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Getting There: Airports
There's three but only SFO is world class in facilities with the exception of a missing runway. Currently there is a hot debate between expanding Oakland Airport and filling 2 square miles of the Bay to add a much needed runway to SFO where flight delays are common.
San Francisco International Airport  by QuickAID
|| To & From SFO by One of the world's busiest airports. Door to door van service is fast and a good deal about $12/person to downtown SF. San Jose International Airport || San Jose Airport by QuickAID || To & From SJC by || Airlines Serving
bird.gif (3601 bytes)Oakland International Airport ||  Airlines Serving || Getting To & From || To & From OAK by || "The Bay Area's Value Airport"

Airlines Major North American Carriers by || Smaller Carriers (>150) || Global Index || SF Bay Area Airline Phone Numbers
Getting There Train:
Like to consider the train option. Remember to get live confirmation to avoid unpleasant inconvenience. High speed rail is finally being realistically discussed for California.
Getting There: Carstn2_bookit.gif (3021 bytes)
Reserve or check availability on Car Rental at TravelNow
Get rates quoted from the big 12 rental companies. Then choose
Auto-Booker for immediate confirmation or Live Agent who will respond within 24 hours
California SpeedTraps || pre-1997 trap reports
Learn how old pro Chp's will drive w\  radar units ON just to slow down those w\ radar detectors. But for big fish tickets, off it goes.

Getting Around there
San Francisco: Travelers find the MUNI (673-6864) system easily negotiable and reasonable. Maps are at most stops. Multi-day passes can be a great investment and a one-month pass includes BART.
header.gif (3794 bytes)  || Map || by county || ||
Transit to  Popular Destinations || Transit to Regional Parks || Transit to Sporting Events/Concerts
Thank goodness for these guys who do about as good a job as possible making sence of the complex web of competing transit agencies in the Bay Area and staying on top of changes.
Travel & Transportation for City of San Francisco by
WebGuide Link List for California by
Metro Mayoral Tribunal || News
Why it is so hard to get around in the balkanized Bay Area and's modest attempt at a new decision model
BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit District)
The 3.5 county Subway system (Alameda [Oakland, Berkeley]), Contra Costa [Walnut Creek] outlying suburbs San Francisco and Northern San Mateo [Daly City]
San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara [San Jose]

Road Reports
EtakSan Francisco Bay Area || (27 USA cities) L
ive, real-time traffic information
KPIX & Yahoo traffic report
Including CalTran live Cams
The U.S. Geographical Survey provided Microsoft with this digitized aerial photograph of San Francisco.

The city of San Francisco's climate is one of the world's most stable rarely leaving the 55 to 65 range.  The only gap in the coast mountain range is at the Golden Gate where you can find fogs sweeping in to cool the rest of the muchClick for Zpub's 7 San Francisco,CA Forecasts warmer Bay Area. Our Mission neighborhood guide is also the warmest part of the City since it is protected from the fog by Twin Peaks. The nicest times to visit are May and June before the tourist crowds arrive and spring is at its peak. The warmest weather occurs in October which is also a special time of year for San Francisco.
City of San Francisco Average temperatures (F) and Rainfall Weather
Weather Underground
Find the Weather for any City, State or Zipcode, or Country
To research the below chart or whatever further

Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Max F 55 59 61 62 63 66 65 65 69 68 63 57
Min F 45 47 48 49 51 52 53 53 55 54 51 47
Rainfall 4.7 3.8 3.1 1.5 0.7 0.1 0 0 0.3 1.0 2.5 4.4
Credit Card: Required for rentals. Up until recently they provided you your best exchange rate. However now you should audit your preferred card (especially Visa & MasterCard) since many banks have begun adding an additional 3-5% on top of the 1% they've been charging. If your not sure consider obtaining American Express which includes many services are not available without a credit card and still charges just the 1%.
ATM: cash-dispensing cards linked to international networks such as Cirrus and Plus, should work in most all Californian machines. The transaction charges vary greatly but are often quite minimal ( $1) at a bank machine with the correct sticker. Much more convenient than traveler's check and with common sense precautions quite safe. Plus System is 1-800/THE-PLUS and Cirrus is 1-800/4CIRRUS

