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Welcome to your web guide to the greatest Carnival and free show in North America. The New Orleans' premiere party season! Time to enjoy life, have fun, get sassy!

Fun is free, so when Mardi Gras time arrives you must throw off the shackles of your Protestant work ethic and join in the season's greatest fun free-for-all. After all, the best things in life are feelings.
As Mark Twain wrote in  "Life on the Mississippi" in 1896:

a thing that could hardly exist in the practical North....

For the soul of it is the romantic, not the funny and the grotesque"

There are still some missing neighborhoods, but the visitor infrastructure is happening and the hotels and restaurants are open and waiting for your contribution to the local economy.  For 2009 we made a major addition of Orleans Mardi Gras. Find out about this year's Mardi Gras with our 2009 update in the foto visitor guide.

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mardigras-com.gif (4236 bytes) From NOLA Live w/ The Times-Picayune. Home of the uncensored Bourbo-Cam Search for "Mardi Gras." || 2009 || 2010 || 2006 || 2007 || 2008

For the latest juice, scope the Mardi Gras digest. || A "Mardi Gras" search reveals loads of articles || 2009 || 2010 || 2008 || 2007  Has an all new site that is packed with good information and cute graphics

Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong Mardi Gras Float || New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades 
Still going strong with lots of outside links and an expanded Mardi Gras guide to go with one of the best guides to the local music anywhere.


Check out  the Official New Orleans Site/Mall || Date Calculator
More info for the parade goer and Krewe crew. 

The Rex Organization (Rex was the first Krewe to hold an organized daytime Parade and remains the main event Parade of Mardi Gras Day. It is responsible for the majority of the concepts which accompany modern day parades...the official Mardi Gras flag and colors...the anthem of the Carnival...and one of the most popular throws, the doubloon.

Three Centuries of Mardi Gras New Orleans || Quadroon   Illustrated & Flashed  by  We're working on an update to this history

"New Orleans is self-conscious about its history and uses Mardi Gras to reconfirm its image as Southern, Catholic and French. It displays its food, its jazz and its reputation for being "naughty." -- Burt Wolf for


Mardi Gras History by
Why some of the oldest private clubs--Momus, Comus and Proteus--no longer parade the streets.

What is Mardi Gras? History Part I
From Icorp’s Carnival New Orleans. "In reality the New Orleans carnival is similar to the Fasching of Germany which begins on the twelfth night after Christmas and continues until Shrove Tuesday. The expression Mardi Gras is from the French, meaning Fat Tuesday."

"It's a parade-crazy city at the best of times; they occur at the drop of the hat, for funerals, weddings, celebrations, or just for the fun of it. The best ones wind through the black neighborhoods, noisy processions featuring stupendous brass bands and crowds of dancing second liners."  
-- Doing Mardi Gras by World-Party

Mardi Gras : New Orleans

by Henri Schindler, 
who served as the last float designer for the Mistick Krewe of Comus, the orginator of thematic New Orleans Carnival parades. The Mistick Krewe was driven from the streets in 1992 by government interference. Rather than focus on this end, Mr. Schindler writes evocatively of the glory days of carnival, the "last butterfly of winter".

"Celebrate the death of winter and the rebirth of nature, ultimately recommitting the individual to the spiritual and social codes of the culture."

Lists of Links

Chip has more Mardi Gras sites and more links from Mardi Gras web sites than anyone else. Let Dead Elvis and Elvira serve as your guide to the annual festival.

A news search shows just how much Mardi Gras buzz is out there!
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Jester's guide has photos, tons of links, and a listing of beautiful and unique Mardi Gras products.

A Mardi Gras search on yields loads of info! || 2004 || 2005 || 2006 || 2007 || 2008

Yahoo!-Society and Culture:Holidays:Mardi Gras
Regularly reworked with 6 categories.

RINGS (6) Mardi Gras & New Orleans Web Rings
plus Louisiana, Big Easy, Bourbon Street & Cajun 

"the definitive source of
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Dave's a fun guy, check him and other Tucks out at  Icorp's Carnival


Parade Schedules & Maps

Parade Schedule by Parade Schedule || New Orleans || Metarie || St. Bernard || North Shore

Check out the growing data, including float history and parade map links.   || Fat Tuesday Rundown

MAPS & More TIPS Parade Maps & Tidbits
|| also operates the Mardi Gras Web ring 

Krewes & Bands

New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade 
Fat Tuesday 2008 is February 5
In Egyptian times the annual calendar of 360 days was completed with 5 days of time outside of time- Carnival time

Highlights of the Season of Pageantry

The fun will be going on all month, but things really kick into gear on Carnaval Friday! For a complete schedule of parades, click here An extensive description of the Krewes can be found here.  

