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pose2.jpg (11103 bytes)When Salsa meets Samba the sparks will fly. Panamanian Sorcidia Harris and Brazilian Carlos Enrique Silva can be remembered best as Queen Sorcy and King Carlos the last Carnaval San Francisco Bay Area Royalty of the 20th century.

Queen Sorcy is a salsa and fitness instructor based in the East Bay. On Sundays Sorcy teaches salsa at Café Caracas in Berkeley with her dance partner Joel Lunzaga in addition to regular nights at the elegant Mr. E’s nightclub in downtown Berkeley. She was born in Panama and lived in Southern California till she relocated with her family to the East Bay in 1990 for the more friendly and open-minded people as well as the natural beauty.

a_queen.gif (34915 bytes)"I have salsa in my blood but so can everybody. I feel happy when my students get the moves right.... "Salsa is very sexy and sensual. Not everybody projects this naturally. It’s good when people learn they have muscles they haven’t used." 1999 Queen Sorcy

kng.gif (25646 bytes)Carlos Silva was a former Brazilian soccer star with many championships on his resume when he moved here in 1998 to start a new career following an injury. Through his inimitable dancing featuring amazing footwork he was discovered with at a party by Maria Souza, the director of the famous Brazilian Dance company www.Aquerela.com and Carnaval Queen of 1995 herself.

"It has been a wonderful experience for me to perform with my new friends in the group demonstrating the best of the Brazilian culture through dance and music." King Carlos said.

The hotly contested King and Queen contest is primarily a dance contest featuring the 3 S’s of Carnaval music; Samba, Salsa and Soca. This year the competition was especially keen as prize money brought out a number of professional dancers. Our Carnaval -San Francisco Royalty is definitely ready to dance like its 1999.

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Immortality is among the benefits of being Carnaval King or Queen.
For you will live forever as Royalty in minds and hearts of the people, particularly your own.  Shown here are the special talents who have reigned since 1990