2007 Toronto Summer Carnival
2007 Toronto Summer Carnival
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2007 Carijama Video
2006 Carijama video
2007 Carnaval SF video Marking the beginning of the summer carnival season & carnaval.com's hometown carnaval
Carnivalissmo  at harbourfrontcentre.com


With over 100 events spanning just about everything arts-and-culture-related;
 "Luminato was created to bring Toronto's best to the world, and the world's best to Toronto."

Carnivals of the world united at the Harbourfront Centre's Carnivalissima and acted as a great launch to North America's largest festival Caribana

The Debut of Luminato & Carnivalissima


Spectacular Start to Luminato
Breathtaking Pulse Lights on Opening Weekend
Luminato June 1 - 10
From June 1 - 10 Luminato,Download Toronto's Festival of Arts and Creativity, will take centre stage as the world's newest International Arts festival. Luminato will attract hundreds of thousands of participants to its over 100 events in 2007, and expects to continually grow its program and audiences in the next few years.
ree, widely accessible events and "accidental encounters with art" are other important hallmarks of Luminato. At every turn, festival-goers are invited to participate, explore and celebrate their own creative spirit while enjoying everything Luminato has to offer.
Carnaval.com applauds the ambitious 2nd weekend 3 day [June 8-10th] best of Carnaval presentation: Carnivalissima @ Harbourfront in this inaugural year. Joy in the present!
We hope organizers appreciate their opportunity to give the megacity a multicultural Carnaval season by committing early to bring back this component of their wide ranging arts festival next year as a guiding principle of the fest-for-all.

Other 2007 Arts Festivals Highlights include:
* OPENING NIGHT CONCERT - The inaugural Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity shines its light on Toronto this June.

* 24 FRAMES PER SECOND - an introduction to the history and technology of the moving image
* ART OF JAZZ - an extraordinary array of performances, gathering jazz greats of today and rising stars of tomorrow http://www.artofjazz.org/
* AURORAS/TESTIMONY - two new works by artists Atom Egoyan and Kutlug Ataman result in a provocative discourse
* BOOK OF LONGING - A spectacular union of living legends as composer Philip Glass interprets the poetry of Leonard Cohen.
* NORMAN - thrill to the multimedia magic of 4D art, as you travel inside the creative universe of filmmaking pioneer Norman McLaren
* NOT THE MESSIAH - A Comic Oratorio Inspired by Monty Python's Life of Brian
* THE WALKER PROJECT: ESCAPE FROM HAPPINESS - three vibrant portraits of hardscrabble urban life from internationally acclaimed Toronto playwright George F. Walker
* VIDA! - sensual new exploration of Cuba's richly vivid social history, as interpreted by Lizt Alfonzo's landmark Danza Cuba.

Luminato will be an annual multi-genre celebration featuring theatre, classical and contemporary music, dance, visual arts, film, literature, and more. The festival will feature highly acclaimed World Premieres, innovative new work and unexpected collaborations that result in unforgettable creative moments.

Luminato's three touchstones -collaboration, diversity, and accessibility -will continue to set Toronto's Festival of Arts & Creativity apart on the world stage. Since early 2006, $10 million has been raised towards mounting the inaugural Luminato Festival from June 1 to 10, 2007. Luminato began as a big idea, an aspiration for Toronto to realize its true potential as one of the most creative cities in the world. 

Volunteers also welcome! luminato.com 

Suspended instant of beauty
Carlito Daceggio - secret silk society
[mail[3].jpg]The Secret Silk Society is an invitation for anyone who refuses to live in the first level of reality. People who understand that there is a second level of reality can discover a more emotional and compassionate one, a world that you cannot see with your eyes but you can feel. A spiritual world that does not exist in the physical, yet exists as a society for those who will to discover something new." http://www.inspirecarlito.blogspot.com/

  Luminato Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity

Carnivalissima 2007
From June 8 to 10 at
part of the new

  Luminato Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity

"The madcap reign of the Merry Monarch and his jester court of the Lords of Misrule is proclaimed for two days and three nights as Harbourfront Centre becomes the centre of the Carnival universe.

All routes lead to Congo Square, opening wide a charmed circle of celebration and making merry. Drum Nations summon-up dancing spirits. Earth-pounding, sky-reaching.

From Salvador, Bahia --the capital of the African Diaspora in the Americas and the world's greatest street Carnaval comes the most celebrated of all Carnaval Bands

3:01 Live @ Harbour Front, Toronto - June 9, 2007

5:05 Olodum in Toronto

Harmony extends to Melody, an invitation to the Dance!!

Keepers of the rhythm testify to the rebirth of a new creation, born out of cultural interaction.

2:42 machel at harbourfront centre toronto
Book of Longing  is a world premiere concert by renowned composer Philip Glass, based on Leonard Cohen's poetry in The Book of Longing. The evenings (June 1–3 at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre) feature musicians from various backgrounds,Download including classical and indie rock, with Leonard Cohen providing recorded words, and Glass himself on piano to accompany.luminato_bookoflonging.jpg

artist Carlito Dalceggio documented a spectacular live artistic event in the heart of downtown Toronto throughout the 10-day Luminato Festival. Each evening from June 1 to 10, Carlito will apply his artistic vision to a massive outdoor 51' x 34' canvas..

The Masquerade Ball is open to the public and is free. Dress in costume or come as you are—all are welcome! Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes and the best dancers to the music of Jay Douglas and the All Stars. A Tarot card reader, food for sale by Chef Ismat Juvani, and free Artistic Face Creations by Kromatik, will add that Mardi Gras flavour to the mix! The tent will have a full service bar.

