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2009 Carnival City Congress
Gisele Bundchen
At the Sao Paulo Carnaval, where the parades similar to Rio's are held just prior on Friday and Saturday night, the samba group Vai-vai, or Go-go, snagged its 13th championship title in its 78-year history Tuesday
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Beija-Flor wins
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Rio Carnival
 Samba schools of Rio de Janeiro
Rio_de_Janeiro >
Access League A which parades in the Sambadrome on Carnaval Saturday is in transition from AESCRJ  to LESGA in association with RioTur and LEISA
The bateria is the percussion band or rhythm section of a Samba School. The musical director conducts it lika an orchestra with sections made up of the following instruments
Funk_Carioca is one of the first new genres of electronic, street dance music to have become important outside North America and Europe. Also known as favela funk or in Rio-simply "funk" while, elsewhere in the world it is baile funk. This  dance music is derived from Miami bass. Brazilian funk artists usually compose two different sets of similar lyrics for each of their songs, one gentler, more "appropriate" version, and another harsher, cruder set of lyrics. However, while they do talk about the violence and crime, the lyrics of funk carioca songs do not advocate sexual violence. Additionally, while funk carioca references sexuality frequently and obviously, it often uses euphemisms instead of bold statements.
After 2006 and 2007, LIESA reduced the numbers of schools affiliated with it by 12. Therefore, in the Carnaval of 2008, the Access Group will return to the anterior ascension and fall: in the Access Group A, one will rise to the Special Group and two will fall to the Access Group B, then will rise two to Access Group A and three to Access Group C, then will rise three to Access Group B and fall three to Access Group D, then will rise three to Access Group C and descend three to Access Group E, then will rise three to Access Group D and the last placed will be eliminated from the Carnaval, remaining without parading during two or three years to wait for an avaliation of AESCRJ, to know if it could display the title of samba school or to parade hors concurs in its city of origin.
Estandarte_de Ouro by pt.wikipedia.org
caipirinhas are made with cachaça
Kernituren's Channel Samba Choro Bossa & CaRnAVaL
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  Carlinhos Brown
Carlinhos Brown & Timbalada - Brazil's favorite Carnaval trickster

Only Rio samba school web site to also be in  English

Rio Carnaval 2008
Oglobo Rio C'2010
Oglobo Rio C'2009
Maturity trumps youth in Brazil's battle of the carnival queens @ .timesonline.co.uk
January 13, 2009
Brazilian modernism's time has come @ sfgate.com 9FEB09



Special Rio de Janeiro Carnaval 2010 Report

Order of the Special Samba Schools or Rio de Janeiro for 2011

 Start of parades: 9:00 p.m.

Sun March 6th 2011 GRUPO ESPECIAL - PASSARELA DO SAMBA (Sambodromo)

Enredo: Yours, mine, our Rio,
Blessed by God and Beautiful in Nature. Carnavalesco: Fabio Ricardo
Enredo: Imperatriz advises that Samba is good for your Health! Carnavalesco: Max Lopes
Enredo: Parabola of the Divine Semeadores. Carnavalesco: Cid Carvalho
4 - Unidos da TIJUCA -
Enredo: This night will lift your Soul. Carnavalesco:  Paulo Barros
Enredo: Myths and Stories laced into strands of Hair. Carnavalesco:  Rosa Margalhaes
Enredo: The faithful son, Always Mangueira. Carnavalesco: Mauro Quintaes and Wagner Goncalves

Monday March 7th - GRUPO ESPECIAL - PASSARELA DO SAMBA (Sambodromo)

Enredo: the Mystery of Life. Carnavalesco: Alex de Souza
Enredo: Salgueiro presents - Rio in the Cinema. Carnavalescos:  Renato Lage and Marcia Lage
Enredo: Rio, blue of the color of the sea. Carnavalesco:  Roberto Szaniecki
Enredo: Y-Jurere Mirim, The enchantment of the Isle of the Witches (a story by Cascaes). Carnavalesco: Cahe Rodrigues
Enredo: The dream always comes to he who dreams. Carnavalesco:  Paulo Menezes
Enredo: The simplicity of the King (Roberto Carlos) Carnavalesco: - Commissao do Carnaval

  • Parade time per school:
    minimum of 65 and maximum of 80 minutes
The video is in special jukebox players by youtube.com and features the enredo or theme songs that go back as far as we could find for a exclusive historical survey. You can find players at our youtube site while we work on a new system to get our house in ordr
Carnaval Friday  to Tuesday
Many more tickets available in 2011 as Sambodromo ramps up marketing of all 5 nights
2011 Carnaval Saturday at the Sambadrome
Access League

São Clemente  will be the upstart from the Access League trying to become an elite samba school league member. The odds are better than usual this year, as the 2009 Access League winner is competing as well, having caught a break to survive a 2nd year in the competition among the world's best samba schools.

