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The Notting Hill CARNIVAL

 The 2008 44th annual Notting Hill Carnival has a new Mayor who is known simply as "Boris." He appears to be a great host and a friend of the Carnival. There's nothing bold planned for this year but the Carnival retains a presence at Hyde Park where the Panorama will take place for the 2nd year. Then onto the inimitable atmosphere of the streets of Notting Hill once again host Europe's biggest street party.

On Carnival Sunday Mayor of London Boris Johnson accepts the Olympic flag from the Mayor of Beijing as the 2008 Olympics conclude [more]

 On Carnival Sunday the Mayor Boris Johnson can  be watched on a massive 25 square metre screen at Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance Park in Beijing accepting the Olympic flag during an keynote ceremony between the Mayors. Imagine, this as the first of four years where the eyes of world turn to preparations by London to host the 2012 Olympics. Afterall the City of London represents the greatest hope of many for expressing an inclusive multicultural vision and what better way than playing the  great global host.  

The London Mayor as of May Day 2008 told reporters referring to Trafalgar Square: "It will be a great day to party in London. The good news here is that there is generous private sector sponsorship for a wonderful party in central London on the same weekend as the Notting Hill carnival. So apart from Beijing, it's hard to think of a better place to be."

Thus an appropriate title to the 2008 Notting Hill Carnival is "Welcoming the World" since the next four years will be measured against o tie the two themes together, there will be a , which will broadcast the handover events in Beijing and London alongside live footage from across the whole carnival site.

Welcoming the World  is the  theme of the 44th  Notting Hill 2008 Carnival

Plan your trip to experience the palpable electricity of the community getting ready for the Carnival in August as it explodes on the weekend defined by the end of summer Bank Holiday on the last Monday in August.  Visit our London  Carnival   or the awesome 2008 Bands page as the aforum has gone archival while we strive to add the latest news to self-updating links at the bottom of our often updated London Image Server T update on the historic evolution of the Carnival   

Web Guides for Carnival  

Notting Hill Carnival by 
This extensive local on-line guide offers year-round coverage of the Carnival and has on occasion published views opposing views regarding the future of the Carnival

BBC ONLINE Search their site for "Notting Hill Carnival" (find over 100)|| google search (find over 2000 )
 BBC London will be broadcasting exclusive scenes from
the Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday  (family day) and Monday (main parade). 

Guardian Unlimited   Search their archives by google  (600+)||Row erupts over 2003 Carnival  by|| 2001 is their best home page  ||1999


TimeOut-London  use their search || google them for "notting hill carnival"  Despite publishing a thick annual guides to the Notting Hill Carnival  there's very little on-line Carnival presence and it does not last long anyway. 

Time Out podcast...Legendary Notting Hill Carnival DJ and  Norman Jay was approached by popular London listings magazine Time Out to produce a special 2008 carnival podcast. You can listen/download it at:

TimeOUT does a very good job with the Carnival coverage for as long as it lasts
Spreading Our Culture Around
Britain's only publication devoted to Caribbean music and culture. UK wide Carnival coverage  and exclusive insight into the stars of Caribbean Carnival.   Socanews is funny about retiring its content quickly and sometimes has none, like for the first half of Aug-2004

Official Web Sites 
With the new 2008 London Mayor there is an expectation of new Carnival management which will give us a website of some value

Carnival Official Guide
 "the council" Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea || "carnival" on by google

"The Council does not organise Carnival we facilitate the event. We recognise that Carnival has a big impact on the lives of those who live and work in Notting Hill and surrounding areas. We will work closely with Westminster City Council, the Carnival organisers LNHC Ltd and the Metropolitan Police to ensure that Carnival is safe and that residents get a fair deal." 2008 website

bullet Public Toilets  provide 266 Chemical toilets and 5 pissoir/urinal type toilets for male visitors.   This is triple the number from when the Council took over in 2001
bullet *
Sound Systems
All sound systems are authorized by the council in conjunctions with the British Association of Sound Systems (Bass). The 40 or so sound systems will be shut down promptly at 7pm
Download and print a Map of the 2006 Sound Systems [PDF file] (File size 1.1Mb) List of Sound Systems Locations 2007
bullet Parade & Security The Council now grants permits to about 70 bands with floats and/or mobile sound systems in the main procession.... The police do close down the procession by 9.00pm on the Monday.  Over 5000 police and other security are deployed on each of the 2 Carnival days. The Metropolitan Police use 80 CCTV cameras to give the force a "birds-eye view" over the whole route 2006 Road Closures and Parking Controls.

