San Francisco Bay Area
rand Parade
Groups / Contingents


1 Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
2 Walden House
3 Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca
4 Xolo Sacred Dance
5 Sylvia’s ‘39
6 Nueva Middle School
7 BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
8 Boys & Girls Club of SF – Mission Club House
9 Buena Vista Elementary School
10 James Lick Middle School & Norcal
11 Everett Middle School
12 Monroe Elementary School
13 Association of Colombian Americans
14 Marshall Elementary School
15 Son De Cana & Escuela Folklorica de Sacuanjoche, Nicaragua
16 Bolivia Unida
17 BrasArte & Ginga Brasil
18 Quimbanda Grupo Carnavalesco
19 Comunidad Yucateca
20 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
21 Bolivia Corazon de America
22 Samba Mundial
23 SambAsia
24 Noche De Fiesta Chapina
25 The African Outlet
26 Danza Azteca Mixcoatl Anahuac
27 Tradicion Peruana Cultural Center, Good Samaritan, Paul Revere School & BRAVA
28 East Bay Community Samba School
29 Banda Remelexo
30 Mas Makers Massive
31 Hot Pink Feathers – Carnaval San Francisco 2008 King & Queen
32 Grupo Aztlan de San Francisco
33 Fogo Na Roupa - Macy's
34 MaraReggae
35 Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble San Francisco
36 Bolivians of Southern California
37 Mo’ Love
38 Samba do Mar & Energia do Samba
39 Caribbean Roots and Culture
40 Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble
41 Sistas-Wit-Style and Associates
42 Loco Bloco, Mission Girls & Leonard Flynn Elementary School
When: Sunday, May 25, 2008
Time: Starts at 9:30 AM
Where: Starts at 24th & Harrison to Mission, then Mission & 24th to Mission & 17th
Parade Map: Click here to view parade route map
Take BART to the Parade! Stations: 16th Street, and 24th Street

Video courtesy of carnaval.com (c)
In 2008, for the first time ever, the King and Queen competition format had a preliminary and final competition. In the preliminary competition, held at the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park contestants were encouraged to compete as couples and win one of four categories to go to the finals. The four categories were Caribbean, Brazilian, Traditional and Contemporary/Fusion. [click thru above thumbnails to learn more about finalists]
This location and the Japanese Tea Garden next door are legacies from the first time the City of San Francisco invited the world to join them in celebrating joy in the present.
Golden Gate International Exposition Download
Let's bring the GGIE's poignant vision of Pacific unity back to the public, uniting the region with the Bay Area's only annual TV parade is a great place to begin. Timothy Pflueger, San Francisco's greatest architect of public buildings was also a great global visionary who was a driving force behind this 3rd and last SF World's Fair. He is also the architect of record for the New Mission Theatre, whose landmark restoration as one of San Francisco's largest theatres is working its was through the planning process



43 Mixtiso Latin Hip Hop & George Moscone Elementary School
44 Colombian Soul
45 California Association for Bilingual Education - Annie Torres Rodriguez
46 Zona Verde
47 Grupo Samba Rio
48 Morenada Bolivia
49 Sambamora
50 Pirates of Emerson
51 Proyeccion Folklorica Guatemalteca (PFG) Xelaju
52 Brazivedas
53 Frisco’s Finest Car Club
54 Bay Area Caribbean Connection
55 3NI
56 Brasil Cuba-SF
57 Bellezas Panamenas
58 Todo Mundo
59 Esplendor Azteca Xipe Totec
60 Los Angeles Carnival Tour
61 Los Angeles Youth on Parade
62 Jump Synergy
63 Dream Time
64 Oba Moro with the Maracats & Congo Carnivalers
65 Mission SF Federal Credit Union
66 Jatun Marka Bolivia
67 San Francisco Cable Car Operators
68 Dominican Republic
69 San Francisco Day Labor Program
70 Lakay and Mystic Man
71 Trash Mash Up
72 Spinz Productions
73 Sylvia’s ‘39
74 Branch Bookmobile – San Francisco Public Library
75 Alianza Metropolitan News
76 Kaanoi Kai
77 Shoebox Studio Dancers
78 Cuervo
79 El Zorro & El Zorro, Jr.
80 California Soccer Association North
81 Los Viejitos Car Club
82 Yellow Cab Cooperative
83 West Coast Lion Dance Troupe
84 Bolivia
85 Point Break Live

Queen Kellita & King Everett