Sales tax of 8.5 percent is added to everything except groceries and medicine.
Emergency Cash: Western Union is most convenient. Have money instantaneously wired to you for 10%. (call 1-800/325-6000 for the nearest location). American Express Moneygram offers a similar service.
BANKS & EXCHANGE OFFICES: Few banks exchange foreign currency and even fewer hotels. some banks charge for cashing traveler's checks. Ask at your hotel for advice. USA Banks are open longer hours these days and often on Saturday.To find the nearest bank that sells a particular brand of traveler's check, or to buy checks by phone, call the following numbers: American Express (1-800/673-3782), Citicorp (1-800/645-6556), MasterCard International/ Thomas Cook (1-800/223-7373), Visa (1-800/227-6811).Local Offices: American Express, 560 California St SF(Mon-Sat 10am5pm) 536-2600 Thomas Cook, 75 Geary St SF (MonFri 9am5pm; 362-3452).

Universal Currency Converter(tm)

Preparing for an Earthquake
Waiting for the Big One? Get some safety tips.

Getting On-Line || [email protected]
The Greatest Coffee and The World"744 Harrison St. /3rd
Internet Alfredo
On-Line Access as of Aug.97 by
Internet Cafe Directory by sfbayarea.coms

Day Trips
The Bay Area is the Capital of the great Northwest with more unspoiled natural wonders within a day or two drive than anywhere in the world. For this first edition we focused on the northern Counties of Marin, Sonoma, Medocino and Napa and gave them their own section with home links to wider area web resources || Links ||
Tours ||
Excellent website tells you everything and more about one of the planet's most spectacular wonderlands.
Yosemite by ||
Weekend Getaways by
Get away from the City with these weekend roadtrips: The Mystery Spot, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Napa, Muir Woods, and more.
Bay Area Ridge Trail
Council that's planning and building a 400-mile ridgeline multi-use trail around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Elsewhere in the SF Bay Area
Counties and Regions in San Francisco Bay Area ||
Cities in San Francisco Bay Area ||

Elsewhere in California
CA Metros by || CA Counties and Regions || CA Cities || California by

Index of Local Media by

Including on the mark insightful analysis || Broadcasts || Classifieds || E-Zines || Internet AtoZ || News Papers || Production || Radio - AM || Radio - FM || Television
Most (6 out of 10) of our best Cityguides represent TV or print media as well
Oakland Tribune
Web guide to Rental & Moving Resources for SF-Bay Area by || Forum
A comprehensive guide you may wish to bookmark
The web's largest index of listings
How to Find an Apartment by the
The rental market is tight in San Francisco
The Bay Area's Real Estate HotSpot by Mar.'99
Business in the Bay Area
Business by || SF Index ||  Silicon Valley Index ||  Portfolio || Chronicle Business || Examiner Business ||  Chronicle 500...

High Tech
MicrosoftForum by || Sexbots ||
News for Nerds Stuff That Matters
MP3 in the Music Section of's
We use these resources to track web music for you with a special emphasis on Brazilian, Caribbean, Latin and New Orleans notes

Technology by
Calls itself but covers the world's high tech news & finance
Tech by
Net Skink on
is on the mark with timely insight on high-tech whether its the cult of Apple-faithful "We design objects that are totally seductive"...Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac," or open source software scene of Linux vs. Microsoft 
Technology by
Becky & Gina combine w/ wire stories consolidated by topic to surpass to create a hot web bookmark
Webby Awards || 99 Review by sfweekly
Each year the web's best are recognized in this gala ceremony at Civic Center

California Historical || Events
California Historical Society is a great web resource
San Francisco County Historical Agencies || California History Links
|| California Historical Agencies by county

San Francisco County Genealogy || '89 quake Report || Getting there
At Fisherman's Wharf but visit the new City Hall history display first
Summer of Love 1967

Enter with a flower in your hair. A fond tour

Romance & Sex:
Why not get started on enhancing your chances for romance on your next trip by sending some e-mail to interested parties., in association with Alternative Connections and the One-and-Only Network, bring you the web's largest collection of personal ads sorted by City and featuring photos and FREE listings...Southern California may create most of the sex industry's content but the Bay Area is the leader in deploying hedonistic pleasures of the flesh on the web.
Laura Victoria's Exotic City

