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Porto Alegre Turismo

Convention & Visitors Bureau

Rota Metrópole
Secretaria de Turismo RGS

Porto Alegre Tourism, is official tourism authority visitor Assistance  centers  are located at the Salgado Filho airport and inside the Farroupilha park, and also  by phone.

Rua dos Andradas, 680 - 3º andar - 90020-004 Fone: 212.1734 - 212.0721 Fax: 212.2432

Located at the junction of five rivers, the city is also known as "Porto do Sol" (Port of the Sun) and "Cidade Sorriso" (Smile City).

Leftist Agenda
The city has been an important convergence zone for left-wing parties and their ideas, this lead to the city being the location of the annual World Social Forum [wiki/
WorldSocialForum]  in 2001. Participation in each of the first three forums, which were held exclusively in Poro Alegre, has been estimated to be in excess of one hundred thousand people.

The World Social Forum is an open meeting place where groups and movements of civil society opposed to neo-liberalism and a world dominated by capital or by any form of imperialism, but engaged in building a planetary society centred on the human person, come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, for formulate proposals, share their experiences freely and network for effective action
more at wiki

 190emergency number  from any phone.

In downtown Porto Alegre, you will find lots of pickpockets, so be aware! specifically in the dos Andradas street (commonly known as Rua da Praia) In other areas of the city, too.

Don't look too much like a tourist or you will attract the attention of young cute thugs.

Pronto-Socorro Municipal hospital is on Av. Osvaldo Aranha at the intersection with Venâncio Aires (tel 051/231-5900).

Santa Teresa hill, about 10mins from the centre, has an excellent view over all the city, but has at times been a hot-spot for assaults and robbery.

Av. Osvaldo Aranha, though very populated during the day also becomes an area to avoid after sunset, especially close to Redencao.

At night take a taxi, as it does not cost too much, and it is safer. This advice seems to be practiced by the natives as well as streets can seem very empty at night


110 w
It is the Brazilian capital with the highest level of education - 20% of family leaders have an university degree. There are two important universities in Porto Alegre - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and the Catholic University (PUCRS). UFRGS is among the three main universities of the country for post-graduation work In the Metro Region there are two other important universities - ULBRA and UNISINOS, and many university centers 
City Population: 
1,416,000 (2004)
Porto Alegre, one of the largest cities in southern Brazil, is the capital of Rio Grande do Sul State. Population:
Metropolitan area: 3,500,000, the 4th largest of Brazil and about the 10th in South America.
State Population : 9,163,200
From Brasília: 2,121 km
From Florianópolis: 469 km
From Curitiba: 711 km
From São Paulo: 1,123 km
From Rio de Janeiro: 1,578 km
From Belo Horizonte: 1,731 km
Neighborhoods: There are more than 70 neighborhoods and 2/3 of the population is concentrated in the Zona Norte (Northern Zone), where most of the economic activity is located.

Money: US Currency is accepted in most hotels.

Post offices At Rua Siqueira Campos 1100, Rua Sete de Setembro 1020 and Rua General Camara, near the waterfront Avenida Mauá.

Symbol of the City - The Manhattan of the Pampas (plains) – the row of skyscrapers – can be seen from the Zona Sul

the gaúchos, the cowboys of southern South America whose name is now used for all inhabitants of the state, whatever their origins. 

The Tallest Artificial Christmas Tree The tallest Christmas tree covered with artificial leaves made of PVC was 52 meters high. The Peace Tree was built by the Sonae Group and stood in the Moinhos de Vento Park in Porto Alegre from December 1, 2001 to January 5, 2002.

