If you are thinking about a trip to Brazil, you're likely considering images of myth and beauty. From connecting with the spectacular frenzy of life known as Carnaval, to sampling the marvelous, joyful, urban beach culture or adventuring into the planet's premiere primordial paradise ~ the Amazon, traveling to Brazil will always qualify as an adventure requiring preparation and planning.
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Brazil by lonely planet
Also throughout our other pages you will find links to text from the book posted in many sections at ||
Nicely illustrated and friendly in a Brazilian kind of way. One of Brazil's most linked to sites Famous for

Brazil in english by London Embassy ;
This Brazilian Tourist Office in London was inaugurated just April of 2000 However the web site has been the best Brazil English resource for years. Friendly and deep with a good it keeps getting better.

The Rest
Meu Brazil  By Sergio "darkwing" Koreisha.
The web's largest non search engine collection of Brazil links. Badly in need of link checking. by Walter T. Morales 
where'd all the content go?


Getting There
Add some extra time to your airport time calculation for the queues when paying the airport tax of R$6 to R$24. Your plane is likely to stop in Sao Paulo, the economic engine of Brazil and the world's 4th largest City. They have an excellent official City guide.
This is a great value which requires advance planning. You can book a special multiple leg package airline fare, available only for foreigners visiting Brazil, issued by the Brazilian airline flying you in and really save!. For example you could use the pass  to add the two great natural wonders of Brazil: the North's Amazon rain forest or the South's Igua?u Falls.
Five Official Tourism Organizations


Reservations consumer guide to e-travel links
While the airline seats are all the same the prices vary dramatically.  Investing in knowing your options is now a lot simpler by checking our guide.
Varig - Still airlines often run great internet specials on their web sites. 


Brazil Visa Information
 [F] Visa- Passport: Requirements & Expediting (Pets too)
You need to get up to speed on this particularly if you are a US citizen. You must apply to the correct consulate you know.

An option if you need to handle this requirement by mail or don't like unnecessary bureaucratic processes. Tourist visa waived for (not USA)
Tear Down the Wall!
Editorial about the small minded single biggest barrier to closer Brazil - USA relations.

Other Consular Information:
For returning U.S. Citizens.
Travel Tips & Publications
U.S. State Dept. Index of Publications.
Home Page

Applying for your U.S. Passport


Customs, Passports & Visas
On-Line Tour Companies
 [F] Directory of Brazil Tours

Miami based and major wholesaler of airfares. Get your best air deal here.

Many Tour Packages inc.Carnaval in Rio, Miami based. 
for the curious and sophisticated traveler planning
a trip to Brazil. Offers solidarity work, community development projects and travel programs to Brazil and other countries.


EcoTourism Tour Agencies
Ecotourism is typically  conducted in small friendly groups. The interaction with nature can take many forms inc.\ high adventure.. The accommodations often put you in closer contact with nature.
Lots of Links Nature Safaris is a pioneer for sustainable development tourism in the Amazon.
Amazon Village Jungle Lodge ||
Manous based Amazon Village takes you into the heart of the Amazon forest.
Amazon forest by Viverde Portugu?s || 
Manaos, Amazonia based travel agency with a wide range of offerings  excursions, hotels, rental car/boat, lodges and more.

Huge site w/ fotos
- -
A Brazilian ecotourism site with much general info.


Travel Agencies in Brazil
 [F] Directory of On Line Brazil Travel Specialists

Offering several adventure tours Phone : 55 21 507-0949 / Fax : 55 21 233-3661.

As of January 1998 there were 77 listing w\  no e-mail or links.
Located in Sao Paolo, Wide selection of hotels and packages at special rates. Large address list w/ no e-mail or web site.


Getting Around There
You must purchase before traveling to Brazil.

Except in the Amazon basin, buses are the primary form of long-distance transportation for the vast majority of Brazilians, and services are generally excellent and cheap.


Fast Facts
Full country name: Federative Republic of Brazil
Area: 8,547,403 sq km (3,300,155 sq mi)
Population: 172 million 
People: 55% European descent, 38% mulatto, 6% African descent 
Language: Portuguese Religion: 70% Roman Catholic
President: Fernando Henrique Cardoso Capital city: Brasilia
US$1.0352 trillion GDP per head: US$6100 Inflation: 8% (1999)
In Rio de Janeiro, S?o Paulo, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte the current is 110/120 volts, 60 cycles, AC. In Salvador and Manaus, it is 127 volts. In Recife, Bras?lia it's 220 volts. Most hotels assist w\ transformers but it is helpful to bring plug converters 
Telephone World Wide Phone Guide by Kropla
Brazil country code is (55) with a growing number of City Codes Sao Paulo- (11) Rio-(21) Salvador- (71) Recife (81)...Your hotel is likely to have the standard US RJ-11 phone plug for your modem. 
Television is a version of PAL.
Time World Time Zone Map
Rio's time zone is 3 hours behind Greenwich time (England) and 2 hours ahead of New York (Eastern Standard) ... Clocks fall back one hour from October through February
...GMT/UTC gets to minus 5 hours in the far west Weights & measures: Metric.
Romance & Sex  [F] Brazil by 
  • Human Rights by Amnesty International
  • CIA Factbook


Brazil is a huge country with many climates. Warm clothing is needed in the south during winter (June-July). The beaches of the northeast are very tropical as is the Amazon interior.  Rainy seasons occur from January to April in the north, April to July in the northeast and November to March in the Rio/S?o Paulo area.

