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It is clear that the proud, beautiful City of Toronto loves its summer months more than any other and all should hail July as the Queen of Festivals. A City of many immigrants from all over the world supports their rich cultural heritage in a grand fashion through many music and arts festivals. 
"This year is expected to surpass the celebrations of all previous years as we have added a number of new events. said John Halstead Chair of the Caribana committee
CARIBANA™ kept its name in 2007, and in 2008 it added a title sponsor, Scotia bank making its finances better than anyone can remember. In fact, the downtown has gotten on board in a big way with two media partners, CBC and the Toronto Sun. The most notable new event was the 2008 Gala and it was a great success.  The day after in 2008 returns to the Toronto Islands where Jouvert is establishing a beachhead as a fine new tradition. The details and a live news fee is here or check out our special  Carnival and Toronto by photos guide.



Toronto Carnival is the largest cultural festival in North America. It is a multi-disciplinary feast of culture showcasing Caribbean music, dance, arts and crafts, fashion and food, which attracts hundreds of thousands of participants to Toronto annually. The highlight of the Festival is the

 Parade featuring thousands of brilliantly costumed masqueraders and live calypso, Soca, Steelpan, Reggae and Samba bands, recreating the experience of a Caribbean Carnival.

Officially official site




Toronto Sun
Official Print Media Sponsor the
CBC ignites Toronto with Caribana including streaming the parade and lots of live coverage team for TV & Radio Caribanafestival & title sponsor Scotiabank || Carnival
Easily one of Toronto's best guide to the thriving West Indian night scene frequents updates, comprehensive lists with an elegant graphic presentation put you on top of the scene in a hurry. || 2008|| 2007 || 2006 || 2005 || Insider's Guide RSS feeds, summary of the year's news in review for Toronto Carnival and annual events in general. by wordmag-logo.gif (1378 bytes)
A Celebration of Black Culture
June is Black Music Month. July is Caribana, but you will  always find a beautifully fulfilling visual feast accented by thought provoking contributions from some of the culture's best writers.   The magazine is behind the Irie Festival on Caribana weekend. by

share-logo.jpg (16099 bytes) Canada's largest ehtnic newspaper
Caribana at share by google search

Information on Toronto Caribana
In 1996, the City of Toronto incorporated a new municipality combining the Borough of East York along with the Cities of Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto, and York. This municipality became known as The Megacity. 
Extensive listing of fetes leading up to Caribana.  
Year round fete listings for Toronto, and an additional focus on TNT and NY Carnivals.


islandmix5.jpg (13441 bytes)

Three cheers for Stryka as one of the great web pioneers of Caribbean music and culture who may yet return but its not easy running web sites with little or no revenue for the overhead 



by George D. Maharaj
"A short passage into the world of Calypso."s


ARCHIVES  2007 News
2006 NEWS
2005 || 2005 PICS & FLYERS

2004 || was former official site
 [F] 2003: CCC resumes control of Caribana
 [F] 2002 Toronto International Carnival
 [F] 2001 News to Remember
 [F] 2000 Caribana News

 [F] 1999 Toronto
 [F] 1998 Caribana

 [F] HISTORY & Traders 

Caribbean Cultural Committee
138 Hamilton St. Toronto, ON M4M 2E1
"...To Achieve Social Development, Economic Empowerment and Unity within the Black and Caribbean Canadian Communities through The Industrialization of the Caribbean Carnival Culture." Remember, Caribana is trademarked and its use is restricted.