PER CAPITA INCOME US$ 5.9 thousand

ECONOMY Services: 64%; Commerce: 33%; Industry: 3%.
PORTO ALEGRE has the largest countryside among Brazilian capitals, with an expressive production of fruits and vegetables

the main business located in Porto Alegre we have
VARIG, Gerdau, Ipiranga, Zaffari and RBS General Motors (GM) is operating in Gravataí - located in the Metropolitan Region. In Alvorada Dell Computers is establishing a plant. In the health sector, there two hospitals considered among the best in Latin America (Santa Casa and HPCA). Commerce is a very important economic activity, vith many malls (like Rua da Praia and Shopping Iguatemi)

Porto Alegre is the centre of Brazil's third largest communications network, the Brazil South Network (Grupo RBS) and one of the foremost education establishments, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Cattle: With a flock numbering 13.9 million head of cattle and 10 million head of sheep, the state is also a major meat producer. Its beef - with which the Gaúchos make the best barbecues in the world - is acclaimed both in Brazil and abroad. The leather and shoe industries are spin-offs from cattle production

Port of  Porto Alegre  lying on the eastern bank of the Rio Guaíba at the point where its waters empty into the huge Lagoa dos Patos is one of Brazil's largest port. Located near the main access roads to Porto Alegre, is 4 km away from the Salgado Fillho International Airport and has access to the railway station, through the docks of Mauá and Navegantes .  

Port Alegre by webcams
"In the Cidade Baixa area, if you don't want to drink and party at night, I suggest a very great restaurant: Fofa. I did not put this tip in the Restaurant tip because it is a bohemian tip. This restaurant is at the very central area of the Cidade Baixa. The owners of this restaurant are two Uruguayans, Costantino (Costa) and Dario (the cooker). ...good plates with meat, a lot of delicious olive oil, garlic, rice, bread, salad, and the Uruguayan typical spice: 'chemichurri'. Amazing."
cwo at virtualtourist


Porto Alegre, [state of Rio Grande do Sul] the largest city in southern Brazil and capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre has emerged as the closest thing to the capital city of Download MERCOSUR, or the  the Southern Cone’s focal point for growing business between the four country trade block of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. This is the most important cultural centre and literary centers south of São Paulo with two fine universities."  However Porto Alegre is not known as a tourist city so it helps to do some advance research 

The city, located on the Guaiba River, was founded in 1742 by immigrants from the Azores. The City was largely built in the 20th century by European immigrants, particularly from Germany, Poland, and Italy.  Situated on the shores of huge, deep fresh water lagoon called Lago dos Patos, it is a modern city and also the gaúcho capital of Brazil, 
An important port of entry to the region, it has an airport which is one of the countries busiest airports, with connecting flights to all major national cities.  Porto Alegre is predominantly an industrial city in which the country’s main food, textile and shipping industries are located, the landscape of this beautiful city is considered to have the greatest concentration of trees in Brazil
Don't miss the
Porto Alegre sunset over its main river, Guaíba. Best enjoyable at western places like Gasômetro and Ipanema.

Getting There
Rio Grande do Sul , bordering Argentina and Uruguay, is their first or last experience of Brazil. By air from Sao Paulo its 1.5 hours versus 18 by bus.

AIR: Aeroporto Internacional Salgado Filho (POA)
Av. Severo Dulius 90010; Bairro São João
Porto Alegre - RS CEP:90.200-310
PABX:(51) 3358-2000 FAX:(51) 3358-2549
located 4.3 miles (7km) from downtown built in 2001
Aeroporto de Porto Alegre by 

all major brazilian airlines (VARIG, TAM, GOL, BRA, Webjet) and some foreign ones (AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS, OCEANAIR, PLUNA, UAIR).

gives a nice list with links of Airlines serving this airport
TAM Linhas
Av. Jurandir, 856/ 3º andar
Aeroporto - 04072-000 - São Paulo/SP
Fone: 11 5582-9424 - 11 55828811 Fax: 11 5582-9425
Celular: 11 99775386 Fone /Direto: 11 31735403
90510-000 - Porto Alegre/RS.
Fone: 3323-3200 - 0800.123100
Varig Rua dos Andradas, 1107
Porto Alegre/RS
Fone/Fax: 3210-3900

 The airline is 10km from the City Center and has its own metro stop
"nicest airport, it's new, it's not very far from the subway to the airport terminal, and it's clean. ...many airport sleepers on connecting flights from and to Argentina and Paraguay are among them. The heating system during the cold winters is just great, you couldn´t care less about the +3°C outside. There is a McDonalds restaurant and a couple of good cafes, with cheap snacks. They even have 3 movie theatres at the brand new terminal"
Porto Alegre Airport by sleeping

BUS: The long distance bus station /)") is located downtown and is served by several national and international lines (UNESUL, TTL, EGA, PLUMA, FLECHABUS, CHILEBUS). It is also connected to a trensurb station and several municipal bus lines. Going North you have all good bus connection allover Brazil,, but be sure to take an express bus if you go to Uruguay or to Argentina and avoid the constant stopping enroute

CAB: the nearby trensurb station is not exactly close to the airport facility and the available buses don't take you that close to your downtown hotel and the cab rides are not very expensive.