The Rest

notting-hill-carnival-street-party by
mostly fotos || Search their site for Notting Hill Carnival by google
the former long-time star of's web-guide ( 1996-2001) has removed access to its archives and no longer says much about de Carnival  either.

Carnival 2004

Route Map


The Tabernacle, a much loved historic arts centre returns New for 2008 and operating in association with the YAA Arts centre

Events Carnaval is as much a season and a feeling as an event. Find your countdown events here. 


Official Events See  See
& Sunday
before Carnival weekend:

Grand Costume Gala
At  Alexandra Palace Getting there
11am-5pm: MAS CAMP with free workshops in costume making, mask making, demonstrations and exhibition. Create your own costume and be part of the show.
Tickets available on the door


before Carnival weekend:
Calypso Finals
 [F] London Calypso Contest
Bank holiday weekend begins
Carnival Saturday


 Steelpan Panorama  
Panorama is
Hyde Park,
Starting 7.00pm

Program begins at noon

10 steelbands from all over Britain competing for the title of the
Carnival Sunday  6am Jouvert  until 9.00pm
Kids  Parade & Festival 
Carnival Monday  Always the last Monday in August.
 Noon until 9.00pm
Adult parade
Parade & Festival 
The Stars of Carnival
Carnival is the people's celebration and it is important that anyone can be a star. The Notting Hill Carnival Stars number in the thousands. Visually the color and spectacle of the BANDS will be where most focus their camera.
The music vibrations from well over 100 sources will pump the energy level of the million plus bodies to a level which puts Notting Hill at the top of annual celebrations in Europe. Besides three large stages and 45 sound systems scattered throughout the neighborhood you'll also find Soca and Steelpan bands "parading on the road." On Carnival Saturday come watch the Steelband's Panorama one of the largest Steelband competitions outside of the motherland of Trinidad. These are local bands. Don't miss the Calypso music, song with story, usually composed by the venerable performers themselves for the current Carnival season.
Soca is the product many generations of research in how best to make the hips sway and de feet jump. Soca was born relatively recently, leading many Carnavalists to hope that this West Indian dance music out of Trinidad will take the baton from London's techno scene before the millennium gets here.

While Notting Hill may have gone from a West Indian artist neighborhood with connections to Pink Floyd, Hendrix and Bob Marley, to one of London's most favored by those in the public eye with native celebs like  Robbie Williams. Joseph Fiennes:, Stella McCartney, Geri Halliwell, and Claudia Schiffer.


 [F] 2006 Adult Mas Band & Panorama Awards

 [F] 2005 Carnival Awards  
 [F] 2004 London Carnival Awards
 [F] 2005 Adult Bands Awards
 [F] 2003 Mas Band Awards
 [F] 2003 Panorama Champion is Mangrove
 [F] 2002 Notting Carnival Awards

 [F] 2001 Notting Hill Carnival Awards
 [F] Awards Carnival 2000
 [F] 1999 Notting Hill Carnival Awards
 [F] 1999 Notting Hill Carnival Gala Costume Awards
 [F] 1998 Notting Hill Carnival Awards inc- Olympia Costumes [F] 1997 Carnival Awards

Parade Route
Map of Carnival Route 2007  our low K pop-up version its nicely printable when available
In 2007  London Mayor Ken Livingstone succeeded in moving his reconstituted parade committee to top position in planning the Carnival but the much discussed route changes remain just that as you can expect to find parade revelers in the same spaces for 2007. However the Hype Park expansion in 2007 should be seen as just the first stage of letting the Carnival grow as relieving the congestion in the Notting Hill.
As the Mayor's attention turns to getting ready for the 2012 London Olympic Games the science of celebration should bring lots of new opportunities to the Carnival Community.

