2007 Toronto Summer Carnival
2007 Toronto Summer Carnival
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Caribbean  Carnival Bands for Toronto Caribana 2007

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Carnival NationZ Quest for the 3peat band began with the Big Top Launch Saturday 14th May 2005
Venue: Fortress North, Toronto
Promoters: Island Boyz (IBz), Curtis Eustace, and D'Bandit
Callaloo's 10th Anniversary Band Launching
Launched May 12 by trinijungle
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Carnival Nationz Curtis Eustace ties for record 8 T&T Carnival King titles

 Curtis Eustace assured his entry into the ephemeral top tier Carnival Hall of Fame with his recent record 8th title at the premier  giant costume contest held in February at the 2007 Carnival in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. The win in 2007 gave  put him in a tie for 1st place in all-time wins with Peter Samuel.

In a 2007 interview with Carnaval.com Peter Samuel called for a ban wheels to prevent ever larger King costumes becoming more and more like floats. He expressed a some hope that the rules would changed and vowed that he would reenter the competition if the judges would again elevate the aesthetics and skill of costumes supported only be the body and balance of the contestant.

Peter Samuel, who's first win came in 1976 when he portrayed 'The Serpent' for Stephen Lee Yeung & Associates, went on to dominate the 80's, copping the title another seven times while portraying some of the most memorable pieces (like 'Man Crab' and 'The Merry Monarch') for the legendary Peter Minshall.

Curtis comes from a Carnival family with royal blood, he is the son of the late Tedder Eustace ( a 3-time Carnival King - '75, '77, '85)His brother, Marcus Eustace, who also has numerous King and Queen wins in Toronto Canada.

 Curtis debuted with 'D'Matador' in Barbarossa in 1997 and edged out Geraldo Veira Jr. for the crown. He won again the following year.  Curtis is the only King to ever win four consecutive titles in 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005.

His Toronto Band Carnival Nationz won Band of the year in 2005 with their inaugural presentation 'Dis Is Paradise' and again in 2006 with V-La Copa Mundial. with a presentation entitled “V… La Copa Mundial” celebrating the exploits of the TnT SocaWarriors at the world cup soccer match in Germany 2006. The band for this year had grown from 700 in 2005 to over 1,200 masqueraders for their second year and thus becoming not only one of the largest bands but also the band to beat.

Carnival Nationz enjoys the support and leadership of not just the Eaustace brothers but also two of the Toronto Caribbean scenes more venerable and talented event promoters; Bryce Aguiton (De Island Boyz) and Dwayne Pitt (D'Bandit), who have have hosted many memorable events over the years.


The 2007 web site for Caribana is Download
a lot easier to remember than


In 2006, after many years of warnings, City politicians were forced to take the event away from the Caribbean Cultural Committee following the usual eyebrow raising accounting problems. It was turned over to the Mas Bands Association who have hired some of the more respected business folks to run operations bigger and better. Which makes 2007, the 40th anniversary the year the talent gets to make good on its promises.
This season there's a number of significant changes to the Caribana Festival season. Including a marquee concert at the Molson Amphitheatre the site of the Caribbean village as well as a Caribbean Jazz festival the weekend following the parade. [more] Still the pinnacle remains the same; Parade Day on  Lakeshore with a kaleidoscope of music, colourful costumes, theatrical mas band displays, steel bands beating intricate orchestrations coupled with mouth watering feasts of Caribbean cuisine and delicacies.
Commissioner Joe Halstead, Toronto Argos head coach Michael Pinball Clemons and Councillor Raymond Cho pose with the Grey Cup
 Joe Halstead of Caribana is a former City of Toronto economic development Culture and Tourism commissioner, who was involved in Toronto's Olympic bid and the 2002 papal visit. He served as the City's lead person on Toronto's bid for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and was also the City's Executive Lead for the World Youth Days Conference and the Papal Visit in 2002. Mr. Halstead was Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Culture with the City of North York and has served as Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation.

