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BEST NEW FESTIVAL RESOURCE 2003 is an festival travel web site launched in 2003 while the events took place in 2001. It features 15 Carnivals in 3 languages if we count the Quebec Winter Carnival as French. However it's much encompassing with more than 200 listings from some  audacious and bold travel reporters with their own web sites and stories to tell.
DownloadAll 240 articles from Nelson Taylor's book about freaky USA events are on line at 2camels too.

DownloadThe Carnival Capital of 2004 is Pernik/Sofia in Bulgaria by virtue of hosting the annual FECC Carnival City Conference in late May ( ) a since 1996 has promoted the great annual Downloadpeople's celebrations throughout the world but with a special emphasis on nine cities (the 5 pre-lenten spectaculars, Rio, Salvador. Trinidad ,New Orleans& Vera Cruz, MX, and multicultural summer extravaganzas in San Francisco , Toronto, London & New York. We believe this is how the work of Carnival organizations (

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Rio Carnaval Brazil
The Spirit of Carnaval Each city in Brazil has a unique Carnaval experience. In Rio, the samba schools are the main attraction

by ©  Rowena Hilton

Australian Rowena Hilton was apparently, like many before her, so taken with her first Brazilian Carnaval experience and the Carnival spirit she set out to start Australia’s "first Carnival" ("a parade down the Bourke Street Mall and will feature the 'footy-kick dance' to didgeridoo music") which would of course be news to the largest Carnival in Oceana ·      

. In Bahia, it is apparently completely different, with the emphasis on music. But no matter where you are for Carnaval you are bound to be seduced and liberated by the Carnaval spirit. >> read the article

Where and When: Carnaval in Rio is pre-Lenten and officially starts on in with the Mayor on Carnival Friday granting rule to Rei Momo the King of Carnival. It ends five days later on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday or the first day of Lent. ( editor’s note: There are several noteworthy Carnival in Australia including the celebrated gay Mardi Gras )   2004 ( February 6 to March 6 ) The largest gay lesibian Carnival in the world with over 100 events during a four week period from the Classic Diva Dionne Warwick to the Dykes on Bikes Bike and Tattoo show, to the biathlon to Pam Am, to old favourites like Tina C and The Great Debate

 Tilcara, Argentina - Carnival
As the jungle road wound its way from Salta, vegetation seemed more and more exhausted the higher we got, changing from moist greenery to brushy shrubs until only cacti survived around the commanding heights of the Andes cordillera. What was lost in flora was gained in colour, as a rocky rainbow of ochre, violet, grey, olive and amber replaced the green of the leaves.  
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 Carnevale Di Venezia Italy:

 Baby It's Cold Outside 
"Once at the Piazza San Marco we forgot about being chilly and lost ourselves in the crowds. We scurried around like paparazzi snapping photos of the gorgeous costumed characters posing among the merrymakers.

by: ©  Jacqueline Harmon
Butler 2003 Visit for more information on Jacqueline and the Wild Writing Women.

"We bought some Fritole and Galani, the delicious treats available only during Carnevale. Fritole are little round balls with small pieces of dried fruit and pine nuts inside, fried then abundantly sprinkled with granulated sugar. Galani are fried strips of sweet dough, lavishly dusted with powdered sugar. We washed them down with hot spiced wine. ">> read the article

Where and When: Carnevale is held for the 10 days preceding Ash Wednesday, the first day Lent.

 Il carnevale d'Ivrea Italy

Ivrea Carnival: the Battles of the Oranges
"A red hat is the symbol of liberty, and a sign of the carnival, everyone is supposed to wear one...and if anyone is guilty of not wearing it is considered an enemy, and quickly becomes the target of the carnival police, who punish the culprits with some well aimed oranges. Yikes!
"Of course there is more to the carnival than the battle of the oranges.

Life is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.

by Silvia Corradin

A young newly married woman of Ivrea's high society volunteers to be cheered at as the heroine. Introduced in the Carnival's celebration in 1858, she's impersonating "Violetta", the *Star* of the entire celebration. Violetta is called "mugnaia", meaning "miller". She gets to dress in white, be revered, and tour the city on a coach, throwing candies and mimosa posies by the thousand to the spectators">> read the article

Where and When:Ivrea (Italy) Carnival happens in early January and lasts for 5 days



London's Calypso Carnival

But all that changes on the August bank holiday weekend as the Notting Hill Carnival - Europe's largest street party and second only in the world to Rio's Carnaval - swings and sways its way into W11. >> read the article

Carnaval! Quebec City's Frozen February Frolics  
’m sitting in a small cafe just off the Place Royale in Old Quebec sipping delicious cafe au lait and munching on a flaky croissant as snowflakes settle gently on the gathered snow mounds outside the door. The sub-freezing air outside frosts the cafe window and the wind blows in crisp gusts. Giant icicles hang from the eaves of centuries-old buildings along the narrow street. It’s February--Carnaval time in Quebec. >> read the article
New Orleans Mardi Gras
Where and When: New Orleans Mardi Gras runs for two weeks culminating on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.
Mardi Gras Sneak Preview

You can't use most public rest rooms unless you are a paying customer, and if you guys use a doorway you may get your a** carted off to jail so think twice. I have fun hosing idiots who use my door as a urinal . Be considerate.

