Carnaval San Francisco  2003
KING Antonio Naranjo
Antonio has been performing as a dancer for several years. One of his more frequent collaborators is Sorcy,  who reigned as 1999 Queen of the San Francisco Carnaval. Sorcy is one of the Bay Area's most popular salsa instructors, 

Sorcy: the 1999 Carnaval Monarch
has releases an instructional salsa video with her longtime partner

Queen Sorcy (99) congratulates the newest fellow member of the most exclusive club in CARNAVAL: the past MONARCHS

Watch a clip (flash 300k)

"With one last drum roll, crowd favorite Naranjo was named Carnaval King. His queen will be Iya Silva, a classic Carnaval dancer in a glitter bikini and enormous yellow feathers. "Grinning widely, she took the microphone to say a few words of gratitude. "For all that we're going through right now, this is just a little bit of happiness," she began.

James Sullivan, Chronicle Pop Culture Critic
A royal pageant - THE SCENE: Choosing Carnaval's king and queen
The dancing warrior Antonio when he is not planning his next assault on stardom can be found behind the bar at Monteros in Albany, a popular Latin restaurant and club. The native of Mexico studied many years of ballet which he artfully combines with many dance traditions to invent a number of original and difficult maneuvers.
Antonio Naranjo in Mexico and like his 2003 Queen is proud to call the East Bay his home and even prouder to represent the unity in diversity that the San Francisco Bay Area does so well. Here he is at the San Jose studios of Channel 11 doing one of his numerous personal appearances


King Antonio || Queen Iya


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