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Machel Montano HD - The Book of Angels

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2008 February
4th - 5th

2009 February
23rd - 24th

2010 February
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2011 - March
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The Carnival Road March is
the musical composition played most often at the "judging points" along the parade route during Carnival. The Road March title is among the most prestigious titles in Trinidad Carnival. The most Road march titles have gone to the Mighty Sparrow and Super Blue with 8 each and the late Lord Kitchener with 10. Originating as part of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, the term has been applied to other Caribbean Carnivals.
Musical competitions make up a large part of Carnival and to win a competition is highly coveted. For example, to be named Calypso Monarch is one of the island's greatest honors, and the competition is aired on television. Along with the honor comes an enormous trophy, a car, TT $500,000 (approx. US $78,600) and possible endorsements and other contracts. Other prestigious titles are Soca Monarch, Road March and Panorama Champions - for which the 2007 prize is TT $1. million (US $157,230.).
Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is the event of the year. It is said that if the islanders are not celebrating it then they are preparing for it while reminiscing about the past year's festival. The heart of the musical celebration is the calypso. Recently, Soca has replaced Calypso as the a mainstream type of music.
Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TT$)
1USD = $6TT (approx)
1GBP = $13TT (approx)
INSOMNIA 2007 [Trinidad Carnival]
 Carnival 2007 on the streets of Port of Spain.
Carnival Tuesday by the "Stage". NOTE: IT IS BETTER TO KEEP THE VOLUME LOW
Trinidad Carnival 2007 most interesting


Road March Song of the Year for Carnival 2007 belongs to  Machel Montano and Kernel Roberts with the runaway hit Jumbie who took the prize with the widest margin in the history of the the Carnival

Jumbie earned an overall 388 plays while Shurwayne Winchester’s Open The Gate came in a distant second with 34 plays, only one play above third placed Patrice Roberts with Sugar Boy, who shared fourth place with Montano with Light it Up.

The slower paced Cold Sweat by Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung rounded off fifth place with 17 plays.

Kernel Roberts, son of the late Lord Kitchener was credited by Montana for the inspiration for it and he had the melody.  "He came to me with it,” said Montano, who credited other members of the HD family including soca artiste Zan for their input on the hit.

Last year, another collaboration, Band of the Year, sung by Montano and former Road March queen Patrice Roberts but penned by Kernel, was played 334 times compared to Winchester’s second place Ah Can’t Wait at 98.competition.

Brian MacFarlane repeated as the declared winner in the Large Band category for 2007. In 2005, he was triumphant when he designed and led his first full presentation The Washing ByFireByWater and took home the medium band title. [more]




Wendy Fitzwilliam, getting ready for the 2008 Carnival after being frequently photographed as above in the 2007 Carnival came to the defense of the bikini mas aesthetic recently challenged by the rise of Brian McFarlane band to the top position in the 2007 Carnival.
The former Ms Universe is an avid masquerader with Harts Carnival Band, which is proud of being known as a band frequented by beautiful women seeking their stunning creations featuring little beyond  beads, glitter and bikinis stereotype, however begs to differ.

 "Carnival is the fabric of Trinidad and Tobago. In a real tangible way it affects all aspects of our life." [more]



Sexy Trinidad Carnival 2007
Trinidad Carnival 2007
trini girl wine traditional pan, pretty mas,true spirit of Carnival....Trinidad 2007 Carnival 2k7 sexy girls
From: dbon64 Duration 10:02
Damn carnival was off the chain for 2007 ... and I will be playing mas again for "2008"... I eh really seeing Trini Revellers... but we were good.... Plus I find the costumes from many bands like "island people" and "tribe" was great too... So in the words of Shurwayne Winchester.... "I Can't Wait!!!!!" till my plane touch down in Trini for carnival 2008....
Hi ! My name's Katia, i'm french. I live in Bordeaux. I'm 25 years old. I come in February 2th 2008 to see the carnival. I'm happy. Bye
Katianette, will you be playing in a Carnival band, I would love to include you in my 2008 Carnival video.
Machel Montano, Sexy ladies, Crazy Water, & Fireworks

[begins w/ "Ready for Mas Again"~ Machel]

This above video production of  INSOMNIA 2007 [Trinidad Carnival]is by  who are located on Hope Road, in
 the West Indies

MACHEL MONTANO mash up Girl Power 2007, [Trinidad Carnival] another part of Machel's performance at Girl Power,
Brian MacFarlane


The band's choreographed production India: The story of Boyie nudged last year's winner, Trini Revellers' La Revolution Francaise into second spot.

"It (India: The story of Boyie) was the first ever portrayal of an entirely East Indian large band. (And) there were many skeptics around me who thought that we were destroying any chances of success with this presentation. There were many people who thought that it (our presentation) would offend, and (that it) was disrespectful," an elated MacFarlane said yesterday.

