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2007 Pam Am Games in Rio means major sports facilities upgrade for atheletes Links to the 20 facilities effected and coverage on efforts to woo other global events
Bike Tours || TOP ||
A great City to tour by bike with the beaches and lakes all featuring  bike paths Rio has 74km (46 miles) of cycle paths that - wherever they exist - are very much preferable to riding in the city's traffic. They run from downtown to the South Zone and Bara da Tijuca. 
On Sundays, one lane of the street adjacent to Ipanema and Leblon is given over to the exclusive use of bicyclists and joggers. On Tuesday evenings be part of an organized bicycle trip (participated in by many Cariocas) from Leblon to Flamengo

Bicycle Hire
Rent bicycles from Rua Figueiredo Magalhães 285 s. 303, Copacabana (tel: (021) 257 1726), from R$15 per day. 

Copacabana Palace Hotel—
Bicycles can be rented in front of this famous hotel on Avenida Atlantica.
 Rio By Bike
(tel: (021) 2491 0718 
offers excursions, accompanied by bilingual guides, along the South Zone's beaches, the Aterro do Flamengo Park, the Gloria Marina, Museum of Modern Art. 

Boating, Fishing & Sailing  || TOP ||

Sailing to  Angra dos Reis is a popular excursion for Rio visitors that your hotel can arrange.  Angra dos Reis is home to South American's largest fleet with almost 7,000 boats 
Marlin Yacht Charters

sailboats and powerboats in Rio de Janeiro and Angra dos Reis.  Saveiros TourYacht Charters
Rua Conde de Lages 44 - suite 1001Glória
Telephone: 2224-6990; 2252-1555. Fax: 2252-2227 
Rents speedboats, sailboats, fishing boats and yachts with full crew and can also serve an on-deck seafood buffet. Sailboats and schooners with capacity for 8-35
Sailing in Rio Charters 
 offers sailing trips in Rio de Janeiro and Ilha Grande Bay, for day and overnight trips, skippered and bare boat options.

Fishing in Rio  
sportfishing charters in coastal waters, offshore, and in local rivers and streams.


Bowling || TOP ||  
US Play
Av. das Américas, 4666 Barrashopping
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22610-000 +55 21 2431-9566
Neighborhood:  Barra da Tijuca

 US Play is located in the largest shopping centre in Rio, in Barra da Tijuca, surrounded by shops, restaurants and cinemas it is always busy and you may wish to book in advance.  Disabled access is available.

Bus Tours || TOP ||  
 City Rio (tel: (0800) 2258 060) Hop On Hop Off
operates air-conditioned buses supplied with audio and earphones giving tourist information in a choice of four languages. Tickets are valid for 24 hours and buses run every 30 minutes stopping at tourist points,  main hotels along three routes 
Tour Cultural (tel: (021) 2533 4407; e-mail:
departs every hour Wednesday-Sunday 1230-1730. They offer air-conditioned minibus cultural tours giving passengers a folder detailing the opening hours of cultural centres and a listing of permanent collections.  Attractions include Paco Imperial, Cultural Banco do Brasil, Museu Historico Nacional and Museu Nacional de Belas Artes.
Climbing /Mountaineering || TOP ||
Sugar Loaf, Gavea Rock, Corcovado, and others form the greatest urban center for rock climbing in the world to be enjoyed  year round. Sugar Loaf has many paths up its 1,200 feet. Corcovado requires would require equipment and and/or a guide or equipment. 
Cabeça Verde Climbing School|| ||  Portuguese || 
offers a variety of courses as well as local climbing information. 

Serviços CEB - Centro Excursionista Brasileiro
Av. Almirante Barroso, 28º andar - Centro
Telephone: 2252-9844.
Fax: 2262-6360.
Weekdays, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Trilharte Ecoturismo
Fax: 2273-1798.

Logo Hang On -

 Hang On- English,
the portuguese version is a periodical magazine but info, URLs, contacts, photos about climbing in Brasi should hook you up.


Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 550 Grupo: 904 - Ipanema - 
E-mail: Mon-Fri, 9:30 am.-7 p.m.
Tours focused on culture, or purely for pleasure, with specialized guides and air conditioned transportation.  Outings to plays, concerts, operas, ballets and musicals, as well as visits to historical and ecological sites and cultural centers.
(A Different Approach to Tourism - SMMPL)
Rua Barão de Ipanema, 32/ l.l03 - Copacabana
Information and bookings Tel.: 2236-3846
Fax: 2537-8983, Mon, Wed, Fri, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.
Cultural city tours, accompanied by tour guide. You choose your own sight-seeing trip among options of museums, parks, churches and fortresses.

Equestrian  || TOP ||
Centro Hípico São Luiz
Rua Profesor Castro Rabelo, 4, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 23020-090
Lessons and rental of stables
 Haras Pôr do Sol 
Estrada do Pacui, 907, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22785-400
Lessons in rural trekking
Favela Tour by || photos

There are close to 550 favelas in Rio. Mostly placed on former public areas on the hillsides, they have highly grown during the last 30 years, and now are home to 20% of Rio population, however they remain a mystery for most people who don't live there.

