Greetings Earthlings

We Come in Peace

This is an “Open Invitation” to All of My Friends,
Your Friends and Future Friends, to Activate With Us
!!! , in our “Global Warning” Mas, “GREASE RUNNER” for
a day of  “High Jinx’s”, “Mad Cap Revelry”,
“Activision”, and “Shenanigans” In the “ San Francisco
Carnaval ” 
                      >>>> Sunday May 27 2007” <<<<

Please Forward this ,Communiqué, thru the Roots and
Branches of your “Email Family Tree” 
Print and Post in your Community Gathering Places, on
the Web 
or Terra Firma !!!

Contact  >>>

Lichen I [one eye]
A Waking Dream
Alternative Fuels Technology
[415] 621-3571 {10am-10pm}
[email protected] 

Greetings Chris
I hope you are doing well !!! and your life finds you
in a positive and healing place.
 I have been very sick for the last year and in a lot
of pain, I have had 3 surgeries since September, I call
my surgeon Blind Doctor Frankenstein. 
  I am hoping that I recover and that I am well enough
to celebrate and participate in the "Carnaval".
 Slowly over the past year I have been self building
my  "Grease Runner" [float], on the street in front of
my house. I am about 2/3 of the way done and it's
starting to take shape. Not having A Waking Dream
Space makes it hard to rally people together so I have
come out with my "Grease Runner HuManifesto" which is
the contents of the attachment.

"Best To You Each Morning"