Saturday evening June 9th 2007 the waterfront will morph into a marvel of fire and light as  the FireWalk emerges. A participatory parade with lanterns, lights, fire, circus and stilters, FireWalk will create a luminous wonderland across the waters edge.

This is LuminaTO's Carnivalissma casting a spotlight on the diversity and creativity of Toronto through the speckled lens of carnival and spectacle. Never before have all of the world's festivals been combined in a celebration of this nature and no city in the world is better situated than Toronto to celebrate cultural diversity in such a spectacular manner. Produced by Luminato and Harbourfront Centre.


The 16 Caribana Bands

1. Band of the Year winners for 2005 and 2006 Curtis and Marcus Eustace and Carnival Nationz are presenting "The Big Top".
Mas camp: 533 McNicholl at Victoria Park, 2 to 10 p.m. (approx.) Contact: Curtis Eustace 416-676-6504, Marcus Eustace 416-565-4079. Launch: May 26 at Sin City, 99 Peelar Road (Jane and Highway 7)


2. Caribana’s most winning band, with 15 Band of the Year titles, Louis Saldenah and Mas-K ClubDownload are presenting "Rainforest".
Mas camp: 55 Nugget Avenue, Unit 10, Monday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to midnighht. Contact: 416-444-9118, 416-560-4419, 416-843-4215. Launched May 19

3. NBA star Jamaal Magloire and Toronto Revellers are presenting their second annual Caribana band, "Viva Las Vegas". Download
Mas camp: TBA. Contact: 416-729-0439, 416-378-3278. Launched May 12. 8 sections.

4. Errol Achue and Western Union Mas Toronto are presenting "Petit Monde". masToronto2007.jpg

Mas camp: TBA. Contact: 416-283-6161, 416-282-7712, 416-738-240. Launch details TBA

5. Jessie Matthews and Calabash Company are presenting "Rhythm of Life". jessemathews2k7.jpg

Mas camp: Tropicana Community Service, 750 Progress Avenue, later in June/July. Contact: 647-204-3689, 905-470-2738, 416-283-2238. Launch details TBA

6. Arnold Hughes and Associates are presenting "A Quest for Gold". Mas camp: TBA. Contact: 416-748-2858. Launch details TBA


7. Marlon Singh and Callaloo Connection

Callaloo's 10th Anniversary Band Launching
Launched May 12 by trinijungle

are presenting "The Conquest of Alexander" for their tenth anniversary. Contact: 416-576-0694, 416-898-3535.


8. Mervyn Skeete, taking over from Kenney Coombs, and Toronto Caribbean Connection are presenting "Fusion". Mas camp: TBA. Contact: Mervyn Skeete 416-492-5584 or 647-295-5584, Kenney Coombs 416-293-7244. ToCarnival.jpg

Launch: June 2, 9 p.m. at Sugar Lounge, 1085 Bellamy Road (north of Ellesmere)

9. Alvin Adore and Scarborough Caribbean Sports Club are presenting "Reflections 2K7".
Mas camp: 40 Barbados Boulevard, Unit 1A after early June. Contact: Neville Yorke 416-444-3739, Alvin Adore 905-940-2944, Leslie Howard 416- 287-8960. Launch TBA, probably July 1.

10. Cecil and Roz Roach and Bazodee Connection are presenting "The Enchanted Garden of Soca Island".
Mas camp: TBA. Contact: Dr. Roz Roach 416-895-0286, Cecil Roach 416-895-0286. Launch details TBA

11. Whitfield Belasco and Pleasure Players are presenting "Amazonia".
Mas camp: TBA. Contact: 905-568-9136. Launch details TBA

12. Andre and Ken de Freitas and Associates, along with veteran bandleader Jerry Jerome, are presenting "Dreamseekers".
Mas camp: TBA. Contact: Ken de Freitas 905-791-3462 or 416-835-9686, Andre de Freitas 905-791-3462, Jerry Jerome 647-888-6716.
Launch: June 2 at the Fox and Fiddle (401 and Kennedy). This year's costumes are pictured above.