Masquerade Ball Event Detailsluminato_top.jpg

8pm - Friday, June 8 Carnivalissima Tent

Carnivalissima 2007
From June 8 to 10 at
part of the new

Big Chief Brian Nelson and the Mardi Gras Indian Collective

Big Chief Brian and the Mardi Gras Indian Collective are dedicated to preserving the more than a century-old Mardi Gras Indian tradition.

The tradition of masquerading as Mardi Gras Indians has been carried on exclusively in the New Orleans African-American community since before the 1880s. During the era when people of African descent were enslaved, local Native Americans assisted and sheltered enslaved people who were able to escape. When African Americans began to participate in local Mardi Gras celebrations, they chose to masquerade as Native Americans to pay homage and respect to area Native Americans for the assistance granted to them. The music of this uniquely New Orleans tradition is poly-rhythmic, blending elements of jazz and African drumming techniques with the distinctive call and response style the of singing.

This eclectic group has excited audiences worldwide with their soulful songs, spirited dancing, and spectacular ritual attire of ostrich plumes, beaded images, rhinestones, and velvet.

Big Chief Brian Nelson - Guardians of the Flame
Big Chief Clarence Dalcour - Creole Osceola
Big Chief Gerard Dollis - Wild Magnolias
Queen Cherice Harrison-Nelson
Percussionist Shaka Zulu

2:45pm - Saturday, June 9 Carnivalissima Tent

Magia Negra is a Toronto based drum and dance company that performs Candombe, a lively and entrancing Afro-Uruguayan hybrid music form. Fused with various other world rhythms, including those of Brazil and Mardi Gras Carnivals, they produce a high-energy explosion of vibrant colours and sounds.


4pm - Saturday, June 9 Topsy Turvy Street Tent

Rhythmic Fire is a global dance group as are its members, totaling 25, whose ages range between 8 through 23 years and who come from across the globe. The various nationalities and genres of dance within Rhythmic Fire's repertoire represent Toronto's as well as Canada's rich ethnic diversity - from Salsa, Samba, and Hip hop, to Polynesian and Belly Dancing to name a few. Rhythmic Fire performs at many of the Latin festivals including Hispanic Day Parade, Latin Fest held at Canada's Wonderland and Salsa on St Clair.


6:30pm - Saturday, June 9 Topsy Turvy Lawn Stage


Olodum—based in Bahia, Brazil and widely credited for developing the music style Samba Reggae—have been performing since 1979, and are recognized internationally as ambassadors for Carnival in Rio de Janiero. Olodum's performing band (or Banda) has released records in its own right and the band's musicians have been featured on recordings by stars such as Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, Daniela Mercury, and Spike Lee among others.

9:30pm - Saturday, June 9 Concert Stage

Maracatu Nunca Antes

Nunca Antes is a high-energy percussion troupe that brings deep rhythm and raw
performance to Toronto's streets. Comprised of about 20 dynamic percussionists, the group plays Afro-Brazilian rhythms in a traditional style inherited from the Maracatu nations of Recife Brazi.

9:45pm - Saturday, June 9 Carnivalissima Tent
Baro Dunumba is a Toronto based ensemble dedicated to the study and performance of the percussion-based music of Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora. The group is aptly named after Baro, one of the villages in the region of Amana/Gberedou where the popular djembe drum was born and the people are acclaimed for their dununba—"the dance of the strong men."

11:00pm - Saturday, June 9 Brigantine Room

Sunday is Afro-Caribbean Day at the Carnivalissima Tent!
Calypso Calabash - Produced by Roger Gibbs and Ting-A-Ling productions. A show about the legacy of early Calypso (the Kaiso) featuring music, dance and storytelling. This is a 90 minute musical journey in four segments with scripted narration portraying the evolution of Calypso music from its folk roots to modern-day variations.

FireWalk Carnaval Parade

Start Points: Carnivalissima Tent & HTO Park

When day turns to night, Carnivalissima fires up the Toronto waterfront with spectacles of swirling fire dancers, daring fire eaters, majestic stilt performers, mythical giant puppets, and the glimmering lights of a thousand lanterns! Join this dance procession of shadow and light and follow the sound of Samba, Steel Pan, and Tassa Drums as we lead you through Harbourfront Centre's boardwalks and alleyways, transformed like you have never seen them before!

"FireWalk" comprises two routes of parading performers and participants. Like two glowing dragons, the crowds will grow in size and length as they approach the Congo Square from the East and the West.

Participating Bands include:
---The Swizzlestick Theatre
---Shadowland Theatre
---Clay and Paper Theatre
---Body Scapes
---Fire Sculptures by Bruce Smith
---Banethi-wallahs Fire Performers
---Hot Dog Inc. Fire Performers
---Big Chief Brian Nelson and the ---Mardi Gras Indian Collective

The Mercury Descent
---A Girl in the Sky Productions and Simon Gerard Productions

---Dance Caribe
---Olodum Samba Band
---Hummingbird Tassa Drummers
---Farmers Rhythm Section
---Lanterns by McDonalds Corners and Elphin Recreation and Arts
---Lanterns by Toronto District School Board Students
---Axé Capoeira


12:05 Performers & Audience
June 13, 2007 From:  torontovibe


Dancing with delight,
beats ebb, flow and resound
from the four directions,
into a
hand-clapping, foot stomping, hip shaking, heart warming