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n the summer of 2000 the SF Mission was ground zero for an onslaught of hordes driven by a gold fever not seen since 49er days. 
aving the banner of high tech progress and backed by the animal spirit frenzy of venture capital dollars the Mission was on the brink of overnight transformation to something not real. The Mission, like all working class communities of the Bay Area, is changing fast due to a nine year old housing crisis born of a political stalemate where neither apartments or power plants can be built in anyone's neighborhood. 

Mission artists fought back  asking the powers that be to  Save the Soul of our City  Prayers from Carnaval's sister event Day of the Dead were answered and the false gods of are now in retreat. 
If ever there ever was a time to 

all come together for
CARNAVAL the Bay Area's greatest annual multicultural celebration of life 
it is May 27,2001

Let's make it a memorable memorial Sunday  

as per usual follow what's new in and Events

Carnaval-San Francisco is Sunday May 27th 2001 Map
Parade is always the 4th Sunday of May or Memorial Weekend

 and begins at Bryant & 24th at 10am and heads down the Mission Street to 15th...Festival on Harrison between 16th & 22nd Streets.till 6pm)  Carijama at Oakland's Mosswood Park on Monday
on Monday May 28th  Map 10am to 7pm Parade at 11am on Monday   

Carnaval Countdown 2001 with Monica Conrady & Jan McDermott
Get the low down on who's up to what for your countdown season.
Brazilian on the Bay 2001 
If you did not catch BRAZIL at Macy's there's other options at our newest page

AnneMarie's 91.5 FM Caribbean Show 3pm on 2ND & 4TH Monday 


MECA  Carnaval SF 2001 producer
 MECA at 
Tickets for Carnaval Parade bleacher seating (only 200 available) are on sale now for $25.00 each. 
Tickets for Carnaval Festival (20,000 available) is $5 general & $2 seniors. Carnaval 2001 is Sunday, May 27th, 2001: Parade and Festival featuring exotic dancers, with a mixture of Latino, Jazz, Samba, Caribbean, Soca and more. San Francisco's own style of Carnaval. Also a Children's area all at
Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco. 
 [F] FESTIVAL Who's Playing 2001

Mission Economic Cultural Association
Executive Director: Patricia Aguayo
2899 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 826-1401 Fax (415) 824-2242 toll-free 1-877-203-1703

PARADE ROUTE: Carnaval is produced by MECA Mission Economic Cultural Association and is a project of Mission Neighborhood Centers Parade begins at 24th & Bryant at 10am and dances its way down Mission to 15th street  ( is not the official web site) 
The 2 mile route has few gaps at the beginning on 24th and some real big ones toward the end of the parade on the end of the parade route. Makes for a good opportunities to support the local merchants 

 [D] MECA defends festival move to Civic Center by


Oakland Carnival
Carijama in  || Slide Show
The Day after on Memorial Day Monday
Santa Cruz Carnival

We Carnival || Map 
Saturday, June 2nd, 2001
Downtown Santa Cruz, CA
Over 25 groups will be performing in the parade. 

 parade route:
from Pacific Avenue at Water St. then over the Water St. Bridge  and into San Lorenzo park.


King & Queen

*Visit with Oakland and Fogo na Ropa's passionate King of Carnaval San Francisco Bay Area 2001 Page* Click for important messages from the Queen of Carnaval San Francisco 2001 

King Theo & Queen Elizabeth 
Our Carnaval 2001 Royalty

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90 Seconds of Hot Stuff especially if you have Broadband 

 [F] King Theo & Queen Elizabeth - what's new forum


 Carnavals of  California in the news
Featured from the Archives 

Click to View May/29/2000 - Chronicle  
``I love Carnaval. It's a chance to celebrate life,'' she said. ``The dancing and music and colorful costumes are totally exciting and wonderful. I wouldn't miss it.'' 

Vicky Ravano wife of MECA artistic director Marcus Gordon 

Sharing the Joy at '97 Dawn A. Tyler
"Ginga Brasil did not compete for a prize because this year there was no cash prize and therefore no incentive to compete; and it is understandable considering the weeks of dance practice, the long hours of preparation, the time and expenses put into making or buying costumes and making floats—all at considerable personal expense to dancers, musicians and others"
A long-time bone of contention which is expected to finally be addressed by a new producer for Carnaval 2002

``It's a time to release. To express yourselves, ``The hardest part is convincing people to let themselves go, but when they finally do let go, watch out.''
Celisse Johnson,  IT'S CARNAVAL TIME '99 sfgate

"For a moment, everyone believes in this fantasy that life's a carnaval."
said Vicky Doubleday, who has attended the parade since its inception. 