13. Courtney and Melissa Doldron and Mas Players International are presenting "Dancing Spirit of Resilience".
Mas camp: TBA. Contact: 416-579-7875. Launch details TBA

14. Selwyn "Nip" Davis and D' Midas areDownload presenting "In Flight".
Mas camp: TBA. Contact: 416-286-0097. Launch TBA

15. Frank RamsaroopBoro2k7-band-launch.jpg and Borokeete Canada are presenting "Atlantis".
Mas camp: TBA. Contact: 905-823-2795. Launch details TBA

16. Caribana’s newest bandleaders Dexter Seusahai and Godfrey Wickham, who were former masquerade winners Downloadwith Callaloo and Louis Saldenah's Mas-K Club, are presenting "Tribal Knights".
Mas camp: 2210 Markham Road, Unit 5, Scarborough. Contact: 416-893-1867, 416-396-3780. Launched May 12.


[Rank] . [Bandleader] . [Mas Band] . [Theme]
1. Curtis Eustace (Carnival Nationz) - 'V-La Copa Mundial'
2. Marlon Singh (Callaloo) - 'Exotic Species'
3. Louis Saldenah (Mas-K Club) - 'Mas Jamboree'
4. Errol Achue (Mas Toronto) - 'Temptation'
5. Jamaal Magloire (Jamaal Magloire) - 'Guilty Pleasures'
6. Arnold Hughes (Arnold Hughes & Associates) - 'D'Spirit of Carnival'
7. Jesse Mathews (D'Calabash Co.) - 'The Awakening'
8. Kenney Coombs (Toronto Caribbean Connection) - 'Beyond the Horizon'
9. Ken Defreitas (Ken Defreitas & Associates) - 'Colours in the Wind'
10. Cecil Roach (Bazodee Connection) - 'A Taste of the Caribbean'
11. Whitfield Balasco (Pleasure Players) - 'Precious Jewels'
12. Nip Davis (Nip Davis & Associates) - 'Carnival is Colour'
13. Frank Ramsaroop (Borokeet Canada) - 'Future & Back'
14. (TIE) Melissa Doldron (Mas Players Int'l) - 'Euphoria'
14. (TIE) Alvin Adore (Scarborough Caribbean Sports Club) - 'Sea Fantasy'
16. Terry Skinner (Masqueraders Int'l) - 'A Fantasy Garden'


King of the Bands 2006
[Rank] . [Mas Player] . [Portrayal] . [Bandleader]
1. Rudy Rampersad - 'D'Soca Warrior' (Curtis Eustace - Carnival Nationz)
2. Dexter Seusahai - 'The Coral King' (Marlon Singh's Callaloo)
3. Aaron Saldenah - 'Prevail of the Lion' (Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club)
4. Kendall Sharpe - 'Hot Like Fire' (Cecil Roach - Bazodee Connection)
5. Micha Akal - 'The Teaser' (Errol Achue - Mas Toronto)
6. Patrick Struys - 'The Assimilator' (Frank Ramsaroop - Burrokeet Canada)
7. Andre DeFreitas - 'D'Spirit of Carnival' (Ken DeFreitas & Assoc)
8. Wain Brand - 'Spirit of the Wolf' (Arnold Hughes & Assoc)
9. Russel Jerome - 'Spirit of Boukman' (Nip Davis & Assoc.)
10. Osei Brand - 'Sin - in the Garden of Eden' (Jamaal Magloire)
11. Phillip Dopwell - 'Rebirth' (Kenney Coombs - Toronto Caribbean Connection)
12. (TIE) Cordell Adore - 'The Realm of Poseidon' (Alvin Adore - Scarborough Caribbean)
12. (TIE) John Kennedy - 'Guardian of the Crystal' (Whitfield Balasco - Pleasure Players)