Krewe du Vieux Goofy Guy !!www.KreweduVieux.orgy
Forever dedicated to the pure spirit of Carnival: satire, music, fantasy, fun, and naked public intoxication...


Hermes - Uptown, 5:45 p.m.
Krewe d'Etat - Uptown, 6:30 p.m.
Aquila - Metairie, 7p.m.
Knights of Jason - Metairie, 7:30pm
Morpheus - Metairie, 7:15 p.m.


Iris - Uptown, 11:00 a.m.
Tucks - Uptown, noon
Endymion - Uptown, 3:30 p.m.
Isis - Metairie, 6 p.m. || Founded 1967
After the parade, Endymion's  riding members will celebrate with a party in the Superdome
Parading for the past 30 years as one of Mardi Gras's biggest collection of Rag Tag irreverant folks on the weekend before Fat Tuesday

Dimache Gras

Okeanos - Uptown, 11:30 a.m.
Thoth - Uptown, follows Okeanos
Adonis - West Bank, Noon
Mid-City - Uptown, 1:30 p.m.
Bacchus - Uptown, 5:15 p.m.
Napoleon - Metairie, 5:30 p.m. (est.1968) 
The Official web site. Famous Bacchus rolls Sunday, with a new celebrity king every year.
Fat Monday:
Lundi Gras
Proteus - 5:15pm
Orpheus - Uptown, 5:45 p.m.
Zeus - Metairie, 6:30 p.m. 
Mega-Parades Monday Night (Lundi Gras) followed by the Orpheuscapade party. Founded by musical star Harry Connick Jr.  in 1993 to honor  the ancient story  of Orpheus, one of the earliest  Carnival deities. 
Fat Tuesday:
Mardi Gras!

"a kaleidoscope of offbeat cultural rituals to behold"

Zulu - Uptown, 8:00 a.m.
Rex - Uptown, 10 a.m.
Elks Orleans - West Bank, after Rex
Crescent City - Uptown, after Elks
Argus - Metairie, 10 a.m.
Elks - Jeff. - Metairie, 11 a.m.
Jefferson - Metairie, after Elks Jefferson
Grela - West Bank, 11 a.m.
Choctaw - West Bank, noon
 Fat Tuesday Rundown by 

"Exuding an energy all their own, freewheeling walking/marching groups often inspire others to follow in their wake - mimicking, drinking and dancing."

zulu sign
 [F] Zulu Queens

Zulu parades on Mardi Gras Day with their famous coconuts. In 1909, a group of laborers went to the Pythian Theater for musical comedy. A skit about the Zulu Tribe called "There Never Was and Never Will Be a King Like Me," inspired the social group to form Zulu.

Carnival Wednesday stars

 Krewe of Muses|| Muses Map  debuted in 2001
 (following the Krewe of Saturn on Mardi Gras Wednesday)

In The Celebration of Mardi Gras, The strength of womanhood, & the spirit of New Orleans... We Celebrate Women of Legend, Women of Art, Women of History, Women of the Future, the Women of New Orleans.
2006 Parade pics at flickr by maitr\
(1957)  Our motto is "Neither Rain, Cold, Strike nor Hurricane's Might...Membership is on the move

Krewe of Pontchartrain ||  ;
Founded 1975. Among the first 4 Krewes to parade on the first Saturday of the official Mardi Gras season.

Knights of Sparta || Founded  1951.  The Bards is one of the premiere parading organizations, riding on the most exciting night of the Mardi Gras season  "Lundi Gras," or Fat Monday. They invite you to join them (1933)
Motto is "Pour La Joie De Vivre," which translates "For The Joy of Living."  With themes dedicated to children, entertaining the young and young at heart.

Krewes at  

Marching Clubs
Elvis Lives!Krewe of ELVIS (est. 1999)  || 
Led by the owner of the most linked to Mardi gras web site Chip of Chip's Links aka Dead Elvis 

Jefferson City Buzzards
(1890) The first band  to sort of march Uptown on Mardi Gras morning 

 [F] Barkus Parades  
The annual parade of dogs & dog owners get bigger every year.