Music plentiful as  revels fill the Mission '98 sfgate 

t really epitomizes the cultural expansion and openness of San Francisco, It's such an expansive event. Where can you see something like this besides San Francisco?" 
aid Phil Alalya Carnavalers let it almost all hang out '97 at 


Bands  || [email protected] 2376 Mission Street 415-284-6196 Directed By:  Mestranda  Marcia Cigarra and Tania Santiago Afro-Brazilian Carnaval   Capoeira is an excellent vehicle for children and teens to explore movement and expression. Capoeira increases coordination, flexibility, discipline and memory, while promoting social and cultural integration.
Enter All Ah We's Virtual Domain! || events || Classes || [email protected]. For 2001
“Umaga!” (a Garifuna expression) asks us all to treasure our natural resources and to enjoy the present, wonderful moment! || photos 2000  sounds & video!
Brazil's best know cyber samba babes featuring two former Queens of C'SF Queen Maria '94 and Queen Silvana '95.
Celebrate Rio de Janeiro Carnaval  2001 on the Mission Miracle Mile with Aquarela and  Renni Flores and SensaSamba Band.

  red_star.gif (2190 bytes) || mailto:[email protected] 
Lichen's Carnival Den at 18th & Bryant is becoming architectural offices and Lichen is going low tech for 2001.  He's still a fixture in the neighborhood and will remain a popular DJ partymeister and active BACA member  

 [F] Bahamas  & Junkanoo Bahamas Junkanoo is a New Years Carnival and is like no other in the Caribbean

Bay Area Caribbean Connection || [email protected]
   Directed By: Celisse Johnson 510/653-7582
Excellent East Bay based kid's program. Inspired costumes Anyone can join in and jump up with BACC [email protected]Lots of pics plus featured at
  starring some of the most beautiful bodies & costumes in the parade Ivon Padolfi was King of C'SF '92 his partner Alex is famous for his costumes
 The Birds of Paradise also always star in the Pride Parade
on the 4th Sunday in June (24Jun 2001)

Bolivia Andina Caporales Direct  from LA

Buena Vista Elementary  
Spanish Immersion school and a starring Carnaval SF tradition of pace setting the parade at the beginning. Over 140 kids, parents, & teachers make the Children's Grand Award perpetual  


Cape Verdean West directed by Dominga Payne
the former Portuguese colony off the coast of Africa with a strong Carnaval tradition revolving around their Queens debuted in Carnaval 2000 with famous Latin American characters and dancing Zapatistas.  Dedicated to fair trade with artisans from Latinamerica
|| email  || Fotos No parade gaps with these fast moving sprites The Bay Area's #1 parade skate group goes all out for Carnaval   Directed by Dan Ransom

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Academicos da Estrada Real formerly Escola Nova de Samba || [email protected] ||  Listen to enredo 2001 || Samba Glossary || Fotos 2000
Acadêmicos da Estrada Real, formerly Escola Nova de Samba, is Northern California's oldest Samba organization. Founded in 1983 The flag bears the double-axe of Xangô and a Surdo Drum, "symbolizing our dedication to Samba and the sacred music of Candomblé
" Carnavalesca Josephine Morada together with partner and Maestro Rudy Ortiz  performed with the 2001 historic winning Rio samba school Imperatriz  

Conjunto Folklorico Viva Panama || [email protected]
 Directed By: Grace Casey 831-384-4084 
Showing off the culture inc.  Polleras, Diablicos, and Congos.