Queen of the Bands 2006
[Rank] . [Mas Player] . [Portrayal] . [Bandleader]
1. (TIE) Tamara Alleyne Gittens - 'Keep Your Head Up T&T, We Going World up 2010' (Curtis Eustace - Carnival Nationz)
1. (TIE) Betty Toni - 'Madame Butterfly' (Marlon Singh's Callaloo)

3. (TIE) Georgia Callender - 'Dance of the Peacock' (Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club)
3. (TIE) Joella Crichton - 'Euphoria' (Kenney Coombs - Toronto Caribbean Connection)
5. Laverne Moore - 'Celebration' (Jamaal Magloire)
6. Natasha McCollin - 'Goddess of Beauty & Life' (Ken DeFreitas & Assoc)
7. Alicia Achue - 'Temptress' (Errol Achue - Mas Toronto)
8. Stacy Brumble - 'Tales of the Sea' (Alvin Adore - Scarborough Caribbean)
9. Laura Lee-Hosten - 'Spirit of Joy' (Jesse Mathews - Calabash Co.)
10. Nicole Brand-Dixon - 'The Spirit of Carnival' (Arnold Hughes & Assoc)
11. Kelly Persad - 'Nebulite Glamour' (Frank Ramsaroop - Burrokeet Canada)
12. Lenore Caterson - 'Guardian of the Blue Crystal' (Whitfield Balasco - Pleasure Players)
13. Dr. Roz Roach - 'Divali - Festival of Lights' (Cecil Roach - Bazodee Connection)
14. Monica Hooper-Lewis - 'Passion of Euphoria' (Melissa Doldron - Mas Players Int'l)
15. Marcia Davis-Ellis - 'Birds of Paradise' (Nip Davis & Assoc.)

Male Individual of the Year 2006
1. Andy 'Meggy' Charles - 'Keeper of D'Cup' (Curtis Eustace - Carnival Nationz)
2. Shane Mungal - 'Splendor in Flight' (Marlon Singh's Callaloo)
3. Shane Richards - 'Revelation' (Kenney Coombs - Toronto Caribbean Connection)
4. Martin Scott-Pascal - 'The Awakening of Pride & Power' (Jesse Matthews - Calabash Co.)
5. Lance Waddel - 'Hypnotic' (Errol Achue - Mas Toronto)
6. Bobby Mansing - 'Blaze' (Frank Ramsaroop - Burrokeet Canada)
7. Corey Howard - 'The Predator' (Alvin Adore - Scarborough Caribbean)
8. Victor Hooper - 'Ecstasy' (Melissa Doldron - Mas Players Int'l)
9. David Cowan - 'Laser Lights' (Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club)
10. O'Neil Cockburn - '24 Hour Lizard' (Nip Davis & Assoc.)

Female Individual of the Year 2006
1. Carlene O'Brien - 'Dame Lorraine' (Jamaal Magloire)
2. Andrea Douglas - 'Spirit of Joy' (Jesse Mathews - Calabash Co.)
3. Zakiya McGregor Ricketts - 'Spirit of Mas' (Arnold Hughes & Assoc)
4. Dr. Pat Horsham - 'Jamboree Explosion' (Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club)
5. Daria Francis - 'Colour of Space' (Nip Davis & Assoc.)
6. Gloria Whitney - 'Star Light, Star Bright' (Melissa Doldron - Mas Players Int'l)
7. Donna Karamath - 'Hummingbird, Tribute to the Soca Warriors' (Arnold Hughes & Assoc)
8. Rebecca Kerr - 'Bella Ochello Dal I'Talia' (Curtis Eustace - Carnival Nationz)
9. Patricia Caterson - 'Caribbean Pearl' (Whitfield Balasco - Pleasure Players)
10. Jessica Taylor - 'Gem Goddess' (Alvin Adore - Scarborough Caribbean)
11. Elizabeth McGloire - 'Desire' (Errol Achue - Mas Toronto)
12. Cordia Campbell - 'Cygnus' (Frank Ramsaroop - Burrokeet Canada)
13. Michelle Kelly - 'Flamingo Dancer' (Marlon Singh's Callaloo)
14. Lystra Holder - 'Bijuo Goddess' (Whitfield Balasco - Pleasure Players)
15. Michelle Walker - 'Coco Panyol' (Cecil Roach - Bazodee Connection)
16. Nneka Elliott - 'Evergreen' (Kenney Coombs - Toronto Caribbean Connection)