The Purple Knights of  St. Augustine High School are the renowned stars among dozens of marching bands performing in the parades. "
Instead of marching outward, we march upward."

Metairie, Jefferson Parish LA

The parish's 24 krewes  are nonprofit organizations working closely with the Parish which grants them each a bingo license. 

Almost 3/4 of the parades follow the same route on Veterans. Corporate sponsorship is allowed but nudity is not. 
Laisez les bon temps rouler! join us for some big-time fun, food, and festival!

Mobile, Alabama

The port City of Mobile, Alabama is home to the second largest Mardi Gras celebration in the world. Located about 130 miles East of New Orleans on the I-10. It follows a pre-Lenten schedule and supports two dozen parades. In between is more Mississippi Mardi Gras country. The float tradition of Mardi Gras began in Mobile and then there's those Moonpies.

Get the official scoop on doing Mardi Gras in Mobile

Each year, MAMGA presents King Elexis I and his queen, the Mammoth Parade, and the Grand Marshall's Ball. Tickets available --  Mobile's largest parade happens late afternoon on Fat Tuesday.

Viva La Mardi Gras Mobile
Mardi Gras reviewed from inside the secret mystic societies from the City distinguished as the "Mother of Mystics."

When  6 young Cowbellions from Mobile saved the Mardi Gras.

"In 1852 the Cowbellion de Rakin Society of Mobile took their parade to New Orleans where they introduced the city to its first themed float parade. 5 years later, 6 CdRS members founded the Mistick Krewe of Comus"  Dave Sweatt

Mississippi Gulf Coast 

On Feb. 13, 1699, Canadian Pierrre le Moyne, Sieur D'Iberville, under instructions from French King Louis XIV, secured the first French colony on Biloxi Bay, where Ocean Springs is today.  Three hundred plus years later, the area consists of 11 cities and dozens of smaller communities known collectively as the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Enjoy the Gulf Coast with its white sandy beaches, deep sea fishing, golf , historical sites, casinos -- and have your Mardi Gras too!
Biloxi & Gulfport Fotos & Links

 Mardi Gras || Calendar of Events || Mardi Gras search on

For Gulf Port and Biloxi news,

"We hope to make it nicer for the families." said Frankie Duggan, the Police Department's chief of services. In 1998, Biloxi shortened the time gap between the afternoon parade and the night parade so people would have less time to drink

Cajun Country, Southwest Louisiana

Are you interested in expanding your Mardi Gras resume beyond the Big Easy borders? Discover the many small town celebrations of Mardi Gras, and enjoy the festivities without large crowds.  Towns like Mamou, Iota and Ossun practice "Courir De Mardi Gras" where masked horseman perform various antics before feasting on delicious Cajun delicacies.

Lafayette, Capital of Cajun Country

Lafayette, Louisiana  is thoroughly entrenched in the aura of family, religion, a live-and-let-live philosophy of life and an intense sense of its own history and place in the world.
Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette on

Apollo's history has established its reputation of splendor, creativeness and gaiety in Lafayette. This reputation has also been maintained in other cities with the formation of associate krewes: Apollo Baton Rouge, Apollo Shreveport, and Apollo Birmingham. The ball is staged in Lafayette's Cajundome and the Captain is Ted A. Viator.

The Alexandria Mardi Gras Association

Greater Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Association "Established in 1934,"Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Association" was created to assure there would be a yearly, citywide Mardi Gras celebration in Lafayette. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of thirty men and women from the community who have a common interest -- Mardi Gras." || Krewes

Mardi Gras in Rural Acadiana from || Acadiana Mardi Gras Schedule
Authoritative illustrated description "Lent is observed by many Catholics in Acadiana with acts of penance or discipline in preparation for the celebration of Easter and its promise of spiritual immortality."

Lake Charles
Based in the Festival Capital of Louisiana. Cajun Fun Country has over 75 annual festivals and special events such as Contraband Days, Mardi Gras, and the Cajun French Music Festival. || Mardi Gras by visitlakecharles and Google Official Visitors Site: Over 12 pages on Mardi Gras

Lake Charles-the Southwest corner of Louisiana


Cajun Country
Cajun Music
Cajun Festivals
Explore Cajun Country
The Town
Arrival, Information And Getting Around
Eating In And Around Lafayette
Cajun country holds a different kind of parade, the Courir de Mardi Gras, aka the Chicken Run. It commemorates the poor old days when food was scarce. In those days, horsemen scrounged chicken, sausage, rice and onion from farmers to cook a big celebratory gumbo.