Back in 1998, Caribana had succeeded in attracting the attention of City Fathers and spirits were high. Kenn Shah introduced to Caribbean Camera and we collaborated on a slide show in addition to their uplifting editorial.  Download
Caribana Alliance announced [May'07]
Courtney Betty of Caribana Festival is shown at bottom far right



For the entire 39-year history of Caribana, the festival of the islands has been appropriately held on Toronto Island. But for the celebration's 40th anniversary 2007 festival has expanded to 6 full days at Ontario Place,
"It's a great opportunity for us to be able to program over five days what we had to do in two on the island and an audience here that probably would not make the trek over to the island." said Denise Jones the Caribana Village Producer

2005 July/August Carnival Events on 
EVENT Guides & Annual Festivals in aForum
 for power surf searching 

Also worth checking out:


The term CARIBANA™  is trademarked by the organizers. We apologize for our inability to always be adding the
Calypso & Extempo Competition
 .Organization Of Calypso  Performing Artistes || 2007 Contest
1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6K 1L8
The Organization of Calypso Performing Artistes (OCPA) founded in 1981.

A non-profit, mandated to promote the art form of story telling, social and political commentary, and comedy in song; to promote calypso in Toronto and beyond; to facilitate the growth, development and the sharing of the calypso art form with all cultures and to administer competitions which embraces the calypso art form.
"Without the ability to contribute significantly to research and development, OCPA can not hope to maintain the interest of the youth, which is paramount for sustaining growth. On the contrary, it can expect a rapid depletion due to spiraling cost, and unfortunately, the reduction will be greatest amongst the youth who are less able to absorb the exorbitant costs associated with performing"

The Canadian National Monarch Competition takes place on Saturday before Carijama. OCPA has always moved around a lot making next year's venues and times something to confirm in advance.

'Kaiso 365' Calypso Monarch Finals
Leah Posluns Theatre, 4588 Bathurst Street, Toronto
Saturday July 26, 2008; 8:00 pm - 1:00 am

This is where the Calypso Monarch is crowned. Come and see the best and biggest Canadian Calypsonians battle for the crown. From the topical to the lyrical, the sweet Soca rhythms will lift you out of your seat and get you moving.
Tickets are available for sale:
Advance: $35.00
Door: $40.00

Archives: Calypso Monarch Competition in aforum

    Other Kaiso/Soca Radio shows @ 


One of Toronto Carnival's great and unique traditions. Official Caribana Dinner Cruise has traditionally been Carnival Friday, but you can enjoy Caribana cruises with Caribbean food and music throughout the month of July and beyond.


The Caribana Parade has always been on the Saturday before the first Monday in August

"""A 3.6 kilometre street party where thousands of glittering costumed masqueraders compete for the title of Band of the Year."

Beginning at 10 a.m. in CNE Stadium, they will progress west along Lakeshore Boulevard, ending at Dunn Ave. Admission along Lakeshore is free while the program and seating at the stadium is $20, with a $10 Senior/Children seating area only.
There will be additional spectator seating at the beginning of the parade where the judging occurs.

2 Saturdays
before the main parade
Junior Parade
begin noon north of the Jane/Finch intersection, and ending at 6pm in front of the judging stands in the parking lot of The Yorkgate Mall.
noon to 6 pm
In 2008, following last years first time ever shut down the entire width of the street/parade route (2 kilometres) all 15 official Caribana bands entered the parade with some of the best home made mas to be seen during the Caribana season and plenty of room to jump up, dance and display their costumes.

"Our aesthetic is performance, the living now."

---Peter Minshall
21st century mas arts pioneer from Trinidad & Tobago Carnival [

Kiddies Carnival aka The Caribana™ Junior Carnival --two-Saturdays before the main Caribana™ Parade is sponsored by the nearby Yorkgate Mall and is volunteer driven to support our youth. Ranging from ages 4 to 16, Junior Kings and Queens from participating bands in the parade will compete for the coveted crowns and prizes. A colourful showcase of costumes and lyrical talent, this event proves that Caribana is as much for the young as it is for the old.

