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King & Queen Finals bachanacl -reader comments about the article
30th Anniversary:
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Friday at the de Young Museum
King & Queen Finals March 29th
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Zona Verde
Brazil Focus: 50th Anniversary of Bosa Nova
Bikini History Part I
Romans to 1960
Rio's 60's Contribution to global cuture
Brazil Carnaval News
Rio Carnaval
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Most interesting "Carnaval SanFrancisco 2008" fotos @ flickr
For hot shots from parade try "Carnaval SanFrancisco 2007"
 or "Carnaval SanFrancisco"
Queen_Califia  Califia (aka Calafia) is the name of a legendary Black Amazon warrior queen
The collection of over 10,000 Carnaval San Francisco photographs at the internet's #1 photo site is dominated by Shapeshift with almost half of the top 25 "most interesting" fotos
"Shapeshift lives up to his handle in that the "shapeshift" he applies to some of his photos is very tastefully done, and enhances the feel of what the picture is all about.

His are amongst the first photos I look at when logging onto Flickr as I'm keen to see what new "feel" he's applied to yet another good picture!"
You may know the song by the Grateful Dead in which the song refrain is "I need a miracle everyday." I think any reasonable person can conclude that the redemption of the world, if it is to be achieved, can only be achieved through magic. Its too late for science. Its too late for horatory politics.... "you can't go back and you can't stand still. If the thunder don't get you the lightning will."
---Terence McKenna Lectures on Alchemy.


Get ready for Carnaval SF 2009 at our following URLs:
  April 2009
 Drumbeat Newsletter : We're excited to announce our new for 2009 platform featuring live feeds from flickr, youtube and you. Links to the best of Carnaval 2009 and countdown events
Greatest selection of Carnaval Pics ever assembled with lots of links to wikipedia, other Carnaval/annual festival sites and guides to their host cities. For the Web 2.0 version go to our flickr site
There are two official Carnaval SF 2009 sites:
by Rita Barela Associates, the new producer of Carnaval San Francisco for Mission Neighborhood Centers Inc. [MNC] by volunteer Glen Evans taking over from Luiz Mendoza who still does the Cinco de Mayo site for MNC
The 2008 Carnaval San Francisco theme:

Does it feel like the Age of Aquarius yet?

The Fifth Dimension was simply jamming with the universe, in five dimensions:

Hairposter Florence said, "It was a real fluke. We were performing in New York City and Billy lost his wallet in a taxi. The man who returned it invited us to see a play he produced. [Interesting how the music weaves together perfectly.] The play of course was Hair. Well we heard Aquarius and we all just looked at each other and said 'We've got to sing this song. It's great.'" It was producer Howe who suggested splicing Aquarius together with lyrics from another number in the musical which became "Let The Sunshine In". [No coincidence: If you've become aware of 5D, you'll know how the solar star fits in.] He got together with arranger Bob Alcivar & put the two songs together, making them work as one single. "We recorded that song in Las Vegas, in this small studio," says LaRue. "Our voices were all tired, we'd been performing there for over a month. It was the quickest thing we ever recorded and it was one of our biggest hits." [Yup 5D simply glides.] They were very close to the railroad tracks, and while they were singing the final chorus, a train rumbled by. You can still hear the locomotive, though, just barely, on the final master.

"Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" remained in the #1 spot on Billboard's chart for 6 straight weeks and remained in the Top 40 for 16 weeks. Both the single and album "Age Of Aquarius" went Gold and received two Grammy Awards for Record Of The Year and Best Contemporary Vocal By A Group. They were also nominated for Album Of The Year. The song was also nominated for Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist. The song eventually sold over three million copies, making it the biggest selling single that year. The original song was over 7 minutes long and it was Bill Drake of a Los Angeles radio station who suggested the song needed to be shortened to about 3 minutes; so Howe released 2 versions, one just over 3 minutes and one under 3 minutes." - The Fifth Dimension, profile from




The oldest well documented Carnival comes to us from Egypt. The best known festival reenacted the passion of Isis and Osirus where but over the course of 2500 years there were many large scale festivals including one presided over by Bast the Cat called the festival of inebriation. Our favorite Egyptian Carnival story relates to why there are just 5 special days of Carnival. These were known as days beyond time and space and were needed to make the 360 calendar complete. 
 Our myth and magic piece for 2008 got away from us and you can expect things to be further cleaned up and enhanced over the summer. In the meantime we believe you'll find these pages worthy of your attention Pyramids  Sphinx  Isis Rising  Golden Ass
 Egypt  Bastet the Cat goddess


Year round symbol of SF Bay Area Unity
 The Mount Sutro Tower represents the unity at the center, at the center of the tri-metro region [SF. SJ, Oakland], at the creative center of the planet.

The City columnist Herb Caen once said,
 “I keep waiting for it to stalk down the hill and attack the Golden Gate Bridge.”

The tower will always stand taller than any other structure in the Bay Area. While San Francisco has approved plans for structures taller than its  977 feet (298 metres) It rises from the ground at 1,800 ft (549 m) above sea level. It was built on the site of Mayor Adolph Sutro's mansion, one of San Francisco's greatest visionaries.

The original design of the tower called for white lights longitudinally rising along its three legs to the top. When opened, these lights were lit. However local resistance forced the operators to turn off the lights and it is not known if they are still operational.

 How great it would if they could be used since for special occasions like  Christmas and Carnaval.

Former King of Carnaval Mario Pablo Chacon brought an entourage of over fifty dandies to the Carnaval at the de Young Museum event who would have wowed the salons of the Venice Carnevale
Carnaval SF 1979 -2008
1981-83 Carnaval by S.S. Archulela
For three decades, Carnaval San Francisco has been a much-cherished occasion for many cultures to come together in one spirit: to share in the exhilaration and creative expression, the abundance of beauty and community, the sheer joy and good times that makes Carnaval San Francisco such a rich experience and a spectacular sight to behold. This spring will see a major cause for celebration, with Carnaval San Francisco's 30th anniversary bash taking place in the Mission District over Memorial Day weekend, May 24 and 25.

California's largest annual multi-cultural celebration, Carnaval San Francisco 2008 – themed "Many Cultures - One Spirit" – will showcase the very best of Latin American and Caribbean cultures and traditions with a diverse array of food, music, dance and artistry, including works created by the talented community of Mission District residents and Bay Area artists.
Official Events

Grand Stand Parade Seating

Grand Parade
Sunday, May 25th, 2008, Starting at 9:30 am.

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