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willie brown
Mayor Willie L. Brown
City & County of San Francisco

jerry brown
Mayor Jerry Brown
County City of Oakland,
Alameda County

ron gonzalez
Mayor Ron Gonzales
City of San Jose , Santa Clara


The Mayor of San Francisco must often speak not just for the City but also the seven million residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. This spotlight increasingly is shared  with the Mayors of Oakland and San Jose which represent the our metro area's two urban gateway centers essential to providing an environment with room for everyone. This proclamation recognizes that we will not not always agree but we begin well by honoring the great unity tradition represented in the 21st birthday of of CARNAVAL-San Francisco, set in the historic birthplace of our region, the Mission.  

  San Jose is known through out the world as the capital of Silicon Valley, the high performance engine of the new global economy. In 1999 the mayor and people of San Jose dedicated the Mexican Heritage Center, the Bay Area's largest public center devoted to Latin Culture. Rail transit serving our downtown and the job corridors of Silicon Valley will  significantly increase in the coming year. We have high hopes that both BART and Bay Water Transit will complement our transit and housing initiatives.... However, first let us first toast our friendship, experts call the San Jose Santa Claus Parade one of the best in North America this is due in large measure to community participation of groups like defending Carnaval '99 Champion D'Midas International.

The Renaissance of Oakland continues to enjoy some of the best views of San Francisco. Our leading efforts to build the necessary housing for our booming economy needs to be joined by many other communities within the 12 Bay Trade counties as well as the 28 transit agencies.  Oakland's role as transit hub means our bridges must continue to grow to meet the future. Let us ask other  agencies to join in to reject the status quo and triumph over the great problems of our day in education, housing and transit to maintain the radiant quality of life we enjoy.... Come join us in Oakland the day after CARNAVAL-San Francisco for Carijama in downtown’s Mosswood Park which will star Bay Area's Best Brazilian Carnaval group Fogo na Roupa. 

We live in interesting times. The year 2000 signals a new age and a time when we should strive to make every festival special.   Amidst the great awe inspiring beauty of San Francisco the Bay Area and Northern California we should pause on occasion to remember our collective place as the heart at the center of a New World. Throughout its history Carnaval has symbolized the rebirth of the community to a new beginning. For us, no event communicates these possibilities better than CARNAVAL-San Francisco

CARNAVAL-San Francisco represents the best of collective festival traditions of the New World and asks us to drink from a collective cup embodying the spirit of unity. Congratulations to the parade founders, Mission Neighborhood Centers on their 40th anniversary and to the organizers MECA, City workers,  and all the many groups who make this spectacular, joyous parade possible. Join us for CARNAVAL-San Francisco on Memorial Weekend 2000 at the beginning of a new millennium of great summer  festivals to come.

The Judgement of Governor Gray 
Adopted from the famous story behind the Trojan War and based on events in early 2000
1999 Metro-Mayoral Tribunal || Gridlock & Major Displacement
Since early 1999 we documented the politics as reported in the media regarding our elected leaderships best efforts to reform itself and address the problems caused by a boom economy and no regional decision making model to cope with increased transit and housing demands. We're now pleased to retire from this role and urge you to become part of the larger thinking represented by knowing the above story. A story about the three Mayors of the three urban centers on the San Francisco Bay. 

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