DMidas || || [email protected] ||
   Directed By: Tomi Seon Deborah is webmistress of their active site. Winningest contingent is also most active year round   Trinidad designer Stephen Derrick will also be doing  DMidas in New York for Labor Day 

red_star.gif (2190 bytes) Events, Trips & Workshops || Class Schedules ||
Fogo Hotline: (510) 464 - 5999 ||
Webmistress Carol Frank 
Exodus.bling BLING 
Fogo for 2001 addresses the forced displacement of de people
Combining the community's raw spirit with the technical expertise of its Founder and Artistic Director, Carlos Aceituno along with co director Regina Calloway

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Ginga Brasil Dance Group|  510/428-0698 
directed by Conceição Damasceno
News & Events
| | About BrasArte | No Sweat Dance StudioDamasceno Dance Company | No Sweat class Schedule
2001 profile by  Pan American Dance Company 
 Let Jaime Martinez a famous former King of Carnival make you a star 
"We Are Fire"

Ruben Aponte
CeRube Productions 415.807.5353

1999 Jason
DoiyLoco Bloco Drum and Dance Ensemble and the Precita Youth Center Directed By: Jose Carrasco & music director Heather Watkins 415-626-5222
 Large growing youth coalition rising from the Mission Street Beacon Program,
Cellspace and Precita Youth


 Mara Reggae   || directed by Rhoda Stagnero Low  Wilson Low, Believe competing in Traditional rather than Brazilian category more || Vivendo de Pao / Blanche Brown   
Blanche's students have long represented the Haitian dance contribution to Carnaval. Usually a wing in Mara Reggae blanche is one of the oldest and most respected leaders in Carnaval as well as a City arts commissioner and the wife of da Mayor
directed by de Fireman Stephen & Colleen Tiffenson  
Mas Camp 5425 Ygnacio Ave Oakland Yahoo Map 510-54 Arguably the oldest San Francisco Carnaval band. Come get some Carnival spirit by joining in for some wild Caribbean Carnival times in costumes by master designer Kyle Hill.
Help make Carnival happen for hundreds of Oakland Kids || Mission Cultural Center on citysearch 
Sign yourself up for one of the many Latin programs at the convenient  24th St BART center. Theatre & Gallery too directed by Ruben Aponte & Jenny Rodriguez

Nicaragua 2001 The Carnaval capital of Nicaragua is Bluefields on the East Coast. Hometown of Queen of Carnaval 2000 Elisa Duarte and Sf Giants Marvin Bernard

Norcal Waste Systems 
Precision Drill Team and Antique Garbage Trucks   Directed By: Brian Block Now a familiar parade feature in SF but they debuted there act here.  

Oya Nike Cultural 3274 23rd St SF 94110 415/821-9127
 Directed By: Ruben Texidor and always a parade within a parade with Belly Dancers, comparsas,  African Costumes and Orixas

 Renacer Folklorico Bolivia || [email protected]
Bolivia is the hemisphere home to our oldest dances, music and myth. 

Sambao: Silicon Valley's Samba school at
Featuring much collaboration with Stanford U. and Southern California sambistas Rio style samba school based in the peninsula.
In the beginning of time, everything could and would dance. We look backwards and forwards to a time when the all will dance as one. 
A collective of performing artists with a Brazilian bent will be debuting in 2001 Carnaval parade 
"No, you don't have to dance, nor do you need a skimpy outfit; all you need is a cool Sambeijo t-shirt and the energy to come along for the party."  || music program
An  inspired a debut in the 2000 Carnaval parade. The school is a community that practices mutual respect, embraces diversity, and inspires a passion for learning.

 ARTS EDUCATION Who doesn't believe in a commitment to Arts & Music as a basic part of every student's education? Unfortunately since 1979, California schools have continued to remain little better than last in arts funding among the 50 states. Don't let your kid be left behind, get them into the West Coast's Spring pageant of the 21st century with a Carnaval arts organization soon.. 

San Francisco Circus Arts 
A long time favorite for their ability to amaze with some awesome tricks. Year round facility that seeks
to encourage and develop potential, character and spirit through circus arts

Join Now || Chain of Events ||  Dave Snyder  
In 2000 returned with mission favorite Loco Bloco for a first as pedal powered a giant float. Astounding theatrics of these costumed bike acrobats are among the most crowd pleasing and boy can the fill the proverbial parade gap well. Considered the nation's premier bicycle advocacy organization,  The SF Bike coalition is also the main local sponsor for the national event in May known as  Bike-to-Work Day.

