Find an Attorney

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Select a city, state, and area of practice from drop-down lists to retrieve a list of firms with easy links to address, phone, and fax info. Advanced searching lets you specify lawyer or firms name and city, state, country, specialty, and language. Click on a name for a synopsis of an attorney’s legal career.

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)West Legal Directory

Find Company Information

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Info on some 13,500 public and private companies worldwide. For a $12.95 monthly membership fee, take advantage of advanced searching. Companies Online www.companies

Find a domain name
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Search here to determine the availability of a name, which if free can be registered from the site itself. You can also search on the name of any nonmilitary or nongovernment site to determine who registered it and when the site was created.

Find an ISP
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Almost 5,000 ISPs across the U.S. and Canada. Click on an area code to retrieve a list of providers, replete with information on service speed

Find a discussion forum
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)If you want to keep up with what people are saying about your company online, don’t forget to check Web discussion forums. Search over 225,000 forum discussions by keyword or general-interest topic. Returns usually provide a link to the latest message posted as well as one to the forum host for easy access to registration. Advanced searching lets you employ simple Boolean operators (AND, OR, and AND NOT) to narrow your search.

Find a house
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Instead of aimlessly driving around looking for "for sale" signs, try this database of more than 1.3 million homes and nearly 500 realty services. A U.S. map lets you easily drill down to state and city, and a questionnaire invites you to specify price, room requirements, square footage, and preferred amenities.  

Find an apartment
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Enter a U.S. city and state (or any street, intersection, or Zip code), then specify price range, unit type, and desired amenities. Returns include listings of apartment amenities. Returns include listings of apartment and property features as well as direct links to management

Find an ATM
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Visa’s ATM Locator lets you specify a street address or cross street, city, state, and ZIP code: the MasterCard/Cirrus ATM Locator lets you choose only region and location from a drop-down list

Find anyone
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Search on name, domain, city, or state to find e-mail and white-pages info. Returns from the white pages come with name, address, a linked phone number, and links to maps.

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Offered through the Lycos Network.  Advanced searches for email, phone, addresses, and web.
Personal Home Page LookUp
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This directory of personal home pages can help. You can use a keyword box to search on name, interest, or affiliation, or browse an assortment of categories such as languages, occupations, schools, and universities, occupations, schools, and universities. Keyword searching pulls up a list of pages containing your term or phrase-however peripherally-complete with a page.  

Find a File
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)An index of more than 7,000 FTP servers and the millions of files they contains, Filez lets you access freeware and shareware archives, locate the latest version of your favorite programs, and find graphics, movie, and sound files.

Find an old friend
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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)At Classmates, contact info will cost you $20 for 36 months of service.

Find a Job
The CareerBuilder

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)These personal want ads let you specify job location, description, and salary requirements from drop-down lists and enter any specifics into a keyword box.

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Jobsearch, resume, company info, my monster, career networks, chats and recruiters.  Find it here fast.

legislator’s voting records

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Suspect your elected officials. Which tracks the performance of more than 13,000 political. The president, and state legislator. Links to other online resources help you expand your search.  

mailing list
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Want to join a mailing list dedicated to? Directory of more than 90,000 mailing lists worldwide.  

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Deja News lets you search on a keyword to pull up a list of postings ordered by date or browse portal-style channels to find forums on favorite topics. Power searching lets you specify subject, forum, author, and date, as well as sort by one of five parameters. My Deja News service automatically subscribes you to forums that match your interests.

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)"Inspired by the theory of six degrees of separation, sixdegrees is
your personal on-line community where you have the ability to
interact, communicate and share information and experiences with
millions of other members from around the world, all of whom are
connected to you."

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Get door-to-door directions to any spot in the U.S  Advanced door-to-door options let you avoid routes involving major highways, local streets, ramps, and alleys.

sidemapblast.gif (4720 bytes)MapBlast!
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Routs involving major highways, local streets, ramps, and allelys.

