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Adriane Galisteu
Daniella Cicarelli
Daniela Mercury
Ellen Roche
Fabia Borges
Fabiana Andrade
Gisele Bundchen
Juliana Paes
Ivete Sangalo
Joana Prado
Luana Piovani
Luiza Brunet
Luciana Gimenez
Luma de Oliveira
Nana Gouvea
Rachel Blanc
Renata Banhara
Sheila Carvalho
Sheila Mello
Suzana Werner
Tiazinha Susana Alves
Valeria Valenssa
Viviane Araujo
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Adriane Galisteu
Fabia Borges
Gisele Bündchen
Gracyanne Barbosa 
Grazi Massafera
 Juliana Paes
Juliane Almeida
Luiza Brunet
  Luma de Oliveira
Natália Guimarães
Paula Oliveira
Raissa de Oliveira
Renata Santos
Thatiana Pagung Valeria Valenssa  Viviane Araujo
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Royalty -Who's who
Adriane Galisteu by
Adriane Galisteu by

Adriane has long been the Queen of Portela

Adriene on YouTube

Daniella Cicarelli by
Cicarelli and soccer star Ronaldo held a lavish celebration of their engagement in France in 2005 which is often described as a we Daniella on YouTubedding, but they were not in fact married; Spanish law prevented Ronaldo from marrying within a year of his previous divorce from model Milene Domingues.

Daniella on YouTube
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 Daniela Mercury, with  Carnaval anthem hits like O Canto da Cidade has enjoyed a long career as Bahian Carnaval’s most well known artist to the rest of Brazil
At the 2002 Salvador Carnaval Daniela Mercury, became first white women  to ever perform with Ilê Aiyê

Daniela on YouTube

Ellen Roche

Ellen Rocche by

Ellen Roche on YouTube


Fabia Borges
Rainha da Bateria

 Model & journalist Fábia  has been Tijuca's most identifiable star for many years. She makes her home in Madrid, Spain part of the year. Tijuca finished 2nd overall in 2004 & 2005

Fabia on YouTube


 Fabiana Andrade 

Fabiana on YouTube

Gisele Bündchen || News || Video

The planet's hottest Supermodel was born on July 20, 1980 in Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Gisele on YouTube

Juliana Paes
actress, model, & Niterio native

Juliana on YouTube

Ivete Sangalo
Salvador Singer is the toast of Carnaval nationally 

 [F] Ivete Sangalo @ youTube


Ivete on YouTube

Joana_Prado by
Official web site
In Portuguese feiticeira means female wizard or witch. A Feiticeira (The Witch) is also the name given in Brazil to the television show Bewitched.

Joana on YouTube
Luana Piovani 

Luana on YouTube

Luíza Brunet 
Since 1982 Luiza has been a symbol of the Carioca Carnival and Imperatriz Leopoldinense, loved by all for her great heart and elegant manners. 

Luiza on YouTube
Luciana Gimenez 
Tattooing: A scorpion on the right foot Piercing: A crystal star in umbigo (belly button)

Luciana Gimenez by

Luciana on YouTube

Luma de Oliveira 
madrinha da bateria da Viradouro

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The much loved and admired Carnaval Queen has appeared on the cover of a record 5 Playboy magazines

Luma on YouTube


Nana Gouvêa
well known standout of Rio Carnaval before becoming a TV star

Nana on YouTube
Rachel Blanc

Rachel Blanc, madrinha da bateria for Império Serrano, is a tigress on the avenue

Rio de Janeiro, 24/02/2004
- Rachel Blanc e Kiko do Pandeiro deram um show no desfile da Império Serrano.
 Renata Banhara by

Renata on YouTube

Sheila Carvalho by

YouTube video added

 July 30, 2006 From  fanatico1982 and is from Playboy magazine foto session

Sheila on YouTube
Sheila Mello by

Sheila on YouTube


Suzana Werner

Suzana Werner, Ex-Freundin von Brasiliens Fußballstar Ronaldo
 photo by

Suzana on YouTube

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Susana Alves

 [F] Tiazinha





Tiazinha on YouTube



Valéria Valenssa  
Rio Carnaval's most famous body of the nineties and despite reports of her demise the cusp of the the 3rd millennium as well.

Valeria on YouTube


Viviane Araújo -carnaval  

Viviana on YouTube

Still More Brazilian Carnaval Muses

2005 || Carnaval_2006.htm

Giane Carvalho
The new Globeleza, announced in 2005 never got much of a chance and seems to be fading as fast as she appeared.

News about Brazilian models in English

2007 Playboy brazil covers
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Adriana_Lima , Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Claudia Michels  and Isabel Fontana are Brazilian international supermodels with no Carnaval on their resumes as yet.  In November of 2006 Brazilian model  Ana_Carolina_Reston died from anorexia at the age of 21. Adriana_Lima Other Brazilian models to watch include Tatiana Da Silva.

 In 2006 listed 49 models in its directory.

The magazine in Brazil makes  heavy use of celebrities to attract its target public, especially actresses and Tv hostesses. This strategy is facilitated by the general perception of the Playboy magazine as a tasteful medium for a nudity pictorial, as opposed to other adult magazines  attracting young models looking launch their careers. Playboy also makes extensive use of circumstantial celebrities, such as stage assistants from TV shows or women who took part recently in TV reality shows.

Luma de Oliveira - Credit: 
Since January of 2005, the record holder for most covers is the actress and former model Luma de Oliveira, who had a total of 5 covers (September 1987, March 1988, March 1990, May 2001 and January 2005).

More photos of Carnaval muses
adrianegalisteu08_unidosdatijuca_f_033.jpg (22993 bytes)
Adriane Galisteu in 2005
kellykey06_vilaisabel_f_025.jpg (20315 bytes)
Kelly Key
in 2007
nanagouvea10_portela_f_023.jpg (24750 bytes)
Nana Gouvea
in 2007