Fotos at flickr

Chef Paul Prudhomme. famous for his Cajun cuisine. from a style little known outside of the Acadiana region of southwest Louisiana and propelling it to national fame. The youngest of 13 children, he was raised on a farm near Opelousas, Louisiana. Members of his family had been active as cooks and in the restaurant business in and around Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1979 he and his late wife, K Hinrichs Prudhomme, opened K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen®


Louisiana Carnival and Travel
Louisiana Travel || Mardi Gras search

Louisiana Travel Books: 16 at

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge City Guide has pics, parade routes, krewe links and more!



Galveston by 
It's Mardi Gras, Texas style! The biggest Mardi Gras celebration in Texas with more than 75 events, including an entertainment district, nine  parades, elaborate balls, exciting parties,  exhibits and sporting events.

A Carnival where the soul of New Orleans meets the spirit of Texas in the form of Rock and Mexican Tejano music.   Search Houston Chronicle for "mardi+gras"

Texas artist Perry Bowman designs new medallions for each Mardi Gras Check them out here  See what's new for Texas & Carnaval here

Mississippi River 
Soulard Mardi Gras St, Louis
Big and getting bigger

Mardi Gras Indians
The mystery and majesty of the  Carnival celebration has been represented in New Orleans for the last 100 years by Mardi Gras Indians. In the 21st century it has become much easier to encounter Indians. At one time most revelers will not see a Mardi Gras Indian, who prefer free form paths in their own neighborhoods where visitors are told not to wander. The first Indians dressed simply and fought violent gang wars on battlefronts. More recently, however, they've competed for the best songs, dances and costumes

Mardi Gras Indians by

"I'm 52 inches across my chest.  And I don't bow to nothin' 'Cept God and death" -- from a battle chant by Larry Bannock

"Most songs are made for telling a story,"
says Big Chief Robee

Masking an Indian by
Big Chief Larry Bannock explains the heartfelt traditions "Mardi Gras Indians named themselves after native Indians to pay them respect for their assistance in escaping the tyranny of slavery."

Mardi Gras Indians

Michael P. Smith,  
This colorful photographic portrait is supplemented with text describing the sociological issues surrounding the Mardi Gras Indians and their cultural significance.

Carnival Balls
Carnival Ball Protocol by
Very important for traditional Krewes--no lady is allowed to enter the ball if she is wearing a hat.... In recent times, certain Krewes have produced big-time, open to the public, shows.

Advice for the serious party guys Waiting for a parade is a great time to talk to locals. Outside the Quarter, Mardi Gras is a family affair and parents bring children to the parades so really obnoxious behavior here is inappropriate. Save it for Bourbon Street.  

Mardi Gras Do's & Dont's by 
For parade goers mostly plus Do not take your children to the French Quarter during Mardi Gras 
"Remember to step on doubloons" & lots more good stuff!
Tips and Tricks by gaymardigras
Unlike parades in other cities, Mardi Gras parades require people to become participants.
Where, What, When to Eat
Mardi Gras Jester

Carnivaldom is a realm unto itself, with a peculiar lexicon and a dizzying array of rituals and traditions propagated by many different groups and organizations that cut across virtually every social strata. And while the city of New Orleans is responsible for some aspects of the celebration (such as doling out parade permits and approving parade routes), there is no single committee or group that coordinates or oversees Carnival/Mardi Gras. All of which can sometimes produce a sense of bewilderment among the uninitiated. Want to get your arms around the festivities? Start by delving into some historical background , terminology and what Mardi Gras is all about. Plus: practical reminders and tips.



 Welcome to About Mardi GrasThe Big Balls Factor 
What accounts for a Beads worth? 

Mardi Gras beads....the currency of Carnival? The down low on throws

"Be warned! If you're at your first parade and reach down to pick up a doubloon with your hand, your fingers may never be the same!"

Balcony Envy: Some balconies on Bourbon Streetnow rent to private parties for over $1000/hour or you can find one to hang out at like the Cat's Meow 


 [F] Masks 
Throughout the ages the mask has been used to escape everyday reality and enter new fantasies and even more real worlds of reality than we understand. 


  • Vieux Carre (voo ca-ray): French, meaning "old quarter," and referring to the French Quarter.

  • You say it mahr'-dee grah.

  • Creole: You say it kree' - ohlz

  • Lundi Gras  French for Fat Monday.