Find Medical information Medical World Search

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Index of nearly 100,000 medical sites for articles and documents. Synonyms are automatically searched as well, as colon.  

Find Online Events
On Now and Yahoo! Net Events

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Fifty-seven channels and nothing on?  


knowx.gif (2114 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)After registering, you can search on any name to access a database of residences, death records, home values, and home buyers and sellers. You can also conduct what amounts to a background check, unearthing lawsuits, judgments, liens, UCC filings, and bankruptcies on anyone. And that’s not all: You can also retrieve a business’s corporate and sales tax records. Verify professional licenses and executive affiliations, and identify property ownership and value. Per-record prices start at about a dollar.  


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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Edgar Online provides access to realtime filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. An online counterpart to the government-run-Edgar, which supplies the site with records, Edgar Online provides the full text of filings as well as related info like executive profiles. Advanced searching lets you retrieve a specific form, or all forms within a given date parameter. For-fee services(starting at $9.95 per month) let you access today’s filings.  

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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This online reference library of technical books and other information archives more than 14,000 resources to help. The Directories section, categorized by technology, lets you search for applets, scripts, and white papers.  


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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The Resources area, a collaboration between No Wonder and ZDNet, is searchable database of helpful hints and FAQs. If that doesn’t work, fill out a form describing your problem and you’ll get a personal reply within 24 hours.  


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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A category in a keyword box or selecting from a drop-down list containing numerous classifications from accountant of business name, street, state, and ZIP.  

United States Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Your letter carrier will love you. ZipInfo

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)BellSouth’s Yellow Pages for companies that export to Latin America. 

EXPORTTODAY A fee-based matchmaking service offered by Export Today magazine for companies that are seeking trading partners abroad.

usps.gif (1982 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This Web site details costs, regulatory issues, and other details related to sending documents and packages. 

tc.gif (8217 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A source of news, trade leads, documents and other information on importing, exporting, and shipping.

tw.gif (1092 bytes) | TRADE WINDS PUBLISHING
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A research site with trade leads, statistics, country reports and other data for companies exploring markets overseas. 

wtcaon.gif (2490 bytes) | WORLD TRADE CENTER ASSOCIATION
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A collection of over 300 world trade centers in more than 100 countries. 

wto.gif (4665 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A Web site with a comprehensive database about global industry. 

lto.gif (1454 bytes) | LATIN TRADE MAGAZINE
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Up-to-date information on doing business in Latin America.
Stay abreast of trends abroad. 

wef.gif (1028 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Global economic reports updated daily.

nntth.gif (1972 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The official Web site on the North American Free Trade Agreements, including thorough information for small business. 

wb.gif (2762 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Detailed information on all aspects of world finance, trade and markets.

wdi.gif (3578 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)WORLDCLASS HOMEPAGE Over 1,025 top global-business Web sites.

smlogorec.gif (1221 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)An international business and trade forum that covers every aspect of global commerce.
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)An international, not-for-profit group that Studies the future of global commerce.

ee.gif (16938 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A Web site for the international community in the United States, it includes a large international business site as well as embassy contacts.

gtni.jpg (7563 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)GLOBAL TRADEMARK NETWORK You can request trademark and service mark searches in all of the major global markets. The searches are performed by established commerical search firms or trademark professionals.

THE FEDERATION OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE ASSOCIATIONS FITA IS the place to go for anything dealing with international trade. Buy books; get trade leads; do an international job search; look for seminars, conferences, and trade shows; and read industry-related news.
Mobile Product FEDEX
Federal Express’ site offers complete shipping And tracking information to over 200 countries.
TDK Systems sells several PC-Card Fax modems that are designed for international use. The modems come with TDK’s country selector software, which makes them easy to configure.    

