2008 Carnaval San Francisco Bay Area

King Everett Harper

“Carnaval San Francisco sends the community the message, ‘You are alive! Look how colorful, creative, irreverent and inclusive you can be!’ We are lucky in San Francisco to have that tradition for 30 years, and I am honored to bring that message from the Mission to the Bay and beyond,”

 King Everett Harper

2008 Queen Kellita
Professionally,  Everett Harper, is recognized as a leader in technology innovation for new communities. He is just the second King [Jim Sowers 2000 was the 1st] to come from the internet industry or the new global media which is reshaping the eyeball patterns everywhere. The Mission district, which most of us know as the home of Carnaval,  may be better known in this lofty community as one of the trendiest of neighborhoods for new media creative types. Everett is the director of community initiatives at Linden Lab, which is the creator of Second Life. Members of Second Life create and dress avatars who live, work and conduct business in the virtual world. Everett has helped to pioneer the social network analysis tools and applications which have helped fuel Linden world's explosive growth.


The 2008 Carnaval King, Everett Harper brought classic good looks, discipline,  athleticism with many years of training in tango, samba, salsa, modern dance, Vinyasa yoga and love to the best choreographed couple's dance ever performed in the King and Queen competition.

Everett holds a MBA and M.Ed from Stanford University, and a BSEE in biomedical engineering from Duke University. While at Duke, as a starter, he helped his team win the NCAA National Championship in soccer, it was Duke's first ever in any sport. Together with his dance partner and now Queen Kellita he will rule over the world beyond the masks of everyday responsibility,  beyond  time and space, otherwise known as the land of myth, magic and make-believe.

Everett believes the fuel for his collaboration with Kellita comes from a six-year journey through sites of cultural collision: Havana, New Orleans, Salvador, Cartagena, Fez, Johannesburg, New York, and Sevilla.  He was inspired by the passionate music and dance traditions that emerged from favelas, souks and juke joints.  His choreography extracts that power and reimagines it through a modern narrative of mashups and mezclas.

He is currently Director of Community Initiatives at Linden Lab, creators of Second Life a rather appropriate position for the newly elected King of makepbelieve. [see side-bar]

The 2008 Carnaval King and Queen competition had many talented dancers doing powerful performances. This "Only in San Francisco" version of dancing with the stars honors the many generations of ancestors whose vibrations are still with us in the intangible manner that physics is only beginning to understand. For Everett and his dance partner Kellita, this was the first year couples were encouraged and in the first round you had to  compete in one of four categories. [more]

Winning performance in the Contemporary/Fusion category at the

Preliminary King & Queen Competition
at de Young Museum

King Everett and his now Queen Kellita wow the crowd with a clever medley of world dance and costumes one reporter mistakenly called a striptease.

Everett is honored to be the King of Carnaval SF on its historic 30th anniversary, and appreciates the rare opportunity to have a platform to express three core ideals-




 collaboration, & community.

King Everett would like to express deep gratitude to his wife Julie, two year old daughter Damiana, the Hot Pink Feathers tribe, the Carnaval SF committees, and especially Queen Kellita.

"Everett Harper and Kellita Maloof are total dance nerds. Whether talking shop about stage theory or listening to the subtle shadings in music for choreography ideas, the pair lives for the opportunity simply to “shake it.” So it makes sense that these self-professed dance dweebs are this year’s reigning king and queen of Carnaval."

SF Examiner

"Significant images render insights beyond speech, beyond the kinds of meaning speech defines. And if they do not speak to you, that is because you are not ready for them, and words will only serve to make you think you have understood, thus cutting you off altogether. You don't ask what a dance means, you enjoy it. You don't ask what you mean, you enjoy yourself; or at least, so you do when you are up to snuff."

Joseph Campbell

SFgate reporters in  Rachel Howard reporting on the King and Queen competition finals and Steve Rubenstien covering the opening of Bay Area National Dance week gave snide and snarky reviews that fortunately were overwhelmed by the pictures which accompanied them.
video @ sfgate by Frederic Larson, The Chronicle showing San Franciscans discovering the Carnaval spirit at Union Square
Here's the many reader reviews of the finals K&Q review by R. Howard we preserved



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