Flickr Photo Awards

We love flickr & youTube  and spent many hours sorting so bring you an edited "best of experience" Keep clicking thru to visit the galleries of Notting Hill Carnival's "most interesting" photographers



Parading Bands

The three-mile route through the west of the city will be surrounded by a Carnival which organizers claim is second only  Rio de Janeiro's legendary spectacle of color and spirit. Notting Hill Carnival is unchallenged as Europe's largest annual street festival. Monday brings out the best in the bands making Sunday a little less crowded if you want to bring the whole family. Communities from the Caribbean, Africa, South America, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines will be represented.
We have our most complete band list since the management current group took over in 2001

Notting Hill Carnival Band History:2007 || 2006 || 2005 MAS BANDS || 2002  || 2001  || 2000  || 1999 || 1998
Over 60 representing more than a million hours of costume making and a growing number of web sites

PoisinUK ….share the excitement when Poison hits the streets of Notting Hill in Full Bloom. ........ 
St Annes Nursery,
194 Freston Road North Kensington, London, W10 6TT

www.yaaasantewaa.comYaa Asantewaa Arts and Community Centre

Beeraahaar Sweet Combination workshops for children during school holidays. In these workshops the children participate in design and dance lessons.Once a month we have a lunch meeting for elderly members which is primarily for story telling and social interaction.

bands by

data collected by the England Arts Council and used to promote festival arts throughout the empire

Samba Schools
 Brazil in UK Fotos || [F] Brazil in London 
Brazilian Culture is on the move in London and Samba Schools are at the forefront of infecting the culture with the rhythms. Little Phil has gone commercial with a CD a here or head over to our SAMBISTA Network in aforum pages which features the best contributions from the Sambista mailing list but needs a volunteer to freshen it up  at aforum
The London School of Samba

This venerable (1984) original continues to lead the way. Their bateria (percussion orchestra) will include many of the top players from all over Europe. Affiliated with the great G.R.E.S. Mocidade of Rio. Dance Web 
mega LSS pics but not official site   
In 2005 Paraiso was declared champion of the Notting Hill Carnival, Paraiso was founded in early 2002 by Mestre Esteves da Silva and Henrique da Silva, with a group of passionate sambistas who enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to create a British samba school true to samba's Rio roots. Paraíso's symbol is a phoenix rising from a pandeiro (large tambourine). The phoenix represents strength in the form of a bird rising from the ashes to give new hope. 
Only Music Can Save Us Now

formed as part of the UK Earth First action against the IMF in Prague in September 2000

The UK Samba Association has released a 2005 compilation CD of UK Samba artists,
Ilhas do Ritmos"

We were born to unite; to join in community with the human race. Launched 23May2003 Samba bands  of Zabumba.
events, links, yellow pages, NEWS magaz8he
Brazilian London Embassy

Dance Soca-Samba-Salsa

Yaa Asantewaa Arts and Community Centre new web URL ||MultiMap
the home of Black Arts in London The Community North Westminster funded exclusively for arts activities. (No dance classes listed at website)

 [F] Brazil Events in London in aforum 
There's plenty featuring both the local and immigrant population. Visit our compilation page to optimize your
Lots of hot stuff & often updated

London's Clubs 
covering Brazilian 
Dance in London (last update Oct02)

Latin-dance and Ball-room dance can merge in the UK as Mr. Wonderful's Directory demonstrates
is presenting the UK International Salsa Congress Sept 20-22 2002 A festival of dance

Samba-Salsa frame menu  || What's new
This is one of our most popular pages featuring global and music links 
 [F] LATIN Salsa in London & the UK


"Come on, push yourself! Push those hips forwards, girl!" the teacher shouts. 
To benefit from a Carnival work-out, you need to push the boundaries of modesty as well as your body parts"
Axe (Ahh-shay)
The spirit in the music that makes people want to dance
Steelband Panorama opens the festival at 6pm on Carnival Saturday at Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park after a long run at Horniman's Pleasance where a Giant Screen TV is set up during the Carnival.
There will be nine pan bands competing in the 2007 competition with a special guestfrom  Rotterdam Summer Carnival. This is the other great Caribbean Carnival in Europe which competes with Notting Hill for title of Europe's largest 
UK Steelpan Web Guide
Including directory sites & booking agencies The more visual version as well as archives

