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"Give a kiss on the cheek you care for Give a damn for the dreams you'd dare for... Why should we limit our lives, Can't we make this a paradise?..." **


Would you believe it's been 20 years since the Carnaval in Precita Park? Carnaval SF is still going strong. Thanks to all of you for helping to keep my baby alive! I have wonderful photographs of those first three years. The Carnaval has been a source of living, breathing inspiration to countless artists in a community hungry for expression of their prolific talent and in need of a forum where cultural ideas can be exchanged with the Caribbean, Brazil and everywhere there is a Carnaval

"Carnaval has been a source of living, breathing inspiration..."
"San Francisco has its own special ways  of saying Aloha- bienvenidos--welcome"
This year I  been invited to come for Carnaval. I plan to bring my group, Afro Jazz Hawaii along with Tahiti To'a, a group of Polynesian musicians and dancers from hawaii. MECA has generously committed $5,000 toward our expenses but we need more than double that amount to transport, feed, and house twenty four people for four days. Our contingent is called "Return From Paradise" and it is my dream to be in the Carnaval this year with this exotic and wonderful crossover group doing Samba and Tahitian rhythms.

This is an all out call for help. Amy Reynolds has graciously offered to help coordinate this effort and we are accepting whatever you can offer now: room, money, time and effort. We are hoping to match our numbers with San Francisco friends so our group will swell to at least fifty or sixty  people.
In the spirit of Carnaval please help me to welcome these friends to San Francisco. In Hawaii we do it with leis, but San Francisco has its own special ways  of saying Aloha-bienvenidos--welcome. Please contact Amy Reynolds at 415-337-8168 or by e-mail:

[email protected]

if you would like to help.

"Thank you for your support and your role in the survival of the Carnaval for so many years."if

"Que viva Carnaval de San Francisco!"


** From  "Follow Your Star", Copyright Adela Chu