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Each of these fifteen mixmaster maestros have minded their storied sound systems at each and every one of the Carnivals for five plus years. It is a good bet they'll be returning in 1998 to the below location where they held court since 1995.
Join their vibrations as they do the London Millennium Countdown for your listening pleasure.

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Bass Masters (Nefarious) House and Dance Southern Row j/w Bosworth Rd
Channel One from Reggae to Soul Leamington Rd Villas opp.No. 176
Fun Bunch Hip Hop, Jungle, Soul and Boogie Talbot Rd j/w Sutherland Place
Good Times Hip Hop, Jazz, Garage and Jungle West Row j/w Southern Row
Kilowatt Ragga, Rare Groove and Soca St. Lukes Rd o/s Metro Club site
Level Vibes Brazilian and Soca Oxford Gardens facing St. Lawrence Terrace
Lord Gelly Ragga and Calypso Cambridge Gardens o/s No. 47
Mastermind Roadshow Swing, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop Cul-de-sac beside Sainsbury's
Metro Glory Music Express International Ledbury Rd j/w Westbourne Park
Nasty Love Mixing Lab British Ragga Colville Gardens
Obession Jungle, Hip Hop, Rap and Swing Hazelwood Cresent j/w Bosworth Rd
Rampage Soul, Ragga, Hip Hop, Jungle, Miami-Bass and Soca Colville Square (middle)
Rapattack Dance, Soul and Classic All Saints Rd o/s No. 23
This Jeneration Jungle, Rap, Ragga, Soul and Dance Powis Terrace o/s No. 24

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