Proving that not all publicity is good publicity, an ill conceived publicity hunt by Viradouro leadership led the longtime elite school to finish behind another Access A member Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba [G.R.E.S] União da Ilha do Governador. In 2009, União da Ilha took the championship for carnival Access Group A allowing the return of the venerable samba school 10 years after its demotion in 2001 from the Special Group in 2010. The extra attention has been good and bad as first the neighbors sued to restrict noise from their dilapidated quadra with tine roon but now Rio City Hall is investing over $8 million Reals to improve their samba school hall and three others.  Imperio Serrano, Imperatriz, and  bloco Cacique de Ramos. In return, these groups will open their quadras to cultural and leisure facilities for their local communities.

Uniao da Ilha became the first Rio de Janeiro samba schooll given a court injunction limiting the hours  of noise emission. The Rio prefetura is providing $5.5 million reals to completely rebuild their quadra into something soundproof.

The plot or enredo for 2011 Sao Clemente is "Yours, mine, our river, blessed by God and beautiful by nature". Debuting  this year for the school  is the  mestre-sala Ubirajara Claudino, who left the Leopoldinense for the opportunity. He started practicing with the standard-bearer Jacqueline Gomes is less than a week. "Today we just dance, seeking interaction and intimacy. But we still will come up with something new for this carnival, "said Bira

The queen of bateria will be 12-year veteran Bruna Almeida,  "I'm going to be a gladiator to follow the theme of the dancers. You will also see choreography that we've been practicing on the court, " she told the globo reporter at a technical rehearsal in the Sambadromo.

Imperio Serrano will  remain another year in the Access A league but they just missed returning in 2011 by finishing a close 3rd behind promoted champion São Clemente 270 and  Inocentes 268,7 with a score of 268,6


Eduardo Paes: Mayor of Rio de Janeiro,  

Key Olympic games planner

Favela Governance Changes Coming

Olympic President Carlos Arthur Nuzman joins Governor Sérgio Cabral, President Lula, Mayor Eduardo Paes and Social Service Director Ricardo Henriques. to inaugurate a major public transit system for the steep hillside Alemao falvela area Foto: André Gomes de Melo

The pacification of the Rio falvelas continues. Police are continuing to set up permanent posts and Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes is promising “an invasion of services,” an investment of $230 million to refurbish schools, set up a local market, and build child care centers like those set up in favelas that were pacified earlier.

In November of 2010 Defense Minister Nelson Jobim said he had deployed 800 soldiers, 10 armoured vehicles and two helicopters to gain control of the Penha and Alemao areas. Hundreds of suspected gang members were seen fleeing there after police took control of neighboring Vila Cruzeiro which Rio Governor Sergio Cabral called "historic".

Police forces during the past two years have stormed more than a dozen slums and set up permanent posts there in an effort to make the city more secure.

Police planted Brazilian and Rio state flags at the peak of Alemao  — symbols of state authority in a community that were lawless for decades.
“It’s over, the myth of their invincibility,” said Rio state Public Safety Director Jose Beltrame, the architect of the pacification plan.

"Things are very good and improving," said barber Ze do Carmo. "We're integrating with the city in a way I've never seen. My clientele used to include a lot of addicts. Now I even get tourists who come up here to see the community and take advantage of our prices for a haircut."
Garbage collectors come by more frequently, although they still avoid the sheerest heights, where precariously perched shacks are accessible only after a strenuous hike.
The utility company has started to install power cables to replace the thick, tangled mess of wires that brought pirated electricity to the community in unreliable spurts. Internet and cable companies are offering packages tailored to residents of the favelas, as the slums are known.

A survey by the state government showed real estate prices in some slums skyrocketed up to 400 percent after police took control and outsiders started eyeing the still-affordable living space.

Mayor Paes, is aware that the civilian and military police are also heavily criticized by favela residents and human rights groups. Worldwide the Rio police have a reputation of being corrupt and violent, with many more deadly confrontations than Brazil's other large  city of São Paulo.

According to the newspaper O Globo, the governor and the mayor have developed a plan going forward to reform the way the police operate using financial incentives. The plan is that Civilian and Military police officers who kill less, will receive higher wages and 10 suspected gang members were killed as well.