Check out Rosemary's personal site at and a site listed as hers on the 2camels web site which is devoted to pornography at

Not to be too negative, the parades are beautiful a3nd catching beads is fun. You can buy some down here (or order on the web) to throw yourself but mainly you will want to stand on St. Charles or Canal where the parades pass to catch your own. There is no rule to expose yourself, that has become mainly a tourist exploitation, we locals don't usually waste our time unless we are strippers who often get hired to do so on Bourbon Street balconies.>> read the article


The Road to N'awlens


by: ©  Sherry Brody 2003
Sherry recently returned from Spain and hopes to publish a cook book. Her report on Valencia's Carnival known as Las Fallas de Valencia rocks unlike this fool's comedy

"We walked to the French Quarter, and were immediately greeted by hordes of drunken co-eds. Representing all walks of life, and every region of the country, young and old revelers crammed into the numerous bars and restaurants. The bartender leaned toward us with a wide smile and yelled over the boisterous crowd, "Welcome to N' awlens...ya'll are in for the experience of a lifetime.">>read the article

Mardi Gras - The Greatest Free Show on Earth

"Spending time in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, even for just a few days, is an experience you'll never forget. There's a craziness in the air as most of the city shuts down to celebrate during the last two weeks before Lent. This is no small time affair. Over 40,000 people in the greater New Orleans area are directly involved in Mardi Gras parades, each spending an average of $200.

Mardi Gras is as much a part of New Orleans as jazz and gumbo"

travelwriting Tip by Bob Brooke




US Virgin Islands Caribbean

Carnival Time!

It's Carnival Baby! That translates into a month long Hol-i-day for all people of St. Thomas. Carnival comes every April to this Virgin Island and with it are all the sights and sounds that comprise the Super Bowl of Caribbean Culture.

>> read the article

 Las Fallas Spain

Las Fallas de Valencia:
"For twenty-four hours during the last four days of the festival, the city swells with constant excitement. There are non-stop explosions, dances, musical performances and street parties. The festivities grow more elaborate as the days get longer and later. Mornings begin with small firecrackers at seven and then local mariachi bands parading the streets at 8 a.m. Evenings are spent strolling the streets for the evening paseo through town. A breathtaking fireworks show is held each night along the riverbed anytime between eleven p.m. and 1 a.m.

by: ©  Sherry Brody 2003

I chose to remember the visions, sounds and tastes that sparked my senses and awakened the inner child.

Where and When:Las Fallas is celebrated each year beginning the first Sunday of March to commemorate St. Joseph's Day, the Patron Saint of Carpenters, in the Spanish city of Valencia.




Ati-Atihan Festival 

 “the Ati-Atihan, the celebrated Filipino Mardi Gras that marks both thanksgiving and the anniversary of the purchase of the island Panay by Malaysian immigrants from the indigenous Ati tribespeople. Every year, hundreds of thousands of revellers flock to help throw one of the planet's most exhilarating street parties, and find themselves being smeared with mud for their trouble.” >> read the article

Where and When:  The Ati-Atihan takes place at Kalibo on the Philipine Island of Panay and is celebrated every January 14 to 16

Mardi Gras the Philippine Style
ew Orleans is not the only home of Mardi Gras, there are four of them right here in the Philippines, with our own unique styles and ethnic origins. >> read the article

Carnival on Cozumel

Cozumel is well known as one of the premier diving destinations in the world. But many do not know that Carnival Week on Cozumel is one of the most colorful and biggest celebrations in Mexico. It is a week of parades, dance, costumes, music and street carnivals. >> read the article

Carnaval Time in Mazatlán
Visitors and locals scream, sing, shout and dance amid confetti and ribbons. Bands of all kinds play the infectious rhythms of the State of Sinaloa. And the food-oh, the food-camarones (shrimp) prepared in every way possible, washed down with ice cold Pacifico beer, for it's Carnaval Time, Mazatlán's biggest pachanga (fiesta). >> read the article
Veracruz Lives for Carnaval
he air hangs heavy any time of year in Veracruz, Mexico's hot and sultry principal port city. But the hearts of Jarochos, as the people of the city are known, are light, for winter means Carnaval, the wildest pre-Lenten celebration north of Rio. >> read the article

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