Grand Marshals of Carnaval San Francisco 2002 

Garifuna Boyz, 
Grand Marshals of Carnaval San Francisco 2002
will be appearing in the Carnaval parade with the local Garifuna Queen, dancer Elisa Levy originally from Bluefields Nicaragua 

The Garifuna Boyz, originally from Honduras they bring you Punta Beats. Music shining with joy and nostalgia that makes you want to dance

Elisa will hosting a "tardeada" on May 27th at Club Malibu, as well as  a party on June 1st at Caribbean Gardens.  Elisa is a tireless promoter of the Garifuna culture and Carnaval in the SF Bay Area year round and can be reach at (650) 568-7808 or  [email protected]

Garifuna Boyz will be playing at Club Malibu on Carnaval Sunday nite.  More Garibuna Boyz information 
[email protected]   -  Tel: (650) 326-4980 or (650) 566-9906


About the Music & Tradition: Garifuna singing and drumming show keen affinities with other musics of the African diaspora including fierce percussion and communal call-and response formulation.
Garifuna traditions are survivors of the mixing of African slaves with the Caribbean Indians. This ethnic minority is rich in cultural expressions particularly the music. The African blood in the mixing is generally attributed to shipwrecked and escaped slaves but actually the currents capable of carrying canoes and other small vessels from Africa terminate in Central America. The first knowledge of  Africans on the East Coast of Central America were reported by Ferdinand Columbus, the son of Christopher Columbus in Honduras when he wrote: "But the people who live further east of Pointe Cavinas] as far as Cape Gracios a Dios are almost black in color," and adds that they "pierce holes in their ears large enough to insert hen's eggs..."   

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