By car Porto Alegre is served by two major highways: BR-116, crossing it North-South and BR-290, crossing it East-West. The first can be used to visit destinations like (Gramado & Camelo both North); the latter gives access to/from Rio Grande do Sul's litoral (East) and to/from Argentina (West).

Be advised that some of these roads are dangerous, for they have poor signaling/conditions and lots of trucks. Keep your travels by car on these roads to the duplicated ones and, if possible, during the day.

Getting Around There
Since 1999, the largest road work ever, the Terceira Perimetral (Third Perimetral) has been under construction throughout the city. The Terceira Perimetral is 12 km long, connecting the North and the South of the city

Metro: one-line metro called Trensurb with 15 stations inc. ,  central station by the port (called Estação Mercado Modelo), the rodoviária (which is the next stop) and the airport (three stops further on). However its not so good for seeing the City as it primarily connects the big city with the suburbs..

Bus: go to the Public Market: where all the buses of Porto Alegre stops, so you can go to anywhere and from anywhere to here. If you want to take the train to de cities of the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre that is where you will have to go
Avis Rent A Car  Av. Ceará, 444  90240510 Porto Alegre RS
Fone: 51 33424400 Fax: 51 33425542
Europcar - Locadora de Veículos Av. Carlos Gomes, 152
Cep.: 90480-000 - Porto Alegre/RS
Fone: (51) 2101-3876 / 334

 Visit our Map & Guide Section in the Image Server
Download Downtown Section of grid map. Click through for rest of sections provided by Convention & visitor's bureau
Download Multi-map gives good roads between cities detail using a zoom interface
Download Large map with street name detail and highlights in 3-d by City of Porto Alegre

Food & Drink
Food: Churrasco or Brazilian style barbecue is the food most associated with Porto Alegre and the whole south region. The grilled meat should be prepared just with a special kind of salt (sal grosso) often with just manioc flour as the side dish. The cattle ribs is one of the most popular meat but a wide variety of meats is available.  Restaurants all over the state and especially in the capital,  serve up myriad of cuts and varieties of tender beef from massive skewers brought round to your table.
 Chimarrão is a typica beverage of the goucho

The traditional beverage is the "erva mate" (a kind of tea). 

Chalet of the XV de Novembro Plaza
Located along the Glênio Peres Square, it is one of the most traditional bar-draft beer-restaurants in the city, where the last “lambe-lambe” photographs of the region work. [“Lambe-lambes” are photographers who develop pictures outdoor using the oldest method known.] In the Bavarian style, with art nouveau traits, the centenary Chalet was built up on a demountable steel structure, keeping its original chandeliers and tiles even nowadays. It is located at XV de Novembro Plaza, Downtown.

Directory fo Bars & Restaurant by [ 16 members w/ contact & 5 websites]

Nightlife           BOITES =nightclubs
Porto Alegre has a rich welcoming  night life. There are 3 neighborhoods to know which are full of bars and places to dance.

Cidade Baixa

The corner between Gal Lima e Silva Street and República Street is the center of the neighboorhood's nightlife. In the weekends, it's streets gets crowded of people drinking and having a good time. Cavanhas, Pingüim, Copão, Cotiporã, Panorama (most cheap beer) are some of the bars where you can drink beer and grab some french fries. To dance MPB (brazilian popular music), historical street João Alfredo has many excellent options.
Small bars on 'Republica' street are great.
Calçada da Fama

Padre Chagas Street is full of more fashionable bars, like Lilliput and Dado Pub.

