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Because of the cooling trade winds Trinidad and Tobago have a perfect tropical climate (average 84°F or 28°C during the day) The dry season runs from December to May. From June to December it rains briefly in the afternoon. February and March are the driest 
Between May and November you can enjoy much the same climate at off-season rates in many of the larger hotels & resorts

the high season hotel pricing is generally just observed at Tobago hotels
 In September there's a dry spell known as the petit carem , an Indian summer of two to four weeks; it's an excellent time to visit, with flights at low-season rates. Tobago hoteliers hike rates during high season (mid-Dec to mid-April


Heightened Security Check-in
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In 1498, a three ship expedition led by a driven promoter on his third voyage into the West's uncharted waters came to this enchanted gateway island a mere seven miles or 11 kilometers off the coast of South America. Christopher Columbus, a passionate and religious explorer, upon viewing island's three peaks now known as the "The Three Sisters" caused him to name the island Trinidad in honor of the Blessed Trinity. more

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Peak season in the Caribbean corresponds roughly to winter in the Northern Hemisphere—mid-December through mid-April. Entry Documents: Beginning January 2007, US citizens need a passport for all travel to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico and Canada.
TIPS: Working back from the wiki airport airline listing is your best bet for optimize your travel plans and costs.
Departure Tax: TT$ 100 payable in cash

Piarco International-Trinidad Code=POS
located in Piarco, a town in northern in Trinidad, about 25 km east of  Port of Spain.

GATEWAYS: Caracas, London, Miami, New York, Toronto, Kingston, Puerto Rico, Tobago.
FLIGHT TIMES: Miami 4 hrs, New York 5 hrs, London 9 hrs.
wiki/Piarco_International_Airport In 2006 there were 27 airlines using this airport. However only BWIA West Indies Airways  flew from more than one continent and only 5 flew passengers from more than one city.

Crown Point International-Tobago Code=TAB

Small facility near the town of Canaan, and 11 km from the capital, Scarborough.
The airport is only
 83 km away from Port of Spain. In 2008 a new domestic only terminal will open.
Crown_Point_International_Airport Most flights are the BWIA, Tobago Express and Caribbean Star Airlines shuttles to Port of Spain (Piarco), Trinidad, just 83 km away, but there is also regional service to Barbados and Grenada provided by Caribbean Star Airlines. Long-haul flights include British Airways and Virgin Atlantic service to London Gatwick, BWIA to Heathrow, and Condor to Frankfurt.  &  are well done private sites

Airport Authority of Trinidad & Tobago [ 404?] 

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Piarco International - Trinidad  || The Airlines by  

BWIA 30 Edward St, tel 627 2942
(be-wee) was owned by the government and maintains a hub and headquarters here and is the main air connection between the two islands.
American Airlines
63-65 Independence Square, tel 669 4661, fax 669 0261
check for many special fares available at their web site
LIAT, 30 Edward St, tel 624 8211; Air Canada, Piarco Airport, tel 669 4065.

Transit to Town:  Official airport taxis in Trinidad for US$30 30minutes with no traffic but an hour during commute hours. There are a few airport hotels. Price increase by 50% for graveyard shift. Drivers prefer US $$. Try the Tourist Authority for instruction on less costly public transit options. In Trinidad  you may call 628-TAXI, to arrange a ride that will take you from the airport to any point on the island
Tobago:  In Tobago, the cost can vary greatly. There is a list of approved fares posted  in the baggage claim area. For hotels in the Crown Point Area you have the option of walking.

 [F] Airlines that Fly to the Caribbean
 [F] Look up other airport codes Guide to Air Travel through the web 
Wish you got the low fare your friend did last time. We'll help you scour the web for your fare deal. 

By Sea: Trinidad and Tobago due to their distance from the USA are usually only on longer cruises. King's Wharf on Wrightson Road handles all people traffice either the Cruise Ship Complex  or for Tobago at the Government Shipping Service Passenger Service opposite Twin Towers 
Cruise Line Directory & Tours  



All visitors must have a return or ongoing ticket and valid passport for T&T entry. Entry visas are not needed for US citizens, most Commonwealth countries, and 30+ other countries. Passport must be valid for 3 months longer than you intend to stay in the country

  •  Remember to plan for the departure tax of TT$100 in cash. T&T Customs allows gifts valued to TT$1200 duty free.
  • You will need a vaccination certificate for Yellow Fever if you are arriving from an infected area within a 5 day time period passport service, work permits, national security. If you wish to travel to Trinidad and Tobago for any other than tourism - e.g.: employment, adoption, study, immigration - or you stay longer than the 3-month time period, please contact your embassy