Rubem Fernandes, from Viva Rio, a group trying to address issues of violence, told the BBC that the situation was attracting outside attention because of the way the gangs were targeting vehicles.

"The pattern is one to provoke images of burning cars and buses, images which are very powerful on TV, and which can provoke a sense of fear," he said.

Rio Governor Sergio Cabral has reached an agreement with Brazil’s federal government to maintain federal troops in Rio state until at least October 2011 Governor Cabral is also talking about reforms such as the legalization of soft drugs and  greater accountability of the Rio police.


Sergio Cabral: Governor of Rio de Janeiro
Epic Mudslides high above Rio kill hundreds

Disaster Planning Questioned  

President Dilma Rousseff with Rio Governor Sergio Cabral survey to disaster zone  an hour inland from the City

JAN-2011 Mountain towns in the state of Rio de Janeiro were devastated as the heaviest rainfall in 44 years which caused mudslides and floods that swept away houses, killed over 600 people and left many more homeless in historic settlements just 40 miles north of the City of Rio de Janeiro
The well know visitor destination towns of Nova Friburgo and Teresopolis were particularly hard hit and dozens more dead in the famous historic city of Petropolis. Known as Região Serrana,  the disaster has become the worst weather-related tragedy in Brazil’s history.

Recently elected President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, accompanied by Governor Sergio Cabral and other politicians, toured the disaster and at the press conference in Rio afterwards, she spoke of the "dramatic" scenes she had seen. "We saw regions where mountains dissolved," she said "Housing in high- risk areas is the rule, not the exception" in Brazil, Expressing solidarity with the victims, she said: "The suffering of the people is very great."

"It was an ominous combination of irregular housing, in many cases, and nature’s fury,” Rio state Governor Sergio Cabral said on radio. According to Cabral, Nova Friburgo, a city founded by German immigrants that became a textile industry hub, will need to be entirely rebuilt.

Steve Yolen, an American living in Nova Friburgo told the Rio Times, “About double a month’s normal rainfall in [fell] two hours. In this mountainous area, all of the creeks became white water rivers and converged on the hillside towns, pretty much located in valleys”.

In the aftermath press reports contrasted the recent rain flood disaster with 2000 Olympic host Australia, where even greater floods had killed just dozens whereas  hundreds died with little warning in Brazil. Brazil’s steep, slide-prone hills are part of the story, as are the fragile homes the poor often build on those hills. But some say the real culprit is Brazil’s failure to plan ahead.
“The fact is, there is no preparedness,” said Chico Alencar, a congressman from the state of Rio de Janeiro. “There’s no evacuation plan for storms or natural disasters in this region.”
Alencar says a heavy rain warning was issued from Brasilia, the capital, but it seems few, if any, towns received it. “I can assure you this disaster could have been minimized,” he said. “In Australia — which had more precipitation than here — there were maybe 20 lives lost.”

Intense summer rain often causes landslides and sudden flooding across Brazil, threatening especially the slums often precariously built on steep mountainsides. Prior to this event, the worst natural disaster on record was the 1967 flooding and mudslides in Caraguatatuba, on the coast of Sao Paulo state, which killed 436.  



Bloco Street Carnaval Order

- Residents Revolt as Parades Keep Growing

The merchants along Leblon's Rua Dias Ferreira, have succeeeded in banning the 2011 blocos from parading in their charming neighborhood. The measure to contain and continue the success of the Rio Street Carnaval in  2011 and the installation of 5000 chemical toilets on the route of the parties

 Municipal Tourism Secretary, Antonio Pedro Figueira de Mello, who also announced a ban on any new parades in Ipanema, Laranjeiras, Santa Teresa, Leblon and Gávea.

"It [2010 Rio Carnaval] was the biggest and best carnival in the country. There were 3.5 million people in the blocks, playing without major incidents. But we need to improve. We will invest in more bathrooms, cleaning and awareness of the citizen. The carnival is a feast for the city because it generates income and employment." said Antonio Pedro about Carnaval 2010

Chairman of the Independent Association of Block Carnival Street South Zone, Santa Teresa and Center (Sebastiana), Rita Fernandes said the city can organize a street, the surrounding blocks, but should not interfere in the autonomy of groups:

Riotur, the official City Rio de Janeiro Tourism Agency  announced in mid-January the list of all Street Carnival Marching Bands or “blocos”, for the 2011 Rio Carnival.
There will 424 or about 10% less than 2010 when 461 blocos were authorized. About the same amount applied but 41 groups were not officially sanctioned. Over half the groups will be parading in Zona Sul and the downtown.