The hugely popular Junior Carnival Parade is eagerly anticipated by its young participants every year where the community grows
the true meaning of Caribana friendship, arts and a sense of pride in our community

WHERE: The general location is immediately west of the York University Parade assembles on Shoreham Drive
in the heart of the Jane and Finch Community [off Jane Street south of Steeles Avenue.] Access to Shoreham Drive can also be obtained from Steeles via Murray Ross Parkway

The parade will travel west on Shoreham Drive, past the judging point to be located at 31 Shoreham Drive (north of Shoreham Public School), then move south on Jane Street to Yorkgate Mall. The parade will enter Yorkgate Mall at the Jane Street parking lot entrance, and move to its
west parking lot.

Discover Eglington in York

A curved Eglinton Avenue West street sign.
Lots of good, cheap ethnic food & drink in Toronto's most multi-cultural Carnival neighborhood. From roties to goatees or Rastas to pastas you'll get the great atmosphere you won't find anywhere else. business directory  || google map
1 Yorkgate Blvd. North York, Ontario M3N 3A1

More Carnival Events

irie music festival A four-day celebration of Caribbean culture includes music (today Arsenals 7 pm, Sattalites 8 pm, Third World 9 pm), vendors market, film, visual arts and more. Through Aug 4. Free. Nathan Phillips Square.

Parading Bands

Get in the Carnival mood by taking a closer look at highlights of these premier Toronto good-time Carnival bands Toronto Carnival @ toronto/2008/bands
Get all the details spread out on this page.
Just like
2004|2005 || 2006 || 2007 We've been at this since 1996 Did deep here Caribana Parade Bands aForum   
Louis Saldenah Caribana's most celebrated band leader with Costumes by Steve Muradali


Toronto has an excellent public transportation system and is very friendly to walkers in the summer.
Toronto Transit Commission - Public Transit - Phone Directory

GO trains from the more distant areas
which feature free parking. Once within the metro area you will be impressed by the efficient combination of subway, bus, and streetcar to get you where you want to go. Phone the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) at (416) 393-INFO for specific Caribana route information. Don't try driving to the parade because it is quite easy to get along Lakeshore where downtown meets the water by taking the subway or GO train and transferring to a Harbourfront streetcar.
GO Transit guide
Toronto info (416) 869-3200 (7 days). This service is known as Government of Ontario Transit. GO Transit operates trains over six routes. The Lakeshore line has all-day service, seven days a week, between Pickering and Oakville. The hub of the 49 station network is the Lakeshore Station at 65 Front Street West (near Bay & York) known as the
Toronto Union Station
which also integrates the web of transit from the:
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
For further information on TTC routes, schedules, and fares, telephone (416) 393-4636 (07:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week). A TTC Customer's Guide is available in 15 languages for free at the TTC Customer Centre at 1900 Yonge St., Metro Hall, all other city halls in Metro, public libraries and most cultural centres. Late-night buses and streetcars, running specific routes every morning from 1 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.

Take a Ferry to Olympic Island
The two day Caribbean Arts and Cultural Festival is held here on the beautiful tree lined shore of Toronto Harbor.


Toronto Maps by google

TTC home page provides the following downloadable PDF maps:

University of Toronto's map of the downtown campus

Steel Pan Bands
AfroPan, Metrotones, Mississauga Academy of Steel, New Dimensions, Pan Fantasy, Pan Masters, Panatics, Silhouettes

AfroPan SteelBand  || Best Playing Steelpan listed from 1968 - 2002
Carijama's dominant  force since 1968 thanks to the father-son team.   Earl La Pierre aka ESP  Noel La Pierre of Trinidad, W.I. is the founder of Afropan presents 

2006 Awards
 [F] AWARDS: what's new
 [F] 2004 Awards
2003 Carnival Awards || 2002 Awards || 2001 Awards || 2000 Awards ||  1999 Caribana Awards   1998 Caribana Awards
1997 Caribana Awards
1996 Caribana Awards

In July in the Caribbean
Barbados Cropover
Our web guide to the Caribbean's largest summer carnival.

Guides to Festivals Elsewhere
World Famous Canadian Festivals
Festivalfinder The latest details on more than 1,300 music festivals in North America. Many with their own link.

