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Britain as a ground zero spot for Greenwich Mean Time is making moves to be the best place to be to usher in the Third Millennium. Of course you may be among the majority of folks who plan on celebrating the millennium at home. Either way you'll enjoy considering your options amongst these lists and links of UK oriented events and web sites.

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UK Regional Guides
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visa   || 
uktravel-logo.gif (1760 bytes) || UK Active Map
A point and click guide to nearly 100 interesting places around the UK some have links to local websites. Very popular site
Lovely site with many outside links. However unica should retire many
Official Scottish Tourist Board joins one of the best for the capital city

Official Tourist information
Approaching "mythical island" status for connecting w/ the opposite sex

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 [F] TRAVEL TIPS & Special Offers

Yahoo! UK & Ireland
- offering a uniquely British & Irish perspective.
United Kingdom (UK)  ||
in London Quick helpful overviews by / #2 Search Service.
A one stop resource for the UK's  Best Service Providers 

 [F] Scotland

Travel Agents
Lifestyle.UKTravel Agents in the UK page 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | Europe || USA | | World |London Travel Agents by (4)
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Air Travel   Tailor-make and Save with

The British Airports system has developed into the best portal system for savvy travelers to save to hundreds of exotic destinations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

British Airways Determined to win your business with better service and lower prices. A good pick when prices are similar as BA does offer extra touches to make the trip as pleasant as possible

 Thompson for cheap Holidays 26 UK Airports 86 International Destinations. Book on line and save to find low cost quality fares Get the additional frequent flyer miles you need for a free airline ticket with a click of the mouse! [no nw;
no onepass; no AAdvantage] cheap flights for £59 return Excel Air a growing discount airline to over 40 destinations in the Mediterranean and the Canaries

priceline bid for last 
Familiar no membership required database offers plenty of   inter-continental discount airfares from the U.K. London is a great hub to plan shorter trips from any with 6 airports you have plenty of options. With airfares it always pays to shop so here are two more discounters

Airline 800 Phone Numbers and Web Sites
Still regularly updated with some directory links as well.
Lifestyle.UK Air in the UK Web Directory page  2 | 3 | 4 | 5

The city has 6 key Airports..."
Arrival by roughguides/travelnow
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HEATHROW Hotels [ 9 hotels beginning at USD $116 ]
Heathrow is the busiest international airport in the world. Find here good info on these UK Airports: Aberdeen, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Southampton, Glasgow, Stansted. Privately operated by BAA

Heathrow , twelve miles west of the city, has four terminals, and two train/tube stations: one for terminals 1, 2 and 3, and a separate one for terminal 4. The high-speed Heathrow Express trains travel non-stop to Paddington Station (every 15min; 15-20min) for £12 each way or £22 return. A much cheaper alternative is to take the slow Piccadilly Underground line into central London (every 2-5min; 50min) for £3.50. If you plan to make several sightseeing journeys on your arrival day, buy a multi-zone One-Day Travelcard for £4.70. There is also Airbus #2, which runs from outside all four Heathrow terminals to several destinations in the city (every 30min; 1hr) and costs £7 single, £12 return. From midnight, you'll have to take night bus #N97 to Trafalgar Square (every 30min; 1hr 10min) for a bargain £1.50. Taxis are plentiful, but cost at least £35 to central London, and take around an hour (longer in the rush hour).

Gatwick , thirty miles to the south, has two terminals, North and South, connected by a monorail. The non-stop Gatwick Express train runs day and night between the South Terminal and Victoria Station (every 15-30min; 30min) for £9.50. Other options include the Connex South Central service to Victoria (every 30min; 40min) for £8.20, or Thameslink to King's Cross (every 15-30min; 50min) for £9.50. Airbus #5 runs from both terminals to Victoria Coach Station (hourly; 1hr 30min) and costs £8 single, £10 return. A taxi ride into central London will set you back £50 or more, and take at least an hour. GATWICK Hotels , || Stansted Hotels
London's swankiest international airport, lies 34 miles northeast of the capital, and is served by the Stansted Express to Liverpool Street (every 15-30min; 45min), which costs £12 single, £22 return. Airbus #6 or #7 also runs to Victoria Coach Station (hourly; 1hr 15min), and costs £8 single, £10 return. A taxi into central London will cost £50 or more, and take at least an hour.

Luton airport (tel 01582/405100; ) LUTON Hotels  Roughly thirty miles north of the city centre, and mostly handles charter flights. Luton Airport Parkway station is connected by rail to King's Cross and other stations in central London, with Thameslink running trains every fifteen minutes, plus one or two throughout the night; the journey takes thirty to forty minutes; the single fare is £9.50, returns are £16.90. Green Line (tel 0870/6087261) buses run approximately every hour from Luton to Victoria Station, taking around an hour and a half, and costing £7.50 single, £12 return. A taxi will cost in the region of £70 and take at least an hour from central London.
You can check arrivals and departure times here! But don't risk an increasingly unpredictable traffic jam by cutting too close.

Customs, Passports, & Visas

You may wish to check again but last we checked it said: "UNITED KINGDOM (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) - *Passport required. Visa not required for stay of up to 6 months."
  || USA Consulate Citizens Services

Rail & Bus Travel
Remember if you plan to travel much by rail it is wise to purchase a Rail Pass before you arrive in the county.
Rail Timetables
Rail Timetables by 

The Channel is
fastest way between London & Paris. Europe continued investing in their mass transit system while the USA spent its infrastructure tax bucks on now obsolete missile systems This is their greatest engineering marvel.
Directory of UK Public Transport Websites at
Comprehensive list, well organized with icons too
Lifestyle.UK Rail in the UK web Directory  
Road Map of UK
Enter the name of a British city or street name to get detailed zoom map

Places to Stay Tailor-make and Save with

Places to Stay in the UK by Precision  Listings for 345+ cities in the UK Some pages are slow loading  Use the city spellings to search  London Hotels (Find over 540 London hotels beginning at USD $50. Precision delivers a powerful selection w/ good maps
Car & Taxi Travel
City Transport by roughguides/travelnow ||
A national/international web site not restricted to London alone.

