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A guide to the best of the web for local SF Bay Area Events and the world wide web for celebrating Latin culture year round and especially the first weekend in May
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Latin SF Bay Area Events

SalsaCrazy: The Salsa Dancing Site for the San Francisco  Bay Area and Beyond! Calendar || Salsa Clubs ||Salsa Classes
Bay Area's # 1 Latin Entertainment on line guide

Your best bet for connections in the business world and a reliable newsletter to with many links to what is happening

The Bay Area's # 1 Latin site with news and cultural coverage as well as a strong entertainment section.  The first local Latin entertainment portal  returns with lots of solid content after being dot gone for all of 2001
Cinco de Mayo
Mexico in San Francisco Cinco de Mayo celebrates solidarity among Mexican and Latino immigrants to the USA. It's date which usually means a parade on the first weekend in May for Latin communities throughout  USA. The date itself refers to one of Mexico's four major invasions through the Carnaval City of Veracruz. However Veracruz is also the cradle of all the great civilization of middle America, learn more about the mysterious first invadors, the Olmecs. 
 The French  attackers were defeated further inland at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.
(Mexican Independence Day also known as El Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores) is Sept. 16, 1810 

Visit our illustrated Cinco de Mayo History page 
which gives more than the average amount of USA background to the Chicano holiday of Cinco de Mayo 

San Francisco, until unprecedented global events of 1849 which created the world most multicultural City, was Mexico's most Northern City and perhaps its still is. 
The year 2002 marks the midpoint between the Cry of Dolores in 1992 and the end of the 5th age in 2012. We hope you will figure out what we are talking about by visiting

 The Curse of Columbus. 

The changing face of Mariachi -05/05/2002SF Gate
 Mexico's music enchants a new generation, inspiring new traditions
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 [F] Photos of Cinco de Mayo

Dia de Los Muertos / Day of the Dead
don't miss our guide to the other major Mexican holiday, About a subject we all share:  death

5th of Mayo: San Francisco - San Jose - Oakland
San Jose: First Sunday in May Parade 9:00 am - 12 noon in downtown San Jose from Santa Clara Street  from Autumn to South Market Street.  Followed by a food-and-music-filled festival from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Guadalupe River Park, San Carlos Street and Woz Way, and in nearby streets. $1, free for kids younger than 12. 
More Info:
GI Forum of S
an Jose Transit Info  (408) 321-2300 (800) 894-9908 

Fruitvale Oakland on BART is the up and coming celebration among the three metro centers. with the SUNDAY parade and  street fest. Along International Boulevard with a festival on streets between Fruit-vale and 47th avenues were closed to traffic until about 7 p.m. Fruitvale is Latin led transit village around BART is finally taking shape and its worth a convenient stop. Fruitvale's other signature celebration is a a daytime Sunday Street fair for Dia de Los Muertos 2002 report by Oakland Tribune
San Francisco: First Sunday in May 
Festival with paid admission follows at the Civic Center produced by MECA 
No Cinco de Mayo Parade in 2002
MECA's New Phone! (415) 256-3005 official MECA page at

Best Cinco de Mayo of the Web || 

98cinco1.jpg (102495 bytes) || Cook-off Photos
If you love Menudo, you'll love being in San Marcos, Texas  the first weekend in May for their big statewide cook-off.
#2 spot in google search engine

  Mexican Holidays: Cinco de Mayo    
replaces Cinco de Mayo by WorldBook
|||||as #1 spot on Yahoo Search  in all new format


Mole is a complex sauce made from chile, spices, and chocolate.  Some say it was invented by Pueblo nuns seeking to impress the visiting archbishop. Pueblo is also the site of the Cinco de Mayo battle and one of the few places the holiday is observed with much gusto in Mexico

Hot LINKS:  
WildChile Links by
or try the pics to your right 

Burrito The capital of the North American Burrito is San Francisco's Mission Dristrict. 
 [F] Burrito Capital of the World
World's 2nd Largest Burrito (pictorial).  