If it can turn you on, I'll turn up - and turn out the info. And I'll do it all for you….Come one, come all.  
sexsmall.gif (3866 bytes)  By Andrea Nemerson
Ask Andrea Anything
Sex Matters by
Louanne Cole Weston, Ph.D || Sex Forum by eX & webx
Savage Love by Dan Savage for
Safe-Sex web guide by boulevards || how-to || hiv/aids || contraception
Good Vibrations
|| sex-positive links
Women run sex toy store,a SF Mission institution & much admired model
?404? Dancers Alliance? || Exotic Dancer page || Prostitute's Rights Web Ring List ||
E.D.A. founded in 1991 to help female exotic dancers  obtain rights within the sex industry.
Hundreds at Meeting On Prostitution in S.F. Disagree

Despite being a center of sex worker rights the local police are not interested in any liberal experiments. In Oakland, Johns have had their vehicles confiscated

Bondage File by the

A collection of the twisted and weird
Days of Darkness
The Jim Jones story staring purple jungle Koolaid is the most twisted
The abduction of Heiress Patricia Hearst ||  Berkeley Statue proposed
This SF Chronicle update looks back 25 years later
Martyrdom of Mayor George Moscone

and gay Civil rights hero Harvey Milk. Fascinating  true story of explosive culture clash was written by Mike Weiss

commhd.gif (11894 bytes)ABAG Online Bay Area Commerce || Data Center inc. Population & Ethnic Association of Bay Area Governments

Lots of Links
San Francisco Travel Resources by

Trade || TradePort Assistance Centers || Links || Bookstore ||  [email protected] || Export Statistics is an export promotion and international trade program initiated in 1996 by then Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris in consultation with the Mayors of San Francisco and San Jose to address regionally the loss of 12% of jobs in the region because of federal reductions in military spending. Attempting to bring order to the dozens of bureaucracies promoting trade in order to assist job creation and small business formation for the metro area represented an unprecedented regional partnership among the U.S. Department of Commerce; the California Trade and Commerce Agency; the Bay Area Economic Forum; the three metro cities and the many international trade associations and service providers in the 12-county Greater Bay Area. LATrade a 5 county regional effort is also participates in Tradeport
tsnnp.gif (2697 bytes)Trade Events powered by TSNN's Global Network
Africa Initiative by 10/98
Bay area seeks promote business development in sub-Saharan Africa. || Index || Commissioners
The Port is in the process of doubling capacity to keep up with demand. There are a half dozen smaller ports on the Bay but only Oakland has competitive intermeddle capacities to rail, road and sky.
World Affairs Council of Northern California

Leading sponsor of dialogue concerning current foreign policy issues

2-ABOUT.GIF (11307 bytes)California Council for International Trade
California business .org providing an effective and unified voice in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento on trade policy issues.

Well poised to help exporters with offices in California and ten foreign locations. The Bay Area is the center of the information technology center boom with the world's largest concentration of  the software industry. Biotechnology, food processing and ?404? are also of interest to investors

BayEconFor.Org||| || 9-county Map || [email protected] ||
We possess "unparalleled culture of entrepreneurialism, world-class research institutions, thousands of technology industries and a highly-skilled and innovative workforce. The Bay Area is proud of its past and ongoing economic successes, its outstanding quality of life, and its diversity of cultures.  The key to achieving even greater successes is in our hands.  The region must work together." The Forum is a group composed of  business, academic, and elected officials.

Bay Area Council HomeBay Area Council || [email protected]  
For over 50 years has been the leading representative of the 200 largest employers in the Bay Area and by default has often been the only staff supported voice on regional planning issues. Long-time recently retired CEO  Angelo J. Siracusa is still active as a consultant.  Sunne Wright McPeak is the current  CEO
All 3 of the above offices are at 200 Pine Street in San Francisco
banner_jv_logo.gif (1233 bytes) || Economic Prosperity Council & Economic Development Roundtable || OVERVIEW FROM JOINT VENTURE CEO, RUBEN BARRALES || 1999 Index ||
Mission:To enable sustainable growth and retention of Silicon Valley's technology cluster companies and industries. Goals: +Articulate, educate and advocate issues critical to Silicon Valley's sustained economic success +Celebrate and nurture relationships with Silicon Valley's Technology Leadership +Foster continuous improvement in the delivery of government services +Grow and retain a world-class workforce.


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