  • Boeuf Gras (say burr grah): This is the fatted ox.

(bal masque, tableau ball) - A masked gathering where scenes representing the Krewe's theme are enacted 

Psychic Guidance - Voodoo

Mysterious Marie Laveau Voodoo Queen and Folk Tales Along the Mississippi
 Originally published in 1956. Learn about Marie Laveau (1794-1881), "Queen of the Voodoos," and other fascinating historical data
Voodoo Dreams : A Novel of Marie Laveau

by Jewell Parker Rhodes

 [F] Zulu Queens


Have you gotten a King Cake baby lately? "It is, after all, meant to be a mystery." The King's Cake tradition stems from the ancient tribal custom of choosing a  "sacred king"  for one year and then   sacrificing him in a Carnival ceremony before returning his body to the earth to insure a successful harvest. Probably the earliest application of the often frustrated popular people's will of imposing term limits on politicians... More locally, some krewes use a lottery with gold coins or tiny plastic babies to decide their royalty. Cajun & Creole & New Orleans Food

Cooking: Holidays: Mardi Gras 20 recipes from this very hot sauce.

Nosh in the spirit of NO year round with these tasty Creole-Cajun Recipes.

Food Network offers up these Mardi Gras favorites

Ten to consider:
Cajun, Creole & New Orleans Cook Books at

Kids & Families

Mardi Gras Funology 
"Mardi Gras rituals include donning outrageous costumes, holding parades, attending parties and general merriment."

Mardi G. Raccoon by
Cool places and things for Kids in New Orleans & Louisiana Mardi G. Raccoon is the Official MC at Storyland in New Orleans City Park located on Victory Drive. A top ten kid's park in the USA

Play the King Cake Game

 [F] Mardi Gras Kids Books at
Nice selection  in our
  [F] New Orleans & Mardi Gras Books
"Let the good times roll..."

Gay Mardi Gras

Krewe of Petronius 
The "Grande Dame" of gay Mardi Gras balls, founded in 1961 

Krewe of Armeinius: Spreading the culture of gay mardi gras

Mystic Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette
 Krewe of Queenateenas || Photos by Ambush Magazine is the leading guide to gay life in New Orleans, Louisiana and the South 

The Bourbon Street Awards
World Famous Fat Tuesday Costume Contest

Forum or E-Card
 Simply use our New Orleans fotoserver to send and E-card, A link is at the bottom of each of the hundreds of fotos Aforum/Carnaval Cities/New Orleans  is slowly being phased out, so you will find mainly archival pages there.  We most frequently add content to the image server which has lots of information and links as well. 
mardigras-com.gif (4236 bytes)Bourbon Street Forum || Mardi Gras Forum || at 
where you can find dozens of other community forums 

Several good lurkers to choose from 
Live CAM ....Be here now
 [F] Web Cams: in New Orleans

mardigras-com.gif (4236 bytes)BourboCAM Central: 
The web famous has plenty of company visit aforum for more options. 

Icorp's Carnival
They don't want a direct link to their Bourbon Street camera. As a general rule unlinks on request


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Sounds & Music
 MardiGras Music show
15 classic anthems with an intro by Ron Cuccia
 "the delicious tingle of excitement you get from enjoying life so much." 

Mardi Gras Radio
Carnival classics and recent hits.

New Orleans: Jazz, Blues, Mambos, Swamp & More

Most Popular Mardi Gras Music at amazon now

Mardi Gras Indians photos & stories

All on a Mardi Gras Day : Episodes in the History of New Orleans Carnival 
-- Reid Mitchell

  • The most intriguing stories of Carnival since 1804
  • "There has been a lot of thoughtless celebration written down and called New Orleans history, and it has done nobody any good."
    -New Orleans Times-Picayune

"...based on the theory that if people take one week to be as debauched as they possibly can, they'll be too worn out to sin until Easter."

For a breakdown of the mythical figures, Christian influences, and and explanation of what the heck those masks are all about, read Russell K. Tardo's The Spirit of Mardi Gras.

Local Carnaval

Youtube Mardi Gras Videos quantity but no quality yet

12 clips all G-rated

Post Mardi Gras
The first and foremost parade critic is Rex Duke and he writes for the lively weekly Gambit. Check out what he has to say about your favorite krewes past and presently here
Post you still have your 
by the artist Andrea Mistretta

Howz your bod? Aches from Stretching for Beads, and Other Maladies tend to grow with age. Try some stretches from

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