Tours by
  • go to the favelas of Vila Canoas and Rocinha, the largest one in Brazil
  • Take the train to the top of Corcovado Mountain120- ft. Statue of Christ will greet you
  • Jeep tour in the Tijuca Forest
  • Visit the fisherman village of Itacuruça, we cruise on the crystal clear waters of the Sepetiba Bay
  • See Petropolis Imperial City, located at the "Orgãos" Mountain, is only one hour from Rio de Janeiro. is dot gone in 2003 but their still in business.
the "Favela Rocinha Tour" by google, a 3-hour tour through the largest slum in South America. You're welcome to bring your camera or VCR your guides will be local youngsters
Mercadinho do Papai
Travessa do Paço, 12, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 20010-170 +55 21 2533-5900
One of Rio's largest and oldest sporting goods stores for fishermen and hunters 
Fishing in Rio  
sportfishing charters in coastal waters, offshore, and in local rivers and streams.
Fitness Gyms Health Clubs and Rec Centers || TOP ||

Health Club Guide by google
GOLF || TOP ||
??use translator tool top left
Packed with facts inc. calendar & fotos

Estrada da Gávea, 800
São Conrado - Tel.: 3332-4141
A field of 18 holes for R$250 basic green fees
Estrada da Barra, 2.005
Barra da Tijuca - Tel.:2494-2507
Field with 27 holes only open to members.
Av. Canal de Marapendi, 2.901
Barra da Tijuca - Tel.& Fax: 2434-0696
Golf Clinic with a three-par six-hole court greens open to outside players.
 with illumination for night play.

Hang Gliding Parachuting Ultralight || TOP ||

The tandem or 2 person flights allow anyone who has ever wished to fly like a bird to soar from Pedra Bonita to Pepino Beach in the São Conrado district.
JUST FLY Português || English  
Rio de Janeiro, is one of the
most beautiful and best places for hang gliding in the world. 
Take-off from "Pedra Bonita" (The Pretty Rock), at a height of
 1.700 feet / 520 metres and fly over forest (The Tijuca's National Park), ocean and beach, before landing on the sand of popular São Conrado "Pepino" Beach. ALL THIS ADVENTURE AND NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!! 

Hang-Gliding and Parasail
Associação de Vôo Livre do Rio de Janeiro
Av. Prefeito Mendes de Moraes, s/n°
Praia do Pepino - São Conrado
Hang Gliding by


CEU - Clube Esportivo Ultraleves
Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno 671 Jacarepaguá (in front of Gate 7 at the autodrome)

Aero Clube do Brasil
Av. Ayrton Senna 2541 - Barra da Tijuca

Hiking /Trekking || TOP ||
Tijuca National Forest—This nearby rain forest on the edge of the city is a great spot for hiking. 
Claudio Coutinho Trail
—Trail starts at the base of the hill called Morro da Urca and offers wonderful views of nearby Sugar Loaf  Daily 6 am-6 pm. Praca General Tiburcio (Vermelha Beach).  || Hiking in Brazil ||7-day stay 
Hiking tours through forest trails to the top of Rio de Janeiro's most famous mountains

Tijuca National Park 



Av. Rainha Elizabeth, 664 - 1º - Ipanema
Tel. & Fax: 522-1620, 9977-9610, 9957-6393

Jeeps tours or hikes along forest trails around Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, Santa Teresa and beaches.

Av. Almirante Barroso, 2 - 8 º andar
Tel.: 252-9844 - Fax: 262-6360
e.mail: CEB@CEB.ORG.BR
CEB.ORG.BR || links
Alpinismo, Trekking e Escalada Mountain Climbing
Information and booking: Tels.: 2495-9827, 
Renovated World War II jeeps (including 1942 Dodge Commanders, 1968 Kaisers, and Willys (F-75) offer close-up views of the Atlantic Rainforest, discovering picturesque hideways in the Tijuca National Park, as well as excursions to Angra dos Reis, Itaipava, Vargem Grande and Teresópolis.
Information and bookings:
Tel.: 2522-5586, 9966-7010
Ecological jeep rides, trekking around Pedra da Gávea, Pedra Bonita and Agulhinha Hill and Tandem Paraglider flights
Information and booking: Pedro Novak
Tel. & Fax.: 2232-9710, 
Tours around Rio Antigo, Santa Teresa, Favela, Corcovado, Floresta da Tijuca, Fortaleza de Santa Cruz, Grumari, in the following languages (English, German, French and Hungarian).

