Carnaval-San Francisco is May 30th 1999 Map
Parade is always the
Sunday of Memorial Weekend and begins at Bryant & 24th at 10am and heads down the Mission Street to 15th...Festival on Harrison between 16th & 22nd Streets.till 6pm) Carijama at Oakland's Mosswood Park on Monday May 31st Map 10am to 7pm Parade at 11am

The global information economy is expanding at an ever increasing rate with the San Francisco Bay Area at its center. It is more important than ever that we take time out to pause, reflect  and celebrate life. Carnaval San Francisco wants you to let the good times roll. Jump up and find the rhythm that makes your soul happy. We are a Carnaval of many cultures and many newcomers who hope to make a contribution to whatever the Nueva Ciudad shall be.  If you can't join us be sure to make your Memorial Day weekend memorable.
On Carnaval Day there is no Better place to be in the world than the Mission and you know it because you can feel it.

willie brown
Mayor Willie L. Brown
City & County of San Francisco

jerry brown
Mayor Jerry Brown
County City of Oakland,
Alameda County

ron gonzalez
Mayor Ron Gonzales
City of San Jose , Santa Clara

Mayoral Carnaval 1999  Proclamation  
Mayoral Tribunal on Transit
|| Three Brown Mayors on da Bay Update
Unless public transit is restored to pre-world War II levels we will become increasingly trapped by clogged freeways and unaffordable housing. Can our heroes overcome a half century of balkanized feuding between 99 cities in 12 counties as well as highly suspect decision model based on insider influence for lack of regional leadership.
Once upon a time, not very long ago, tribal leadership would judge the success of a decision based upon how it would effect the seventh generation. Let us pray we can do as well as our grandparents on the mega-billion $ transit decisions now facing our region.

Official MECA Media Advisory on Carnaval-SF 1999
Carnaval is produced by MECA Mission Economic Cultural Association and is a project of ?404?">Mission Neighborhood Centers Parade begins at 24th & Bryant at 10am and dances its way down Mission to 15th street
( is not the official web site ) does Parade VIP Seating
Want to bring your parents but afraid of the logistics. For $20 you can enjoy a nice spot on the bleachers with  nearby reserved port-a-potty and refreshments. In front of the New Mission Theatre on Mission between 21st and 22nd

1999 Carnaval Music Festival is on Sunday May 30th (11am to 6pm)
Also news about the parade and festival producer MECA.  2899 24th St. SF CA 94110
415-826-1401 For 1999 MECA has reduced the festival to a one day event on Harrison between 16th and 22nd Street
Oakland Carnival
Carijama - Oakland Carnival || Carijama in 
The Day after on Monday

King & Queen
King Carlos and Queen Sorcy
King & Queen 1999 Competition Slide Show

Grand Marshal || mailto:[email protected] || Official
Supervisor Tom Ammiano is a Mission/Bernal Heights resident who pioneered Gay Comedy in the eighties at the former Valencia Rose Cabaret. As President of the SF Board of Supervisors  Tom champions issues that are important to working individuals and families and stand up to powerful big business and big money in city government.  

Carnaval Countdown
Carnaval Countdown with Monica Conrady (May, April & March) positive vibrations.

Carnavals of Northern California in the news
Easter in the Castro-1999 || Easter in the Castro Forum
Just as the Church named Carnaval (farewell to the  flesh) Easter is named after pre-Christian Goddess of Spring. This year the Archbishop of San Francisco challenged the City sanction that allowed the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to close Castro Street on their most holy day.
Saint Stupid's Day Parade April 1, ||

Carnival rituals in downtown esseff

Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race Memorial Weekend
A 3-day contest of sorts about 4 hours North of the Golden Gate

Reggae Review "Carnaval Unites the World"  
Syncopated Spectacle: No room for inhibitions during Carnaval Parade in heart of S.F.'s Mission by Glen Martin, Chronicle Staff Writer Carnaval is a rarity in today's world -- an event where expectations don't exceed the pay-off. A combination of music, dance, food, gimcracks and consciousness raising, it seamlessly combines spectacle with social awareness, loud music and wild costumes with  community solidarity."

Music plentiful as  revels fill the Mission Music plentiful as  revels fill the Mission by
"This is one of my favorite human endeavors, a day when all the great exhibitionists come out," said Vicky Doubleday, who has attended the parade since its inception. "For a moment, everyone believes in this fantasy that life's a carnaval."

adela.gif (1720 bytes) Return From Paradise with Adela Chu
The parade founder returns from Hawaii for the 20th anniversary of Carnaval San Francisco. Recapture the magic of your Carnaval past by joining in with this charismatic legend.

