gallery_ph.jpg (11260 bytes) CARNAVAL COUNTDOWN Looks to the ’97 Carnaval as the 19th Annual ’98 Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade prepares to top it on Sunday May 24, 1998 on the Mission Miracle Mile
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01.jpg (6869 bytes) All Ah We is not only a venerable C’SF contingent but also a well known Trinidad Carnival saying which teaches peace to our youth: for they who feel it, know it.
Just for Fun: D'Midas led by Tomi "Tabu" Seon left most of their arsenal of giant costumes in San Jose and with it their chance to take home their unprecedented 4th consecutive Grand Prize title. Missed their sound system at the festival too. D’Midas demos a Trini Unity tradition

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In the South Bay, a few weeks after Carnaval-SF in mid-June,
New Orleans by the Bay
at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View
completes the metro trinity of unity parades. This year Samba from the Heart or
Samba do Coracao was the one stage act no one wanted to miss and they did not disappoint.

Carnaval San Francisco,  because of the power of the web, is being increasingly recognized as Brazil's best opportunity to promote trade and culture. (The growth in Brazilian trade with the Bay area has tripled in the last few years to over $600 million.) However many of Carnaval's most ardent Carnevelescos are artists who are not native Brazilians. Visit Aquerella's site to vote on your favorite Brazilian contingent from 1997 The 2 Brazilian led contingents among the 6 are Ginga Brazil & Sambao/Aquerella. 05.jpg (8192 bytes)

Carletto Olmos of Renacer Folklorico Bolivia is the nephew of C’SF founder & artistic director Marcus Gordon. His mom is Vicky Ravanno’s sister.

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Who's that Girl?

One of many standouts
in Ginga Brazil


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on the road for
BACC (Bay Area Caribbean Connections)
supports '97's SF-Carnaval's #1 sponsor- Budweiser.

Crowd Favorites: Sunset Scavenger Dancing Cans Part II Sunset debuted their parade act last year in our parade and this year introduced the throw-away orchestra which had a surprisingly nice sound. Best Kids: Buena Vista Elementary to know one surprise. Part of BVE’s dominations are two teacher/ Carnavelescos who keep the spirit bright choreographer/dancer Cynthia Pierce and percussionist Lilliana Valle plus a strong PTA. Hard to believe that this 12 year old model for cross cultural elementary school arts, music and dance still has not been adopted elsewhere...Best African: Oya Nike led by Ruben Texidor scaled back some from last year's 12 comparsa Afro-Cuban extravaganza but still in the moment and leading a growing number of African drum groups, belly dancers, Latin comparses and orixas in the parade. ...Best Latin: Comparsa Viva Panama (Panama City Royalty) Keep getting better, the men's synchronized dance brigade did moves we'd never seen before… Closest competitor Mas Salsa whose 120 dancers resemble the great comparsa groups of Mexico's great Vera Cruz Carnaval were not able to replace retiring director Cindy Unruh and thus will not be back in '98.... New ’97 hit back for ‘98: Le Glamor Production  


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Enter the land of the Muses and The Three Graces: Beauty, Truth and Vitality


Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony a few hundred miles off the Coast of Africa. Their Carnaval, like many revolves around the Queen and her court. Click the pic to revisit the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Monday Morning color photo


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Let the Spirit Move Yu

Best Rumors: Mayor Willie Brown as Grand Marshal who was in London catching the high society debut of Beach Blanket Babylon. (No Mayor has ever appeared in this 19-year old parade.)... Parade back on TV via Henry Cisneros & Univision.... MIA: Kip Ferris and his Batu Pitu band why can't the Bay Area home to some of the world's most dynamic business' support a quality float builder. Also missed in ’97: Lichen's A Waking Dream who put his money into some crazy parties, Bolivian Magic from Los Angeles. The latter two will be back for ’98 while Kip keeps waiting for some Bay Area based corporations to step forward and help make Carnaval-San Francisco Bay Area a world class event. (translation: he’s a maybe) ...  

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Many Carnivals revolve around their Queens and our '97 edition seems to be increasing in this area particularly African Queens. Let us not forget that our state California was named after the mythical black Queen Califa who ruled the enchanted island of California inhabited only by Amazons.

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Veteran SF Carnaval Photgraphers
know that Bryant Street before the
parade is where to be to capture
special moments or get the shot just right.

Trends: Those big gaps got bigger with some claiming a half hour gap towards 16th St. Maybe we can give the gaps to Cheapskates or get skateboard exhibitions happening. However MECA’s Marcus Gordon says the perps will be penalized by the judges this year. Although the big move is to relocate the judges station towards the end of the parade route on Mission between 18th and 19th where Mission Neighborhood Centers Inc. will once again set up its VIP paid seating area with port-a-potties and refreshments.
Thank you to the photographers whose work is displayed here: Bruce Dantzker, Alan Greenky, A. Paul Cartier, & Eric Brooks plus E.P. Joseph of Atlanta for So Yu Going to Carnival Magazine and C.M. Collins of Most of these pics can be purchased at Mission One Hour Photo 415-648-6698.


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