Carnaval Music Festival Memorial Day Weekend

Tropical dance rhythms, masks, feathers, vibrating energy, fantasy and the joy of living life in the present


You’re the entertainer, the street is your stage


Saturday & Sunday on Harrision Street. Take BART to 16th or 24th St and walk the 3 long blocks to the West Coast's best free annual ethnic festival with 7 stages, hundreds of booths. A much respected health pavilion whuth participation by all the leading public health organizations.

People from all over the world are united in the Grand Parade, which is followed by a massive carnival party on Harrison Street between 16th & 24th Streets.

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A short collage of different musical acts from the wonderful festival "Carnaval" in San Francisco's Mission District. It features some local greats such as John Santos, Bat Makumba, and alot of great street musicians!
Sound track is Los Cueros by Ray Barretto from the Carnaval album from 1973

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My Walk Through "Carnival" In San Francisco

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Fogo na Roupa on Bryant Street about to begin parading on 24th St.; readies themselves for their historic championship performance on the  Mission Miracle Mile


time to forget your inhibitions, wear a wild costume, play a character, and live out your fantasies



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Girl dances in a bubble 2006
This was Ginga Brazil celebrating the 5 world cup championships of Brasil


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This is the Colombian group dancing Garabato in the San Francisco Carnival. Mission street. May/2006

Bolivian Andean Dance from 2006 parade

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