"But I am really happy that Trinidadians, and masqueraders on the whole, have appreciated our intricate detail of the costumes and their choreographed place in the band."

For MacFarlane, it was the first time that his band had won in the large band category. It was his second year as a designer/bandleader in the large band category and his third year overall as a bandleader. He also took the Lil Hart award in the large band category.

In 2004, MacFarlane was also triumphant in the medium band category when he designed and led his first full presentation The Washing -By Fire, By Water.

Yesterday, he said: "I am very excited and more so for the masqueraders, they wanted to win. But I kept telling them that I did it for the art. The exotic images of India, rich in colour and ornamentation have always fascinated me. And I plan to continue this Carnival tradition of hand-crafting costumes for 'the theatre of the streets' in my presentation next year, to capture that traditional sense of Carnival."

MacFarlane, who started his costume-designing career as an unpaid proletariat with renowned mas-maker Raoul Garib, gained the most number of points in the large band category, more than 45 points ahead of David Cameron's Trini Revellers.  It was in 1994 that Brian won his first King of Carnival and the best designer with the portrayal, 'The Conquest' by Anthony Paul. This costume went on that same year to be crowned 'Carnival King of the World', at the first ever, International King and Queen of Carnival Competition in Trinidad and Tobago which hosted entrants from some thirty-eight countries.

 In 2000 Brian designed for Roslyn Gabriel's junior Queen of Carnival entitled 'Exodus the Power and the Glory'. This spectacular creation gave the appearance of an entirely different design when the individual moved in different directions and broke all records for Carnival, winning the seventeen competitions in which it was entered.

In 2005 Mr. McFarlane designed and led his first full presentation, 'The Washing by fire by water', which copped band of the year medium category title and created great hope for mas in Trinidad & Tobago. In 2006, his creation 'Threads of Joy'; won several accolades: Band of the Year Downtown, on the Greens, at the Renegade competition and 2nd place at the Savannah.

For his 2008 presentation, Earth – Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope the defending champion intends to once again bring stunningly designed, hand crafted Mac Farlane Carnival costumes like those shone here and at his website


Rupee- What Happens In The Party
Festival is our time
To get on and unwind
And do the things that we
Would not do normally
People wid drinks in hand
Some winin fine like sand
Make sure you understand
That you can tell no one
  What happens in de party
Stays in de party
What happens in de party
Stays in dis party
So if you see Sharon wine with Stevie
It stays in de party
Even though she married
Even in de party
Red Ants J'ouvert Crew Slide show

Royalty Trinidad carnival 2007 vol 1

From: trinicali Nice music & fotos


Band of D Year - Patrice Roberts & Machel Montano

 2006 Road March

We reach de stage, we warming up
Through your hands dem in de air (ah want to see yuh mash it up)
We going and cross, we gearing up
To take band of d year
We reach de stage, we warming up
All we posse done prepare
Now we going and cross, every man jack line up
Leh we storm and take de band of de year

 Machel Montano -- What Is Soca Music?

Turn it up, turn it up
Start de jumpin' by de truck
We go jump up for de festival (hand in de air, rag in de air)
Turn it up, turn it up
We go jump and mash it up
Jump around and make ah bacchanal

No stalling, no stalling now (doh stall on meh)
You know we depend on you
Make it some how, make it some how (we got to make it through)
We gotta get through it
Don't give up today (say never give up, no way)
Chippin all the way (is so we chip every day)
Don't give up before we start ah little
Jumpin' (start de jumping up)
And wavin' (start de waving up)
And winin' (start de wining up)
With yuh hands up in de air

[More @] or Band of D Year (BODY)” from

For Road March 2008, Machel & Patrice has released “Rollin”. Can they do it again for 2008?
Patrice Roberts -2007 Soca Monarch Finalist
  singing 'Sugar Boy' Duration 01:22
From: starbucksprince with

