Best Caribbean: D'Midas International California
(1st overall officially)

Best Brazilian: Betho Filho & Oju Oba
tie for 3rd overall officially)

Best Latin: Comparsa Viva Panama

Best Indian: Xiuhoatc Azteka w/ L.Flynn Elementary

Best European: French American School

Best Bolivian: Bolivian Magic

Best African: Oya Nike Cultural

Best Sound: Mas Maker Massive

Best Combination of Celebration of Life Traditions:
Batu Pitu
(New Orleans, Brazilian San Francisco & the
inimitable Kip Farris)

Best Presentation of Official Theme-"World Peace":
Oju Oba
Passion for Peace

Most Photographed: Betho, Rosanna, & Claudio atop the
Oju Oba
giant Buddha float

Most Improved: Spirit of Polynesia, Batu Pitu (amazingly),
Cape Verdean
, Bernal Heights, Birds of Paradise,
Taft Elementary
w/ Rebecca Daniel

Best New Entrys:
    African: Oya Nike
(& overall),
    Brazil: Samba Mundial ("peninsula's only")
    Europe: French American School
    Caribbean: SFPD - Mission's Chabot Rebels
    21st Century Street Art: Rainbow Renegades
    Employee: Carnaval of Postal Employees
    Only in SF: Midnight Rollers

Best Band on the Street:
    Caribbean: United Sisters w\ Pan Exstacy Mas Makers Massive
(& overall)
    Brazilian: Batu Pitu's Juju Band
    21st Century Art: Sacred Island
    Polynesian: Spirit of Polynesia
    Latin: Bernal Heights Neighborhood
- great horns!
    Steelpan: Chabot College Panhandlers

The Chabot
are led by Jim
of Chabot
College. C'95

Largest Band on a Float: Batu Pitu Juju Band w/ Sistah Nedra

Most Inspirational/Best Kids: Jovenes Unidos/ Mission Girls Services
from the heart of the Mission at the YWCA w/ Loco Bloco

Most Original Costumes: Samba do Coracao Mary Dollar

Missing In Action: Ruben Aponte & Variedades
Tropicales, Mission YMCA, Bret Hart Elementary,
Buchanan H.S. Free Wheelers, Rara Premie Aptos,
M.S. Ron Gallegos Emperor for Life

Best Trend: Prize Money for top four parade bands

Worst Trend: 1st low budget shortened TV telecast

MECA Volunteers of '95: Denise Johnson a classy
M.C. at both King & Queen contest and Awards
ceremonies. Patricia Aguayo - non-profits do not
compensate Board members.

Cross-Cultural Award: Kip Farris floatbuilder and magnet local for good-time vets of
all stripes. His TV quote: "You start getting the fever to do it again and to try to do it
better than you did the time before."
Best Rumor Bacchanals: Corner office at MECA
2nd TV-7 cutting an adult version for late night show.

Best spirit: Comparsa Viva Panama;
Honorable mention to Batu Pitu, D'Midas
Sacred Island
, Kealo Ro, Midnight Rollers,
Bahamas Junkanoo, Pleasure Players

Anniversaries: Mas Revellers w/ Bea
Watson (10th), Buena Vista E. (10th)
(when will other principles adopt this excellent
school arts model for song dance & story)

Best kids percussion: Buena Vista as usual

Best youth percussion: Loco Bloco led by Heather Watkins
(our most under rated STAR)

Best Brazilian percussion: 1st place tie between Fogo Na Roupa (Carlos Aceituno) &
Oju Oba (Mark Tapson);
2nd - Escola Nova de Samba (Chalo Edwardo), Samba
do Coracao
(Fernando de Sanjines), Samba Mundial (Jeff Taylor) Batu Pitu (Jose

Best Percussion - Other: 1st - Spirit of Polynesia; Honorable Mention: French
American School
, Sunset Scavengers, Oya Nike

Radical Amazement Award: Batu Pitu by float-builder Kip Farris unchallengable by
Batu Pitu Collagevirtue of the largest float ever, the
biggest band, the tallest and widest
costumes all in his potent color combo
of red, white & black. That's not all,
besides a wild basketball game on the
back of float, a tribute to the great
spirit of Davilla, a who's who of
Carnaval personalities including
Roberto Hernandez there was some
great original Carnaval music pumping
up all of us who revel in taking C'SF a
few splendid notches higher.
Kip Farris' imagination.