Scuba & Diving Centers || TOP ||

Brazil does require  a certificate to scuba dive but lessons are doable.  Angras dos Reis located in the middle of Serra do Mar, 100 miles or 150 Km from Rio de Janeiro city is the most popular nearby spot for scuba featuring what is said to be 2,000 beaches on over 365 islands.
 [F] Diving in Brazil 

Our guide to great dive spots in Brazil and resources

Rua da Alfândega,98 3º - Centro Downtown - Tel.: 2509-1176 Tel.& Fax: 2221-2776
sale and rent, diving courses and cruises to the coastal islands.
Rua Muniz Barreto, 356 Botafogo - Tel.: 2539-1377
Diving courses and cruises to the coastal islands. Diving courses and underwater tour.
Rua Marquês de Olinda,18 Botafogo - Tel.: 2553-2615, 2553-1680
Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 1.174 ss.4 Leblon - Tels.: 3813-0312, 9699-9633
e-mail: - 
Diving courses and boat tours around Rio's main beaches and Cagarras Islands, Angra dos Reis, Arraial do Cabo, Búzios including land and sea transportation, 
Diver's Quest
Rua Maria Angélica, 171 lj.110 Jardim Botânico - Tels.: 2539-1268, 2286-2513
 5 star diving center in Rio - Brazil. We rent, sell and repair scuba gear.
Av. Armando Lombardi, 949D - Barra da Tijuca - Tels.& Fax: 2495-5491, 2493-3022
e-mail: -
Equipments and vessels for rent - diving courses: daily, diving in coastal islands of Rio. AVENTURAS RIO
Tels.: 3813-0312, 9699-9633
e-mail: -
Adventurous sporting events such as : rafting, rappel, hiking and scuba-diving.

Soccer & Football || TOP ||
 Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama
Rua General Almério de Moura, 131, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 20921-060
+55 21 2580-7373 
Football , fencing and much more
Fluminense Football Club 
Rua Álvaro Chaves, 41, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22231-200 +55 21 2553-7240
Football, tennis, shooting, fencing......
America Football Club
Rua Campos Sales, 118, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 20270-211 +55 21 2234-2060
Pro football club
 Bangu Atlético Clube
Avenida Cônego Vasconcelos, 549, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 21810-080 +55 21 2332-1205
Surf || TOP ||
Rio is a top spot for surfing in Brazil however the swells in Rio are a seasonal phenomenon. From December to February the waves are smaller while  sea storms rage between May and August. The mix of cold and warm currents means it's a good idea to come equipped with a wet suit. Surf competitions take place in October in Barra da Tijuca. Check current conditions at or 
Copacabana: the areas in front of the Othon Hotel and the northern end at Leme are good except on weekends, when there are too many swimmers in the water to allow for safe surfing. Copacabana   
Arpoador |is the point separating the world's 2 most famous beaches known as  the birthplace of surfing in Rio. It has a place to rent surf boards. One of the best spots in the area Arpoador 
Ipanema: At the end of the crowded beach is Leblon which can be a challenge for even the  pros, with large waves that break straight onto the rocks in the winter. Ipanema ||Leblon 
São Conrado: always a surprise, with some modest waves where the Niemeyer road starts.S. Conrado 
Joatinga: a small hidden spot that often has some fairly decent waves when the sea is flat everywhere else, sometimes too crowded with surfers to be of any use.
Barra da Tijuca: a long stretch of open water with good waves and not too many swimmers as the currents are fierce and drowning is a hazard. The best spots are the Quebra-Mar, Barramares and Reserva. Barra || Reserva
Prainha e Macumba: surfers' paradise. Too far from the city hubbub to attract the average beach-goer and with the best waves around. Macumba ||
Prainha and Grumari, the preserved non-built beaches south of Recreio are the most unspoiled. Grumari || Prainha  || Recreio
is across Guanabara Bay in  Niterói 
|Itacoatiara   ||
Saquarema is known for its 9 feet (3 meter) waves about 60 miles or 90 KM from Rio). Saquarema 
Rio Surf Page


Itaúna - Saquarema
Berro D'água - Saquarema
Itacoatiara - Niterói use translator tool top left
Tennis || TOP ||
 Public tennis courts can be found at the Rio Sport Center, Avenida Ayrton Senna 254, Barra da Tijuca (tel: (021) 3325 6644) and at Rua Visconde de Piraja, 161, Ipanema (tel: (021) 267 4192).
Smash Squash—Five squash courts, one tennis court. No equipment rental. R$21 per hour for squash, R$60 for tennis. Monday-Friday 7 am-10 pm, Saturday 7 am-7 pm. Call a day in advance to reserve a court. Rua Couto Fernandes 210 (Laranjeiras). Phone 2557-3758

Leme Tênis Clube 
Rua Gustavo Sampaio, 74, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22010-010
+55 21 543-1089 Members only

Walking Tours || TOP ||

Organized by Aventuras Rio
Tels.: 3 813-0312, 9699-9633 

English Version

Versão em Português

Versión en Español

You don't need to be an experienced explorer to join our tours, we have a crew composed of hikers, divers, mountaineers and whitewater rafting instructors, with all with experience to provide you the information and infra-structure necessary to practice all the tours, with all the safety in an very funny way. No previous experience is needed, just relax and get ready, 'cause the fun has just started…
Windsurf || TOP ||
Windsurf is practiced along Tijuca beach down the coast past Zona Sul  and also up the coast at Búzios. Equipment can be found with ease around Galeria River, no Arpoador.

Fisilabor - Condomínio Mandala
Av. Prefeito Dulcídio Cardoso, 400 T
Barra da Tijuca
Telephone: 438-4882.

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