At the 1997 Cinco celebration in Rengstorff Park, Mountain View/ Silicon Valley California 
(see above took the crown in '99)

Menudo    the Menudo story
byJust Crockpot

a wonderfully aromatic soup made of tripe, hominy and chili, and is stewed for hours with garlic and other spices. the broth is rich, red, papery, and glistens with fat. It stimulates the senses, arms the insides, and clears the head

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta by epicurious 
Browse dozens of options in this huge recipe database

Cinco de Mayo by ||
12 recipes to brighten a sprightly holiday meal, whether enjoyed at home or at a picnic in the park following a colorful parade.

Pepper FoolVisit The Ring of Fire Home Page

Join the ring or browse a complete list of Ring Of Fire members


  Get up to $10 FREE GROCERIES is a bilingual online grocery store specializing in authentic Mexican foods, household products, recipes and cookbooks. You'll find over 1,000 hard to find items of imported and national leading food brands
The Food and Life of Oaxaca : Traditional Recipes from Mexico's Heart

 [F] Books about Mexico mostly at amazon

Mexican Food at  

Good Deals Are Cool!


"From its color to its most renown flavor it reminds us of a Mexican texture that harmonizes tradition and myth. Tequila owes its essence to a deep root blended through time"

Spike's World Famous Margaritas!  
the secret ingredient...lime marmalade...that makes this one the best. Winner of google search for Margarita recipes 
up-to-date tequila industry news
The tequila home page a tribute

Tequila culture & Myths  
copious references and links to sources, including  recipes, drink mixes, margaritas, industry sites,

Having Margaritas With The Goddess ||

  Famous Tequila Expert visits Café Iguana in Singapore  
Me & Julio by
(5929 Geary /23rd San Francisco CA)  

Guide to Mexican Beers 
" Mexico is largely a lager nation...beers tend to be smoother, cleaner and more subtle than ales."

Your Guide Mexican Beer Links  by About's Mexican Cuisine Guide Jessica Cuba

Your Guide

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Get up to $10 FREE GROCERIES
Latin ARTS on the Bay opening December 2003
The finest  Mexican Museum outside of Mexico is scheduled to open in a magnificent new building to be constructed between 3rd and 4th Streets on Mission  in San Francisco across from the Yerba Buena (Good Herb) Gardens 
2857 24th St. SF CA 94110 24th St BART
A Chicano/Latino Interdisciplinary space for art, thought & activism || Events 
 [email protected] or   415.821.1155 24th St BART 
2868 Mission Street

Music & Dance: 
SF BAY AREA DANCE CLASSES  [F] San Francisco    [F] East Bay  [F] North Bay  [F] South Bay || Video ||  
Carlos' message for the new millennium of international brotherhood tells us to keep playing and praying.

Salsa on the web by
We think salsa is one of the big four Musical S's of New World Carnaval music. The others are being samba, soca & swamp. To change your left frame menu to our all Latin menu featuring Salsa and Veracruz Carnival click here. (Hint: the left margin will collapses if you drag it to the

Mexican Folk Dance Calendar of Events
Mexican Dance,Music, Art & Culture Web Sites by
Sponsored by Los Danzantes de Alegría of Fremont Instituto Cultural "Raices Mexicanas"
Dedicated to promotion and research of the Folklórico (Mexican) Dance
Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band
Schedules, recordings, Lectures and Workshops.

 [F] Mexican Carnavals   
Featuring some of the biggest celebrations in Latin Americal
Vera Cruz Mexico
One of our nine mythical global Carnaval Cities of the new age was the portal to the last age as well

Latin Explosion! Pick 6: Official Web Sites of Artists

5th de mayo HISTORY
The Battle which made Benito Juarez the father of the nation. 

The French had landed in Mexico  on the pretext of collecting Mexican debts from the newly elected government of democratic President (and Indian) Benito Juarez. The other debtors, the English and Spanish, realizing the French had ambitions of conquest, quickly made deals and left. 