Enter All Ah We's Virtual Domain!red_star.gif (2190 bytes) || events || Classes || [email protected].
Caribbean carnival traditions, rooted in ancient African rituals and craftsmanship, are a vital, ever-evolving mosaic of dance, music, theater, and elaborate costuming.
red_star.gif (2190 bytes) || sounds & video
Brazil's best know cyber samba babes.
A Waking Dream
Lichen's band is doing a retrospective of their ten years as well as posing the question of whether SF will have room for artists soon.
Bay Area Caribbean Connection
Find live music and irrepressible Caribbean Carnival spirit
|| email
Music and dance is never be the same after you've seen what cheapskates can do with wings on their feet  Directed by Dan Ransom

Escola Nova de Samba

red_star.gif (2190 bytes) || Our CD] [Carnaval] [Band Members] [Schedule] [Guest Artists] [Photos

Jim Munsenrider 's popular Chabot College program peaks for Carnaval weekend with a concert featuring steelpan legends. For 1999 it is Ray Holman
The largest, most active and most victorious contingent in the parade Maintains its mas camp in Fremont. Webmistress Deborah keeps you in touch year-round

Escola Nova de Samba:
Celebrating 15 years of life and the Carnaval spirit
Giant Baiana 1991 (106214 bytes)
red_star.gif (2190 bytes) Events, Trips & Workshops || 
Class Schedules || Fogo Hotline: (510) 464 - 5999 || Webmistress Carol Frank
Combining the community's raw spirit with the technical expertise of its Founder and Artistic Director, Carlos Aceituno along with leading Bay Area talent Regina Calloway

MaraReggae Fertility Rituals
Andrea Hirsh describes how the cycle of learning   to let go, to relaxing into the beat needs its climax called Carnaval.

Mas Makers Celebrates 15 years
Are the trials and tribulations leading to the moment worth it?

Mission Cultural Center "The Jaguar's Dream"
Sign yourself up for one of the many Latin programs at the convenient  24th St BART center. Theatre & Gallery too

Renacer Folklorico Bolivia || [email protected]
Bolivia is the hemisphere home to our oldest dances, music and myth. The 1999 presentation "Tinku" means Encounter

Sambao: Silicon Valley's Samba school
Featuring much collaboration with Stanford U. and Southern California sambistas

Samba do Coracao
In 1999 they released their CD Heart of the Jaguar and decided to take a break from the parade after winning Best Brazilian in 1997 and 1998 but no financial support.

purpletop.gif (4386 bytes)
|| Chain of Events || Leah Shahum, Editor|| Dave Snyder ED
Considered the nation's premier bicycle advocacy organization, the 1998 Bay Area Clean Air Champion got loose and crazy when they debuted in Carnaval 1998. The SF Bike coalition is also the main local sponsor for the national event in May known as Bike-to-Work Day.

Carnaval San Francisco Concentration Game
Test your memory skills against the clock and the spectacular beauty of our 17 '98 Queens & Kings. Press reload or refresh if you start playing to soon and experience difficulty
San Francisco

May in the Mission
|| May '99 Calendar || May Headlines ||
Silicon Satan: || Gangs Prevention || Round World Music Review || May Mural Month || May Day (English & Spanish)

The New Mission News distributes 18,000 copies every month though out the Mission, Noe Valley, Castro, Bernal Heights, SOMA and Potrero Hill. This is the heart of Bay Area Carnaval country and one of the best known ethnic and arts neighborhoods in the world.

Carnaval San Francisco Photo Gallery 99 and also for the 1999 photos  

dance3.gif (3806 bytes) I love to dance... ||
98 Photos of Sambao at Carnaval

A Fogalistic Photo Gallery

CARNAVAL-SF Photos on the web
Samba in the Streets at || ?404?">#1
MARVIN COLLINS on why he loves photographing Carnaval-Sf
" In San Francisco's late spring Carnival I found it all : color, light, and motion wrapped around energetic and beautiful bodies."'s Carnaval '98 pics || Carnaval '97 Celebrating Life Links including Bay to Breakers ||St Stupid's Day & Gay Pride including Bay to Breakers ||St Stupid's Day & Gay Pride [email protected]


Let us not forget the spirituality of the music. Whether in the context of ritual, meditation, or simply to uplift the joy that often gets lost deep within ourselves, music heals. We frequently purport to teach music. But it is the music that teaches. We have but to listen. To feel. To dream.  John Santos
Vivendo de Pao
Bay Area Carnaval's most popular musical group

 Espiritu de Samba || Listen to Espirito de Samba using QuickTime 3.0 or Real Audio || [email protected] || 
directed by Ken Campagna.
Dance classes every Sun., 4:00 pm at the Bay Club, 150 Greenwich St., SF, CA, with Tedje Rose 
Nobody from Impanema || home || shows
No girls either in Bay area Brazilian pop & funk band.  Find samples from 4 songs in wav & au format || UPCOMING GIGS || E-MAIL
Brazilian percussionist Emiliano Benevides performs with Lisa Silva & R.I.P.E. as well making lots of hearts throb as a model || Machete Ensemble || [email protected]
A band that cuts both ways-playing concert music that deserves cool attentive listening and churning out sizzling rhythms that urge the listeners to rise up out of their seats and writhe in sympathetic motion.         ...Derk Richardson, SF Bay Guardian