Marriage: Process: Establish residency Cost: US$55
Divorce or death certificates and proof of name change, if applicable. All documents must be in English
Wait Time: Minimum of three full days

US State Dept. Passport Services
For US citizens who need a passports. and
Specialize in getting USA passports and other travel docs issued as quickly as possible.
 [F] More Visa Resources including Pet Requirements

Good Medical treatment in TnT is expensive and public is not advisable "therefore essential that you take out travel insurance before entering the country." Check it has a 24-hour medical emergency contact number
 [F] Travel INSURANCE Directory 

Special Needs
Special Travel Needs by expedia
There is little infrastructure for handicapped as is the case for most of the Caribbean.

Women travelers 
"if you're a woman travelling on your own. Remember that most Trinbagonians don't leave home till their late twenties and then usually to get married."

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Major Towns

Major Towns

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Carnival Parade Routes Map by visitTnT Port of Spain

 Port of Spain  || Trinidad
Best detail of Port of Spain on line
 Scarborough || Tobago  
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To scale w/ topographic features
Trinidad & Tobago by
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Trinidad and Tobago Zoom by multimap
Find highways but no city streets Venezuela too 

Central America & the Caribbean from

Maps of the Caribbean and Carnaval Guide
A major new page which only has drill down 
into our growing  [F] Caribbean section complete on a handful of islands thus far.

Trinidad & Tobago by USA
Read the Department of State Background Notes. Main incident were unexplained bombings which occurred in Port of Spain in summer of 2005.
In short: Urban crime has been increasing in Trinidad and even Tobago has been effected if less in this unexpected change to paradise.  Travelers should exercise reasonable caution in Trinidad, especially in the highly populated east-west corridor and downtown Port of Spain,  A surge in crime on Charlotte Street in Port of Spain suggests that it's best to avoid this street altogether.
"exercise caution and monitor developments that might affect your safety in Trinidad and Tobago because of the risk of serious criminal activity throughout the country." [more]
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Forums & Message Boards Trinidad & Tobago Online Community has over 10,000 members and thousands of threads.

Caribbean-Connection Chats & Discussion Boards 
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ICQ list  
 Hook up with friends for a good ole talk or a real hot lime. Join De Lime today. At the beginning of 2001 about 4000 members with almost half outside of TnT marc lee seyon is list administrator for first and largest ICQ list dedicated to Trinidad & Tobago. 
The Trinidad ICQ Party has chosen ICQ as the preferred method 

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The Rumshop Lime, the official chatroom of Founded: Nov. 07, 1998 over 2000 members & 1M page views

Join and Talk to fellow Trini's in the Trini Chat Room

E-Cards's image server includes postcards among its many cool  features.

Cyber Cafes & Connections

 [F] Internet Cyber Cafes & ISP's in TnT

Newsgroups of Note

Billcoin.gif MONEY

The growing tendency across the Caribbean and the Americas ( US dollars are now officially accepted in Panama, Ecuador and El Salvador.) to use the US dollar alongside local currencies in everyday transactions is less evident here where the currency has remained strong for so long....Travelers checks continue to become less negotiable and costly... Check if your #1 travel credit card is getting greedy with the exchange rate premium it charges but for years they have offered the best value and airline miles besides....

  • T&T has maintained an approximate exchange rate of $6 TT = $1 US rate since 1994.  In 2006, despite the dollar having fallen substantially against must other currencies in recent years the rate was TT$6.25 = $1 USD
  •  All T&T banks are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 2pm and Friday 8am to noon & 3-5pm. Mall banks do not close mid-day
  • Many government offices close certain services (especially those that require cash payment) by 3:00 p.m.
Money And Costs by roughguide

Find an ATM by mastercard || Find the Nearest VISA ATM
ATM's had been offering  best exchange rates but range of value is increasing.
 [F] Banks in TnT a directory remember to save enough TT cash for the airport tax of $TT100 in 2007

Currency in tradeday 
More info & tools inc. home delivery of currency before you go

flag_ani.gif (8873 bytes)FACTS & TIPS
Electric:T&T operates on 110 volts and 2-prong US style plugs. Many hotels can provide a transformer if necessary.
North America or the Caribbean:To dial a number in  simply dial "1" and the U.S. or Canadian area code before the number you're calling