PASS INTERNET GLOBAL ROAMING This company provides Internet roaming services for ISPs. This makes it easy to connect through local access numbers in 150 countries. IPass also provides global remote access for business.
Wubdiws-based software for shipping, customs, package tracking and documentation.

tc_logo.gif (1117 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)TRADECARD International e-commerce software from
GE Information Systems.

sonic2.gif (7646 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Logistics, delivery, and shipping info from Sonic Air, an Affiliate of United Parcel Service.

gcell.gif (4793 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Global Cellular phone rentals for overseas use.

1-800-Battgear.gif (6942 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This company’s line of mobile accessories includes power adapters for use while connecting in-flight.

mp.gif (4490 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This online reference others a comprehensive industry directory of ad agencies, TV and ratio stations, cable networks, magazines, and newspapers.

fw.gif (10302 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The online locator service for information disseminated by the Federal Government.

ceo.gif (2840 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)CEO Express provides a strong roster of pertinent news, finance, business, and commentary sites.

isbc.gif (23697 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)INTERNATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS CONSORTIUM An extensive database of small business from around the world-with numerous web links.

Aquariu2.gif (4608 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A directory of translators and interpreters; search by geographical Location, language combination, and specialization. Also includes classifields and related links.
babel.gif (2812 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Translate Web pages or text between English and German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

wrldc.gif (8463 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)An Internet network of chambers of commerce from around the world.
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Find a company anywhere in the world by entering a category or company name. 

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This site’s huge collection of data includes information ranging from profiles of countries to list of their highest mountains, capital, surface area, and populations.

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This online-directory service will help you find products and services anywhere in the world. It features up-to-date news and information related to the world of international trade and transportation.

TIMEZONE Converter
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Calculate the time difference between two cities or countries.

who.gif (1848 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This site contains up-to-date information on world health trends.
Timezone Converter
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)When you need to know what time it is there, here’s the Site that’ll tell you.
Edited by Roger E. Axtell, $15.95; John Wiley $ Sons
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)This guide to international behavior includes facts, tips and cautionary tales from 500 international business travelers.

gc.jpg (1205 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A company that offers reports on culture, business customs
and etiquette in other countries. 

The Search Services You Really Need

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Not all search sites are created equal. Some work best at compiling and categorizing large quantities of data. Others operate most effectively at retrieving specific kinds of info, such as e-mail addresses and mailing lists. The point is, no single service can find or do it all. That's why you should make note of the following useful search sites.

Search Engine
Northern Light
nl.gif (5681 bytes) ]
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The site’s useful "Custom Search Folders" (which appear to the left of all search results) organize your query’s document matches into different, relevant categories. For instance, a search on the word Thanksgiving returns results arranged in folders titled "Thanksgiving," "Recipes," and "Voyage of the Mayflower."

Search Directory
yah.gif (4672 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)What can we say? Our business partner’s service offers great site categorization, a user-friendly interface, and excellent, customizable news content. Newsgroup Search Engine

Deja News
djn.gif (2223 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Bar none, this is the best way to search for newsgroup posts. If it’s been said on Usenet, it’s been archived here. Mailing-List Search Engine

fm.gif (7199 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Start here if you need to find a mailing list, or if you want to start your own for free.

Search Service for Children
kids.gif (7903 bytes) Ask Jeeves for Kids
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A kid-friendly search tool and information resource that filters out the dark side of the Web.

Shareware Search Engine
zd.gif (1318 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Need a program? This Ziff-Davis
Shareware directory offers downloads and reviews.

Search-Engine Resource 
sew.gif (5646 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A useful tutorial that can teach you how to refine your searches. The site also maintains a comprehensive list of search-engine links.

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Free Web-based e-mail accounts-the kind available at
Hotmail, [ hm.gif (1398 bytes) ],
Yahoo! Mail [ ym.gif (2601 bytes) ], and a host of other sites-have their advantages: You can easily check your email from any Net connection in the world, and you can keep the e-mail address even if you change service providers.
But there’s another reason free e-mail is handy: It lets send and receive e-mail under an anonymous nom de Net. Type in a fake name when you sign up for your second account, and you’ll have an e-mail address you can give out without worry in chat rooms and on newsgroups. And if some malcontent starts flooding your free e-mail address with flames or spam, simply dump it, and sign up for a new one.