Goethe Avenue has
a concentration of bars (Tri Bar, Arsenal, Dolphin's), great hotdog called 'Bagé Dog' and dance clubs, like Manara.
Rua Fernando Gomes has a nice concentration of pubs, cafes, bars
Avenida Osvaldo Aranha, alongside the Parque Farroupilha and near the Federal University has Bars with live music and most with a predominantly young and trendy clientele,

DANCING -In Cidade Baixa the historical street João Alfredo has many excellent options. Discos include Dado Bier, Manara, & Venezza,

Manara: The place has different environments and a variety of patrons on different floors   The Sundays well popular. Live music to dance 'coladinho' & very forró university sound of. Convenient parking

PIPE [Rua Tobias da Silva, 241
 Phone:(51)3346 2033] has live music every day, jazz, BPM and blues. There are people to take care of your car.

Manara. [Av. Goethe] "I particularly like Sunday evenings, when you can listen and dance to forró. If you like some blues and jazz, you have to go to Music Hall [Vasco da Gama st.] It's a kind of pub, where you can listen to great live music. Both are quite close, in Moinhos de Vento area"

Dress for Girls: If you want to dance some forró, it's not a good idea to wear long and/or tight skirts. It's not comfortable to dance. A good pair of trousers is the best choice. General: Some places don't accept sneakers....

--- RaquelMac on 26AUG02 at

Speak English
Start Talking Café [
Avenida Maryland 1587 CEP 90440-191 Tel:(051) 388453] Take the T9 bus from the Praça Dom Feliciano in the centre, ask the driver for the 'segunda parada da Maryland' (second stop) and you're there.]
"If you'd like to meet other travelers, ex-pats or someone who you can speak English to, go to 'Start Talking', run by Armÿn, a Dutch friend of mine and is specifically for Brazilian students who want to practice English, ex-pats to meet up and chat in English or travelers to meet people." ---apfear on Aug-2002 at virtualtourist

Porto Alegre Guide to Sex  Food and sex a lotcheaper than in Rio,Porto Alegre is in the far South of Brazil, with a much colder climate...The good tourist office at the airport makes your hotel reservation  Vermelho 27, Rua Pelotas 160, 228 3227
Madrigal Av Farrapos 1351 222 9820
Swing Night Club Av. Farrapos 1312; 346 2647
Gruta Azul Av Farrapos 1274; 2229380
Caleche Av Farrapos 508 226 3281
Kymball Av Farrapos 1092 221 6080
Erectus Av Farrapos 837
Bordo, Av Getulio Vargas 668
Bar Sauna 168, Av Cristovao Colombo 168; 221 4938
Sauna Gaucha Av Cristovao Colombo 378
Regina Av Erico Verissimo 472; 223 3314

The climate is subtropical, with hot summers and mild winters and wet all year. There are 4 seasons with a distinct winter between June and September
Temperature: 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F) during summer and 2°C to 15°C (35°F to 59°F) during winter The average temperature in January is 24,5°C and in July 14,3°C, with record temperatures being 40,7° in 1943 and -4,0° in 1918. Thunderstorms are very common.
The coldest part – in fact the only part of Brazil which ever gets really cold – is the South and Southeast, the region roughly from central Minas Gerais to Rio Grande do Sul, which includes Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Porto Alegre.

Download Mercado Público Central - Central Market This neoclassical architecture building was opened in 1869. From 1995 to 1996 suffered a major restauration process, which modified its origianl structure. With over 100 shops and stores, there is great variety of options: restaurants, fruit and fish stores, and a famous ice cream parlor. Open from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 23:30, Saturdays from 11:00 to 20:00.
  • Brique da Redenção: Large popular street fair/flea market near Parque da Redenção. Find lots of authentic gaúcho art, crafts, furniture and hand-made stuff. There's a lively atmosphere, with street performers and thronging bars and restaurants. It happens every Sunday, from 9am to 6pm.
  • Iguatemi: In north zone of the city, Av João Wallig 1800,  the biggest Shopping Center of Porto Alegre.   (in portuguese)
  • Bourbon Shopping Country: One of the biggest Shopping Centers in town, near the airport on Av Tulio de Rose, 100. It have a large variety of stores and restaurants.
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