The Judgement of ParisThe Judgment
 Governor Gray 

The Goddess of  Strife, LANY also known as Madonna was not invited to the wedding of the mortal Carlos and the Sea Goddess Iemanjá (ee-eh-mon-JAH). In her rage she resolved to sow discord and had sent to the banquet a bright golden apple with the inscription "for the fairest one" as a prize for the  most beautiful Goddess. 

Three Goddesses claimed the prize; Hera of San Jose, Athena of Oakland and Aphrodite of San Francisco. The great and powerful God Washington was called upon to judge and bestow the prize upon the winner. Washington refused,  for he was aware that there should be no hierarchy within the Triple Goddess, that the attributes must remain  complementary to one another with none standing above the others. Washington thus declared states rights and decided to pass the decision on to a man of noble heritage, handsome of form and possessing wisdom. He summoned the trickster god Mercury to bring the three goddesses before Governor Gray of California to choose which was the fairest.

Gray initially refused saying that he would simply divide the apple equally among the three Goddesses. Mercury Peter Paul Rubens Judgement of Paris London, National Gallery) insisted he must choose lest he incur the wrath of Washington. Gray still continued to hesitate but when the Goddesses agreed to abide by his decision, whatever it might be, he acceded to their demand. He asked the three to disrobe and appear before him separately, each in their naked splendor.

Hera of San Jose came first and added to her attraction by offering the bribe that she would make him the richest Governor in all the land. For her domain of San Jose is the capital of Silicon Valley which is the engine of the new global economy. "Let me shine the brightest and I will bequeath you with annual budget surpluses." she said

Next came Athena of Oakland who promised Governor Gray victory in all his battles and to make him the wisest ruler in all the world. Oakland alone knows how to grow a healthy community with room for everyone.  "As the goddess on the state seal I can reveal also the secrets of your land's namesake, the dark Goddess Queen Califa, whose time has finally come to return from the depths of the unconscious."  she further enticed him.

Aphrodite of San Francisco was the last of the three, but she knew well her power over mere mortal men. Showing her best smile she began to flirt with the Governor who become increasingly effected by the closeness of her dazzling beauty. Her bribe was also the most compelling; she would add the only body as attractive and passionate as herself to their arrangement; "If you choose me the state legislature will wish to implement your vision in a harmonious marriage." she said.

Governor Gray found this last offer hardest to resist yet his was a cautious nature with a natural tendency to move to the center. He unceasingly complimented the trio on their lovely fairness and begged for time to attend to the pressing matter of  clogged arteries preventing complimentary energies to flow between the three goddesses. Soon dozens of forgotten transit projects were moving ahead swiftly instead of their unfair. immoral competitors  Then he returned to the ladies and asked for more time and another meeting.


California Governor Gray Davis, marked the beginning of the year 2000 by initiating widely applauded sweeping changes to the uncooperative Bay Area transit systems based largely upon the good government principle of cost/benefit analysis.  Still to come in the near term is significant legislative movement  addressing the state's housing affordability crisis. The difficult part of "smart growth" is building higher density housing along the transit corridors of no growth communities and redefining the relationship between the urban centers and the surrounding suburbs. 
The Judgment of Paris was famous in ancient times as the real reason the Trojan war was fought. As a central story Ivory comb c. 600 BC of Greek mythology it communicates the beginning of a patriarchal era to be known for wars and polarizations. In the original story, when Paris picks Aphrodite and her bribe, the most beautiful mortal Helen of Troy, he unleashes the rage of the other two goddesses whose pride he has offended and causes the Trojan War. The wisdom communicated is to not repress important aspects of yourself by choosing to favor certain dominant aspects to the detriment of others. The Greeks in their zenith were the dominant culture at the time of the last great shift in ages. The Romans recast their stories and implemented their wisdom for the age of Pisces.
The Judgement of ParisAbout 500 years ago the most remarkable period in the history of art occurred when patrons and artists both celebrated the rediscovered stories of the Greeks. They set out to show how these stories were the ones most in touch with  the soul of humanity. The Triple Goddess, who in her many guises depicts the cycle of life or life-death-rebirth  has always been prominent in spirituality. The Judgment of Paris was among the most depicted stories during the Italian Renaissance, and it deserves special consideration as we search for the most necessary missing element of the accelerating new global culture, shared stories. 
he San Francisco Bay Area has always been seen as an exceptional place. While the Silicon Valley boom (San Jose/Santa Clara County) has spread out regionally and now exports the vast majority of its jobs the multimedia or webcasting industry is recasting the neighborhoods of San Francisco with high rents that are forcing communities out in unprecedented numbers. From this strife comes a fascinating opinion that it is well known in India that the Bay Area is the spiritual center of the planet. The birthplace of the Bay Area is the birthplace of Carnaval San Francisco and home to two of the highest concentrations of churches and bars you can find anywhere. You'll find your best guide to this land of mystery, enchantment and strife hereabouts these pages.  

In 1999 implemented a web tracking service for the byzantine politics of Bay Area transit politics. Governor Gray Davis Following the sweeping initiatives of Governor Gray Davis in early 2000, these sections will no longer be significantly updated but should rather be considered a prologue to this story. 
n addition we remind all that the growing cacophony of well meaning transit solution voices can be best resolved by seeking agreement among the three metro mayors of the Bay Area. For as all broadcast media have added to their station ID's for decades, it is 
San Francisco --- Oakland --- San Jose. 

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City & County of San Francisco

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Mayor Jerry Brown
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Mayor Ron Gonzales
City of San Jose , Santa Clara

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This version of the Judgement of Paris was loosely adopted from the version within Triple Goddess by the leading alchemist of our day, Adam McClean and published by Phanes Press 
"Yesterday I was surprised to see an illustration based on the 'Cabala mineralis' alchemical manuscript on a poster in my local underground station here in Glasgow. This used one of Vasily Kafanov's paintings and was being used to advertise music by the Smashing Pumpkins. Old foggies like me, of course, have never heard their music, so I searched the internet, found their web site, and downloaded a screen saver promo for their latest album. This has the Vasily Kafanov images. I also was able to listen to some of their music, but my untrained ear could detect few alchemical resonances." 
25th March 2000 Adam McClean in journal posted at his incredible  web site

The Epic Cycle
It is likely yet not certain if Homer is the author of the Judgment of Paris
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The Romans wholeheartedly adopted the Greek Mythology. The original trickster was Hermes whose Roman counterpart was Mercury whose likeness ran for decades on the USA Mercury dime 

Trickster Makes This World : Mischief, Myth, and Art
by Lewis Hyde

Trickster at the Crossroads on
It is widely held that we are at the cusp at a new age. Our Myth & Magic 2000 feature visits the ancient diety who is most active at these moments of great possibilities 

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C540bc from a Greek vase
Claude Lorrain 1645-46, National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C.  
Famous Greek vase

The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines  
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