Desktop Reference
brit.gif (3805 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The Web is about information. And not surprisingly, it’s full of the type of reference material that used to clog our bookshelves. Whether you’re looking for the capital of an obscure Asian province or an accurate definition of a word you just heard, searching the Web will often find it faster than will cracking open a book. And BRITANNICA ONLINE, the hands-down best encyclopedia on the Web, is the crème de la crème of online reference materials. This fee-based resource ($50 for the first year, $40 annual renewal) consistently turns up more and longer entries about virtually every topic. It has 72,000 articles, with numerous hyperlinks to related information. That’s a lot of Asian capitals.

webstr.gif (2069 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Looking for a truly defining moment? WWWEBSTER DICTIONARY is an excellent online version of the popular 10th edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.  Within definitions there are plenty of links to related words and phrases. Select links to related words and phrases. Select a word and click an on-screen button to launch Merriam-Webster’s Thesaurus. The Word of the Day section explains common expressions and their origins. For example, the term mogul (as in movie mogul) comes from an old dynasty of Indian kings.

ip.gif (1337 bytes) ****
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)INFORMATION PLEASE is invaluable, with so much information in one place. Based on the popular Information Please series of almanacs, this one-stop resource will provide everything from sports records to first-aid lessons. The specific sections aren’t always as strong as the offerings at more-focused sites-the Columbia Encyclopedia, for instance, doesn’t hold a candle to Britannica. But you can’t beat Information Please for finding lots of facts and figures fast.

rogets.gif (857 bytes) ****
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The ROGET’S THESAURUS online is as valuable as the print version-and much more efficient to use. After you select a search term, it provi0des the categories in which you can look. A search on government, say, leads to eight different categories. Each of these leads to a page full of word descriptions, on all of which you can click in order to jump to related words and phrases.

webo.gif (2321 bytes) ****
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Technology brings us a previously unimaginable amount of information-and an equal dose of confusing lingo. PC WEBOPAEDIA is a thorough, constantly updated dictionary of computer-related words and phrases. Definitions typically include links to related terms and Web pages. The Term of the Day feature will help you know a lot more about computing (or at least sound as if you do).

af.jpg (13840 bytes) ****
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Don’t know what an acronym is? ACRONYM FINDER is a database of more than 65,000 acronyms. It’ll find just about everything you’re looking for, and it’s one of the best of its kind.

esunitsi.gif (1199 bytes) ****
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)If you need to convert bushels to pecks or ounces to British beer gallons, ENTISOFT UNITS MEASUREMENT CONVERSION CALCULATOR is your best bet. This site includes all manner of obscure measurements to help you prepare recipes or conduct business abroad. ****
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)You overhear one young man tell another, "She’s such a karena!" and you’re baffled. Is this "she" beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid? Find out at THE ONLINE SLANG DICTIONARY, which has hundreds of up-to-date slang expressions, including this reference to a pretty girl. The only thing missing is a search engine (the site lists expressions in alphabetical order). Bummage.

es.gif (16055 bytes) ****
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Generations of journalists and other writers have relied on William Strunk Jr.’s ELEMENTS OF STYLE. This online version reflects only the original text (not later editions), which may lead to some confusion. But it’s still a worthwhile resource for anyone composing any sort of document.

crown13.gif (4928 bytes) ****
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)BARTLETT’S FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS is, well, familiar to many of us, especially in its later editions. This version, unfortunately, is an online facsimile of the edition published nearly a century ago. It lists Grover Cleveland as still alive and knows nothing of Winston Churchil. Nonetheless, it remains an excellent resource.

Find a Definition
onel.gif (5657 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)OneLook Dictionaries is an Index of almost 2 million words from several hundred dictionaries, many of which harbor not just definitions but pronunciation guides, antonyms, synonyms, and rhymes.