Carnival at the Tabernacle
DownloadThe vibrant steelpan youth program and UK center for Steel Pan was based at the Tabernacle Arts Centre. The Tabernacle is back as the much loved multi-cultural arts center at Powis Square have still not been announced. [more by nottinghilltv]

Europe's premiere steel band... Ebony Steelband has won the
Panorama Competition at Notting Hill Carnival more than any other band and often tours the world for competitions and youth exchange proprams.  Founded in '68 they also offer accredited courses in music arts.
In 2007 Ebony added another crown and has now won 17 Panoramas and a record breaking 9 consecutively. The band played Len Boogsie Sharp's ‘Sharing Licks’.


BAS British Association of Steelbands

British Association
of Steelbands is the official web site.
Pepe Francis, chairman of the British Association, 
Pan European Committee
Created in May 1999, Pan European is a committee of steelband representatives from within the  European Pan European's aim and objective is to unify all the energies of the Movement under one banner and to offer opportunities and challenges through programmes of information, artistic exchange, education and social insertion through music.
Contact : Barthélémy Fougea :
produced the first 
European Steelpan Festival who united at Parc de la Villette, Paris, France in May,2000. where 13 bands from 7 countries participated Calyposociation promotes throughout France and teaches steelpan  to over 120 students in Paris.


They are consummate storytellers who stand alone on stage and have to hold the crowd's attention. Like rap, a later and very different way of overlaying the rhythms of real language on to music .
New in 2008 the contest is at the Tabernacle also known as the Carnival Village
. The new Carnival Village is running a full programme of events leading up to the Notting Hill Carnival. For more information and to book tickets visit

 [F] London Calypso Contest  ||UK Calypso
Music of Trinidad & Tobago ||
Two of many our link sections for Caribbean Carnival Music 
produced by 
The  ABC (Association of British  Calypsonians )

Fridays  in August 
Doors open 7pm, Showtime 8pm sharp. Contact to confirm 

The Tent opens about  26th July and thereafter runs every Friday concluding on Carnival Friday

 Errol Brown aka Lord Cloak has more titles than anyone else. The regular cast includes Lord Cloak, Cleopatra, Sister Sandra, Totally Talibah, Mr International, Admiral Jack, Helena B, Iguana, Sheldon Skeete and Mighty Explorer, Special guests from Trinidad and Tobabo are also featured.  2005 News || 2004 news

Calypso Contest was held since '92  at Yaa Asantewaa Arts and Community Centre  in the St Charles Catholic Sixth Form of North Westminster . This is London's only officially recognized Combined Black Arts and Community Centre. It is an internationally renowned and prize-winning artistic landmark and is managed under the same umbrella as the Tabernacle or Carnival Village

The Yaa Asantewaa Arts and Community Centre, 
1 Chippenham Mews, W9.2AN 
Tube: Westbourne Park (just off the Harrow Road)Tel: 020 7286 1656.



Due to the banning of drums during the era of slavery Trinidadian music did not maintain the vigorous drumming traditions that survived elsewhere - notably in Brazil and Cuba. Instead the emphasis was more on the melodic and lyrical side although, needless to say, it still retained a strong rhythmical element. Calypso grew out of the songs that were sung during carnival.

by ECHO PARK WORLD HEADQUARTERS Two classics ‘Atilla’s Kaiso’ and The Roaring Lion’s ‘Calypso From France To Trinidad’ are insightfully reviewed along with two others by  Peter Ridsdale.