To minimize the inconvenience caused by the passage of the Rio Street Carnival Bands, the city will hire 500 extra agents to assist transit employees and the Municipal Guard. For RioTur, Rio´s street carnival is expected to attract about 3 million revelers, in comparison to 2.4 million from 2010.

MORE: War on Wee by tdsounds.com
2010 Rio de Janeiro Samba School Awards
Unidos da Tijuca with a presentation that wowed audience with both innovations and thorough attention to detail, the decade's crowd favorite took home a title that had been a long time in coming.  Founded in 1931, the venerable samba school had not won one since 1936
2010 Rio Carnaval Results
12 Special Samba Schools
1 Unidos da Tijuca 299.9
2 Grande Rio 299.4
3 Beija-Flor 299.2
4 Vila Isabel 298.1
5 Salgueiro 297.9
6 Mangueira 297.6

7 Mocidade 296.1
8 Imperatriz 295.8
9 Portela 295.2
10 Porto da Pedra 294.0
11 Uniao da Ilha 293.8
12 Viradouro 290.5

The title was won in a tight race with the Beija-Flor. Millions watched as each judges score was announced in each of the ten judgee categories. The tie between the schools was broken with only three items left to complete the judge's tabulation with the Beija-Flor dropping to third and Rio Grande becoming the  runner-up or Vice-Cahmpion of Carnival 2010.

Unidos da Tijuca was the third school to promenade at Sapucaí on Carnaval Sunday

The front line commission raised expectations with an amazing transition repeated many times where they would magically change costumes  in the seconds it took to raise and lower a curtain around them. A stage was used to "hide" the members of the Front, allowing the school to use more than 15 members without the limitation for the number allowed on on the avenue. The choreographer Rodrigo Negri worked with his team of performers for four months to perfect the playful and astounding performance.

Paolo Oiveria
Grand Rio's 2010 Queen of the Drums

globo.com/carnaval2010  poll results:

Who was the best Bateria Queen?
  1. Paola Oliveira, da Grande Rio18.72%
  2. Viviane Araújo, do Salgueiro15.17%
  3. Bruna Bruno, da União da Ilha 13.20%
  4. Luiza Brunet, da Imperatriz Leopoldinense 11.72%
  5. Adriane Galisteu, da Unidos da Tijuca10.20%
  6. Thatiana Pagung, da Mocidade 6.82%
  7. Renata Santos, da Mangueira 6.56%
  8. Rayssa Oliveira, da Beija-Flor 5.37%
  9. Júlia Lira, da Viradouro3.95%
  10. Gracyanne Barbosa, da Vila Isabel 3.58%
  11. Juliana Portela, da Portela 2.91%
  12. Valesca Santos, da Porto da Pedra 1.81%

The bateria consisted of drummers dressed as 1930 prohibition era gangsters led by a vintage black convertible, machine gun toting guards and the Queen of the bateria . Talkshow host, Adriana Galisteu fulfilled a dream to perform in Sapucaí pregnant. "When I saw Luiza Brunet and Fernanda Lima samba with that belly, I told myself that I would present it too. Today my day has come," said the queen. to a terra.com reporter. The musical director of the bateria, Luís Calixto Monteiro expressed relief that after 30 years he is part of a championship

With 3600 components divided into 32 sections, the school had a number of innovations which will keep people talking  between Carnaval seasons and then some. This included a float where several members dressed as Batman descending on a ski slope whiles other members dressed as Spiderman scaled the platform.

Hundreds of  actors enacted allegories referencing ancient lost civilizations as slaves of ancient Egypt were followed by a beautiful massive Trojan Horse. The Bermuda Triangle as well as Area 51, a U.S. military zone known for extra-terrestrial mysteries, came near the end with a resurrected Michael Jackson who shook Sapucaí. with his signature dancing above the phrase "Michael lives in all stars. God bless you,"

Their victory set off wild partying at Tijuca headquarters in northern Rio

Porta-bandeira da Unidos da Tijuca, Giovanna Justo was at the quadra celebrating victory with master of ceremonies Marquinhos
"I'm thrilled, fulfilled with happy heart. I'm not the star here, the queen is the Unidos da Tijuca, she is a warrior. Today is a day of happiness," she said.