Saturday May 30th 1999 Carnaval Ball at Roccapulcos
with Orqestra Borinquen
Caña Roja &
Escola Nova de Samba
A benefit for Mission Neighborhood Centers $20 at  the door

SF CARNAVAL -Events Board
Clubs & Venues for Brazilian, Caribbean, Latin and World Music
Our system gives you the most information and options for optimizing your evening
Bay Area Annual Events
Cinco de Mayo Web guide

tbiglogo.gif (36805 bytes) The complete San Francisco  Bay Area site for the Salsa & Latin Jazz music and dance scenes! Baile! of Mexican Folk Dancer || Submit Event ||
Bay Area Latin Events
SF Brazilian Consulate Cultural Events Page  

Myth & Magic 1999
12 stepping with the Orixas in Brazil

These psychic energy models are probably the oldest living deities inspiring both the pre-Christian Egyptian and Greek societies who were famous for their Carnavals. Jungian analyst John Burns updates the most successful model of drug treatment with spectacular orisha illustrations by  Francisco Santos

Myth & Magic '98 || More on Latin American History
The Black Queen Califa is the only deity with a state named after her. One of our most linked to pages

Dance & Percussion Classes
SF-Bay Area Dance Directories by ||
East Bay
|| San Francisco & NorthBay || South Bay
With a special focus on Carnaval Dance instructors provided by Vicky Ravanno. You can add links to this section

1998 Carnaval-San Francisco Awards
1997 Carnaval San Francisco Awards
1996 Carnaval San Francisco Awards
1995 Carnaval-SF Bay Area Awards

Capoeria Directory for the West Coast
You may be one of the many becoming more interested in how your rhythm is affected by other rhythms. Begin your journey here

There are many important anniversaries in 1999 including Mas makers and Escola Nova's 15th plus Fogo na Roupa and Birds of paradise 10th. For the first year of the 21st century Carnaval will also celebrate a special anniversary; its 21st birthday.
Carnaval San Francisco: the early years
by Richard Reniceros
Escola Nova=s 15 Years of Carnaval History
By Escola member
Rick Telesforo
History of Carnival by
Carnaval-San Francisco 1997
Carnaval San Francisco '98 Parade Contingents

Multicultural & Carnaval Arts

The Dream is to make Carnaval San Franc
isco the Greatest Multicultural Show Ever Celebrated but the reality needs you
Diversity tops S.F. poll

Recent polls by both the SF Examiner(11/22/98) and the SFCVB Visitor Authority has everybody agreeing that diversity is City's biggest asset. Diversity in unity is often lauded but seldom achieved Pat yourself on the back if you've been a supporter all these years.

Community Festival Arts & The Arts on
Robert Colescott at Berkeley Art Museum thru Aug '99  
The Last Laugh by local African-American Artist
The Past in the Present may be the future

Will post World War II Modern Art survive the call for new thinking on the cusp of the third millennium? Can the San Francisco art community figure out why all the creative media wish to live here and how to celebrate this unique moment in time?
Check back to find out how we do in 2000 but 1999 has been a bleak year for local Carnavalescos so anything can happen and probably will. 

Best Carnavals on the web
While  is based in San Francisco's Mission District we are also the web's leading directory for Carnival everywhere. Here's are a few of our favorite sites.
'99 Global Carnival Calendar by So Yu going to Carnival magazine
The only International Guide to Canivals

Carnaval of Cultures ||
Founded in 1995 with a concept and time of year like Carnaval - San Francisco 120 groups with more than 4000 actors from 70 countries on the streets of Berlin

theentertainers-angle2-t.gif (20362 bytes)red_star.gif (2190 bytes)
| English | Italian | French | German | Spanish | [email protected]
You will discover through history and culture how the Carnival used to be celebrated and how it is celebrated today

Foundation European Carnival Cities (FECC)
The planet's leading organization for people's events
Sambista Network
We're hot and we can't be stopped
rio2000sbhome.gif (17055 bytes) || Federation ||
Perform in the Parade of Champions in Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval 2000. Formally recognized by the Brazilian Government as one of the official events of Brazil's 500th Anniversary Celebration!! Now organizing more by group rather than countries

?404?">El Día de los Muertos by
The Creative Work Fund supports the creation of new work by artists through grants for collaborations between artists and nonprofit organizations and wishes it could get some Carnaval

El Día de los Muertos by
The Creative Work Fund supports the creation of new work by artists through grants for collaborations between artists and nonprofit organizations and wishes it could get some Carnaval related projectes submitted.


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EVENTS here Transit Guide | Yahoo Directions || [email protected]
with four locations to service you plus cyberspace,the store employs formerly homeless who want to join Civil Service


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