 Calypso, Calypsonian, & Calypso tent
"The music took another turn in the early 1970s when calypsonian Lord Shorty created a more up-tempo beat, which he dubbed "Sokah", now spelled soca. It has proved an astonishingly versatile music, able to incorporate elements of other styles, so that now we have ragga-soca, and Indian-influenced chutney-soca, and even soca mixed with jungle, lambada, salsa and country and western! Common to all, is an infectious danceable rhythm and often still those scandalous lyrics. "
Chutney A fusion of traditional Indian percussion and style of singing and Calypso. The chutney artist writes lyrics in either Hindi or English and then lays it on top of beats that come from soca and Hindi film songs. Some of the current chutney artists are Rikki Jai, Adesh Samaroo and Terry Gajraj. The acknowledged father of soca was Lord Shorty (né Garfield Blackman), whose 1963 recording of "Cloak and Dagger" started the trend
Parang played in Trinidad and Tobago during the Christmas season. It is typically played with Cuarto cuatro (a four-string small guitar), maracas (locally known as shak-shaks), and is often sung in Spanish
Rapso trinidad dialect rap with smooth calypso melody and bold lyric  
Ragga soca Ragga soca: A fusion of Jamaican Dancehall style Reggae and Soca  
Soca_music  Soca is a dance music which is a mix of Trinidad's calypso and Indian music and rhythms, especially chutney music -- it is not, as is often said, a fusion of soul and calypso. It combines the melodic lilting sound of calypso with an insistent percussion  

MUSIC on Stage

Mayor Ken Livingstone returns Live performances to the Carnival along with the long sought Hyde Park beach head with an exciting cultural exchange called Caribbean Showcase.

  Meanwhile the Powis Square Stage across from the formerkiss.jpg (19173 bytes) Tabernacle has become a popular place to enjoy local music artists Powis Square map

2007 is the 7th year of the local authorities banning live music on the stages except for above. However the Mayor  has succeeded in turning Hyde Park near the speaker's corner into a major Carnival venue beginning with the Panorams on Saturday night and flowing into Jouvert morning. 

Panorama is Carnival Saturday
in Hyde Park

30th National Panorama Championship
August Sat 23, 2008
Ten of the UK’s top steelbands, each comprising of between 40 and 75 musicians, compete for the title ‘National Champions of Steel’. There will also be a variety of stage and family activities.
Location: Hyde Park.
Time: 12-4.30pm World Music Stage. 5pm to 9.30pm
National Steel Pan competition in association with the British Association of Steel Pan).
Hyde Park Map
Sound Systems & the DJ's
2006 sound systems on our video & photo page
Best bet list for 2007
 [F] SOUND SYSTEMS at Notting Hill Carnival DJ fotos  [F] 2005
 [F] 2004 [F] 2003   [F] SOUND Systems || 15 Perennial Sound Teams 2002 ||1997    [F] MUSIC NightLife, DJ's & Calypso 
While the extravagant mas costumes in the parading bands are the featured star of Notting Hill Carnival, the events huge number of massive sound systems is the power behind the throne of Europe's largest annual Street festival.
97lon064.jpg (19044 bytes)
The development of Sound Systems has been quite phenomenal since their inception in the seventies. Sound Systems form the core of contemporary youth culture. Most genres of popular youth culture owe much of their evolution to Sound Systems. Notting Carnival has every conceivable form of contemporary music and the best sound systems in the world, just ask any DJ.
Fusing the famous London club scene with Carnival, the DJ's play their favorite tunes, expanding beyond the usual Caribbean Carnival standards and adding local flavor to the scene 

London's top club has a Carnival sound system presence

  ||Norman Jay Links at google    
The Legendary club DJ
"one figure that fully represents Notting Hill (Carnival) it must be the Ben Sherman shirt and straw hat that is Norman Jay.  


Carnival is about the collective spirit of the people and the best energy can often be found by taking the pulse of J'Ouvert before the break of daySt_Vincent_060.jpg on Sunday.
6am at the junction of Ladbroke Grove and Kensal Road, 5 steel bands participate in the procession 
All Nations under a Soca Groove

Download1Xtra's coverage over carnival weekend is the annual centrepiece of its live events calendar placing the station at the forefront of live broadcasting and Downloadgiving listeners the chance to experience the action from across the UK.
For 2006 bbc is double coveromg both the Leeds Carnival as well.  
BBC London will broadcasts exclusive scenes from the Notting Hill Carnival  on Sunday August (family day) and Monday (main parade). 