ABC/KGO-TV Show on 7

BABE of the Broadcast: Zenia Olszewsky Birds of Paradise (28 seconds & her 3rd title
thanks for sharing your exquisite breasts, not even museum's best from the past compare)
2nd -- Natalie Letcher Samba do Coracao 17 sec.
3rd -- Rosanna Brito Oju Oba 13 seconds
4th & first among those goddesses not perched upon floats -- Dina Pellegrini Escola
Nova de Samba
, 8 sec.

HUNK of the Broadcast: Stephen Tiffenson Mas Maker Massive (21 seconds of the
band leader in his best giant king costume yet)
2nd -- Jean Luc Stora King C'95 9sec.

Minutes of Fame: D'Midas & Birds of Paradise tie at 135 sec.
2nd -- Fogo na Roupa 105 sec.

Best TV presentation: 1st Ojo Oba, 2nd Mas Makers, 3rd Samba do Coracao (please 2nd guess this)

Royal Message -- King Jean Luc Stora: "I command you to have fun. I mean don't force yourself. Forget about everything else and have fun." Queen Maria Souza: "Forget about all your problems. Forget about everything. And leave this moment and dance and watch people dance and just bring all your frustrations out and give them to the rhythms of the music."

Memorable Incidents: Don Sanchez getting shut down by the too young, scantily clad Swedish girl from S:T Olof Another excellent arts in the schools model-- a samba school for 13 to 21 year olds. Disney's Sistah Act 3 Ex Mission mega star Whoopie Goldberg's break-through movie was based on the power of song, dance & story to unite & energize in a school modeled on the Mission's St. Peters. Let's restore school arts programs Mr. Mayor. Hire our vets.


Grand Champion:
   D'Midas International Ebony & Ivory
--One World One Peace designed by Stephen Derrick

Brazilian Champion:
   Batu Pitu
Quale directed by Kip Farris

3rd Place (tie):
   Oju Oba
Passion for Peace director Betho Filho w/ Aluadomar
   Fogo Na Roupa Fogo's Divine Buzios directed by Carlos Aceituno

Brazilian Dance:
   1st (tie): Fogo Na Roupa
, Betho Filho and Oja Oba
   2nd: Batu Pitu
   3rd: Samba do Coracao

Open Dance:
   1st: D'Midas International
   2nd: Mas Makers Massive
   3rd: (tie) All Ah We, Caporales, Comparsa Viva Panama

Brazilian Music:
   1st: Betho Filho and Oju Oba
   2nd: Batu Pitu
   3rd: Fogo Na Roupa

Open Music:
   1st: Mas Makers Massive
   2nd: Masqued Revellers
   3rd: Oya Nike Cultural Center

Brazilian Costume:
   1st: Betho Filho and Oju Oba
   2nd: Batu Pitu
   3rd: Samba do Coracao

Open Costume:
   1st: D'Midas International
   2nd: Buena Vista School
   3rd: Bolivia Magica

Brazilian Visual:
   1st: Batu Pitu
   2nd: Fogo Na Roupa
   3rd: Samba do Coracao

Open Visual:
   1st: D'Midas International
   2nd: Mas Makers Massive
   3rd: (tie) All Ah We, Wise Fool Puppet Intervention

Best Children:
   1st: D'Midas International
   2nd: Mas Makers Massive
   3rd: Buena Vista School

Giant Costume:
   1st: Batu Pitu
   2nd: Mas Makers Massive
   3rd: Masqued Revellers

Best Float:
   1st: Batu Pitu
   2nd: Fogo Na Roupa
   3rd: Betho Filho and Oju Oba

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