Trini Jungle Juice




Trinidad & Tobago
1. Jumbie - Machel Montano (388)
2. Open D'Gate - Sherwayne Winchester (34)
3. Sugar Boy - Patrice Roberts (33)
4. Light It Up - Patrice Roberts & Machel (22)
5. Cold Sweat - Crazy (17)
George Bailey Award (Large Band of the Year)
1. Macfarlane Carnival - 'India - The Story of Boyie' (1304)
2. Trini Revellers - 'The French Revolution' (1258)
3. Legacy - Hiawatha (1240)
Harold Saldenah Award (Large Band of the Year)
1. Trini Revellers - 'The French Revolution' (423)
2. Legacy - Hiawatha (406)
3. Pulse 8 - 'Cocktails, You Shake We Stir' (366)
Lil Hart Award (Large Band of the Year)
1. Macfarlane Carnival - 'India - The Story of Boyie' (466)
2. Island People Mas - 'Sahara' (417)
3. Trini Revellers - 'The French Revolution' (414)
Downtown Band of the Year
1. Macfarlane Carnival - 'India - The Story of Boyie'
Calypso Monarch
1. Cro Cro - 'Nobody Eh Go Know' (428)
2. De Fosto - 'Police Money' (423)
3. Devon Seales - 'One Song' (420)
4. Maria Bhola - 'I Love You' (418)
5. Chalkdust - 'Soca Warriors'
6. Duane O'Conner - 'Satorial Elegance' (412)
7. Sean Daniel - 'No Ring, No Ting' (410)
8. Skatie - 'Eat Yuh Cake and Have It' (402)
9. Heather McIntosh - 'Check I' (394)
10. Shadow - 'Ah Coulda' (392)
11. Singing Sandra - 'Sundan' (385)
12. Mr Caesar - Carry Me' (382)
13. (Tie) Crazy - 'Paradise' / Brother Valentino 'Pioneers' (379)
15. Black Sage - 'Send for Somebody' (367)
King of the Bands
1. Curtis Eustace - "D'Wrath of Tutankumhan" (424)
2. Geraldo Veira Sr. - "Vision of the Snow Warriors" (422)
3. Lionel Jagessar Jr. - "Wa Chink Sapa, Native Healer" (400)
4. Earl Thompson - Scorpion King (394)
5. Jason Mohammed - "The Spirit of the Shaman" (393)
6. Wade Madray - "Native Warrior" (388)
7. Roland St. George - "Les Bijoux" (384)
8. Dave Larkhan - "Lord of the Jungle" (383)
9. Ronald Mayers - "Predators of the Night" (363)
10. Kenwyn Millington - "The Mask of Pierrot, that Mocking Pretender" (349)
Queen of the Bands
1. Peola Marchan - "The Incadescence of Beatrice Love Has Bought" (409)
2. Susan Low - "Eve - The Garden of Eden" (400)
3. Lenore Caterson - "Shakti, Goddess of D'Forest" (398)
4. (TIE) Gloria Dallsingh - "D'Lady of Glamour and Glitter" / Anra Bobb - "Ohina, Lady of D'Morning" (388)
5. Leslie-Ann Boisselle - "Fusion, The Spirit of Togetherness" (377)
6. Pamela Gordon - "D'Ritual" (374)
7. Annemarie Quammie - "A Manzanilla Sling at the La Boucan" (372)
8. Inez Gould - "Light Up The Ball (368)
9. Rosemarie Kuru Jagessar - "Soyala, Winter Queen" (350)


Medium Conventional Bands
1. Neal & Massy All-Stars (288.5)
2. Phase II Pan Groove (286.5)
3. Sagicor Exodus (275)
4. WITCO Desperadoes (274.5)
5. Tropical Angel Harps (269.5)
6. BP Renegades (269)
7. PCS Starlift (260.5)
7. Caribbean Airlines Invaders (260.5)

Medium Conventional Bands
1. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille (279)
2. Excellent Stores Silver Stars (278)
3. CLICO Sforzata (277)
4. Carib Dixieland (276)
5. Katzenjammers (275)
6. Lee Chongs Pan Glow (269)
7. Harmonites (266)
8. Arima Angel Harps (263)


Power Soca Monarch
1. Iwer George (275)
2. Nadia Batson (269)
3. Sherwayne Winchester 258)
4. Patrice Roberts (252)
bmobile Peoples Choice: Sherwayne Winchester

Groovy Soca Monarch
1. Biggie Irie
2. Chucky
3. Nadia Batson
4. Sherwayne Winchester
bmobile Peoples Choice: Sherwayne Winchester

Extempo / Calypso / Soca Chutney / Limbo

TUCO Extempo Results
1. Joseph Laplaceliere (Lingo)
2. Phillip Murray (Black Sage)
3. Myron Bruce (The Incredible Myron B)

TUCO Humourous Calypso
1. Winston Bailey (Mighty Shadow) - 'If Ah Coulda'
2. Wendell Aikin - 'Stepmothers'
3. Anthony Hendrickson (All Rounder) - 'Bull Bull Vex'
4. Victor McDonald (Mr Mack)
5. Kenson Neptune (Ninja)

TUCO Political Commentary
1. Maria Bola - 'I Love You'
2. Anthony Hendrickson (All Rounder) - 'Calypsonians Tongue Ties'
3. Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust) - 'We and Them'
4. Carlos James (Skatie)
5. Patrick Lewis (Revealer)

TUCO Social Commentary
1. Wendy Thomas Garrick - 'Another Cepep Gang'
2. Leslie Ann Ellis - 'Little Girls'
3. Karen Eccles - 'A Mother's Response'