International direct dialing is available throughout the country. US like Area Code is (809). To place an outgoing international call, dial 01 plus the appropriate country code and number. For assistance with placing an international call, dial 6311; to reach local directory assistance, dial 6411
Calling Card: To make an international call from a pay phone you must first purchase a "companion" card, which is readily available from most convenience shops -- then simply follow the instructions on the card.
Cell phones It's  GSM at a frequency of 1800 Mhz, but your cell-phone company must have a roaming agreement with Trinidad Telephone & Telegraph Service (TSTT) in order for your phone to work here. It is possible to purchase a SIM card to make local calling cheaper in Trinidad, this required your phone be "unlocked" and you are able to find a vendor. It also means you'll not be able to take incoming from anyone who does not know the temporary new number. TIP Don't avoid hotel telephone gouging to simply get it from your carrier. You may not even have service without first subscribing to it at various service levels and price points. Call your carrier before you get to the airport.
Emergencies:  Dial 999 or 622-5412 for police, fire, or medical

Internet   The local phone company offers a handy dial-up service on both islands called 619-EASY. Simply connect your laptop to the phone line and dial 619-EASY using the word EASY as your username. The charge is 12¢ a minute.
Some hotels now offer wireless high-speed access but most have a solution available to allow Internet services for a fee.

Mail The main post offices are on Wrightson Road (opposite the Crowne Plaza) in Port of Spain and in the N. I. B. Mall on Wilson Street (near the docks) in Scarborough. There are no zip codes on the islands. To write to an establishment here, you simply need its address, town, and "Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies."

WORK PERMITS: It is illegal to take paid employment while staying in T&T on a tourist visa"

Driver's License A valid license from U.S., Canada, France, UK, Germany, and the Bahamas will work otherwise visiting drivers should obtain an international driving permit.
Taxes  Expect a 15 percent general tax to be added to your hotel and restaurant bill. Check for a service charge.
The departure tax is TT$100.

 Languages   1,116,595 growth = -1.27% (1998 est.)

Dress Code:  Skimpy clothing or swimwear is fine for the beach but nowhere else. Nude or topless sunbathing is against the law and not worth chancing. Casual clothing is appropriate during the day and for evenings and at most restaurants.  Evening attire is more formal, casual elegance generally works well.

Gay & Lesbian:  "T&T is a conservative and friendly society... Officially it is still illegal to be gay....However there are a few gay bars in Port of Spain [more at ]

TIPPING: Hotels as well as restaurants often include a service charge, a tip of 10 to 15 percent is customary. Taxi drivers generally expect to receive about 10 percent as a tip"

WEDDINGS:Getting married in Trinidad and Tobago is increasingly popular particularly on Tobago with many resorts offering packages.
 Both parties must prove that they have been in the country for three days (calculated from the day after arrival). A passport, airline ticket, and proof of divorce (if you've been married before) are all required, as is a $55 license fee. Further information can be obtained from the Registrar General's office.

Ethnologue Database for TnT || Ethnologue || Areas || Americas
Who and how many
US Consular Info || CIA  World Factbook

Canadian Consular Info ||
Caribbean Info


Health & Safety

Emergencies: Dial 999 or 622-5412 in the event of a police, fire, or medical emergency." the islands are non-malarial, and there are no mandatory immunizations, though some are recommended.

Water Water is generally safe in urban areas, but travelers should observe basic food and water precautions.

  • Port of Spain's chlorinated tap water is safe to drink . Water in Tobago is safe to drink, though bottled water is available in supermarkets. Drinking water outside main cities and towns may be contaminated and sterilization is advisable. Beware of dehydration
  • Immunizations   Yellow fever vaccine may be required depending on your age or last countries visited
  • Milk is pasteurized and dairy products are safe for consumption. Local meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables throughout both islands are generally safe to eat
  • Mosquitoes & Sandflies: Visitors are advised to carry insect repellent and bite cream. Use citronella oil or a brand-name insect repellent. The incidence of dengue fever is rising. A new repellent is now available in the United States that contains 7% picaridin (KBR 3023). Picaridin may be used if a DEET-containing repellent is not acceptable to the user.[ more at malaria]
  • The crime rate in Trinidad and Tobago is rising to the distress of many citizens. There is a police shortage.  Many on-line guides mention the unexplained bombing in Port of Spain in summer of 2005 but there have been no similar incidents since.
  • When swimming remember undertows and currents can be extremely rough...
  • No harmful snakes on Tobago and your chances of encountering one of the four venomous varieties in the wilds of Trinidad are minimal, as they shy away from human contact.
  • Don't Stand Out: Avoid wearing expensive looking jewelry or carrying large amounts of cash
  • Take a passport photocopy (color is better) of the main page of your passport and keep it in a separate place.
  • Drugs Stay away from drugs for you risk hefty fines and possible imprisonment
  • When in doubt  take a taxi particularly getting around on your own after dark, particularly in downtown Port of Spain
  • Never resist thieves. If the thief seems violent consider throwing your wallet or whatever they want and running in opposite direction.
  • Insurance: Take out a good quality travel insurance in case something does go wrong.


