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NOISE LEVELS: Amplified music should only be played by sound systems registered with BASS (the British Association of Sound Systems) or by registered floats in the procession.

People responsible for the sound systems must ensure that they have been set up safely and according to their site plan. Floats and sound systems must ensure that the sound levels do not exceed the set level of 85 dB(A) measured at the nearest noise sensitive property. Environmental Health Officers monitor noise levels from both sound systems and floats during the Carnival.

General: Please ensure your speaker rig or float display is secure and will not collapse. Be prepared for rain and high winds. Do not stack your speakers so that they are unstable. If a vehicle, display, or sound system is found to be dangerous you will be asked to repair it or dismantle it to a safe level. Ensure that all materials used are fire retardant.

Every sound system and float at Carnival MUST have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. A dry powder extinguisher of 2.5kg capacity is the minimum requirement. Environmental Health staff will check that extinguishers are available at all the Carnival sites.

In the event of a fire, call the fire brigade immediately. If generators or LPG cylinders are involved, tell the fire brigade where they are and how many are involved. Warn people to keep as far away as possible.

Electrical: All electrical wires and connections must be safe. If you97lon001.jpg (15799 bytes) are in doubt ask the LEB or a competent electrician for advice. To ensure all connections are safe, the Carnival area will be patrolled by the Council electrician who will disconnect any illegal or dangerous connections, eg connecting up to lamp posts, overloads and exposed conductors.

Wires and cables should not be trailed where they can be tripped over or walked into.

Generators: Some sound systems and floats use generators as a power supply. Generators must be sited away from members of the public and combustible items, including extra generator fuel.

Fuel must be stored safely in a proper marked container, away from the generator or any other source of ignition (e,g. barbecues).

Ensure that you have topped up the generator with fuel before you start on the Carnival route and before the sound system starts playing.

Never re-fuel - •when the generator is hot or running •while the float is moving •when there are members of the public close to the sound system.

Exhaust fumes: Float vehicles and sound system generators produce fumes which can cause annoyance and be unpleasant for residents and Carnival goers Please ensure your vehicle engine or generator is operating efficiently and with minimal pollution. You should ensure your fumes are directed away from food stalls and residential property.

CLOSE DOWN: All sound systems must close down at 7.00 pm, and floats by 8.30 pm. Sound Systems which do not comply will not be allowed to return to Carnival next year.

The Directorate of Environmental Health can take enforcement action to prosecute and fine any float which continues to play amplified music after 9pm. Please ensure that your float ceases playing at the correct time to avoid this.

If you require any further help or advice please contact the
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea,
Directorate of Environmental Health on 0171-341704.  97lon086.jpg (18133 bytes)


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