One of the composers of the winning samba  Marcelo Calil said the produced very beautiful and different presentation on the avenue. "It was the only one that could interact with the public,"

The president of Unidos da Tijuca, Fernando Horta said after overseeing the investigation, standing and smoking a cigar, that the title was no fluke. He said it was a labor of many years. "The taste is even better because at 74 years old."

"It was a beautiful Carnival and my congratulations to all the other groups," said Tijuca's artistic director Paulo Barros. "But this one is ours!"

On Carnaval Saturday, the Access league parades in the Sambadromo with the winner becoming one of the 12 greatest parading samba schools in the world the following year. With the theme: "What is travel - Travel through the extraordinary worlds known and unknown" the school took the crown and will return to the Special League for the first time since 2001.


Going Global:
 As the moon waxes so does the date for Carnaval



2010>2011 Queens or Rainhas da bateria
Mocidade - Thatiana Pagung > Andréa de Andrade
Porto da Pedra - Valesca  Santos > Ellen Roche
Unidos da Tijuca - Adriane Galisteu
Salgueiro -Viviane_Araujo
Imperatriz - Luiza_Brunet >
Portela - Juliana Portela > Sheron Menezes
Vila Isabel -
 Gracyanne > Sabrina Sato
Mangueira - Renata Santos
Grande Rio -  Paola Oliveira > Cris Vianna
União da Ilha  - Bruna Bruno
Beija-Flor - Raissa
Sao Clemente - Bruno Almeida

Giselle Bunchen News
Download Gisele Bundchen will parade with Vila Isabel for the Rio 2011
Soon after  making her Rio Carnaval media debut Paris Hilton had a beer Ad Deemed Too Hot For Brazil

2011 Special Group Samba School Dance Halls & Times

Pracinha Wallace Paes Leme 1025 - Nilópolis
Thursdays 21:00

Rehearsals: Colégio São José - Av. Presidente Kennedy
Fridays 22:00

Rua Professor Lacê 235 - Ramos
Sundays 20:00

Av. Ministro Edgard Romero 114 - Madureira
Saturdays 23:00

Rua Visconde de Niterói 1072 - Mangueira
Saturdays 22:00

Rua Coronel Tamarindo 38 - Padre Miguel
Saturdays 22:00

Rua Clara Nunes 81 - Madureira
Wednesdays 20:00
Fridays 22:00

Rua Lúcio Tomé Feteira 290 - Vila Lage - São Gonçalo
Wednesdays 20:00

Rua Silva Teles 104 - Tijuca
Saturdays 22:00

Clube dos Portuários - Av. Francisco Bicalho 47 -São Cristóvão
Fridays and Saturdays 20:00

Av. do Contorno 16 - Barreto - Niterói
Tuesdays 20:00
Saturdays 22:00

Av. 28 de Setembro 382 - Vila Isabel
Tuesdays 20:00
Saturdays 22:00

Technical Rehearsals in the Sambadromo

January 2011

09/01 (Sunday) - Rocinha (19h); São Clemente (20h); Salgueiro (22h)
15/01 (Saturday) - Alegria da Zona Sul (19h); Viradouro (20h); Imperatriz
16/01 (Sunday) - Cubango (19h), Mocidade (20h), Unidos da Tijuca (22h)
22/01 (Saturday) - Pilares (20h); União da Ilha (22h)
23/01 (Sunday) - Renascer (19h), Grande Rio (20h); Mangueira (22h)
29/01 (Saturday) - Porto da Pedra (20h); Portela (22h)
30/01 (Sunday) - Santa Cruz (19h); Beija-Flor (20h); Vila Isabel (22h)

February 2011

06/02-(Sunday) - Império Serrano (19h); Império da Tijuca (20h);
Salgueiro (22h)
12/02- (Saturday) - São Clemente (20h); União da Ilha (22h)
13/02- (Sunday) - Estácio (19h); Mocidade (20h); Mangueira (21h)
19/02- (Saturday) - Porto da Pedra (19h); Portela (22h)
20/02- (Sunday) - Inocentes (19h); Vila Isabel (20h); Grande Rio (22h)
26/02- (Saturday) - Imperatriz (20h); Beija-Flor (22h)
27/02- (Sunday) - Unidos da Tijuca (22h)

Sex, Drugs & Samba
Officially Brazil's drinking laws only allow those over 18 years to drink, but this is rarely enforced. Beer, wine, and liquor can be bought any day of the week from grocery stores and delis. Beer is widely sold through street vendors, bakeries, and refreshment stands.
Sex Carnaval & public policy

President Lula

In the past, when the Roman Catholic Church complains - as it traditionally does - about the free handout of millions condoms over Carnaval, you could expect the Minister Gomes Temporao to respond by stressing that the prevention of sexually-transmitted diseases “is a public health problem, not a religious problem”.