TRIVIA QUESTION: Carlos Santana is only the second most popular Latin guitar player to spend formative youth years growing up in the SFMission district. Who is the first ?
A clue ( His line of neckwear is sold next to Santana's at Macy's and was the first to feature a musician)
For your answer Answer click here to see the only group listed ahead of Santana in the '99 all-time great Bay Area band readers poll by the #1 paper

Music of the new Millennium! 
"Santana on the crest of a wave, culling the cream of the music world's singers and incorporating catchy rhythms and of course mind-blowing guitar-playing from Carlos himself. Nearly all the songs here are perfect" 
1 of nearly 1000 reviews !
Save 26% at amazon  1999 Bmg/Arista;  Cassette at amazon 

or compare shop 15 merchants  
Shop Shakiri & compare
Christina Aguilera at 15 merchants
Gloria Estefan 140 matches

latanco5.gif (2452 bytes)Latin America's Portals 

Jupiter Media  Spain's Terra and Brazil's UOL are now main competition to USA's Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo. Starmedia continues to survive

terra  || In English ¡Bienvenidos a AOLA!AOL México ||  Argentina
esp_only.gif (238 bytes)  
the original market leader with lots of growing competition amidst most pioneers littered amidst fading memories
My Yahoo! Mexico - Spanish  

The Rest

DMOZ shows over 100 portals in espanol
Open Directory Project should become more frequent stop as paid listings continue to erode search engine results for the users. 
Mexico MEDIA - Latin Top Headlines 
Updated daily from hundreds of web publishers

Internet Latin America news


MEDIA Local Newspapers 
Español & English
2760 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 206-7230 Fax: (415) 206-7238
Bay Area's leading bilingual weekly founded in 1987 published by Jose del Castillo.

El Tecolate || 
Español & English

Spanish bilingual monthly associated with SF City College. Founded: 1970. Circulation: 10,000. Publisher: Juan Gonzales.


El Reportero  Español & English
2988 Mission St Suite 103 SF CA 94110 
  (415) 648-3711 Fax: (415) 648-3721
Bilingual Spanish weekly in San Francisco. Publisher Marvin Ramirez

Advance Magazine [email protected] 
4230 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 585-1080
Fax: (415) 585-1398
Bilingual Spanish-language monthly in Northern California. Founded: 1990.
publisher Marco Meza

El Bohemio News   ||[email protected]  
4178 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 469-9579 Fax: (415) 469-9481
founded in 1971, the oldest Spanish-language weekly in San Francisco 

Nueva Mundo 
by the San Jose Mercury news aka Knight-ridder which also publishes the powerful Knight-ridder , the 2nd largest newspaper chain with 60 web metro sites as well moved to San Jose from Miami to be closer to the important action.  

 El Observador Publications || CALENDAR
P.O. Box 1990 San Jose, CA 95109
(408) 453-2944 Fax: (408) 453-2979
"Largest" Bilingual Spanish weekly distributed in Northern California. Founded: 1980. Publisher: Hilbert Morales.

El Latino

333 Hayes St. Suite 107, San Francisco, CA 94102
415-552-3031 Fax 415-552-2502 Ricardo Ron
El Mundo (by Alameda Publishing Corp.)
630 20th St, Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 287-9670 (510) 763-96670

laoferta_logo1.gif (6941 bytes) San Jose
1376 North Fourth Street San Jose, CA 95112 Phone: 408-436-7850 / 1-800-336-7850 Fax: 408-436-7861
very little content on-line

El Andar Santa Cruz

Also on the West Coast & noteworthy
New California Media - Latino
featuring Pacific New Service and reporst contributed from member latin papers

Frontera Magazine Los Angeles,
La Opiñion
nation's largest Spanish-language daily circulated in So Cal

La Prensa Bilingual Spanish weekly in Southern California


 [F] TV & RADIO Web Guide for SF Bay Area

KDTV - TV - 14 (Univision) 
50 Fremont St., 41st Fl. San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 538-8000 Fax: (415) 538-8053

KSTS - TV - 48 (Telemundo)
2349 Bering Dr.San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 435-8848Fax: (408) 433-5921

KTNC-TV Channel 42 Azteca America new in 2002

Latin Eyes on KRON Channel 4


KIQI - AM - 1010 
2601 Mission St.San Francisco, CA 94119
(415) 695-1010 Fax: (415) 695-1023

KZSF - AM - 1370
3031 Tisch Way, Ste. 3 Plaza West San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 247-0100Fax: (408) 247-4353

Latin on Live365

Lists of Links

Salsa Web Guide ||New York City Latin Links in features Nine Global Cities including the birthplace of Salsa the one & only NYC.  Also the home of Spanish speaking America's largest Carnaval and site of middle America's most important events is Veracruz Mexico   As we approach the 40 year anniversary of Castro's Cuba and the death of most associated with one of America's most embarrassing international dialogues we can start appreciating the amazing musical culture of the Caribbean's largest nation. Here is our DRAFT guide to Cuba, which awaits an excursion or an editor before we completely launch it. 