The Carnaval Will Not Be Motorized
a review of 2000's revolutionary contingent

Xiuhcoatl Traditional Danza Azteca
Culture of Ancient Mexico Directed By: Miguel Martinez  415/333-0487

Almost but not quite
|| Our CD] [Carnaval] [Band Members] [Schedule] [Guest Artists] [Photos

Jim Munsenrider 's popular Chabot College program peaks for Carnaval  with a mid May concert featuring steelpan legends. 
 They invite you to join them for June's  New Orleans on the Bay
1998 & 1999 Carnaval San Francisco Parade Brazilian Champions Jean Luc Stora King of Carnaval '94 is now back in France. Drop him a line and tell him come back soon 
Master percussionist Jorge "Alabe" Bezerra
now with New Orleans Casa Samba is the most celebrated artist who regularly visits the samba schools of San Francisco

Super Sonic Samba School from San Diego 
debuted in our 2000 parade

Bay Area Carnaval  Association (BACA) 
 “I think that the artists perform miracles without any support, financial or otherwise.” The consensus of BACA is that Carnaval has seen a dramatic decline since 1995. According to Mary Dollar of Samba do Coracao,

 [F] March '01 New Mission News 

"There's a feeling of betrayal that's grown over the years, a lot of promises that were made and not kept," said Mary Dollar, co-founder of the Bay Area Carnaval Artists Association, which represents 11 performance groups
 May 15 '01SF Chronicle 
Next year the production of Carnaval is going out to bid, with a review board comprised of neighborhood representatives, MNC staff and artists overseeing the process. ...

"Respondents were concerned that Carnaval was going downhill because it wasn’t organized enough. It was decided to put the production of Carnaval out to bid.  According to Lisa Gutierrez, Mayor’s liaison to the Mission District, “Our goal is to make sure that the next producer has plans to acquire and distribute funds.  Some performers spend more than $30,000 for Carnaval, including rehearsal space, musicians, truck, costumes and floats.”  [F] March '01 New Mission News 


Carnaval San Francisco Concentration Game
Test your memory skills against the clock and the spectacular beauty of our 17 '98 Queens & Kings. Press reload or refresh if you start playing to soon and experience difficulty


May in the Mission
Cinco de Mayo
The Merry month of May kicks off throughout the Mission. Enjoy the delicious fresh Latin food and fine selection of tequila mexican beers  and your favorite refreshment.  The parade starts at 10am and is over before 11am on the first Sunday in May  and May is Mural Month

The New Mission News distributes 18,000 copies every month though out the Mission, Noe Valley, Castro, Bernal Heights, SOMA and Potrero Hill. This is the heart of Bay Area Carnaval country and one of the best known ethnic and arts neighborhoods in the world.



 [F] Fotos what's new  [F] Carnaval 2000 Photos  Mark Rapoza
Check here for the first batch of 2001 pics 

 [D] Carnaval SF 2000 by [email protected]  
Roberto is world acclaimed for his Venice and rio Carnaval photos visit them at 

Aquarela '99  || 2000
Solid Gold Threesome as the
Queens Silvana & Maria Aquarela do a squeeze play on the Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco Willie Brown. Da mayor's one and only wife Blanche Brown is one of the great mother's of Carnaval SF. This master teacher has been bringing her Haitain dance students to the streets as long as anyone in the parade.   Mayor Willie Brown and Blanche like most in California have a non traditional marriage. Willie and fundraiser Carolyn Carpeneti had a child together in early 2001

A Fogalistic Photo Gallery
  ||  2000
Click pic for some nice ones ||  

Carnaval San Francisco Photo Gallery 99
fotos from Carnaval '98 and the countdown season to '99

Paco's D'Midas '99 another Grand Champion Year 

Carnaval Festival '99 
Nobody & Fogo on the 16th & Harrison stage
3 nice ones mixed with many excellent Latin themed pics
More by Nitish's Carnaval '98 pics ||  including Bay to Breakers || Gay Pride [email protected]

  [D] CARNAVAL-SF '98 & '99 Photos on the web

Top SF Carnaval 2000 by Nitish Naharas  Color from Carnaval 2000
Other work by Nitish Naharas
Carnaval by
photographic tour...

episode 130: all gone
episode 131: one market
episode 132: housing action

copyright emilie wilson valentine

 Parade Photos  by TheSenusal Image Mask Gallery  these pictures on CD: Professional quality album of all  Carnaval and Gay Pride Parades 1999 and 2000 featuring Birds of Paradise

 Carnaval SF'95 by zpub 
 Zpub likes to be known as "an eclectic guide for an eclectic city"

 [F] Halloween San Francisco
 [F] PRIDE Parade 4th sunday in June

Sounds takes a special interest in Brazilian , Latin and Caribbean and Cajun music but we subscribe to the description of Carnaval music as sounds that make you want to jump for joy with others

Brazil on the SF Bay

Mexico on the SF Bay

The trendy Latin Explosion has been happening on the streets of the Mission since well before Carnaval's birth in 1979 but here's the two web guides which can will bring out the best for you. 