2007 Carijama Video
2006 Carijama video

Toronto Check out our Toronto Foto Gallery for what's new
 [F] More Caribana Images 
 [F] Annual EVENT Fotos

 [F] Celebrities & Queens  


 [F] Sightseeing Photos & Live Cams
 [F] Pride Week Toronto (3 discussions)

It's High Time!
Play With the Island People by clicking them all over!

An unfunded long standing highlight of Caribana parade


Carnival Unites the World

Coinciding with Toronto's Carnival is the biggest summer Carnival in the Caribbean. July's Barbados Cropover
Who's up next on the Carnival circuit? Consider merry old England and Notting Hill Carnival the weekend before Brooklyn Carnival.  Get a read on the scene from

Hamilton Carnival
The weekend after Toronto's Carnival, the other City on Lake Ontario also dances to its shores. [more]
ABOUT HAMILTON: Traditionally, Hamilton's local economy has been led by the steel and heavy manufacturing industries. Within the last decade, there has been a shift towards the service sector, particularly health sciences. The Hamilton Health Sciences corporation employs nearly 10,000 staff and serves approximately 2.2 million people in the region.

Coat of arms of City of Hamilton

 Together Aspire - Together Achieve

Hamilton is home to the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the Bruce Trail, McMaster University and several colleges. The Canadian Football Hall of Fame can be found downtown right beside Hamilton City Hall and across town to the east, the Canadian Football League's Hamilton Tiger-Cats play at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Chartering through the culturally and geographically diverse landscape of our provinces and territories, Harbourfront Centre celebrates all things that sound, feel, look, and taste like that it means to be alive NOW. Find a series of festivals that running each year from June through September, that  explores contemporary culture, bringing together an innovative and eclectic multidisciplinary exploration of BORDERS.

fitit.gif (9992 bytes) SocaNews
The United Kingdom's only guide to Caribbean Culture & Music although Toronto's one Toronto-lime as well as have become more reliable for checking out the scene before you land

 [F] Latin Salsa Web Sites for Toronto

Toronto Caribbean Music Links

Radio Stations:

CBC Radio One = 99.1 FM
CBC Radio Two = 94.1 FM
CHIN AM = 1540 AM
= 101.3 FM
CHRY = 105.5 FM
WERG = 90.5 FM
FLOW = 93.5 FM

Soca Therapy Flow 93.5FM
Broadcast - 07/24/05

jump.gif (25082 bytes)Ice records  with lots of great artist profiles

islandmix5.jpg (13441 bytes)Machel Montano & Xtatic in aForum
David Rudder Kindred || Square 1 ||
Trinidad & Tobago's Calypso, Soca & Steelpan
Lots more links on our T&T Carnival page including
from Trinidad-Online.

Caribbean Music Stations on de web
Arts Development

Ontario Arts Council
OAC's supports Caribana and provides up-to-date info on granting programs as well as services, workshops and events.

This evolving well crafted analysis  from Toronto's Dancemakers on the intangible value of supporting the arts is worth revisiting  "
Culture is something we nurture and support because of its potential to enrich our lives - not because of its potential to improve our economic well-being."

Culture Marketplace
Trinicam Music specializes in steelpan music from Trinidad and Tobago.  

World LOGO Caribbean

 Toronto owns the coldest winter of any of our specially selected Global Carnival Cities and this makes for a particularly exuberant, festival rich summer. In 2007 , this international arts festival launched with a bang and finished in fine Carnival fashion at the Harborfront Center.

 In 2008 this Carnival spiraled  its name into Luminat'eau-Carnival H2O ] but not its venue.  In a magnificent finale to the 2008 Luminato Festival, this weekend-long water carnival transformed the heart of Toronto’s waterfront into a joyous riot of creativity and celebration to enrapture all of the senses.

Music, Sounds  & DJs

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