The Brazilian government  distributes tens of millions free condoms every Carnaval season and is the world's biggest government buyer of prophylactics. Former President Lula would demonstrate the certainty of his government's position by personally tossingout condoms to Carnival revelers from the Sambadromo.

What now that there is a woman President?

[More about the Church & Carnaval in Brazil on our News Page]

Rio Carnaval Dates
2011 - March 5-8
2012 - February 18-21
2013 - February 9-12
2014 - March 1-4
2015 - February 14-17
2016 - February 6-9
2017 - February 25-28
2018 - February 10-13
2019 - March 2-5
2020 - February 22-25
2021 - February 13-16
2022 - February 26 - March 1
2023 - February 18-21
2024 - February 10-13
2025 - March 1-4
2026 - February 14-17
2027 - February 6-9
2028 - February 26-29
2029 - February 10-13
2030 - March 2-5
2031 - February 22-25
2032 - February 7-10
2033 - February 26 - March 1
2034 - February 18-21
2035 - February 3-6
2036 - February 23-26
2037 - February 14-17
2038 - March 6-9
2039 - February 19-22
2040 - February 11-14
Enjoy More Brazilian Carnivals on your next trip
The weekend after the traditional Carnaval Tuesday end to Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro has shaped into Rio's 3rd largest party weekend after the prior weekend and New Year's week. There is not only the Parade of Champions at the Sambodromo but on Sunday After Carnaval is a huge morning parade along Copacabana Beach.
 The second and final parade on the Sunday after Carnaval. MonoBloco, is a Salvador style trio-electrico parade which begins close to 9am at Arapodor Point and parades up Copacabana's Avenida Atlântica to just before the famous Copacabana Hotel. Then, at about 4pm along Impanema Beach on Av. Vieira Souto, the gay Queens of Banda Impanema hold court.

2010 Rio de Janeiro Samba School Competition Results

Grupo de Acesso A (parades Saturday of carnival in the sambodromo)

1. São Clemente 270 (champion, promoted)
2. Inocentes 268,7
3. Estácio de Sá 268,6
4. Santa Cruz 268,2
5. Império da Tijuca 268,1
6. Imperio Serrano 267,9
7. Caprichosos do Pilares 267,5
8. Renascer 267,2
9. Cubango 267,2
10. Rocinha 267
11. Unidos Padre Miguel 263,3 (demoted)
12. Paraiso de Tuiuti 262,7 (demoted)

Grupo Rio de Janeiro 1- RJ1 (Parades on Tuesday of carnival in the sambodromo)

1 - Alegria da Zona Sul - 270 pontos (champion)
2 - Arranco - 269,8 pontos (vice-champion)
3 - União do Parque Curicica - 269,1 pontos
4 - Sereno de Campo Grande - 269 pontos
5 - União de Jacarepaguá - 269 pontos
6 - Acadêmicos do Sossego - 268,7 pontos
7 - Tradição - 268,2 pontos
8- Lins Imperial - 268,1 pontos
9 - Mocidade de Vicente de Carvalho - 267,8 pontos
10 - Unidos do Jacarezinho - 266,7 pontos (demoted)
11- Boi da Ilha do Governador - 266,3 pontos (demoted)
12 - Flor da Mina do Andaraí 260,2 pontos (demoted)

Grupo Rio de Janeiro 2 - RJ2
01 - Independente de São João de Meriti (champion - promoted)
02 - Difícil é o Nome (vice-champion)
03 - Unidos de Vila Kennedy
04 - Unidos do Cabuçu
05 - Vizinha Faladeira
06 - Acadêmicos da Abolição
07 - Arrastão de Cascadura
08 - Unidos de Vila Santa Tereza
09 - Unidos da Ponte
10 - Coração Unidos do Amarelinho
11 - Acadêmicos do Engenho da Rainha
12 - Unidos de Cosmos (demoted)
13 - Acadêmicos do Dendê (demoted)
14 - Unidos de Manguinhos (demoted)

Grupo Rio de Janeiro 3 - RJ3
1 - Em Cima da Hora - (champion)
2 - Unidos de Villa Rica (vice-champion)
3 - Rosa de Ouro



Visit our mash-up pages at CarnavalCity.com for the lastest feeds on these topcs and more