    Sounds of Brazil MPB - Brazilian Popular Music - the essence of our music. Bossa Nova, created in bars of Rio during the 50's. Axé Music, a style born in the state of Bahia with great influence of African rhythms. Samba was the first Brazilian style to become popular globally and has never lost its popularity with the youth.

404? Espiritu de Samba   directed by Ken Campagna. 

Music of the world Links by   || David McBurnie || Luis Medina - [email protected] ||   Spliff Skankin'& Javier   
94.1 fm on your dial the venerable station is trying to figure out how to SavePacifica A lawsuit seeking to restore representation to the Pacifica National Board is moving forward.
S  by KPFA DJ  Jose Ruiz   || Events
A Latino music potpourri: Son, Rumba, Guajira, Bomba, Vallenato, Samba, Batucada, Soca, Calypso, Flamenco, Rancheras, Norteñas, Tangos, Boleros, Nueva Canción y mucho mas!


"Let us not forget the spirituality of the music. Whether in the context of ritual, meditation, or simply to uplift the joy that often gets lost deep within ourselves, music heals. We frequently purport to teach music. But it is the music that teaches. We have but to listen. To feel. To dream. "  John Santos
|| Machete Ensemble || [email protected]
A band that cuts both ways-playing concert music that deserves cool attentive listening and churning out sizzling rhythms that urge the listeners to rise up out of their seats and writhe in sympathetic motion.         ...Derk Richardson, SF Bay Guardian


SF CARNAVAL BAY AREA-Events Board || [F]   Latin Events ||  [F] Dance Events Our system gives you the most information and options for optimizing your evening

Bay Area Annual Events starring the month of May which begins with May Day and Cinco de Mayo

Calendar of Bay Area Ethnic Events by
Exhaustive list minimum description, contact #'s last update 12/99

tbiglogo.gif (36805 bytes) The complete San Francisco  Bay Area site for the Salsa & Latin Jazz music and dance scenes! Baile! of Mexican Folk Dancer  

404? || Bay Area Resources  for the latest on one of the most active Cajun and Zydeco music and dance scenes outside of Louisiana

Jim Sowers King of Millennium Carnaval 2000 has been touring Africa in 2000/2001 but will be returning in time to host a Friday Carnaval weekend bash at Cocomo
aka Spincylce he is also a dj with extensive interests in the music and dance of the African Diaspora check if 
404? is back yet

Events of Special Note  [F] FTAA Protest & Revelry on on April Fools Day 2001 in downtown SF 
demanding release of  proposed text for the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).  
Under the leadership of Roberto Lima, the Bay Area Brazilian Club has promoting Brazilian culture in the Bay Area for over 30 years and hold the biggest pre-Lenten Carnaval at the Galleria every year. 

Saint Stupid's Day Parade April 1,
Carnival rituals in downtown esseff

 [F] Easter in the Castro  
 [F] Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race Memorial Weekend
A 3-day contest of sorts about 4 hours North of the Golden Gate

 [F] PRIDE Parade 4th sunday in June

  in Mountain View

New Orleans by the Bay at shoreline
in late June

The Afribbean Festivals celebrate music and culture all over the Bay Area. Learn more about African Rhythms.  On the main stage reggae, calypso, and salsa bands are playing throughout the day   

San Diego  Carnaval Ball   
Keeps growing  and now includes a downtown parade in the gaslight district 
Southland Events
celebrating its 18th year September 7, 8 and 9, 2001 approximately 25 blocks of San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter for 100+ artists performing on approximately 15 stages to an expected attendance of 100,000. The weekend after Labor Day

for Long Beach Carnaval

th Annual Carnaval:
Long BeacH
Sept. 16, 2001




Myth & Magic 2001
Dia de Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead
Life's greatest fundamental repeat themselves annually and Carnaval invites you to celebrate life or more accurately the rebirth of life in the cycle of life -death & rebirth. American culture has long been distinguished by its problems with death and would do well to embrace the neighboring culture of Mexico's traditions surrounding death and remembrance of ancestors.
Carnaval San Francisco 2001 Flash Animation
known to the ancients but denied by linear rational science is the cyclical nature of our existence. Science The Olmec head 
 Carnaval celebrates the wonder beauty and truth of life. 
The Eruption of Popocatepetl
December 2001
Mexico's mythic mountain roared to life in 
announcing important news to those attuned to major planetary cycles 

