Carnaval San Francisco King & Queen Contest

March 31, 2002 

Contestants 1 to 7

Louise Joanes who is regularly seen performing and smiling with Fogo na Roupa was radiant as the King & Queen Contest's  contestant number 3 . This was the first event produced by the new production team put together by producer Mission Neighborhood Centers.

Watch a video clip of Louise's performance
(MPEG 400k)


Watch a Video
Clip of Carlos's
(MPEG 480k)


Carlos Donato # 2 
In Brazil the bunda is all powerful but ony in San Francisco do they dance like this




Katy Ellen Barnhill contestant #1 gave the best oral presentation of the March 31st Sunday evening. Beginning by telling the crowd of 350 that her first Carnaval was 16 years ago at the age of eight when she hod to cope with a dad who would not grant approval to her outfit of a trench coat and bikini

Alex Saporetti is co director with former King of Carnaval 1992 Ivon Pandolfi of Birds of Paradise. Alex has long been recognized as one of the Bay Area's and Carnavals most inspired costume makers. Here he shows off another amazing and regal creation.
Maria Santiago, sponsored by Mission Cultural Center, did a beautiful, awe inspiring dance that transported the room to another plane.
Hurray for the Red White and Blue

Laurent De La Cruz tries to give Uncle Sam some Carnaval rhythm(#6) (Sponsored by Mara-Reggae and Pacific Asia travel Association) 

Andrea "Budafly" Rodriguez  
(Sponsor Loco Bloco Drum & Dance Ensemble) #7
Witness two fiery spirits burst out as Musical Director Jose Carrasco joins da Budafly in de dance.
(MPEG 450k)


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