TUCO Chutney Soca
1. Heralal Rampertap - 'Old Man'
2. Tricia Hamilton (Sexy Tricia) - 'Callaloo'
3. Lynette Steam (Lady Gypsy) - 'Lall'
4. Marva McKenzie
5. Morel Peters (Luta)

1. Marcel Bennet (Holy Cross College)
2. Erphan Avles (St. George College)
3. Gerelle Forbes (St. Francios Girls College)

1. Tenisha Weekes (Melville Memorial Girls) - Schoolbag Dilemme
2. Dariem Charles (Sangre Grande Edu. Inst.) - Teach Our Kaiso History
3. Ezekiel Yorke (St. Mary's College) - From the Cradle to the Grave

1. Maria Bola - 'I Love You'
2. Terry Lyons - 'Ah Feel It'
3. Monique Hector - 'Why We Lost'

1. Roger Mohammed (Bodyguard) - 'Ungrateful Pastor'
2. Marvin Lewis (Mr King) - 'Borderline'
3. Roderick Gordon (Mr Chucky) - 'Street Justice'

1. Rooplal Girharie - 'Mera Peeya (My Beloved)' / 'Sweet Music'
2. Rikki Jai - 'Bol Boley' / 'Kangan Churawey'
3. Heeralal Rampartap - 'Old Man' / 'Bolai Lauwa'


  • BEST COSTUME: Sacred Sand for IP, Dragon (blatantly biased) for TRIBE, Macfarlane whole band for having big mas and amazing costumes
  • WORST COSTUME: Raiders for IP (ahmm that is NOT a costume), Bat for TRIBE, Golden Era for Trini Revellers
  • WORST LIVE PERFORMER FOR THE SEASON: Tie between Zan and Crazy.
  • WORST DRESSED PERFORMER: Mestra (I was going to let her slide up until Lara)
  • BEST DRESSED PERFORMER: Machel who always look spiffy although he strips onstage every time cause he sweats through all the clothes.
  • BEST SOCA VIDEO: Machel, Jumbie cause I'm biased and tired see Shurwayne do the towel thing and have the Shiv Shakti dancers
  • BEST NEW ARTIST: Oluntunji from Roy Cape.Honorable mention to Kizzy from El-a-Kru (Antigua) for Expose.Her video nearly win for worst video though.
  • BEST COME BACK ARTIST: The man formerly known as Iwer George (seriously he asked to be referred to as "The big man in the business")
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Saucy Wow Belfon for her contribution to the art of wining and having the belly to put on white spandex and wine down.
  • Lots more awards @
    2007 Carnival Pookie Awards @
    Juliet de la Bastide, Band owner for Legacy Mas Band while expressing her appreciation for the traditional mas of Peter Minshall, Brian Mc Farlane and others, refuted the claims made by a spectator that most of the Big Band costumes lack creativity.



     "It is unfair to deem designers of costumes with bikini and beads uncreative. These designers are usually the ones who challenge themselves ultimately as they strive to capture a theme with limited material. Furthermore, perception underpins creativity. What you see in a costume is the designer's interpretation of a theme.

    "Like in art, in mas, themes can be expressed in different forms and fashions," she alleged. Legacy's theme for 2008 Carnival is Passages; a theme which De Lasbastide claimed illustrates a journey through Africa. Hence the use of feathers, beads and by and large bikinis are used to depict belly dancers, snake charmers, wildlife and other dimensions of Africa. Creativity to the fullest Juliet de la Bastide stated.

    Wendy Fitzwilliam believes pretty mas while essentially being about the fun of dressing up is also a metaphor for clean balanced living when you put the extra effort into it.

    "Fundamentally, all types of mas contribute to the essence of Trini Carnival. The traditional mas is fun mas where bandleaders really live outside the box, using theatre to bring characters to life. While the bikini and beads mas is pretty, light and fun as well," she declared. Fitzwillaim further suggested that other Carnival traditions such as the family mascamp atmosphere should also be maintained in Carnival. "I believe in having everything in moderation and I consider balance an important element in all aspects of life. For me, Harts gives me that balance. Harts' presentation is clean, classic and consistent. The band also maintains the family mascamp tradition where families gather to design costumes taking a drink or two letting the creative juices flow," the former Miss Universe and one of Carnivals most celebrated ambassadors concluded.  [adopted from an article by Lorraine Waldropt for Trinidad Express]

    DownloadMike Antoine and Juliet De La Bastide's Legacy presentation, Hiawatha, copped the third place position for the 2007 Large Band of the Year competition.


    Main page:
    #1 foto site
    Trinidad Carnival 2007 most interesting
    The results are in and accurate to 26JAN2008. A bit surprising, we'll be back for another look see in the due course of de carnival.