Yahoo/Brazil Weather


Safety & Security
Street crime is a problem in Brazil...     Expensive cameras and jewelry should be worn discreetly.... Purses and wallets can attract attention. Use a money belt or around your neck pouch for passports, cash and other valuables .... Whenever possible, do not travel alone....  When in doubt take an official taxi....

At airports, hotel lobbies, bus stations, and other public places there can be much pick pocketing, Keep your carry-on luggage, and especially bags that look like they contain laptop computers close to you at all times....Keep valuable items secure when in a car by hiding them... Be aware that thieves can attempt to take your wristwatch through a car window....Walk away from the curb to avoid motorcycle thieves. Paranoia should be avoided it attracts the wrong kind of attention.

Keep a separate photo copy of your passport. Contact your nearest  embassy or consulate immediately if it is lost.

Tips for Central & South America by USA State Department || A Safe Trip Abroad
You can check for warnings by calling (202) 647-5225 from a touch-tone phone or using the fax back system dial (202) 647-3000 and follow the prompts.

Rough Guide Travel Insurance by

Check for a 24/7 toll free 800 number. Know if your current medical carrier will cover you for costs incurred in Brazil and then consider purchasing this often extra coverage.


Health & Medical 
Main thing is to bring plenty of sunscreen with a high factor and  non-toxic insect repellent.
Health risks:
Chagas' disease, dengue fever, malaria, meningitis, rabies, yellow fever If you are heading to the interior be sure to get advice about shots from your health advisor.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention || tropical So.America || Malaria Information for Travelers to Tropical South America || Traveling with Children
Special Needs Travelers
I disabilities, pregnancy and breast-feeding, and HIV.
877-FYI-TRIP (toll-free )
"See your doctor at least 4?6 weeks before your trip to allow time for immunizations to take effect."

"Children pay full fare on buses if they take up a seat, ten percent on planes if under two years old, half fare between two and twelve, and full fare thereafter."


 [D] Portuguese<->English Translators   [F] Translate || Portuguese <=>English
The best way to polish and sound out your travel Portuguese. Over 60 languages supported with fast downloading sound files now!
How to Cuss in Brazil by Tetsuo Berozu for May'98.

Only the Italians rival the Brazilians in their use of gestures.



Map showing main towns and cities ||  Map Collection

"detailed maps are surprisingly hard to get hold of outside Brazil, and are rarely very good"

For Sale by Omnimap


The banks located at airports generally offer favorable exchange rates. Cash is king as traveler's checks continue to become less negotiable.  Credit cards can get you the best deal on the exchange rate where accepted.
24 hour ATM's for MasterCard/Cirrus can be found at Banco Itau and Citibank, VISA/Plus™ can be found at BANCO BRADESCO. || Safety Tips Visa has a new product called TravelMoney for ATMs which works like a phone card and is accepted at 380,000 ATMs in 114 countries.
As of January 20, 1998 1 Brazilian Real (R$) = 0.89 US Dollar while  $1 US = (R$)1.12.
Universal Currency Converter by xexon
Multi directional for 49 currencies (says when).


Brazil News.
Articles and information from over 150 global justice organizations.  Go to and enter Brazil.
Net Estado
Sao Paulo is the world's 4th largest City and this paper has an English section.
Lively monthly publication available for only $3/year subscription in US.

Meida & NEWSPAPERS , S?o Paulo
Like the Wall Street Journal the #1 business paper is one of the few web enterprizes able to charge users a subscription fee.

JcdefG.gif (5250 bytes)Jornal do Commercio, Recife || Links
Isto ? by link guide

Globo, Rio de Janeiro
The media giant's flagship daily
Salvador, Bahia || O || Jornal do Brasil, Forteleza


Talk About It
 [F] Traveler Tips, Trips & Tales

 [F] Rio de Janeiro  [F] Salvador, Bahia

  [F] BRAZIL Travel Options || Travel is an important resource which is also available on CD.



Wonders of Nature
The three most popular ecological marvels of Brazil are: the Amazonia, Igau?u Falls  and the Pantanal region...The Amazon has been called the lungs of the earth, covering half of Brazil with unknown forest and rivers. The navigable route for ocean-going vessels runs between the cities of Manaus and Bel?m  Iguacu Falls? is the world's biggest, most spectacular falls where Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil meet. Considered one of the planet's  great power spots and also the home of Itaipu the world's largest hydropower plant surpassing even Egypt's Aswan Dam... The Pantanal wetlands is where to see wildlife. This vast area extending into Bolivia and Paraguay has no towns  and access is difficult via the Transpantaneira road and Porto Jofre or by boat from the port city of Rio Paraguai on the Bolivian border.

