As the Mayor
of San Francisco, it is my great pleasure to be able to invite you to our Memorial Weekend Carnaval, one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest annual unity events held each year in our historic, sunny Mission District at the end of May.
San Francisco is proud to honor this expression of its rich ethnic, cultural, and lifestyle diversity through civic celebration. The Carnaval celebration is a people’s art form combining the best of the our hemisphere’s traditions from the Caribbean, Polynesia, North and South America.

As we enter the third millennium, I am reminded of Martin Luther King’s words, "In a real sense, we must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools." The Carnaval-San Francisco message of "unity in diversity" must be the future of the global village of tomorrow.

We hope that the spirit of Carnaval-San Francisco can continue to be passed on in other areas, such as community development projects, youth work shops and other cultural events. The vast talents on display can serve as a constructive inspiration to always do our best as we pursue our goals on the road of life.

I salute everyone involved in this grand production including the producer, Mission Economic Cultural Association (MECA) in association with Mission Neighborhood Centers (MNC), the many City Departments and of course the parade artists who labor so long that we might be able to share the joyous spirit of this event. Please join with me as we hail this mythical rise of our Carnaval-San Francisco phoenix.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.
City and County of San Francisco

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