One of the web best resources is making us all family.
American to English Lingo Dictionary


Fast Facts:March-2006 & Xenon Currency Converter #1 & #2 for 10+ years
1 British Pound (GBP) = 1.44672 Euro
1 Euro (EUR) = 0.69122 British Pound
1 British Pound (GBP) = 1.74273 US Dollar
1 US Dollar (USD) = 0.57381 British Pound
August 1999: £0.62 British Pound per $1 United States Dollar and $1.61000 United States Dollar per £1 British Pound : 

Visa || Visa Travel Money || ATM Locator || UK
ATM Guide By Cirrus® or Over 350,000 throughout the world with many in England. Now w/ USA mapping and in London your can limit search by street name

American Express || UK
Lots of convenient offices throughout the UK and the world

Average London Temperatures: Jan. 40°, April 48°,
July 64°, Oct. 51°
Weather for London   ||
UK.GOV's Official 24-hour Forecast

Temperature   Conversion    Chart

32 40 50 60  70 75  85 105 140 175
0 5 10 15 20 25 30 40  60 80
Electricity its 220Volts 50 HZ so you'll need an adapter... Telephone: Be sure you have your UK access number to access the best rates available through your calling card. The best way to avoid the £10 hotel calls and still enjoy full room convenience...The country code for United Kingdom is 44. London has two area codes, 0171 for inner London and 0181 for outer London. Always dial the area code. When calling from overseas, drop the "0". 
Local telephone service
Emergency is 999 and like USA it's free •Telephone Operator: dial 100 •Directory Info: dial 142 for London and 192 anywhere else.
Telephone Codes &Tipping Guidelines
from LondonNet
"Unlike in the U.S.A., tipping is not appropriate in most circumstances unless the service was good and you want to show your appreciation. Do not feel pressured."

Tips for Safe ATM Usage


Places of History and/or Beauty in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Museums Around the UK
by the Museum Doc Assoc.

Alpha Directory to museum web sites
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
Project Skateboarding U.K.
Skate news, events, features and interviews.
A short but comprehensive guide to the hundreds of beaches with short tips for the surfer 
In case you want to take the Thames to London. 

Myth & Magic
Early Celtic society was similar to that advocated by the Greek philosopher Plato, based on a religious cosmology and democratic idealism. Under a complicated system of land tenure, everyone's rights and obligations were carefully defined. Some of the land was worked in common for the chieftain, the priests, and the needy Much of the tribal business was conducted at annual assemblies. Largely responsible for this order was the Druid priesthood. They had paramount authority over every tribal chief and, since their office was sacred. They managed the higher legal system and the courts of appeal, and their colleges in Britain were famous throughout the Continent. They were compared to the learned priesthoods of antiquity, the Indian Brahmins, the Pythagoreans, and the Chaldean astronomers of Babylon however they were a native religion with holy places and myths related to Britain. They also taught the traditional doctrine of the soul's immortality. They must have professed detailed knowledge of the workings of reincarnation, for one writer said that they allowed debts incurred in one lifetime to be repaid in the next.
Camelot  || Camelot the legend || Great Ideas 
Besides a look at the myth of Arthur and the knights of the round table find a huge Visitor Site.

Earth Wonder

Professor Chris Witcombe is an expert in a holistic approach to the study of ancient sites and landscapes.

A monumental series of stone structures built between 3100 B.C. and 1100 B.C. as a cosmic model of the universe and source of enchantment. There are over 40,000 stone monoliths in Northern Europe but there is only one Stonehenge (see Attractions).

The myth of St. Michael killing the dragon is directly related to Carnival for both celebrate the re-animation of earth following life and death in the cycle of life.
A Magic History Tour Today by
Visit the enchanted land of Merlin in Southern England

Is the 12th century foundation of English liberty and American common law. The confirming document. Written 82 years later helped establish these historical links.

Recurrent themes include the high-spirited and boastful character of the Celtic warrior, the convention of the champion's portion at the feast. Many of the traditions and tales of the Celts are imbued with supernatural aspects.Their time in central and western Europe was from the 2nd millennium to the 1st century BC.
Arthurian Resources on the Net
The Arthurian Legend has survived over 1,000 years by adapting to the times. The great number of well established Arthurian academic web sites is a good example of this phenomenon.
1851 World's Fair or Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park
The still fast growing phenomenon of Trade Expos & conventions began here.
Historyby roughguides/travelnow

Royal Family
 [F] Princess Diana
The Official Royal Family Web Site
BBC News: Diana Remembered || Elton's song (RA)
Including brother Earl Spencer's Tribute in Full text || Real audio
UK Royals & Palaces
Find links to 12 Royals and 14 Palaces
Stately Homes -  Royal Family by Visit Althorp House where:
"All visitors are invited to view the House, Exhibition and Grounds as well as the Island in the Round Oval where Diana, Princess of Wales is laid to rest." Open July & August only

British Comedy
britcomedy.gif (4064 bytes)
Humor by topic in yahoo UK
Men Behaving Badly 
One of the most successful UK situation comedies of the 1990's

Trade ||
The UK's largest port is always growing & upgrading Helping UK companies to take full advantage of overseas business opportunities by employing the joint resources of the 
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
through their Embassies and other missions overseas.

World Trade Organization

Administering WTO trade agreements, Forum for trade negotiations.
Handling trade disputes, Monitoring national trade policies, Technical assistance for developing countries, Cooperation with other international organizations
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