Trickster at the Crossroads
by Erik Davis originally published in Jay Kinney's  Gnosis Magazine 
 Why does everything feel so charged up at Carnaval Time? One reason is the Esu is much more out and about. Esu bears striking resemblance to Hermes who was renamed Mercury by the Romans. Both are likely progeny of the Egyptian's  Thoth  (shown is the Mercury dime )
 12 stepping with the Orixas in Brazil 
Brazilian Jungian analyst John Burns updates the most successful model of drug treatment with spectacular orisha illustrations by  Francisco Santos. The similarityMission Statement between these
deities and those of early Greece and the relationship to Egypt is a new topic in academia
The Black Queen Califa || Queen Calafia at the Latin American Library
Learn the fascinating story about the Goddess the state of California was named after. Throughout history, Black Madonnas have often inspired heroism by historic figures. 


Dance & Percussion Classes
SF-Bay Area Dance Directories at ||
 [F] San Francisco   [F] East Bay
 [F] South Bay  [F] North Bay Classes

The Bay Area is one of the world's most important dance centers. We have linked to the link directories and highligted the dance instructors and studios who inform their work with the joy of the Carnaval spirit 

Awards and fotos too 

Capoeria Directory for the West Coast
You may be one of the many becoming more interested in how your rhythm is affected by other rhythms. Begin your journey here


 [F] History Section in afourm

Carnaval San Francisco: the early years
by Richard Reniceros
 [F] KING 1998: Shimon van Collie 

 [F] Escola Nova=s 15 Years of Carnaval History
By Escola member
Rick Telesforo 
History of Carnival by
Carnaval-San Francisco 1997
Carnaval San Francisco '98 Parade Contingents
Carnaval-San Francsico 1999

Carnaval-San Francisco 2000
 [F] King Jim & Queen Elisa: Carnaval 2000


Multicultural & Carnaval Arts

The New Age of Carnival 
The past in the future what can be more certain
Community Festival Arts & The Arts on


Best of Carnaval on the web
In 2001 Saint Petersburg Russia is hosting the global Carnaval FECC convention. Russia was the last country in Europe to communicate primarily using the written word. In other words the Carnaval language of images communicated through song dance and story a  natural inclination. Many new yet old Carnivals have sprung up but none is more ambitious than St. Petersburg. Odessa Pegus of Oakland will be leading our San Francisco delegation to the 2001 World Carnaval convention there from May 27th to June 3rd in the czar castle City of Puskin. This city was named after inspiredsfmission/sfbirthplace figure of Alexander Puskin whose grand father was from Africa and is considered the father of both Russian literacy and literature. The imperial Russian ambition for California was most responsible for the founding Mission Dolores on June 29, 1776  Many Russians are familiar with the true love story set in the Presidio which came very close to altered our Spanish Mission influenced California culture w

Here's some other key navigational pages
Global Carnival Calendar by So Yu going to Carnival magazine
The only International Guide to Carnivals

Carnavals are the original celebration manifested from the urge to rejoice at the rebirth of life in Spring from the death of Winter. May is Spring's finest month and home to some of the best Carnavals like Atlanta Carnival ,  Aalborg, Denmark   and Berlin 

We are particulary taken by the differences and depth of the Carnavals in Spain and Italy   

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Foundation European Carnival Cities (FECC)
The planet's leading organization for people's events 
International Caribbean Carnival Association (ICCA

President Henry Antoine  

Sambista Network|| || Federation  
We're hot and we can't be stopped

Celebrating  our 5th year at Carnaval 2001
While  is based in San Francisco's Mission District we have been the web's leading directory for Carnival everywhere since April 1996. In February of of 2001 we entertained and informed 250,000 visitors. Stats We know you can get lost here pretty easy but we think you rather have us archive than delete so remember to there is always site map and search buttom at the top of the main menu page which will stay there if you enter on our main page.  


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Search: Enter keywords... logoCarnaval  

EVENTS here || [email protected]
with four locations to service you plus cyberspace,the store employs formerly homeless who want to join Civil Service




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