Junior Band of the Year 2006
1. Marlon Singh (Callaloo) - 'Exotic Species'

2. Jesse Mathews (The Calabash Co.) - 'The Awakening'
3. Arnold Hughes (Arnold Hughes & Associates) - 'D'Spirit of Carnival'

Junior Female Individual of the Year 2006
1. Keleshaye Simpson - 'The Spirit of Youth' (Arnold Hughes & Assoc.)
2. Tonisha Edwards - 'Mas In 2020' (Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club)
3. Deyra Best - 'Universal Traveller' (Frank Ramsaroop - Burrokeet Canada)

Junior Male Individual of the Year 2006
1. Fabien Balroop - 'Danger Danger' (Frank Ramsaroop, Burrokeet Canada)
2. Deon James - 'Dance Spirit Dance' (Jesse Mathews Calabash Co.)
3. Anthony Barrea - 'Glow of the Blue Crystal' (Whitfield Balasco, Pleasure Players)

Junior Queen of the Bands 2006
1. Shanna Joseph - 'Feather of the Sea' (Alvin Adore - Scarborough Caribbean)
2. Khyle Mathews - 'Morning Glory' (Jesse Mathews Calabash Co.)
3. Ashley Gangaram - 'A New Day Dawning' (Melissa Doldron, Mas Players Int'l)

Junior King of the Bands 2006
1. Darian Joseph - 'Carnival Warriors' (Arnold Hughes & Assoc.)
2. (TIE) Shane Singh - 'King of the Jungle' (Marlon Singh's Callaloo)
2. (TIE) Andrew Ramsaroop - 'Future Predator' (Frank Ramsaroop - Burrokeet Canada)

Louis Saldenah has won Caribana  Band of the Year
15 times
Year Portrayal Position
2007 RainForest ?
2006 Mas Jamboree 3rd Place
2005 Rewind 3rd Place
2004 Havoc 2nd Place
2003 Rituals Band of the Year
2002 The Lost Horizon of Atlantis Band of the Year
2001 River of Life Band of the Year
2000 Theatre of the Streets Band of the Year
1999 Millennium 2000 Band of the Year
1998 Ontario, Yours to Discover Band of the Year
1997 Did not enter N/A
1996 Mas on Stage Band of the Year
1995 Images 5th place
1994 Rhythm in the Sky Band of the Year
1993 Light after Dark 2nd place
1992 The Architect Band of the Year
1991 Outa Dis’World Band of the Year
1990 Beyond the Darkness Band of the Year
1989 Fire on Ice Band of the Year
1988 A High Mas-K 2nd place
1987 Aliens 2nd place
1986 Did not enter N/A
1985 Did not enter N/A
1984 Symptoms of Carnival 2nd place
1983 Reminiscence of War 5th place
1982 Night Out Band of the Year
1981 Did not enter N/A
1980 Island on the Sun Band of the Year
1979 Blowing in the Wind 2nd place
1978 Caribbean Fantasy 2nd place
1977 Shangri-La Band of the Year
Toronto Lime introduces blog for 2007 Caribana season
Toronto-Lime.com is widely acknowledges as  the most popular Caribbean entertainment website and claims to attract an awesome 100,000 "unique" visitors and generating more than 8,000,000 hits daily. Carnaval.com only does 6,000 covering all the Carnavals in the world.
In September 2006, Toronto-Lime.com was honoured with the 'Favorite Soca Website' award by the SAO International Soca Awards. The site is not only currently ranked the
TORONTO-LIME.com number one Caribbean website, but is also ranked amongst the top 6,000 websites globally, according to market researchers.




==> Caribana 2006 was a year of leadership transition [more]