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2004 Rio de Janeiro Sambodromo Carnaval 

Beija-Flor's 8th title; Tijuca's best performance ever; Growing influence of sponsors on themes; Xuxa triumphant entry and the greatest controversy between church and carnaval this millennium is orchestrated by the masterful
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Carnaval 2004 Results & Special Parade Themes
"fulfill your desires, kiss me on the mouth, make my dreams real ... but if you want to see me and have me, we must protect ourselves from evil"
Grand Rio 2004
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International Super model Giselle Bundchen's attendance at the Sambodromo special parade remains the main celebrity sighting for the press
2004 celebrity watch
Joćosinho Trinta


DownloadIn the Sambodromo, especially popular was theDownload Caprichosos de Pilares school, which honored Xuxa, a beloved presenter of children's shows on television

Xuxa herself arrived by helicopter to take her place as the school's queen atop a magnificent float.

Joaosinho Trinta's church challenge highlights

Joaosinho Trinta stands in front of his Kama Sutra-themed float, much of which was covered during the parade, in a picture taken last week.

Kama Sutra Statues, Censured Depictions & Leather Float by Grand Rio
 "It's fantastic. We have some lively events in the United States, but nothing compares to this," Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen was quoted by the Jornal do Brasil news agency after watching Sunday's parade

The Grande Rio performance was eagerly awaited. as the most controversial parade of the year designed by leading "carnavalesco" or choreographer Joaosinho Trinta,

While any display advertising is strictly forbidden, sponsors have discovered that they and a lot of money can help decide the theme.  Grand Rio took on the controversial subject with the support of the nation's health ministry and its message of safe sex
"Let's Wear the Little Shirt, My Love,"
they sang.

"We don't want to offend the church, but rather to bring the world the message of safe sex," explained parade designer Trinta.

 The Roman Catholic church objected to the promotion of condom use. The Church who sued at the last minute to require the school to cover floats depicting Adam and Eve having sex and another featuring scenes from the Kama Sutra. The dramatic covering of huge black tarp with and a large red CENSURADO on white ribbon will be long remembered.

It wasn't the first time that the 70-year-old designer was sued by the church over one of his parades. In 1989, he was forced to cover a float depicting Rio's mountain top Christ statue. That year, he covered the statue parading under black plastic with a sign that said "Even though you are banned, watch over us." This year the signs on floats merely read "Censured."

Relishing a chance to take his art to another level, Trinta defended his message which is opposed to the church's view opposing all birth control including AIDS prevention measures such as condoms.


The pope's total opposition to all forms of birth control including "little shirts" and ambiguity on total abstinence of sex between married couples would logically infer that Rome's official policy for its priests is that it is more proper for a spouse to infect their mate with the AIDS virus than practice safe sex.
4.2 Catholic Christianity & birth control by wikipedia


 “This is one of the most original and polemic themes ever and if we get censured we will interpret it as a Nazi act. “We will have huge sculptures portraying the positions and also the dancers will do the poses as they parade."
 School director Joaosinho Trinta said early in his face-off with the church as the Carnaval season heated up.

 "We won't change a thing, we are taking a very strong stance, because the church's attitude is very hypocritical, medieval and very wrong. ... The theme boosts the campaign for safe sex that prevents that terrible epidemic AIDS,” Trinta said in a news story carried by the Reuter news service.

 Rio's archbishop, Rev. Eusebio Oscar Scheid, entered the dialogue cautiously beginning by saying that organizers should make sure the group doesn't go too far.

"If it seeks to discredit, in the eyes of the world, Rio's carnival — that can be so beautiful — through one or another indecorous or unacceptable scene, then justice should intervene for the common good," Scheid said.

Just before the 2004 parade took place, Trinta was fired by his school  "The conflict that Joaosinho Trinta developed with the church has affected the community. We are a Catholic country and he really exaggerated on sex," a Grande Rio spokesman said. Brazil is the world's biggest Roman Catholic country. Apparently Grand Rio President Elinho de Oliveira, a practicing Catholic was not pleased with the attacks Joaosinho Trinta made against the church in interviews

Grand Rio finished 10th in 2004 following a 3rd in 2003. For 2005 it will parade under the direction of carnavalesco Robert Szanieck performing on the the avenue"To feed Body and Soul Makes Well". 

Joćo hopitalized: In 2005 Trinta is officially the carnavalesco for Vila Isabal but the 71 year old has been in the hospital since November 27th. " It is in the hands of God", said a friend. Joćosinho had already had suffered spill in 1997, and suffered from a resulting paralyzed right arm and speech difficulties.  Check google for news

The first championship of Joćosinho Thirty as carnavalesco was for the Salgueiro  in 1974 and has directed 36 memorable enredos for Rio Carnaval since then. In 2004,  Acadźmicos da Rocinha, escola do Grupo A, celebrated his great contribution to Carnaval with the enredo/theme " Joćo of the people"

DownloadAlso controversial was Sao Clemente, who opened the  parade with a float showing a model of Uncle Sam with his trousers around his ankles and his genitals exposed -- a comment on strains between Brazil and the United States. A line may have been crossed here as Sao Clemente as the last place finisher has to win the Carnaval Saturday A league parade before it can once again gain the spotlight with the top 14 samba schools in the special parade.

One of the most spectacular floats was that of Salgueira.Download The float featured a complete go-cart track, with riders driving carts around it. Its theme was developing ethanol as an alternative fuel.  Salgueiro discovered their theme as part of their relationship with a group of sugar cane alcohol   producers who gave them $400,000.

DownloadTijuca enjoyed its best finish ever, being edged out of the championship by the victor who is able to compete on so many levels. Longtime  Madrinha da bateria Fįbia Borges was ecstatic
Download The colorful and spectacular Beija Flor samba group, who paraded in the pouring rain singing about the need to preserve the environment and the Amazon, was named carnival champion on Ash Wednesday 2004 for the second year in a row.  The group paraded early Tuesday morning and suffered problems with one of their floats, something that historically greatly reduces the chance of victory in the tightly fought competition as last year, Beija Flor won with a near perfect score of 399.6 out of possible 400 points by the judges, however 388,7 tops 2nd place Tijuca's 387.9 to clearly make Beija Flor #1 in the LIESA 5-year rankings. This means Beija Flor is currently incontestably the world's best parading team thus far in the 21st century


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