Myth & Magic for Carnaval '97
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Official Invitation from Da Mayor

Carnaval Countdown with Monica Conrady

King & Queen of Carnaval

The Inner Mission homeland of our event has been called "the world's funkiest neighborhood."It is surrounded by some of San Francisco's most special communities with the most famous being the gay-lesbian Mecca known as the Castro. Our multicultural Carnaval-SF, the Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender Freedom Day Parade and February's Chinese New Year annually compete for the title of the SF Bay Area's largest. These same three neighborhoods are the subjects of recent doumentaries by SF-PBS TV station KQED. If you are over 18 and your community standards allow viewing partial nudity and some outrageous acting out you'll want to visit our Gayday '97 slide show. We'll also be bringing you Gayday '97 following the June 27 parade. And you can always find something worthwhile visiting the '97 Carnaval-San Francisco slide show.

Congratulations to defending Grand Champion D'Midas International of California who this year will go for an unprecedented fourth victory in a row they also handily won our People's Choice Giant Costume Contest. We're hoping to get many new '97 Carnaval Gallery contributors from webmasters who appreciate the traffic-building opportunity that photos from our colorful celebration of life provide them.


Parade Contingents Capoeira Clubs
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