart.) These were the days when Trinidad’s different social groups still had separate Carnival experiences — the “white” bands drove through Port of Spain in their elevated lorries, while “parading the streets on foot in costume . . . was perceived as a ‘black’ thing”, as one historian has put it."


The largest bands – Poison, Legends, Harts and Barbarossa – can comprise 6000 or more masqueraders, in many sections related to their theme. This is pretty mas’ and it rules the streets as tens of thousands of Trinis, many who return annually just for the Carnival, strut their embellished bikinis with elaborate glue and stapled together shiny armor and ornaments. Many of the mas camps them are located in the elegant middle class downtown Port of Spain neighborhood of Woodbrook. 

Junior Band of the Year: Crickkkk Crackkk, De Wire Bend, De Story End, (a well known phrase in Trinidad story telling traditions) produced by Mammie Nice Chile with Allison Browne and Debra Bart-Gift.
In's & Out's on joining a band for Carnival
Like "don't lose your registration slip"

Return to T&T
Burrokeets || || ||Jab Jab &Jab Molassie || Midnight Robber ||Moko Jumbie ||Pierrot Grenade

Mas Bands

TnT Carnival Bands- on de web
The aforum band page which gives you a preview of the great days in the sun by highlighting headlines and jpegs direct from the top bands web sites. Mas Camps by


 Dylan Kerrigan looks back to Carnival’s roots in the 18th and 19th centuries and the traditional characters which dominated the festival’s early history.Stories of how the sailor, the devil, the bat, the midnight robber, the wild Indian, the Dame Lorraine, and others came to be
Roots of Mas: the stories of designers
from the golden age of mas
by Dylan Kerrigan & Nicholas Laughlin Irvin McWilliams, Edmond & Lil Hart || Carlisle Chang || Wayne Berkeley || Peter Minshall || Diamond Jim & Jason Griffith, || Cito Velazquez the ace Wire Bender/ Masman, passed away on 8th April 2006|| George Bailey, || Ken Morris,
Our tribute to Peter Minshall & Minshall in the image server


Just concentrate on fun and leave the rest to Big Mike, TnT's Mas Ambassador 

Stephen Derek  || D'Midas Associates by google Stephen Derek since 1978 has dominated the medium band category and has more bands under his direction in other cities than any other mas leader
 Leaders in costume design and production and one the the web's best sites for a Carnival band anywhere,  long-time premiere band famous for their great costumes and founder Wayne Berkeley but no site as of 2008.
Poison's last year was 2006. Everything has a beginning and an end but what a great run. The regulars have created two new bands
Download Download
got the URL
wait till Carnival Monday to see who got the beauties.

their sections Band of the year 2004, 2005, & 2006


2007 Carnival Awards

2006 Carnival Awards by || 2005

 [F] AWARDS TnT Carnival   [F] 2004 Carnival Awards  [F] 2003
Who rules the many roosts of TnT Carnival

2005 ||  2004 ||  2003 || 2002 by

  at || the very dedicated Jeremy G de Barry left his dedicated work at in 2007, thank you
Panorama Hall of Fame by
Panorama Results ||
Pan in the 21stCentury

After Carnival & More TnT Holidays

10 things to do in trinidad after carnival || Events Calendar by

Old Mas Characters
Cow Bands
Dame Lorraine
Devils -Demons
Fancy Indians
Fancy Sailors
Jab Jab
Midnight Robber
Moko Jumbie
Pierrot Grenade


Visit our travel tool section or Cityguide
for some ideas but its best to book Tobago in advance. You can always find space in nearby mega-City and gateway to South America, Caracas, Venezuela
Festivals And Public Holidays >Public Holidays >Phagwa
Other popular Trinidadian celebrations are the Islamic Hosay during May-June, and the Hindu Phagwa festival. The festival of Diwali , celebrated nationwidein late October, honours the Hindu goddess of light. Deyas - small oil-wick candles - are lit in every house.
For music lovers October's World Steel Band Festival , known as "Pan is Beautiful", features music ranging from classical to the latest calypso tunes. In May, the month-long steel-band festival Pan Ramajay is held, and December is the season of parang - nativity songs sung in Spanish, sounding more Latin American than Caribbean.
In Tobago the eagerly awaited Tobago Heritage Festival occurs in the last two weeks of July and features traditional customs, story-telling and festivities. The Charlotteville Fisherman's Fete , held on Man O' War Bay in the middle of July, is a wild beach party. On the Tuesday after Easter in Buccoo, crab and goat races are held

The Hindu Festival of Lights celebrated with candles & fireworks in October or November. This is the other endless cycle of life-death and rebirth annual ritual celebration by the local Indian culture.
Hosay || Hosay Schedule from 2000 to 2030, by Every year, Hosay is observed with a parade full of colorful tadjahs in commemoration of the martyrdom of Hussain (Hussein), the grandson of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, in the year 680 AD.
Western Main Road is the scene of the annual Muslim Hosay processions, which take place over four days in May or June.

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