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Rio For Partiers describes the 18 most exotic fruits and their nutritional benefits
Since the frequently updated guide was first published in 2004, editor Cristiano and his hard working team have done as much as anyone to make Rio a navigable paradise for gringo singles. 
Excepted with permission
Your First Day
Welcome to Rio, where your heart beats faster. Weíve put together a short guide to your first day in Rio, based on the recommendations and tips offered in the Rio For Partiers travel guide, available here, around the city and in your hotel.
After checking in to your room, if itís sunny, youíll want to get out and sit in the sun to get that ďNOW Iím on vacationĒ feeling started. There are a dozen beaches in Rio, but the one everyone should experience on their first day is Copacabana beach, since it is always busy, famous and close. Before you go, however, there a few Brazilian rituals to perform. So get out your sandals, lather on sun protector and leave your wallet, just bring R$100 in small bills: 1) Please: Buy Brazilian swimwear.
If you donít, youíll look just as out of fashion as Brazilians on ski slopes.
If you do, youíll look less like a gringo (deterring beach pesky vendors) while tanning better. Your hotel will know a few shops close by (women: mid sized triangles in the back is fine, men: large side-strap speedos... just go with whatís in the shop window).
2) Breakfast now
Youíll be at the beach till 4pm, maybe more. If breakfast is still available, bulk up. Otherwise, go to the nearest juice-bar (lanchonete), and order a mango juice or AÁaŪ (ah-sigh-ee) smoothie with a pastel de carne (beef) or queijo (cheese). Then get a misto-quente (ham&cheese sandwich) or an esfiha (triangle shaped closed beef pizza).
3) Beach
Now you can go to the beach. Walk along for a block or two looking for a crowd and spot thatís more to your
liking. Ask the guys at beach tents for chairs and umbrella (Kah-day-rah & ba-ha-kah), which usually go for R$3 and R$4. Tell them your name so you can open a tab, and wave to them whenever you want to order more drinks.

If drinking beer, remember to drink a bottle of water between every two beers, or youíll dehydrate and fall asleep by 6pm in your hotel room. Donít make eye contact with the walking beach vendors or theyíll persistently try to sell you something. If something does strike your fancy, simply asking ďWhatís this?Ē (Oh-key air east-o?) and ďHow much?Ē (Kwantoh coostah?). Whatever you do, donít eat the beach shrimp: certain death.
If going in the water, someone will have to stay behind and watch the stuff (rock-paper-scicors), or ask someone nearby to watch.

4) Late Lunch
Sitting around doing nothing for a few hours can be grueling - itís time to fortify yourself with a late lunch.
To ease your stomach in to Brazilian food, we suggest one of three:
A) Comida-a-kilo (food-by-the-pound buffet): opt for any place charging over R$15/ kilo

B) Sanduiche-de-fillet at any lanchonete (Steak-sandwich): the cleaner the better

C) Chicken with fries/potatoes/rice at any galeto joint in Copa (gah-lay-toe).
5) Massage
After lunch, nothing like a stroll along Copa sidewalk, stopping for a half-hour massage at any of the masseuses sprinkled along the beach (R$30 for 1/2 hour). After sundown, time to go back to the hotel, rest, shower and get ready for the night. A Redbull before going out may help trick your body clock.

To plan your day activities for the rest of the week, to know exactly where and when to go, who to contact, how much to spend and what to do to make the most of your Rio trip be sure to get a copy of Rio For Partiers.


Rio For Partiers won`t let bad weather ruin your vacation:
Rainy day option:

Since itís the first day of your well-deserved vacation after a long period at work, nothing would be more appropriate than a few hours relaxing at a spa. Maria Bonita launched their urbanspa in Ipanema, offering 23 types of massages, amongst other zen-esque style relaxation options. Av. Prudente de Morais 729, Ipanema

Other rainy day ideas covered in the book: brazilian dance lessons, capoeira lessons, beauty clinics, happy-hours et


Cloudy day ideas:

You can still go to the beach and pray, or to a nearby bar and drink, or to a churrascaria and eat. You may be too tired for museums and churches. Our different but highly sensual (as in the 5 senses, not sexy) suggestion may be to go to a fruit market and try as many fruits as you can. Rio For Partiers describes the 18 most exotic fruits and their nutritional benefits.
Fruit Fair Schedule:
  • Monday: Rua Henrique Dumont (Ipanema)
  • Tuesday: Praca Gen. Ozorio (Ipanema)
  • Wednesday: Praca Edm. Bittencourt (Copa)
  • Thursday: Rua Min. Viero de Castro (Copa)
  • Friday: Praca NS Paz (Ipanema)
  • Saturday: Rua Frei Leandro (Jd. Botanico)
  • Sunday: Rua Serzedela Correia (Copa)

Other cloudy day option are: secret shops, favela tours, jungle tours, rappel on sugarloaf mountain and lots more.

After resting and showering, and trying to trick your body clock into Brazilian time, you should be hungry enough for dinner. Since it is your first night, you can and should keep it safe while your stomach accustoms to all the changes: contemporary cuisine or seafood.

Ludmilla, head chef at Zuka, has a history of making the most photogenic plates in Rio, and whatís more, they are just as tasty. The menu covers an array of food styles, from risotto to grill to sandwiches, so everyone is bound to find something. True works of art. Bring a camera! Ask to sit by the bar... itís more entertaining to watch the chefs.
Rua Dias Ferreira 233 in Leblon (call for rsrvts 3205-7154)
Don Camillo

Our top seafood option, Dom Camillo, is a mix of seafoods and italian, so you canít go wrong. For under R$45 you can have lobster with risotto, served on the ouside deck facing Copacabana beach.
Av. Atlantica 3056, Copacabana

Rio For Partiers selected another 10 restaurants that are indispensable
to your trip, from feijoada bean chowder to tropical innovations. Plus, an extensive food guide to all the various street snacks, juices, drinks, deserts and bar foods you canít miss.

Rio doesnít sleep till itís found enough passion so there is always something going on.


Since you arrived today, you may be running out of energy by now... so if you arrive here on a Sunday or Monday, slow nights, your best bet would be to have a beer at

Shenanigans (R. Visconde Piraja 112, Ipanema), a great place to meet other travellers as well as Brazilians.

If itís Tuesday to Saturday and you have the energy, be sure to check out Rio Scenarium, the most beatiful joint this writer has ever seen, and listen and dance to brazilian samba/chorinho/MPB. (Rua do Lavradio 22, Lapa).
f you are into clubbing, and itís Thrusday to Saturday, and you want an environment thatís behaved yet bumpy, check out 00 (Zero-Zero), in Gavea.

If itís the weekend and you just want to lounge with a nice caipirinha facing a beautiful view, check out Palaphita Kitch, on Lagoa.

Bodyboarding in Rio de Janeiro
Rio has 340 bars and clubs. With RFP youíll know the top 4 places for each night of the week, for whatever mood you are in. The book also lays out how to date Brazilians, maps out the after-hour foods and late drinks, goes into the gay scene, and explains the various Brazilian music styles. Detailed in Rio For Partiers. All recommendations are updated every 6 months, so you donít miss out.
The 4 Zones to Know
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Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide, Rio for Partiers

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

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