Parading Bands & Steelpan
Notting Hill Carnival 1998

Amnesty International w\ Manchester School of Samba
MSS returns for its 3rd year as part of the exciting International parade contingent
CONTACT: country code for London is 44
Tony Watt's ans serv.
[+44 ] (0)161 226 5456
Fax[+44](0) 161 232 1984
Beeraahar Sweet Combination by ace
Founded in '93 by Christia Oree and David Grant. Includes a deep kids program (inc. calypso composing & singing) plus a senior (over 50) section. Has done Guyana Carnival and seeks to promote Afro Caribbean art forms
35b Cranwich Road, Stamford Hill, N16 5HZ 
Tel. 0181 809 4325
Chalé Carnival Costume Band by ace
Chalé (pronounced Chal-air) is a creole word from St Lucia and Dominica meaing Heat! Chalé symolizes the essence of Carnival:  the heat generated by the unity of spirits in happiness. Formed in 1979 Chalé enjoys passing the culture on through summer school programs. their innovative costume inspirations include being the first to use sew-on shoe string lighting.
Stan Labadie, Eudes Labadie
212 Richmond Road, Leytonstone E11 4BS, Tel 0181 539 3999,
Fax 0181 539 3999 Mobile 0973 738977
Europa Productions & Shademakers Carnival Club by ace
Lincoln Rahamut, artistic director of London based Masquerade 2000 Carnival Club ('97's top winner) has joined Paul McLaren to debut a new '98 Carnival group. Shademakers based in Germany organisers the Bielefeld 'Carnival Der Kulturen and assists in Berlin's growing May spectacle, Karneval Der Kulturen.'  Uschi Dresin and Paul McLaren of Shademakers Carnival Club recently published the book 'Play Mas' Carnival der Kulturen (in German & English)
P.McLaren in Germany
Tel. 0049 521 29 04 23 Fax 0049 521 28 60 12
Jun Mo Generations Carnival Group by ace
Is associated with the Wing-Chun Martial Arts which provides them excellent security and also the Anglo-Chinese Arts Council.
Joe & Mary Man 0181 809 0070
Limers by ace
A 1998 debut  promising a new Chutney Soca inspired band with an Indo-Caribbean perspective on Notting Hill Carnival Mas.
Bandleader Suresh Rambaran, 98 Barcombe Ave, Streatham Hill, London, SW2 3BA phone 0181 671 6806
London School of Samba || red_star.gif (2190 bytes)SOUNDS
This venerable (1984) original continues to lead the way. Launching their web site in February of '98 and releasing the CD, Beleza Galera, in May. Going all out to crack the Notting Hill Top Ten Carnival Band list for '98.  Many members are active in the the sambistas e-mail group. Their bateria (percussion orchestra) will include many of the top players from all over Europe. Affiliated w/ the great G.R.E.S. Mocidade of Rio.
Check for the most current information at our bulletin board Groups/LSS 
Chris Graham
Tel 0181 888 3225

Jef Mason
0181 741 9320
Mahogany Carnival Club by ace
Founded in 1989 by leaders Clary Salandy and Michael Ramdeen  Transforming the human body into an art form through inspired large scale kinetic sculptures. 2nd overall in '97,
Tel: 0181 961 4446
Fax 0181 838 4811
Led by Errol Romilly and Carol Gaspard. In Notting Hill since 1989. Membership is based around Brittons School, Rainham, and Essex. The organization operates year-round programs inc. Work Experience Trainees as part of its emphasis on Cultural Education and Training. 
01708 525774
South Connections
Mas Camp open from mid June to August and then again til November to support Myatts Fields Junkens. Strong adult & kid's sections
Mrs. Avion Mookram
(Tel.0171 735 3012, Fax 0171 820 0990
Stardust Mas
Bandleaders Rhonda and Randolph Baptiste also do the  Birmingham Carnival. A top ten NHC band in  '97 with Garinagu Zoo designed by Rhonda
16 Hoylake Road, London W3 7NP.
Tel: 0181 740 0381, 0956 286876
Trindad & Tobago Carnival Club
Talented designer A. Stewart teams with director Matthew Roberts in an always winning TnT combination
Matthew Roberts 218 Leander Road, Hither Green, London SE13 5NL
Tel 0181 297 1801  Mobile 0410 228 376
Yaa Asantewaa Arts and Community Centre
Led by Shabaka Thompson with active youth arts program funded in part by the City of Westminster & London Arts Board. The '97 production Metamorphosis, designed by Nizam Ali took 3rd overall  Also does London Calypso Tent.
tel: 0171 286 1656
Mas Bands in the UK by ||  
A growing listing service by the Arts Council of England (ACE) Add your UK Carnaval group to the database. Much of the above info was taken from these submissions
Samba in the UK ||
Dozens of Samba Schools, Blocos and Bands maintained by Mally of Zabumba. The scene is rapidly changing as more people like you join in.
Samba in Ireland ||
is presented by the Droichead Arts Centre "Home of Samba in Ireland"Drogheda is a small town about 40 miles North of Dublin on the river Boyne. Each July since 1994 a Samba Arts Festival takes over and an infectious high spirit rules  the day. Ceol Batucada is host
Ebony Steelband by ace  ||
Europes premiere steelband took first again in '97 and is the favorite to win in '98 for their 8th consecutive year. Founded in '68 they also offer accredited courses in music arts
Pepe Francis Acklam Play Centre, 6 Acklam Road, Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5QZ
Tel 0181 960 6424
Fax 0181 964 4624 
Mangrove Steel and Mas band by ace
(since 1978) A year-round youth core of thirty-five will swell to over seventy members for Notting Hill Carnival Panorama. (took home a 3rd in '97 to add to their many titles incl. 3 1sts)
Matthew Phillip The Tabernacle, Powis Square, London W11 2AY
Mobile 0850 715871
Pantonic Steel Orchestra by ace || 
Afro-Caribbean band out of the NorthEast of London dedicated to promoting the art-form of steelpan particularly as a
part of education's mainstream curriculum. Since 1984, 1st runner up in 1994 & 1995.
Grafton Yearwood
Tel 0171 607 9271
Fax 0181 475 0451
Real Steel || Photos ||red_star.gif (2190 bytes) Sounds
An active youth steel band since  1995, based in Estover Community College, Estover, Plymouth, Devon, England. A flagship youth arts program for Soundhouse, anchored by their annual London Panorama. In '98 some players will be performing with Ebony

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