Culture & Arts presentsOnline LATINO NEWS

Your Guide
saving the pinche world since 1984

The Taco Shop Poets last update '99
"With feet on both sides of the border we declare that Cappuccino and poetry are no more! Long live salsa and the spoken word!

APN || email pocho ||
They Were Chicanos but Now Proudly Say They're Pochos || By PETER HONG of LA Times  
features the writing, essays & columns of lalo lopez
the national editorial cartoon by lalo alcaraz

Events & Forum/Bulletin Board
[Cinco de Mayo Stamp]
SF Bay Area Latin Events || 
You can add your own event or visit our collection of web sites who will keep you in the mix


Mexican Folk Dance Calendar of Events by
Web's best comprehenisve list of Latino Cultural Events. Send your event
E-Mail Card by BlueMountainArts

Emil Guillermo
May is time for ethnic celebration. Cinco De Mayo is just one day. But the whole month is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Get out the egg rolls, and let's party! 
But if the prevailing attitude of Ward Connerly's Classification of Race, Ethnicity & National Origin Initiative takes over in California, they won't be happening for long.
The RPI means RIP for such festivities

 more at SF Gate (only) 05/07/2002   "Si se puede" 
or "Yes you can." 
 is the motto Cesar Chavez adopted for organizing farm workers:

UFW Bay Area:San Francisco e-mail
1188 Franklin Street, 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94109 
Office: (415) 674-1884 Fax: (415) 775-1302

Cesar Chavez Day what's new by google || Images

For Educators  California has established an official state holiday to honor Latino labor leader Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez Day is intended to promote service to the community in honor of Chavez's life and work. This day will be celebrated on March 31st, in honor of Chavez's birthday, or the appropriate Monday or Friday nearest that date.

"Our separate struggles are really one -- a struggle for freedom, for dignity and for humanity...We are together in spirit and in determination that our dreams for a better tomorrow will be realized."
Martin Luther King, Jr

"In working on civil rights, environmental, and other issues, we can continue affirming Cesar's goal of human justice and equality for all.
Anita Quintanilla

Mexico Watch  

MEDIA - Top Headlines  
Updated daily from hundreds of web publishers in our Mexico section anchored by the great Carnaval City of Veracruz
Vincente Fox President of Mexico in google  || 
His father, José Luis Fox, was the Mexican-born son of an Irish couple, hence his unusual Anglo-sounding surname. His mother, Mercedes Quesada, born in Spain, makes history by becoming the first foreigner ever to have had a child elected President of Mexico. Prior to 1993
both parents of any presidential candidate had to be Mexican by birth.
02/16/2001 - Chronicle SF Gate

May 4, 2002 President Bush renewed his support for border reforms to speed commerce and visitors between Mexico and the United States while keeping out terrorists and drug traffickers. He urged Congress to extend immigration measures allowing Mexican families to stay together while awaiting permanent residency in the United States.
Cowboy Summit is President Bush's first trip abroad  || Bush, Fox talk trade, immigration.

Search sfgate for "Vicente Fox"

Mexico Voices by

Mexico Campaigns 
Skilled translators needed
: Become a part of Global Exchange's efforts to promote human rights and democracy in Mexico even if you don'tGood Deals Are Cool! live in San Francisco and can't spend months


Untangling the Web yields help for Mexico travelers
05/05/2002 - San Francisco Chronicle
 [F] LATIN AMERICA Travel Links
 [F] Mexican Tours & Places to Stay 


 [F]  Burrito Capital of the Worl
d is SF Mission
  [F] Cinco de Mayo & Cesar Chavez Parade Fotos 
 [F] a Forum for Latin Event in the Bay area 
 [F] Latin American Trade

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