Sounds and CD's 

lss-cd1a.gif (98729 bytes)
For all the latest Reggae, soca, rnb, zouk and gospel CDs check out our new releases sections The Caribbean Music Shop and Label - Europe's specialists for CDs, Vinyl and Mix Tapes in the field of Soca & Calypso music.


In RealAudi & MP3 full technosamba songs
Radio Real Audio  ||  

Talk About It -

London Carnival Forum by
If you haven't found the info your looking for here on these pages be sure to check out our  forum which gets updated year-round while these pages currently get a major makeover in July of each year. Your welcome to add your info in your forum as well.

TIPS & Safety

  Carnival Transit Planner London Underground : Travel advice for the August Bank Holiday weekend advisory by
Carnival Do's & Don'ts
Metropolitan Police Advice: Children are especially vulnerable in crowds….Show consideration to residents and use the toilets provided….If an area is congested--Avoid it….If you lose or find a child go to the nearest police station or a police officer. 

Performers Safety Guidelines 
We've compiled from prior safety guidelines based on our coverage since 1996. After all parade technology is mostly about awareness and common sense it hold up well

The lowdown on festival toilets by 
To go or not to go...?
The Indispensable Festival Guide
Lots at stake as stakeholders take stakes to each other

Food & Drink

 [F] What's New Foto Gallery 
Add your Carnival foto web pages in aforum or e-mail us and we will
Tim Holt has been the Official Notting Hill Carnival Photographer and has many brilliant shots for sale. 
an event photographed by "Halden Photography" photographer Mark Denton
The Notting Hill Carnival by Joe Conway  || Yahoo Photos page.
Very good Travel & Crowd guide
as well

Peter Marshall's Notting Hill Carnival
Beautiful, elegant B &W photos from the early nineties
"I'm there in the middle of them, clutching a wide angle and a Red Stripe. Come and join me - have fun, this is Carnival..."  

add your photos to the London Photobloggers  Flickr pool to be considered for our weekly  feature shot.
You can now buy prints of many of the photos on our website as well as photo gifts such as Tshirts and greetings cards
Festival Arts Development  

Download || National Carnival Arts Strategy 2005-2007-pdf
carnival_3.gif |

The Carnivalnet Archive is funded by the Arts Council  Carnivalists are invited to submit photographs and information or simply e-mail a question

Dr-P-logo.jpg (95074 bytes)Carnival Database In 1995, Dr. Patricia Alleyne-Dettmers and the Arts Council of England's Combined Arts Department established a publicly accessible database viewable in The Arts Council Library. In August of 1997 August, the database was expanded and brought online by ACE as Dr. Alleyne- Dettmers is a respected experts and a popular speaker on Carnivals.

 From Carnival to Civil Rights - London's Black History Trail at  By Shruti Ganapathy 24/06/2005
The trail chronicles both dark days and those of celebration for the black community. Horniman’s Pleasance on Kensal Road hosts the Panorama steel band competition, held on the Saturday night of the Notting Hill Carnival weekend every year since 1978. London’s Carnival originally began in St Pancras in 1959 and over the years has moved to Notting Hill.

 Other Carnivals, Parades  Festivals and Annual Events in London and the UK
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UK Carnivals
  & West Indian Carnivals  May - August

If you have got the time and money come to the UK in early August for one of the world's great art festivals in the capital of Scotland Edinborough. Find more links under August above

UK Carnivals ||
archive.jpg (12927 bytes)Notting Hill CarnivalArchives
Find dozens more links to other articles buried in the Aforum

Other Great London Parades
Carnaval del Pueblo Opens the merry month of August for London
Chinese New Year
Lord Mayors Parade
New Years Day Parade
Pride Parade
St Patricks Day
Trooping the Colour
Other UK Carnivals


Princess Diana  
SLIDE153.jpg Princess Diana Queen of Hearts
What's new in aforum on Princess Diana 

 The people's princess died on London Carnival weekend and lived in the Carnival neighborhood's  Hyde park. At one time it was suggested that the Banker's Holiday Monday be renamed after the Princess or the "Queen of Hearts" whose memory is still alive for so many. Kensington Palace was the London home of the late beloved Princess Diana mother of Prince William 
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