2006 Carnival Video
2007 Toronto Summer Carnival
2007 Toronto Summer Carnival
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2007 Carnival Video at Luminato

Less than 30 sec

Caribana Dance Competition
An important 2006 book on Carnaval which examines 11 Carnival traditions inlcuding TnT & Haiti [more]


great camera work, excellent integration with hot Carnival song anthems  

Added:  September 14, 2006
From:  atimelessproduction  www.atimelessproduction.com

  • The SOng is Party by Ms.Alysha feat. Faye Ann-Lyons (Super Blue's daughter). BTW posse, look out for an exuberant saucy girl w/short hair this Caribana w 2 Lucian flags whinding down the place - ME! queendamaris


Caribana 2006 insanity

1:54 Added:  August 06, 2006 From:  tr0de
Big truck coming through
  • "Caribana is Hand's down the best black festival in N.America. FuShengAlex
  • Wikipedia entry: "Caribana is a Caribbean Carnival-style event, that has been billed as North America's largest street festival"......................."yeah i heard on the news 1.2 mil... give or take 500k :)......looks OK, but could neva touch Notting Hill carnival in London. Plus Notting hill is the largest carnival in the world (after Rio) ;)......Lies. West Indian Day Parade in NY is the largest in NY with usual estimates from 1-2 million. This year I read there were 2 million at NY WI Day Parade compared with 750,000 at Notting Hill's......TT, Caribana, Labor Day & Notting Hill ain't got nothing on Carnival in Brazil. And I'm not talking Rio, but Salvador. That one is insane. I've been. Over 3 million people on the streets for 6 nights. [Olodum from Salvador Carnaval opened the 2007 Toronto Carnival season at Illiuminato Carnivalissmo weekend. Check out the video here

Feel'in Hot Hot Hot
4:05 August 19, 2006 From:  MattakaMouse
slide show with Carnival anthems

A Silhouette Slice
0:36 Added:  August 06, 2006
From:  jkjuker

 2006 Caribana Parade in Toronto, silhouettes Pan Orchestra, at sunset near the end of the parade
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how the postaboi does Caribana
0:48 Added:  August 10, 2006 From:  VincyPostaboi

thats what i like to see....some Trini Woman shakin' it KeyoBlood


FAV Flyers from 2006



On Stage
Roc La Familia party @ Caribana Weekend, Toronto - Featuring Rihanna, Timbaland, Little X, Cipha Sounds, Kardinal Offishall & Jay-Z
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