2008 Carnaval Queen Kellita  
“Just hearing the music and the way it makes you feel is something that I can’t really explain; dance speaks to you beyond what you’ve learned, what you know.”
--Queen Kellita
King Everett
Kellita's captivating smile charms all within her sphere.


Kellita descends from a long line of sassydancers.  Her Spanish grandmother routinely danced flamenco on tabletops, while her Lebanese aunt entertained vaudeville audiences as The Chocolate Princess with her signature hula dance.  Kellita's effervescent personality shines through no matter how demanding the choreography she performs.
On the other hand her father was a life long minister whose sense of caring for others made a big impact on his daughter.
Not only a mover and shaker on the dance floor, Kellita has traveled the world, building bridges, teaching English as a Second Language in Hungary, Brazil and Russia.

Her commitment to embrace diverse cultures and expression landed her a BA in Romance languages & literature from UCSD.  While classically trained, it was her introduction to samba, cabaret & burlesque that opened her floodgates of enthusiasm.
After locating in the what might be fairly called the world capital of  multi-cultural dance, the San Francisco Bay Area, Kellita found inspiration in combining samba with the showgirl moves that had rarely heretofore been deemed worthy of being imparted as a skill to be taught. Kellita's muse blossomed creating choreography which is both innovative and crowd pleasing for her dance troupe, the award-winning Hot Pink Feathers world carnaval cabaret. 
The chance to resurrect and advance the aesthetic of beauty and love through the art of the female form in motion has given Kellita's career in dance a special purpose that she believes is a blessed calling. 
Sharing dance as celebration through performance and education is Kellita's primary and official occupation. A long-time performer in Carnaval, who, like many, sees the year divided into two parts, before Carnaval and after Carnaval.  Kellita's dance work is fueled by her passion for expressing joy in the present although in spare moments, Kellita moonlights as a psychometrist. 
She has won a large following of fans who sense something extra special in our 2008 Queen. Part of this extra fan devotion is Kellita has a charisma which makes them feel extra special too. Student Carleigh Rochon who still seems awed by her first Carnaval parade experience in 2007 says. "You can't help but have fun around her. She is 'on' all the time"
Mrs. Rochon was an eight year modern and belly dance student when she expressed to our Queen having always had an interest in samba but feeling intimidated by high energy classes. Next thing she knew she was in the beginner class of what Kellita calls "the Showgirl Academy." The classes brought out innate talent in a way the was fun and approachable but the idea of performing in a G-string before hundreds of thousands in the Carnaval parade was initially out of the question. Kellita eventually won her over;
"She is so passionate about the art form. So proud of women and the female form. How to bring the best out is her mission." 
"It's not just technique and movements it is the choreography, she is just so good at how to put in all together." she said.
Hot Pink Feathers was one of the most memorable contingents in the 2007 Carnaval parade and yet one of the smallest without a sound truck or float. Most talked about was the shimmy-shim move of twenty syncopated g-stringed rear ends moving down Mission Street at the same time.
Queen Kellita says her next world tour will be dedicated to teaching Dance as a Second Language.  
The San Francisco Bay Area is very fortunate to be blessed with the special talents of our Queen Kellita to serve as ambassador of the notion of a community which honors the beauty of the body in motion through the expression of public dance and  music until April 1st of next year.
Hot Pink Feathers Video
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"Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers offers a new take on a burlesque classic -- risque dancing but with an emphasis on humor and fun. The act has real class, it's naughty and at the same time reveals her sincere beauty. Highly entertaining."
David Morgenstern, San Francisco-based Editor and Reporter

"Sure you can call it 'burlesque,' but Kelly Garton's act with the samba troupe she founded, Hot Pink Feathers, runs the gamut from sizzling Bollywood dance numbers to theatrical stunts involving bunnies and jungles...Fact is, all that shimmy-shaking is a testament to the fact that making them laugh is just as important as making them drool."
SF WEEKLY, Nirmala Nataraj



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