Phones, Post And Email

Crime And Safety

Food And Drink



"Several adequate hospitals" --  Tobago Country Hospital on Fort Street in Scarborough (Tel. 809-639-2551) and Port of Spain General Hospital on Charlotte Street (Tel. 809-625-7869).  There are also numerous health centers and clinics.
Tobago's health care provision is basic, with limited supplies and medication.

Medical Resource Links by Medical schools, governments, ministries, medical associations

Travel Information Home Page-- || caribean
Centers for Disease Control (CDC). International Travelers' Hotline (Tel. 404-332-4559) for current information.


Trinidad just 10 km off the Venezuela coast served as the Amerindian gateway to the southern Caribbean islands.
1492--The Caribbean

Appreciate the Tainos & the Carib Indians who gave us the hammock and other exotica before their numbers were shortly reduced by 97%.

History by roughguides
"the continuing rise of the Indo-Trinidadian population in economic, educational and numerical terms often arouses anxiety and resentment among the Afro-Caribbeans. By international standards, however, Trinidad and Tobago is a model of racial harmony. It can also boast the most stable economy in the Caribbean"

Port of Spain City history by
"Port of Spain was originally a sleepy little north-west peninsula fishing village named "Conquerabia" by the island’s native Indians because of their successful resistance battle against early invading Spanish colonists in 1532.
"The village was later re-named Puerta de Espana (Port-of-Spain) by the Spaniards and was elevated to Trinidad’s governmental administrative centre when the seat of the illustrious Cabildo was moved here by Spanish Governor Don Jose Maria Chacon from St. Joseph in 1783."



 [F] Travel Tales & Tips || Missionary ||  Carnival || Leatherback Turtles 
13 days of Trini Christmas
 [F] How Do I Love Thee - West Indian Style

Bibliography of Creative Writing in Trinidad and Tobago
Literary works by Trinbagonians at home and abroad from    is  leading exponent of the oral traditions. Here is some poetry from his latest book "Role Call and from " Savannah Ghosts "

Guides.gif  Regional Guides
Hotels in 33 member Countries by Caribbean Hotel Assoc. from American Express
Covering most destinations North of Trinidad & Tobago
Caribbean News

Lists of  Caribbean Links

No country has more in common with TnT than its nearby neighbor which boasts the Caribbean's top summer Carnival at the end of July---Crop Over

Telephone Directories


CIA WORLD FACTBOOK -authoritive & regularly updated
Life expectancy at birth: total population: 66.76 years
male: 65.71 years
female: 67.86 years (2006 est.)
Total fertility rate:1.74 children born/woman (2006 est.)
HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate: 3.2% (2003 est.)
HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS: 29,000 (2003 est.)
HIV/AIDS - deaths: 1,900 (2003 est.)
Literacy:definition: age 15 and over can read and write

total population: 98.6%
male: 99.1%
female: 98% (2003 est.)

GDP - real growth rate:7% (2005 est.)
GDP - per capita (PPP):$16,700 (2005 est.)
GDP - composition by sector:agriculture: 0.7%
industry: 57%
services: 42.3% (2005 est.)
Labor force: 620,000 (2005 est.)
Labor force - by occupation: agriculture 9.5%, manufacturing, mining, and quarrying 14%, construction and utilities 12.4%, services 64.1% (1997 est.)
Unemployment rate:8% (2005 est.)
Population below poverty line: 21% (1992 est.)

Geography: Trinidad is 7/11 (miles/km) off the coast of South America. Trinidad covers 4,820 square kilometers (1,861 square miles) while Tobago is just  303 square kilometers (117 square miles). Tobago is 34 kilometers (21 miles) farther to the northeast.
Time Zone
  Atlantic standard time or 4 hours behind Greenwich mean time 1 hour ahead of New York
Ethnic Composition:
Indian (South Asian) 40%, African 37.5%, mixed 20.5%, other 1.2%, unspecified 0.8% (2000 census)
Roman Catholic 26%, Hindu 22.5%, Anglican 7.8%, Baptist 7.2%, Pentecostal 6.8%, other Christian 5.8%, Muslim 5.8%, Seventh Day Adventist 4%, other 10.8%, unspecified 1.4%, none 1.9% (2000 census)

Languages: English (official), Hindi, French, Spanish, Chinese


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