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1997 Brooklyn Carnival Slide Show
30th Annual

New York Labor Day  Week
West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA)

Brooklyn Carnival

Band of the Year (Large)
1st Beyond 2020 Hawks International
2nd Aztec Fantasy Blackfoot
3rd Indian Country Sesame Flyers
Road March
1st Big Truck Machel Montano
2nd Ent   Ronnie McIntosh
3rd Control Yuh Property  Iwer George
& Billboard Charts  General Grant
1st Despers  USA
2nd Sonatas
Band of the Year (Small)
1st Sun Tribes of the Americas Terry Evelyn
2nd Rainbow Children Mango Tree Productions
3rd Dance Africa Masqueraders International
Adult Queen
1st The Messenger Hawks International
2nd D'Goddess of Light & Festivities Blackfoot
3rd Festival Firebird Backstreet International
Adult King
1st Snake Charmer of The Leopard Tribe Massive & Associates
2nd Serpent from Pluto Hawks International 3rd Illusion of
Color Backstreet International
Character (Male)
1st The Imp Borokeete USA
2nd Ceremonial Dancer Aquarium
3rd Foliage Man Aquarium
Character (Female)
1st Ice Queen Backstreet International
2nd Ceremonial Doll Keeper Aquarium 3rd Goddess of the Sky Sun Tribes of The Americas
Individual of the Year (male)
Snake Charmer Of the Leopard Tribe Massive & Associates
Individual of the Year (Female) The Messenger (Sherma Edwards) Hawks International
Band of Year - Kids
1st From Dusk to Dawn Borokeete USA
2nd Beyond 2000 Hawks International 3rd Indian Country Sesame Flyers Special Prize: Culture of Black Creation
Kids Queen
1st D'La Cota Princess D'Extracts
2nd Meca D'Aztec Queen Blackfoot 3rd Sunset Borokeete USA
Kids King
1st Taloc D'Sun God D'Extracts
2nd Crypton Hawks International
3rd Ashanti Tribal Chief The Promise
Individual of the Year (Kids Male)
1st Fire Burns Antoine International
2nd I was Born And Bred In A Briar Patch (Michael Clarke)
3rd Tambu - The Little Hunter Mas Production
Individual of the Year (Kids Female)
1st Fan Dancer D'Extracts
2nd Oriental Dancer D'Extracts
3rd Fire Dancer D'Extracts

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