"A Mass Affirmation of Peace"
is the 2003 Theme for
Carnaval San Francisco's 25th Anniversary Season
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Join In!  These 53 groups want to share the Carnval spirit with you and invite your participation. Even if your not ready or too late to parade in costume you can still help with their monumental productions in many ways. Carnaval wants you!
3NI Productions
Theme: Fruits of the Nile Precious Gems"
Contact: Judy Lawrence
[email protected]
Abada Capoeira Afro-Brazilian Performance Group
Grand Champions 2001 & 2002.
Tradition: Brazilian.
Theme: O Berimbau Pede Paz (My Berimbau Asks for Peace)
Contact: Sara Breselor, Project Manager
[email protected]
Academicos da Estrada Real
Tradition or Theme: Rio de Janeiro Carnaval and dance & music of the Candomble
Josephine Morada, Artistic Director
[email protected]
All Ah We
Tradition or Theme: Afro-Caribbean
Suzanne Ludlum, Executive Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble
Tradition: Brazilian
Maria A. Sousa, Manager
[email protected]
[email protected]
Asociacion Cultural KANCHIS
Tradition: Peruvian Dance Group
Miguel R. Sanchez
[email protected]
Ating Tao
Tradition or Theme: Filipino percussion group specializing in music from the Southern Philippines called Kulintang.
Danilo Begonia, Director
[email protected]
Baby Buggy Brigade
Theme: Going on a Jungle Safari.
Milanda Moore, Artistic Director
[email protected]
Batu Pitu
Traditional: Multinational
Theme: "Quien mato a los pescados?" (Who Killed the Fish?)
Kip Farris, Director
[email protected]
Birds of Paradise
Theme: Passaros Da Paz (Birds of Peace)
Alex Saporetti, Artistic Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
Bolivia Andina Caporales
Tradition or Theme: Caporales
Tomas & Raquel Tarifa, President
[email protected]
Bolivia Corazon De America
Theme: Caporales
Alvaro F Salinas
[email protected]
Buena Vida Salsa Club
Theme: "Unidos Bailamos" (United We Dance)
Marlon Mayorga, Coordinator
[email protected]
Buena Vista Elementary School
Theme: Imagen la Paz (Imagine Peace). Contingent of Elementary school children
Debra Murov, Coordinator
[email protected]
Cape Verdean West Association
Tradition or Theme: Cape Verdean
Dominga Payne, President
[email protected]
[email protected]
CCSF African Ensemble
Theme: Celebrating the Folklore and Philosphy of Africa
S. Kwaku Daddy, Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club
Theme: Peace for Mother Earth
Jessica Sorwards, Art Director
[email protected]
Conjunto Folklorico Viva Panama
Theme: Centennial Extravaganza in celebration of 100 years of Independence
Grace Casey, Director
[email protected]
Dance Kaiso
Tradition: Caribbean (Trinidad) Theme: "Make Art Not War"
Robin Frey & Wilfred Mark
[email protected]
[email protected]
Diamo Coura West African Dance Company
Traditional West African music, dance, theater, and culture.
Zak and Naomi Diouf, Directors
[email protected]
Escola de SambAsia
Tradition: Unique blend of Brazilian and Japanese Taiko Music and Dance.
Theme: Neighborhood Bridges
Jimmy Biala and Melody Takata, Directors
[email protected]
[email protected]
Fogo Na Roupa AfroBrasilian Grupo Carnavalesco
Tradition: Brasilian. Theme: PANGEA: "One Origin"
Carlos Aceituno, Artistic Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
Foundation of European Carnival Cities
A Global Carnival Organization including members from 50 countries
Odessa Pegus
[email protected]
Jeremy Sanders
[email protected]
Flynn Elementary School
Theme: PANGEA "One Origin".
Elementary School Children Contingent
Nancy Obregon, Teacher
[email protected]
General Consul of Nicaragua
Tradition or Theme: Traditional Costumes, dances
and music of Nicaragua
Martiza S. Rosales Granera
Ghungroo Dance Academy
Tradition: Traditional Folk Dance from India.
Theme: Unity and Peace through Cultural Exchange
Kaka and Rani Bhatia, Co-Owner
[email protected]
Good Samaritan Family Resource Center
Theme: Paz sin Fronteras (Peace Without Borders).
Tradition: Bomba, Plena y Salsa de Puerto Rico
Armida Segrove, Carnaval Director
[email protected]

Ile Aiye / Brasarte
Tradition or Theme: Brilliance of Bahia, it's culture and traditions!
Conceicao Damasceno
Islands of Fire
Theme: World Festival.
Tradition: Caribbean
Tomi Seon
[email protected]
[email protected]
James Lick Middle School
Tradition or Theme: Al Ritmo del Caribe!
Gladys Dalmau, Coordinator
[email protected]
Theme: ReJouvayNation.
Tradition: Caribbean
Maya Trotz
[email protected]
[email protected]
Loco Bloco Drum & Dance Ensemble
Grand Champions 2001 & 2002
Jose Carrasco, Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
Los Matlachines
Mariano Tapia
Tradition: Brazilian/American.
Theme: Existence
Mestre Wilson Low & Rhonda S. Low
Artistic Director
[email protected]
Mas Makers Massive
Theme: Nature's Colors.
Tradition: Caribbean
Stephen & Colleen Tiffenson
[email protected]
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
Jennie Rodriguez, Exective Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mixcoatl Anahuac
Tradition or Theme: Aztec Dancers
Francisco Duran, Director
Norcal Waste Systems - Sanitary Fill
Gwendolyn Smith
[email protected]
Nupur Dance Company
[email protected]
Omulu Capoeira
Carlos Aceituno
One Race Different Colors / Educational Excellence
Honor Roll Students, Arlene Ackerman, Co-Grand Marshall.
Theme: Unity
Jim Queen, Coordinator
Oya Nike
Theme: Healing.
Tradition: African
Ruben Texidor, Director
Tradition: Afro-Brazilian.
Theme: "Felicidade"
Kate Ramsey, Admininstrative Assistant
[email protected]
Raices Cubanas
Tradition: Afro-Cuban.
Theme: "De los Cabildos al Carnaval"
Susana Arenas, Artistic Director
[email protected]
Samba do Coração
Tradition: Rio Style Escola de Samba
Theme: "Embaixadora do Samba" A tribute to Carmen Miranda
Contact Information:
Mary Dollar and Fernando de Sanjines, Artistic Directors
Mailing Address:
Samba do Coração
Attn. Mary/Fernando
P.O. Box 881752
San Francisco, CA 94188-1752
[email protected]
Sambao Paro o Povo
Tradition: Brazilian.
Theme: Samba California
Glenn Evans, President
[email protected]
[email protected]
San Francisco Taiko Dojo
Traditional & Contemporary Japanese drumming
Ryuma Tanaka
[email protected]
Socaribbean International
Tradition or Theme: Caribbean Cultural Organization representing Trinidad & Tobago.
Theme: "Together As One"
Clint Copeland
[email protected]
Tales of the Seven Seas
Tradition or Theme: Pirate Reenactors
Claire Britton-Warren
[email protected]
Ultra Gypsy
Jill Parker, Director
[email protected]
West Coast Lion Dance Troupe
Tradition: Chinese Lion Dance
Anthony Shiu, Director
[email protected]
Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteka
Tradition: Traditional Dances from ancient Mexico City
Miguel A. Martinez, Director
[email protected]

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