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Notting Hill Carnival 2000
Parade of the Bands

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Masquerade Band

Themes 2000

Arte Neuville Carnival Band

Futura G 3/33 – Aliens Visitation

Bayie Busuofo Carnival Band
Band Leader: Anton Holder

Bring water, plenty water...

Beeraahaar Sweet Combination
Band Leader: Christina Oree & David Grant
 Designer: David Grant, Judith Amadi & Ruth Collins

Contact No.: 020 8809 4325

Y2K (Celebrations)  
Based on London’s millennium landmarks:London eye / River of fire / Dome
Mas Camp: 35b Cranwich Road, Stamford Hill, N16 5HZ
Camp times: Monday to Friday – 9am to 10pm

Burrokeets Cultural Club
Band Leader: Joan Sam & Hazel Sadler 
Designer: Claudette Watson & Pauline Birbal
Contact No.: 020 8880 2128 / 07956 364

The Wild Wild West
Mas camp: Tottenham Co-operative Community Workshops, Ground Floor, Unit 2, Somerset Road, Tottenham, N17

Caraf Centre

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In celebration of black hair

Caribbean Carnival Club

Sailors Ashore

Caribbean Sunset Club

Fantasy 2000

Carnaval Latin America

Latin American jungle & rainforest

Chale Carnival Costume Band

Millennium Warriors 2000

Chats Palace
Band Leader: Barbra Wedderburn 

Designer: Sebastian Easton, Tom Beauchamp
Contact No.: 020 8533 0227 

Millennium Circus

Mas camp:
42-44 Brooksbys Walk, Hackney, London, E9 6DF

Children & Parents Carnival Association

Children of a Galaxtic Era

Band Leader: Dexter Kahn
Designer: Elwin Johnson

Contact No.: 07956 223 247 / 0870 241 3446

Xante 4 Nations R One

Mas camp: St Annes Nursery School, 194 Freston Road, London, NW10 6TT
Camp times: Monday to Friday – 7pm to 10pm

Design In Mind

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Purple Haze

Dhol Academy

DHOL Culture for the Future

Dragons Sporting and Cultural Club
Band Leader: Peter Winchester
Contact No.: 07801 678 230 

Delights of the Sky

Ebony Steelband Trust
Band Leader: Pepe Francis
Contact No.: 020 8746 1935

Ebony in the Year 2000 – Millennium Sailor

Elimu Carnival Club
Band Leader: Meilin Sancho
Designer: Meilin Sancho
Contact No.: 07957 454 189 

Kaleidoscope / colours

Eyukamba Foundation/The Bride

Revelation 2

Five Star Roadshow Carnival Committee

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Flamboyan Carnival Arts Association
Band Leader Gloria Cummins 
Designer: Larry Ford, Paul O’Donoghue & Mark Rolston
Contact No.: 020 8964 9407 

Fools Paradise

Mas camp: 1 Fernhead Road, Maida Gardens, London, W9 3EU

Flamingo Carnival Arts


Fox School Association

Now & Then – Our cityscape, particularly Notting Hill gate

Genesis Carnival Club
Band Leader: Vernon Williams
Eastern & Western cultural mix of designs & fabrics

Contact No.: 020 8903 6346, 07932 352 464

East meets West – Eastern & Western cultural mix of designs & fabrics
Mas camp: The Stowe Club, 258 Harrow Road, London, W2 5ES

Glorious Backstage Arts

Ancestors ‘Coming to Britain’

Invaders Carnival Band
Band Leader: John Cummings & Roslyn Sylvester 
Theme: Journey Through Africa 
Designer: Juliette Plentie 

Journey through Africa

Mas camp: Avondale Park Primary School, Sirdar Road, London, W11 4EQ

Jamboulay Carnival Arts Promotion

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(Shelter) – We shall overcome

Jun Mo Generation

Wing Chun Art – Plum Flower Wooden Dummy

Kuumba Carnival Band


La Trinity Carnival Club

Space & Beyond

Lighthouse Players

Band Leader: Ruthven Roberts
Designer: Matthew Franklin & Ruthven Roberts

Contact No.: 020 7792 1200

Spectre M: explore millenium via colour, reflecting on life, death & transient human aspirations
Mas Camp: The London Lighthouse, 111 – 117 Lancaster Road, London, W11 1QT

London School of Samba

Feliz Anniversario Brasil - (Happy Birthday Brazil)

Mahogany Arts Limited

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Carnival Messiah – THE Unique Street Experience

Maltese Culture Movement

Maltese Dajsa (boat) – float with dancers

Manchester School Of Samba

MSS – a new beginning

Mangrove Steelband Devil 2K ‘To hell wid dat too’

Mas-O-Rama Arts

Sea World

Masquerade 2000
Band Leader Margaret Hamilton 
Theme Celebrations 
Designer: Lincoln Rahamut
Contact No. 020 8556 0876


Mas camp: 278 – 282 Lansdowne Road, Leytonstone, London, E11 3BH

Nostalgia Carnival Club

Traditional sailor with millenium colours

Orpheus Trust


People’s World Carnival Band
Band Leader Sally Sturgeon & John Roach 
Designer: Una Howe & Alexis Shepherd
Contact No. 07956 346 308 / 07710 642 029

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Brazil 500: Ordem & Progress?

Mas camp: 10 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, N17
Camp times: Monday to Friday – 6pm to 10pm, weekends 12noon- 10pm

Perpetual Beauty Carnival Association

Kung Fu (breaking barriers)

Phoenix Arts & Cultural Community Group

The Gathering

Pioneers And Their Offspring Carnival Club
Band leader: Jean Bernard
Contact No.: 020 7328 7251

Showtime 2000

Play Mas Productions

 New Orleans fun fair

Positive Productions

Caribbean bananas / Caribbean & tropical fauna

Ruff Diamond 
Band Leader Ken Hinds 
Contact No. 020 8292 9647 

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Pantheon of the Gods
Man’s Relation to the Heavens

Shademakers Carnival Club
Band Leader Paul McLaren, Uschi Dresing 
Designer: Paul Mc Laren
Contact No. 020 7284 4318, 0796 838 5346


South Connections Carnival Band
Band Leader Avion Mookram

Contact No. 020 7735 2846

CANBOULAY, out of the fire come, DANCE OF THE CLOTH

Spektakular Mas Band

Get in ya section

St Clement & St James Band

Leader Clare Richards 
Designer: Clare Richards
Contact No. 020 7221 8810 :


The Seven Days of Creation

Mas camp: St Clement’s Community Centre, 95 Sirdar Road, London, W11 4EQ Camp times: Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

St Mary Of The Angels

The Four Elements

Stamford Hill Carnival Club

Millennium Fantasies

Stardust Mas

Mind, Body & Soul

T & T Mudders Cultural Club
Band Leader: Ann Brand
Contact No.: 020 8527 8799

Commess in de Place

Tabernacle Children's Costume Band


Trinbago International Carnival Club

Caribbean Mist

Trinidad And Tobago Carnival Club

South & Central American portrayal

Yaa Asantewaa Arts & Community Centre
Band Leader: Shabaka Thompson
Designer: Nadella Benjamin 
Contact No.: 020 7286 1656

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Yaabrations – a celebration of Yaa

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