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2003 Official site is packed with updated information.  

Carnaval Versus the Klingons
from Tomas Paine

SF Carnaval Events
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Carnaval Current News 2003
Aforum-San Francisco for what's new

Carnaval Countdown with Jan McDermott
Get the low down on who's up to what for your countdown season.

Festival May 24th & 25th 2003
A Saturday & Sunday event in the San Francisco Mission district on Harrison between 16th & 21st Streets.
The festival grounds will offer exciting events planned for the whole family, from children activities, to local visual artists displaying their art, to contingent artists performing at several stages, and many local businesses given an opportunity to participate as well. There will be music on three stages and through the 5 block long 2-day festival, ethnic food, art and lots of fun to be had by all.


Carnaval-San Francisco Parade is Sunday May 25th 2003 Map by yahoo Festival is both Saturday & Sunday
Parade is always the 4th Sunday of May or Memorial Weekend

and begins at Bryant & 24th at 10am and heads down the Mission Street to 17th... 


The 2 mile route has few gaps at the start on 24th and some big ones toward the end of the parade on the end of the parade route. Makes for good opportunities to support the local merchants. 

Grandstand Seating  
Event Ticket: $25.00
- Sunday, May 25, 2003, Starting at 10:00 am - Grand Stand Parade Seating - Carnaval’s Grand Parade is a unique multi-cultural event that celebrates the traditions of many countries and cultures around the world ... Purchase Ticket Now.heading_online_store.gif - 1651 Bytes
Tickets can also be purchased by phone at 415.920.0125 ext. 4, and at the following locations:
Mission Cultural Center For Latino Arts 2868 Mission Street
Discolandia  2956 24th St.; 415-826-0876 

Oakland Carnival
 [F] Kiddie Carnival 2003 on Carnival Saturday
2nd annual in 2003 on Carnaval Saturday at Fruitvale's Dimond Park

Carijama in 
The Day after on Memorial Day Monday
Carijama at Oakland's Mosswood Park on Monday on Monday May 26th 2003 Map 
10am to 7pm Parade at 11am on Monday of Santa Cruz skips 2003 and will return June 12, 2004

King & Queen

2003 King Antonio Naranjo and
 Queen Iya Silva

kq_2003.jpg - 16183 Bytes
 ALL Hail 
Click to ViewSamba homecoming - Sexy Carnaval returns to the Mission "While raucous and bawdy, Carnaval is also billed as an earnest celebration of the diversity of Latin American culture"  23May02

Artist Stipends are an important part of the Carnaval. Over $50,000 has been awarded in grants of $500 to $2000 to 2/3 of the 60 groups scheduled to appear in the 2003 Grand Parade The Carnaval Advisory Committee at the urging of Carnaval Artistic Director Roberto Hernandez has voted for no judging for the 25th anniversary parade.

SF Carnaval Contingents 2003

Carnaval San Francisco Concentration Game
Test your memory skills against the clock and the spectacular beauty of our 17 '98 Queens & Kings. Press reload or refresh if you start playing to soon and experience difficulty.

May in the Mission
Cinco de Mayo
The Merry month of May kicks off throughout the Mission. 

May 4 – Carnaval Rehearsal / Precita Park Founders Parade
Start Time 12 Noon at Alabama & Precita Streets, San Francisco, CA
May 4 – "An Evening in Cuba" featuring Grammy Award Nominee Orquesta Aragon
direct from Cuba, at Roccapulco Supper Club, 3140 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA  and May is Mural Month

The New Mission News distributes 18,000 copies every month though out the Mission, Noe Valley, Castro, Bernal Heights, SOMA and Potrero Hill. This is the heart of Bay Area Carnaval country and one of the best known ethnic and arts neighborhoods in the world.





Fotos what's new SF   
Top level in aforum but go direct to the image server to check for the freshest stuff. top level || SF Bay Area 


Winner of most popular C'SF foto. Click pic to enlarge. Check today's ranking here  


Queens & Muses
Starring the Google image search engine and inspired by the popularity of our similar Rio de Janeiro page.

Carnaval San Francisco Photo Gallery 99
fotos from Carnaval '98 and the countdown season to '99.

Also visit our growing Link Galleries for Carnaval SF including
 [F] 2002 Carnaval
 [F]   Carnaval 2001
 [F] Carnaval 2000



by Egdar Lee
 many more at his site

Grand Champions LatinAmerican Workout & former King of Carnaval Jaime Martinez.

Jim Garza wins google search for "Carnaval San Francisco" Images 


Mark Rapoza

Check here for the first batch of 2003 pics. Dina Pellegrini from 2002 Academicos

Parade Photos  by TheSenusal Image Mask Gallery  these pictures on CD: Professional quality album of all  Carnaval and Gay Pride Parades 1999 and 2000 featuring Birds of Paradise.

A Fogalistic Photo Gallery  ||  2000
Click pic for some nice ones. 

Nobody & Fogo on the 16th & Harrison stage Top



Cinco de Mayo & Cesar Chavez Parades 

PRIDE Parade 4th sunday in June

Day of the Dead

Halloween San Francisco

  IMAGE SEARCH "Carnaval San Francisco"











  Google is not able to index our image server or aforum pages but we're working on getting more Carnaval SF images indexed using tables with an image & name plus  text links to single photo pages & suggest other Carnavelesco webmasters do the same. We'll keep track of our progress on this page takes a special interest in Brazilian , Latin and Caribbean and Cajun music but we subscribe to the description of Carnaval music as sounds that make you want to jump for joy with others.

