Founder and President Carlos Lezama

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WIADCA President

Carlos Lezama

I am extremely pleased to greet supporters, visitors friends, relatives and strangers to New York during this Labor Day weekend. Many thousands travel great distances to be a part of the wonder and excitement that is Carnival. For the first timers, the experience can be magical and addictive. To everyone--enjoy the beauty warmth of just being here--enjoy and have a good time.

I wish to thank the members of WIADCA, my family, the scores of talented designers, bandleaders, craftsmen, artisans, calypsonians, steelbands, musicians, and all others who have given their love, talent, time, resources, and expertise to "our" cultural heritage of Carnival.

I must also thank the NYC Police Department, Department of Transportation, Sanitation, Parks, EMS, NYC Cultural Affairs, Caribbean American Center, Brooklyn Museum and Botanic Gardens without whom New York's Carnival would not be the success it is today.

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