 [F] Fotos & Video of Brazil Sights
Manaus Links by darkwing
Urban hub of the Amazon and base for beginning excursions to the jungle or jungle lodges. Don't miss the 660 seat Teatro Amazonas dedicated in 1896
The Wings of the Butterfly a story told by  the Amazon's Tukuna tribe
"The lord of monkeys was not a monkey at all. He was a jaguar!"
Among Brazil’s threatened species are mahogany, the golden-lion tamarin, and the hyacinth macaw.


Fertility rate has declined from an average of 4.4 children in 1980 to 2.7 children in 1991. They expect 166 million Brazilians for the year 2000. Most populous City is in 1991 was S?o Paulo, with 9.6 million inhabitants, followed by Rio de Janeiro (5.4 million persons), Belo Horizonte and Salvador (2 million persons), Fortaleza (1.7 million persons), Bras?lia (1.5 million persons), Curitiba (1.3 million persons), Recife, Nova Igua?u and Porto Alegre (1.2 million persons).
Brazil by the Lonely Planet
Facts at a Glance inc.\ History, Economy, Culture, Events, Money & Costs, When to Go, Off the Beaten Track, Recommended Reading
An Introduction to Brazil
By interknowledge, plus links to intros for Rio, Recife & Sao Paolo.


 History & Culture
General Info by || Multicult home ||
San Francisco Brazilian consulate A dozen brief chapters.
Coverage of society, culture and destinations. Feature articles, book excerpts, fiction, website reviews and other information.


Lists of Links
The Brazil InfoNet 
Web Directory
The Internet Guide to Brazil in English 
Academically  oriented and comprehensive Regional: South America: Brazil: Travel and Tourism  

by Paran? Turismo, top picks for various city and state web guides.
Brazilian Business Connection
Best organized for advancing web commerce.   
Brazil's  #1 search engine.


Travel Tool Links
Where we put all the good new links we find.

 [F] Places to Stay  in
Where we can get graphic about some excellent comprehensive resources.

Hyde Consulting Group
The more the industry changes the more it stays the same.


Since 1994 Brazil has been a global economic success story. Trade liberalization including Mercosur and an aggressive privatization program have been key with the most profound change being the replacement of hyperinflation with conquering monetary policy. Presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 67, was easily reelected to a second four year term in 1998 becoming the first Brazilian president to take advantage of a 1997 constitutional change allowing the head of state to serve a second term. "I was chosen by the people to continue to build a stable, modern, open and competitive economy," Cardoso siad. "But it doesn't mnean much to be the world's eighth largest economy if we continue to be first in inequality. seems up to the task of bringing Brazil forward to its deserved prominent place on the global stage. || Presid?ncia da Rep?blica || Fotos Official
Official Government Information.

 [F] Brazil-USA Trade Links   
 [F] Information on Mercosur 
 [F] Porto Alegre the capital of Mercosur
A free trade zone made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay

 [F] TRADE Business without Borders
 [F] Latin American Trade

National Confederation of Brazilian Industry
Comprehensive, insightful, and well written pages.

Stanford University & Brazil by sfgate
Home to the USA's largest library on Brazil and engaged in many intellectual & cultural exchanges Brazil's journey to the 1994 World cup Championship began with boisterous crowds at Stanford Stadium 
amchamhp.gif (1222 bytes)American Chamber of Commerce || Fairs and Exhibitions Promotion of exports and investments in Brazil by

USBrazil.jpg (33383 bytes) || Links
Excerpts from Gazeta Mercantil Daily, the next generation format for link guides, A very well designed trade lead database. The next move is yours.

oas-seal.gif (19234 bytes)Organization of American States || || || Press Articles || || Francais
World Trade Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland  Established   January 1995  (replacing GATT) with a Membership of over  132 countries to administer WTO trade agreements Provide a  Forum for trade negotiations & disputes (Banana Example),   Monitoring national trade policies, Provide technical assistance, training and cooperation  Intellectual Property Rights (TRIP) Agreement of '95.


Travel Marketplace

Tradeday.comVisit Tradeday for our guide to global travel e-tools and hundreds of shopping products framed like this page to empower your surfing.

For airline travel & hotel rooms.

Brazilian Books from Amazon
10 Sections plus enhanced search tools.
Books by

Portuguese or English from Brazilian writers or about Brazil, videos and t-shirts.
Books, tapes, CD's, kid's lessons, video plus many languages supported

 [F] Places to Stay

 [F] Marketplace Links

Brazil InfoNet

Omni Resources/Brazil
Over a hundred maps for Brazil alone w\ 1000's to choose from.

Visa Services

An option if you need to handle this requirement by mail, Tourist visa requirements  are waived for (not USA).

Plug guide, (inc. modems!) plug guide, conversion tables for clothing, measures, & time.
Action Cellular Rent-a-Phone
Available in over 200 countries on daily to monthly basis.

 [F] Translate 
|| Portuguese Portuguese Translators  

Free on-line translation service and humans for hire.

 [F] Directory of On Line Brazil Travel Specialists

 [F] TOUR Directory for Brazil and South America  

 [F] Adventure & Cultural TOURS


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