Brazil on the SF Bay

Mexico on the SF Bay

The trendy Latin Explosion has been happening on the streets of the Mission since well before Carnaval's birth in 1979 but here's the two web guides which can will bring out the best for you.

MPB - Brazilian Popular Music - the essence of our music. Bossa Nova, created in bars of Rio during the 50's. Axé Music, a style born in the state of Bahia with great influence of African rhythms. Samba was the first Brazilian style to become popular globally and has never lost its popularity with the youth.

Music of the world Links by || David McBurnie || Luis Medina - [email protected] || Spliff Skankin'& Javier   
94.1 fm on your dial the venerable station is trying to figure out how to SavePacifica A lawsuit seeking to restore representation to the Pacifica National Board is moving forward.
S  by KPFA DJ  Jose Ruiz
A Latino music potpourri: Son, Rumba, Guajira, Bomba, Vallenato, Samba, Batucada, Soca, Calypso, Flamenco, Rancheras, Norteñas, Tangos, Boleros, Nueva Canción y mucho mas!

SF CARNAVAL BAY AREA-Events Board || Latin Events || Dance Events
Our system gives you the most information and options for optimizing your evening.

11 Days of Great Events for Carnaval 2003

 [F] Carnaval Related Annual Events in Northern California 

Bay Area Annual Events starring the month of May which begins with May Day and Cinco de Mayo.

France in the SF Bay Area
Let's keep an eye on the French who have embraced Brazilian Carnaval more than any other country in the West. 

Calendar of Bay Area Ethnic Events by
Exhaustive list minimum description, contact #'s last update 12/99. || Bay Area Resources  for the latest on one of the most active Cajun and Zydeco music and dance scenes outside of Louisiana.

Events of Special Note  
Under the leadership of Roberto Lima, the Bay Area Brazilian Club has promoting Brazilian culture in the Bay Area for over 30 years and hold the biggest pre-Lenten Carnaval at the Galleria every year. 

PRIDE Parade 4th sunday in June


Myth & Magic

Dia de Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead

Life's greatest fundamental repeat themselves annually and Carnaval invites you to celebrate life or more accurately the rebirth of life in the cycle of life -death & rebirth. American culture has long been distinguished by its problems with death and would do well to embrace the neighboring culture of Mexico's traditions surrounding death and remembrance of ancestors.

Trickster at the Crossroads
by Erik Davis originally published in  Gnosis Magazine 
Why does everything feel so charged up at Carnaval Time? One reason is the Esu is much more out and about. Esu bears striking resemblance to Hermes who was renamed Mercury by the Romans. Both are likely progeny of the Egyptian's  Thoth  (shown is the Mercury dime)

12 stepping with the Orixas in Brazil 
Brazilian Jungian analyst John Burns updates the most successful model of drug treatment with spectacular orisha illustrations by  Francisco Santos. The similarity between these deities and those of early Greece and the relationship to Egypt is a new topic in academia

The Black Queen Califa || Queen Calafia at the Latin American Library
Learn the fascinating story about the Goddess the state of California was named after. Throughout history, Black Madonnas have often inspired heroism by historic figures.


Dance & Percussion Classes


Click pic for 15 seconds of Chalo performing with his pandeiro in the 2002 parade with Samba do Coracao

Chalo Eduardo, C'SF founder and REMO drum spokesperson was inspired, when in December of 2002, the thrill of drumming and drumline competitions hit movie theatres with 20th Century Fox Studio’s release of “Drumline.” Chalo told parade producer, Roberto Hernandez that the exciting drumline action may translate well to the evolving San Francisco Carnaval youth movement and his "guns for drums" program. 

SF-Bay Area Dance Directories at
San Francisco 
East Bay

South Bay
North Bay Classes

The Bay Area is one of the world's most important dance centers. We have linked to the link directories and highlighted the dance instructors and studios who inform their work with the joy of the Carnaval spirit.

Awards and Fotos too.

Capoeira Directory for the West Coast
You may be one of the many becoming more interested in how your rhythm is affected by other rhythms. Begin your journey here.


History Section in
Carnaval San Francisco: the early years
by Richard Reniceros
KING 1998: Shimon van Collie
Escola Nova=s 15 Years of Carnaval History
By Escola member
Rick Telesforo.
History of Carnival by
Carnaval-San Francisco 1997 ||  1999 
||2000 ||
King Jim & Queen Elisa: Carnaval 2000
King Theolonius I & Queen Elizabeth in 2002.
2002 || King Norberto & Queen Maisa 

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Multicultural & Carnaval Arts

Community Festival Arts & The Arts on
Featuring the May 2002 report from on the innovative ways groups are finding to overcome resistance to providing arts programs to California schools. A traditional role of parades yesterday, today and tomorrow
.  UNITY: Out of Many, One.
What's new in multicultural resources for Families & Communities
An annual Santa Clara County Sept. conference & festival.

The New Age of Carnival

The past in the future what can be more certain.


Best of Carnaval on the web
In 2001 Saint Petersburg Russia is hosting the global Carnaval FECC convention. Russia was the last country in Europe to communicate primarily using the written word. In other words the Carnaval language of images communicated through song dance and story a  natural inclination. Many new yet old Carnivals have sprung up but none is more ambitious than St. Petersburg.

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Foundation European Carnival Cities (FECC)
The planet's leading organization for people's events.
Sambista Network || || Federation  

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